Man Wrongly Jailed For 20 Years Finally Released

Man Wrongly Jailed For 20 Years Finally Released

In 1995 a man named Yangming was accused of intentional homicide and put in jail for 20 years. In 2015 Yangming’s case came up for review with the high court of Guizhou, and he was pronounced innocent. He applied to the high court of Guizhou for compensation to the order of over 13 million RMB. In the end he received a personal freedom compensation sum of about 1630000 RMB as well as mental damage compensation of about 400000 RMB. Currently he hopes that the government can give him a job. A Netizen wrote “is money useful? A twenty years of youth just passed like that, will that time just come back? Injustice.” Another netizen said this kind of thing happens too often, and there are still so many instances of the real murder being found only after the firing squad does its job.

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