Man’s iPhone Missing, Suspect Waitress Unabashedly Denies

 Man’s iPhone Missing, Suspect Waitress Unabashedly Denies

Mr. Dong left his iPhone 6 in a coffee shop by accident and, after viewing security footage, thought that one particularly suspicious waitress had stolen it. However, the waitress refused to admit that she had taken his phone. Mr. Dong then used an app called “Find iPhone” and located his phone at the residence of the accused waitress, but the waitress still refused to admit guilt. Mr. Dong could not help but say “I even offered her 2,000 RMB in thanks and I wouldn’t pursue any legal action, but she still refused to admit that she had stolen it”.

Source: Sohu

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  • Toasty

    …………. so, what happened? Did he get it back? Did she go to jail?

    Really ChinaSmack, what has happened to you? I used to come here every day, now its more like once every other week. Please find a way to go back to how you were before, or you might as well not bother at all. Carrying on like this is totally pointless.

    • tomoe723

      He probably asked the local police to approach her instead. Given the video footage, local police will not hesitate to act on his complaint. Perhaps just to scare her into finally returning the phone given his immense amount of patience. After that, anything goes. She could be in jail, but I doubt it. This ain’t america where people are put in jail so quickly. Lol.

      But you’re right, it is kinda hanging how CS posts their articles now.

    • Vance

      We have to wait for “Man’s iPhone Missing, Suspect Waitress Unabashedly Denies 2, the Sequel” to find that out.

  • donscarletti

    My woman works at a bilingual school in eastern Beijing. About 3 weeks ago one of her Chinese coworkers had left her iPhone next to the couch in the lobby and went down later and it was gone.

    After checking the security footage, it was found that one of the International “teachers” had picked it up, put it in his pocket, took it out again, turned it off, then went home with it. By the time the principal had called him up and asked for it back, he had already thrown out its shell and apparently had got his own. Obviously if he had not been contacted, he would have just kept it.

    I won’t mention any names, but if you read this forum, answer me this, why the fuck did you do that? Why did you do it in a school full of impressionable children, in a country that tends to small things up into international incidents?

    • hess

      Guy ought to be deported