Manufacturing of Poisonous Disposable Chopsticks Exposed

A young girl at a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province, China.

A young girl at a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province, China.

From QQ:

Manufacturing process of poisonous disposable chopsticks in Guangxi exposed

[Above] April 11th, workers at a chopsticks processing plant in Rongan county of Guangxi province demonstrate how to use industrial paraffin wax and talc to polish single-use disposable chopsticks.

April 11th and 12th, supervisory authorities from industrial and commerce, quality control, public security, and food and medical product safety departments in Rongan county of Liuzhou city of Guangxi province launched a coordinated law enforcement operation investigating 3 companies suspected of using industrial sulfur, industrial paraffin wax and talc, and other harmful substances to manufacture disposable chopsticks, seizing a batch of semi-finished disposable chopsticks containing dangerous substances.

Bundles of bamboo sticks used for manufacturing single-use disposable chopsticks in Guangxi province, China.

Sticks of bamboo used to make disposable chopsticks photographed on April 11th at a chopsticks processing factory in Rongan county of Guangxi province.

A pool used to soak bamboo sticks used to make disposable chopsticks in chemicals in Guangxi, China.

A pool used to soak disposable chopsticks at a chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province Rongan county photographed on April 12th.

Law enforcement and journalists investigate a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi, China.

April 11th, law enforcement personnel investigating and processing bamboo sticks soaked in sulfuric acid at a chopsticks manufacturing plant in Rongan county of Guangxi province.

Industrial sulfur and paraffin wax discovered being used to manufacturing disposable chopsticks at 3 factories in Guangxi, China.

April 12th, law enforcement personnel at a Guangxi province Rongan county chopstick manufacturing plant discover industrial sulfur and industrial talc.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯龙岩市网友 djx

What’s left that is without poison, that can be safely used?


Boss, one fast-food meal, no disposable chopsticks…

★★★★★★: (responding to above)

Dishes cooked with drainage oil, haha, just rice, no dishes.

随疯: (responding to above)

Moldy rice polished with paraffin wax, haha, better just bring me a cup of boiled water.

Seven宋磊: (responding to above)

Water with too much mercury levels, you dare drink? Better just drink a northwest wind, who cares about the sandstorms.

谁牵动了我的: (responding to above)

Lots of air polluted by various poisonous gases, you might as well just go die!

–: (responding to above)

With cemeteries/burial plots so expensive, can you afford to die?

肇庆市 tuoni–(1): (responding to above)

Cemeteries/burial plots expensive, can only go jump into the ocean.

独孤求醉: (responding to above)

Jumping into the ocean pollutes the environment, must first pay a fine before jumping, and if help is needed for dredging/fishing up the body afterward, that’s another fee.

じ☆熊熊: (responding to above)

A body fished up will have its organs cut out, are you willing to let them fish you up? Better just use gasoline and burn it up!

〖怺恆國寶〗: (responding to above)

But gasoline is so expensive these days! Can you afford to burn it? Better just buy a shovel and find some mud to bury yourself.

老男孩: (responding to above)

All the land has been sold to property developers to build buildings.

苏州市 欧亚菲软床: (responding to above)

Can’t afford to live, can’t afford to die, my motherland, what are your people supposed to do?!!!

腾讯网友 草民一个:

The previous generation of people worried about whether or not they could get enough to eat. The current generation of people worry about whether or not they’ll die from eating. A sad + wretched place!

腾讯金华市网友 健家营:

This country is dangerous, must be cautious when reincarnating!

腾讯丹东市网友 乐淘淘:

People sure must be strong in order to survive these days, what with everything being poisonous, so frightening.

腾讯网友 天歌Lucy:

Ai ya, so scary! Every time I’m back in the country and go out to a restaurant to eat I ask the server for disposable chopsticks, deathly afraid they don’t wash and disinfect their [reusable] chopsticks clean enough. Turns out disposable chopsticks are even more dangerous! My god! Tell me, is there anything real/genuine [not fake] anymore? For money, no morals, too frightening…

腾讯芜湖市网友 【叛逆一輩子:

This reminds me of Darwin’s theory of evolution, where how many years later our descendents will all be immune to everything.

腾讯珠海市网友 〆梅川酷仔♀:

Only after seeing these comments do I now know just how much genius there is in this world! And that’s also why there are so many harmful food these days…everyone only knowing to make money…completely not thinking of others’ safety… so dark… no wonder the apocalypse is coming, only this will save you all!

腾讯网友 Bull Market:

In China, without an indifferent attitude, how would one dare go out and eat?! Of course, you also need a body made of iron [strong body], so its fortunate we live in China, where we’ve been developing “copper bones and iron stomachs” since we were small.


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