Man Who Slammed Toddler Into The Ground Begs for Death Penalty

Han Lei.

Han Lei.

From QQ:

Beijing Suspect Who Threw Baby Girl on Ground Killing Her Tearfully Begs for “Death Penalty”, Says Everyday He’s in Pain

The Beijing News (reported by Zhang Yuan) — August 20, in the Daxing baby girl slammed to death case, Han Lei is being prosecuted for intentional homicide, and driver Li Ming is being prosecuted for harboring a criminal.

Recently, while being interrogated by the prosecution, Han Lei expressed that ever since the incident, “it has been particularly painful these past 20-some days, I really don’t want to live anymore”.

At present, the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court is filing and examining the case.

Han Lei.
Han Lei being interrogated by the police while under custody.

Claims only when he was arrested did he know he had committed murder

Yesterday, as shown in a Beijing TV Station video clip, while being interrogated by the prosecutor, Han Hei bitterly claimed in tears he “would never go kill a child”.

According to Han Lei, on the night of July 23, he, Li Ming, and several other friends had gone to Daxing Jiugong to eat and drink. Afterwards, they agreed to go singing [KTV]. He was the last one to come down the stairs of the restaurant, and saw that only Li Ming’s car was still parked downstairs. So he got into the car and sat at the front passenger seat. By the time the two of them had reached the KTV, the parking spots were already full, so they prepared to park the car on the side of the road by the bus stop across the street.

According to Li Ming, “as soon as I saw there was a stroller in the parking spot, I thought to myself that I mustn’t hit it”, but just as he was thinking about how to park his car, Han Lei was already arguing with the woman next to the stroller about parking. At first, he “didn’t see any sign of anger or anything”, but a moment later, “when I looked again, they had already came to blows”.

In was during these few short minutes that the baby girl in the stroller was lifted high above Han Lei’s head and was slammed onto the ground.

According to Han Lei, after he fled the scene in Li Ming’s car, “I kept thinking about how much strength I had used, and just whether the child was in danger [of death]. I kept thinking about these things”. When the police found him and took him away, “while in the police car, the walkie-talkie sounded, and it said ‘we’ve got him’. The mood was like what I saw in movies, very serious”. Only then did he know that he had committed murder.

“Even now I can’t explain what happened, nor do I want to explain anything. I would never [intentionally] kill a child.” Facing the prosecution, Hai Lei tearfully lamented: ”To have caused such a tragedy to a child, and though it was a spur-of-moment thing, a combination of many different reasons, you must sentence me to death, I really don’t want to live. Over the past 20-some days, I’ve been especially pained, and I truly don’t want to live anymore.”

Han Lei is crying with hands on his face.
Han Lei covers his face sobbing.

Lawyers are already involved in this case

Prosecutors in the case believe Han Lei, as an adult, should have clearly known the consequences of lifting a baby girl over his head and slamming her onto the road, and should be criminally charged with intentional homicide. That Li Ming had witnessed what Han Lei did and still drive away helping him flee the scene, he should criminally charged with harboring a criminal.

According to the prosecution, Han Lei has previously been sentenced with a punishment requiring limited term imprisonment or above for committing an intentional crime, and after serving that punishment, his punishment for committing an intentional crime within five years ought to be sentenced with a punishment requiring limited term imprisonment, similar to being punished more heavily for repeat offenses. Li Ming committed a new crime while still on parole, and thus his parole should be revoked and punished for multiple offenses.

As it is understood, Han Lei and Li Ming both have lawyers for their defense in this case.


Brief Introduction

Han Lei

●Born on 1974, June 26.

●In 1998, sentenced to administrative detention for 13 days for stealing.

●In 1992, sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days for striking another person.

●In 1996, sentenced to life imprisonment for crime of theft. While in prison, sentenced to an additional 1 year in prison for breaking supervision order, sentence later reduced.

●During the second half of 2012, released upon completion of sentence.


Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 我勒个去!:

What is there [for the lawyers] to defend? Just execute him by firing squad already! As for his accomplice, he should be severely punished for helping the murderer flee the scene after witnessing the whole crime!

