Manufacturing of Poisonous Disposable Chopsticks Exposed

A young girl at a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province, China.

A young girl at a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province, China.

From QQ:

Manufacturing process of poisonous disposable chopsticks in Guangxi exposed

[Above] April 11th, workers at a chopsticks processing plant in Rongan county of Guangxi province demonstrate how to use industrial paraffin wax and talc to polish single-use disposable chopsticks.

April 11th and 12th, supervisory authorities from industrial and commerce, quality control, public security, and food and medical product safety departments in Rongan county of Liuzhou city of Guangxi province launched a coordinated law enforcement operation investigating 3 companies suspected of using industrial sulfur, industrial paraffin wax and talc, and other harmful substances to manufacture disposable chopsticks, seizing a batch of semi-finished disposable chopsticks containing dangerous substances.

Bundles of bamboo sticks used for manufacturing single-use disposable chopsticks in Guangxi province, China.

Sticks of bamboo used to make disposable chopsticks photographed on April 11th at a chopsticks processing factory in Rongan county of Guangxi province.

A pool used to soak bamboo sticks used to make disposable chopsticks in chemicals in Guangxi, China.

A pool used to soak disposable chopsticks at a chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi province Rongan county photographed on April 12th.

Law enforcement and journalists investigate a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in Guangxi, China.

April 11th, law enforcement personnel investigating and processing bamboo sticks soaked in sulfuric acid at a chopsticks manufacturing plant in Rongan county of Guangxi province.

Industrial sulfur and paraffin wax discovered being used to manufacturing disposable chopsticks at 3 factories in Guangxi, China.

April 12th, law enforcement personnel at a Guangxi province Rongan county chopstick manufacturing plant discover industrial sulfur and industrial talc.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯龙岩市网友 djx

What’s left that is without poison, that can be safely used?


Boss, one fast-food meal, no disposable chopsticks…

★★★★★★: (responding to above)

Dishes cooked with drainage oil, haha, just rice, no dishes.

随疯: (responding to above)

Moldy rice polished with paraffin wax, haha, better just bring me a cup of boiled water.

Seven宋磊: (responding to above)

Water with too much mercury levels, you dare drink? Better just drink a northwest wind, who cares about the sandstorms.

谁牵动了我的: (responding to above)

Lots of air polluted by various poisonous gases, you might as well just go die!

–: (responding to above)

With cemeteries/burial plots so expensive, can you afford to die?

肇庆市 tuoni–(1): (responding to above)

Cemeteries/burial plots expensive, can only go jump into the ocean.

独孤求醉: (responding to above)

Jumping into the ocean pollutes the environment, must first pay a fine before jumping, and if help is needed for dredging/fishing up the body afterward, that’s another fee.

じ☆熊熊: (responding to above)

A body fished up will have its organs cut out, are you willing to let them fish you up? Better just use gasoline and burn it up!

〖怺恆國寶〗: (responding to above)

But gasoline is so expensive these days! Can you afford to burn it? Better just buy a shovel and find some mud to bury yourself.

老男孩: (responding to above)

All the land has been sold to property developers to build buildings.

苏州市 欧亚菲软床: (responding to above)

Can’t afford to live, can’t afford to die, my motherland, what are your people supposed to do?!!!

腾讯网友 草民一个:

The previous generation of people worried about whether or not they could get enough to eat. The current generation of people worry about whether or not they’ll die from eating. A sad + wretched place!

腾讯金华市网友 健家营:

This country is dangerous, must be cautious when reincarnating!

腾讯丹东市网友 乐淘淘:

People sure must be strong in order to survive these days, what with everything being poisonous, so frightening.

腾讯网友 天歌Lucy:

Ai ya, so scary! Every time I’m back in the country and go out to a restaurant to eat I ask the server for disposable chopsticks, deathly afraid they don’t wash and disinfect their [reusable] chopsticks clean enough. Turns out disposable chopsticks are even more dangerous! My god! Tell me, is there anything real/genuine [not fake] anymore? For money, no morals, too frightening…

腾讯芜湖市网友 【叛逆一輩子:

This reminds me of Darwin’s theory of evolution, where how many years later our descendents will all be immune to everything.

腾讯珠海市网友 〆梅川酷仔♀:

Only after seeing these comments do I now know just how much genius there is in this world! And that’s also why there are so many harmful food these days…everyone only knowing to make money…completely not thinking of others’ safety… so dark… no wonder the apocalypse is coming, only this will save you all!

