Man’s Land Sold Off, Starves Until Sent To Hospital

Man's Land Sold Off, Starves Until Sent To Hospital

A man over 80 years old in Shandong hadn’t left his house in days. His neighbors eventually found him lying naked on his bed because he was “too hungry to get up.” He used to have land but his local government sold it away without giving him any money. His whole life he was too poor to have lights in his house and hadn’t even eaten dumplings in seven years. He was eventually sent to the hospital. Netizens blame the local government, saying that the most terrible thing in China is its greedy officials.

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  • Mihel

    So they just randomly sold his land? For no reason at all? Without even pretending to give him some form of compensation as not to raise suspicion?

    Isn’t something lost in translation here?

    • jin

      This old man probably has no family or friends, no1 would know if his land got sold off.

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