腾讯重庆市网友 晚雨:

Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996, released in 2012, and slams a baby to death in 2013. [So] Life imprisonment means 16 years of limited term imprisonment, while the penalty for corrupt officials is even more astonishing—death sentence with reprieve means 10 years of limited term imprisonment, with some even on medical parole in less than 10 years, letting “the horse that brings trouble to its herd” [a rotten apple] continue tyrannizing and harming society. Is it time for China’s laws to be amended?

腾讯网友 傲雪:

How many years served before someone is let out of prison is not important; what’s important is letting the bad guys in and the good guys out. When will there be any joint liability, rather than locking up more and more bad guys only to have them come out worse? Isn’t that an embarrassment for the prisons? Isn’t that a dereliction of duty [that prisoners are not rehabilitated from committing crime]?

腾讯北京市网友 笑看风雨:

It is baby you slammed to death who is crying.
Even after 100 deaths you wouldn’t have atoned for your crime.
Could an extremely evil person like you have tears?
Even if you do, they would still be crocodile tears!!!

腾讯金华市网友 我心依旧:

Don’t be fooled by this trash’s sobbing! Each passing minute will be more dangerous with him alive in this world! Being as cruel as this, how can he have any repentance? He must be executed by shooting! The penalty on him can never be lenient! If the judge gives him a lenient sentence, he will meet with bad karma! This kind of trash should be executed right away!

Comments from NetEase:

网易安徽省手机网友 ip:36.32.*.*:

In the future, the court should stop handing out life sentences; it’s all fake [bullshit]. Learn from foreign countries, where even 50 years in prison is better than your life imprisonment, where someone can be released after just 16 years, and then continue to harm society.

网易浙江省嘉兴市手机网友 ip:183.140.*.*: (responding to above)

And death sentences with reprieve [aka deferred or commuted death sentence] are also all fake.

网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友 ip:116.114.*.*:

And the police officer in Henan should also have known that lifting a child above his head [and throwing to the ground] would kill, so he should also be charged with the crime of intentional homicide.

亚之梦的眼泪 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Oblige him! A person like him doesn’t worth the slightest bit of sympathy!

网易湖北省手机网友 ip:119.103.*.*:

He indeed deserves to die.

Comments from Sohu:

蓝羽纤儿5174296 [搜狐北京市网友]:

He was previously sentenced to life imprisonment, so how was he released after just 16 years? Whoever released him ahead of time should be held responsible.

心旷神怡5169684 [搜狐辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

That this kind of human scum was released for having served his sentence after just 6 years after being sentenced to life imprisonment and even getting an additional year, he and his little buddies were all stupefied! If it’s said that the prison released him for normal reasons, people nationwide would laugh! If this human scum wasn’t released early, if there weren’t some people who aid and abet the evil in releasing him, the child would still be living in this world!

穷愚叟376309 [搜狐天津市网友]:

Death penalty, without negotiation! Quickly sentence him, and quickly carry it out. What use is there in keeping around a devil who’s worse than a beast?
And the black hand that repeatedly reduced/shortened this devil’s imprisonment should also be thoroughly investigated! Give the public an explanation.

忠贞不渝52354347 [搜狐河南省焦作市网友]:

“Han Lei, born on 1974, June 26.
In 1998, sentenced to administrative detention for 13 days for stealing.
In 1992, sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days for striking another person.
In 1996, sentenced to life imprisonment for crime of theft. While in prison, sentenced to an additional 1 year in prison for breaking supervision order, sentence later reduced.
During the second half of 2012, released upon completion of the sentence.”
Does anyone have any questions? A person sentenced to life imprisonment, only stayed in prison for 6 years, and was released to continue harming society. Ridiculous! Shameful! Sad! From this we can see how absurd China’s judicial system has become!

熊猪笨笨 [搜狐重庆市网友]:

When an innocent life is slain, justice for the deceased must be sought.
Are you a Japanese devil, who doesn’t even respect life?
No matter what your race is, you must offer your life [in compensation, life for a life].
This kind of human scum must be severely punished. Since ancient times, murderers are not to be forgiven and have forfeited their lives.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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