腾讯网友 Bull Market:

In China, without an indifferent attitude, how would one dare go out and eat?! Of course, you also need a body made of iron [strong body], so its fortunate we live in China, where we’ve been developing “copper bones and iron stomachs” since we were small.

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  • Blobbyy

    SHAFAAAA?! Chopsticks used to be made of elephant tusks anyway back in China times…

    • Nyancat

      your sofa is poisonous too, we’re going to seize it now.

      • XiaoHei

        Boys, the sofa claim is quite outdated. Really. Besides, it’s annoying to see people cracking ‘sofa’ jokes, because it adds to the vertical scrolling of the page; which all users hate.

        My suggestion is admins should shift sofa comments to the bottom of the page.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Note the lack of elephants these days…and the illegal trade in ivory to China

  • Sunshine

    Why are the Chinese so intent on killing their own race anyway?

    • GodsHammer

      Because even they recognize that there are drawbacks to this antfarm lifestyle.

      • Sunshine

        So the most viable solution would be… to kill ourselves off?

        • well sweetie , white blood disease is already doing a very good job of doing that already look:

          • whichone

            I have learned so much about lysol from your videos.

          • mr. wiener

            Me too. I want to take a bath in the stuff after every viewing.

    • 骂人的是孙子

      selling out our own countrymen has been a long tradition, longer than Confucianism, don’t be dissing our tradition

    • Bruce Tutty

      I think that’s harsh, they don’t mind who they kill.

  • lonetrey

    AHAHAHAHAHA @ the combo chain of cynical responses! Thanks for the laugh, Fauna! :D

    • Jay K.


    • MeiDaxia

      Damn, beat me to it. Yeah, I got one helluva laugh out of that. Especially the last one, quintessentially summing it all up. Good times.

  • Patrick

    Personally I like the Darwin comment, I’ve considered it before. Frankly I’m surprised China hasn’t produced people that glow in the dark considering all the different chemicals that find their way into the foods and drinks here. Not to mention the makeup, lotions etc, etc. My sister-in-law used to buy weight loss cream, I tried telling her it was bullshit, but… in any case she said no it’s really good I can feel it burning the fat off, I sat there and wondered what crap they had stuck in that stuff. And no, she didn’t lose any weight. But in defense of apparent stupidity, I’ve seen western women try all sorts of similar products their just really lucky western countries have better regulatory systems, not to mention it’s easier to die, be buried or cremated etc.

    • John

      Evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years for tiny changes, in this situation in China it would only work if people with susceptable genese died very quickly from poisoning from these products (BEFORE they have a chance to have a kid) – not of cancer 20 years later after they’ve already popped out a kid.

      • Bruce Tutty

        It actually takes a lot less time than that if you review the ‘out of Africa’ theory of anthropology….less than 100,000 years

  • Anyway, what’s the use of eating poisonous food with non-poisonous chopsticks?

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol…. actually I want to know the point of shining disposable chopsticks. I usually only see the raw bamboo type.

  • wow, what great comments! sooo funny! and its the bloody truth! I’m having second thoughts about going back to China next month… xP

    • Sunshine

      Just be sure to bring your own food, eating utensils, and tea when you go to restaurants. Especially tea.

      • whichone

        Why especially tea? Was there a story on poisoned tea leaves?

        • Sunshine

          Oh, no, not poisonous (yet). Something about recycling the tea leaves / cooking them in locations with the sanitary condition equivalent to that of a garbage dump. Restaurants by them because they’re cheap.
          I don’t mind being poisoned as much as putting unsanitary shit into my mouth. So it’s rather a personal choice, which items you should be especially careful of. hehe.

          • Sunshine

            Forgive me I just finished cramming for an final tomorrow..

          • Sunshine

            *A FINAL.
            Dafuq. Definitely time for sleep.

          • mr. wiener

            Alas our little ray of sunshine is gone for the day.

          • Sunshine

            ^Did I offend you in the past in anyway?
            If I did, which I don’t remember, I apologize.

          • mr. wiener

            Not at all. Sorry if you thought I was having a go at you.

  • Dat Ankle

    Those comments responding to other comments was the best thing ever.

    • terroir

      No, as good as it was to see Chinese netizens collaborate, to see netizens here at cS collaborate would be the best thing ever.

