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‘Manly Women’

Julia Vins in gym.
Learn the latest Chinese internet meme that may reflect a new trend in Chinese people’s opinions about gender roles…

[nǚ hàn zi]
Manly woman. According to Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike, this Chinese internet meme refers to “women who look feminine on the outside but are ‘pure men’ on the inside.” These women are characterized by not being particular about manners or bearing; they are cheerful, candid, optimistic, “capable of bearing responsibility”, and have a “strong heart”. Their “aura” is relatively stronger and thereby are more likely to influence others.

From Sina Weibo:

#The Cutest Manly Woman#

Russia’s most adorable manly woman has gone viral, with her loli face and muscular body attracting a circle of onlookers [people’s attention]! Recently, a series of “The Most Adorable Manly Woman” pictures went popular online, a 17-year-old Russian beauty with the face of an angel but muscles more rugged than a man’s. She can rival Nezha in the cartoon series A Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes. Netizens quipped: “Sure enough [she has] the face of an angel, and the body of a hunk!” What do you think?

Julia Vins and Nezha
Julia Vins and Nezha [last]

At time of translation, this topic has generated 370,549 discussions.

Manly women's stunts

Manly Women’s Declaration and 20 Standards – Would rather be a manly woman in the world of men than play mind games in the world of women. [If you meet] over 10 standards, you are a “manly woman-to-be”; if you meet over 15 standards, you are a “standard manly woman”; if you have all those 20 habits…then, please allow me to call you “Brother”!

20 standards for being a manly woman.

[Translation of the text:]

It is said these are the 20 standards for being a manly woman. [If you meet] over 10 standards, you are a “manly woman-to-be”, if you meet over 15 standards, you are a “standard manly woman”, if you have all those 20 habits…then, please allow me to call you “Brother”!

1. When unable to remove the cap on a bottle of water, keeps trying instead of asking for help.
2. When it’s too hot, will “run naked” at home.
3. Often laments, “what a hassle it is to be a girl.”
4. Likes to tilt back head and pour down the chips in the bag into our mouth.
5. Like using foul language when chatting online.
6. Even in summer, willing to go to Old Hotpot [hotpots made with used soup] restaurants with no air conditioning.
7. Able to change the water container on the water dispenser/cooler all by yourself.
8. Loves playing online games like Warcraft and League of Legends.
9. When it’s too late, will directly go to bed without showering or brushing teeth.
10. Don’t like wearing makeup and seldom take selfies.
11. Very easily becomes “bros” with guys.
12. When eating outside, likes sitting cross-legged or shaking one’s leg.
13. Thinks shopping is a hassle.
14. Seldom goes to hair salons , nail salons, beauty salons, etc.
15. Usually washes an apple and then eats it directly [without peeling, paring, or cutting it].
16. When at home, often doesn’t wash face or hair.
17. When travelling, carries own luggage.
18. Can’t stand girls who are coy and speak coquettishly, thinking they are affectedly unconventional.
19. Even when wearing high heels, dares to run like crazy to catch the subway or the bus.
20. Even when people of the opposite sex are present, you dare to order a large portions [of food].

When you have a son, he should be like Sun Zhongmou; when you marry a woman, you should marry a manly woman! Wink (Rage Comic on iPhone →

[Note: Below is the rage comic with the original Chinese captions translated into English. Here is the original Chinese version.]

Manly woman girlfriend translation


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