Man’s Rubbernecking At Beautiful Girl Costs Him

Man’s Rubbernecking At Beautiful Girl Costs Him

Mr. Li caught sight of a pedestrian on a nearby sidewalk, causing his head to spin around completely while riding his scooter. Li then proceeded to look back 8 times because of her super short microskirt. While repeatedly turning around, the car in front of him suddenly began to slow. He hit his breaks but it was already too late. He smashed into the car directly in front of him, causing it in turn to smack into the next car up. The price of his feasting on eye candy and taking full responsibility for the accident ended up being fined 2000 RMB.

Source: Netease

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  • Gerhana

    a huge compliment to her, bet she went back home smiling till the next day

  • WghUk

    That lady in the picture a bit on the skinny side but I’d probably look a few times too if skirt was really that short.

  • mr.wiener

    “Hits the breaks”…
    As to someone’s head ” spinning around completely” … I haven”t seen that since the Exorcist.

  • guest

    On her way to get 90% off at the hotpot restaurant, so he can sue the owners for this accident!

  • Karze

    She is freaking hot.

  • Vance

    I brake for hotties