  • Rod

    “Dishes cooked with drainage oil, haha, just rice, no dishes.”

    Sorry dude, the water’s tainted too.

  • Brett Hunan

    That string of netizens was so funny. I love when they get together and do something great.


    What can you really trust chinks with these days………?? smh

    • moop

      chinks? really?

      • Jay K.

        i think freddy meant it as in a measurement word for chain, i.e. chink in the armor ala Jeremy Lin and ESPN style

        it wasnt like he was being directly offensive and saying “sick man of asia”

        • terroir

          Yes. He’s saying that when he gets arrested for hate crimes, he’d rather be handcuffed with those zip-lock ties then use during riots.

          Only with his freshness intact can he face his ignorance.

  • Bryan

    Believe it or not the USA manufactures chopsticks and exports them to China and Japan. We export chopsticks that are safe and we do it more efficiently with machines rather than the Chinese manual labor in the pictures above. The YouTube video link to the story about Georgia Chopsticks Made in the USA is below.

  • coala banana

    this must be the 4th or 5th story about manufacturing poisonous chop sticks I have heard of in the last couple of years. Seems they usually pop up every couple of months, considering the fact that i rarely watch tv and read chinese news. How many more are out there which are not uncovered ? Knowing china, I doubt that any gov. department would move, other when the factory owner “forgot” to bribe the authorities. China is all about “keep quite and don’t disturb the peace” (president Hu’s words not mine)..

    Accusing chinese for poisoning their environment, other chinese and the rest of the world, is like accusing the water being wet, the sky blue, or a dog licking his own didi….

    In the first few years i was always surprised seeing all the japanese and koreans bringing huge packages of instant food over the border. There are many japanese and koreans where i live, but one never see them outside eating in a restaurant (even the food is good and the area is an expensive one)….after i was able to sneak a look into the kitchens of this great (and not cheap) restaurants, I knew why, from the cooks forehead sweat dropping into the food and roaches everywhere, to the waiter coughing onto it while picking it up or delivering to your table with a bogy still hanging on his long pinky fingernail, or the rats in the backyard having fun playing in the waste and garbage…..

    now i understand my korean and japanese neighbors much better. I too just go out on rare occasions and prefer to stay in HK over the weekends to go out and eat. I built a cantina for the staff an hired 5 cooks after i saw what the staff was eating from outside (meals between 3 and 6 RMB), disgusting, tastes like shit, and i am sure that for this price the kitchen must have cut some edges to make a profit on it….

    I say it again: problem in china are THE PEOPLE !

    • donscarletti

      “I say it again: problem in china are THE PEOPLE !”

      Yes, but that could be said of any number of countries. People in general get the society they deserve.

  • A gawd dang Mongolian

    Chines have a history of not giving a shit about each other. Nice to see some muckraking instead of the usual sweeping the problem under the rug…

    • Loubo

      quit messing up my shitty wall

  • Dando Z

    >sulfuric acid
    >paraffin wax

    Da fuq? This shit ain’t even toxic unless you eat it by the spoonful.

    • Dando Z

      The “ure” in polyurethane is the same urea as in urine.

      You are now aware that your varnished chopsticks contain piss.

      • typingfromwork

        You are now aware that polyurethane has a wide variety of uses, including synthetic fibers (yes you wear this stuff), just like many other polymers.


        • Dando Z

          That “toxic” substances are used in the production of many non-toxic goods was implicit in the invokation of polyurethane. (see also: parent comment)


  • Fu ZhiGao

    Thanks for posting the exchanges between the people at the beginning. Very funny :-)

  • MrT

    All the more reason to use a fork.Retards

  • typingfromwork

    Another day, another food scare.

  • dalaomei

    haven’t you chinese noticed how many people around you are dying of cancer, young, middle aged and old????

  • Chinggis was here

    Lol at the child labour. Free Ni Yulan! I can’t believe she’s been jailed again..fucken fascists. Well, that’s my activism done for a year.

  • steve

    so we are not that dum in the west then knives & forks sounds safe to me

  • Narayana

    Folks, Hi. I am Narayana Peesapaty from India. I think I have just the right solution for this menace. I may what is called edible cutlery- use and eat them too. I have also made chopsticks. These are made of flours and we are working towards ISO 22000. These contain no preservatives even and extremely safe for human consumption. You can write to me ([email protected])