Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese Girlfriend, Netizen Reactions

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Chinese-American girlfriend Priscilla Chan, paparazzi photos.

Paparazzi photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were published by tabloid gossip website Gawker this past month to protest rollbacks to privacy on Facebook as well as to maliciously prove Zuckerberg own point that the “age of privacy is over“.  However, the debate over privacy rights as seen in comments on Gawker have been completely disregarded when these photos were re-posted on the popular Chinese BBS forum Mop. Instead, Chinese netizens have written spiteful comments about the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese-American girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, with a popular repeated theme being “foreigners have heavy tastes” as an indirect way of saying Chan is obese; this is similar to sarcastic comments on Gawker regarding Zuckerman’s appearance, lifestyle, and taste in clothes.

However, this type of malicious attack appears to be one instigated by the initial Chinese post itself.  In the same way Gawker baited its readers by describing Chan as “comely”, the Mop post describes Chan as having “delicate and pretty features”.  If this stimulus wasn’t enough, the author of this post sarcastically describes the Zuckerman-Chan relationship as “a sign of China’s dominance” without providing any further explanation for such a grandiose statement.  Instead, this post goes on to talk about another woman Zuckerberg once dated as though to emphasize the problems between Zuckerberg and Chan in a spiteful manner.

While this Mop post is mostly factual and obtains the desired rise out of its readership, the Huffington Post senior contributing editor Jose Antonio Vargas biography on Zuckerberg mentioned is not a book at all but a 6000 word article for The New Yorker. In it, the article does confirm that although Zuckerberg and Chan had once separated briefly, their friends expect them to get married eventually. It also confirms that Zuckerman and Chan are currently living together and planning a trip to China.

From Mop:

The founder and CEO of Facebook has a Chinese girlfriend; China is definitely rising!

Zuckerberg has an ethnic Chinese girlfriend and is learning putonghua — is this to facilitate the march of Facebook into China? Simultaneously the world’s youngest billionaire as well as the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend have been photographed while taking a stroll. This year Zuckerberg is only 26 years old, but he possesses a 24% share in Facebook stock and has a networth of 4 billion USD. He is currently studying putonghua. His girlfriend of Chinese descent, Priscilla Chan, is a Facebook employee.

In Beijing on September 3rd during the afternoon news it was broadcast that according to a foreign media outlet, The Huffington Post, the famous news journalist Jose Vargas is currently writing a detailed biography about Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook; moreover, it is probable he will reveal even more of his love life.

What the public understands from this is that 26 year old Zuckerman’s love life mainly involves Priscilla Chan, a medical student with delicate and pretty features. Zuckerberg met her at Harvard University, and afterward persuaded her to come to California.

Zuckerberg once said:”That is all imaginary, that idea that I created Facebook in order to get girls. The fact is, from before the time I created Facebook to right now, I have always been dating the same girl.”

However, regarding this question in particular Zuckerberg has told a lie, probably to avoid external media outlets from discovering the truth. In his new book “The Facebook Effect” finance reporter David Kirkpatrick reveals that during a temporary break-up with Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg once dated a student from the University of California Berkeley.

While Priscilla Chan was still attending Harvard University, Zuckerberg was in Palo Alto, California running Facebook. During this time, he had dated the aforementioned student from Berkeley, even purchasing a brand new black Infinti car that he named “Warthog”.

According to this leak, in order to write this biography Vargas was permitted to enter Zuckerberg’s private inner social circle, and consequently it is probable that in this biography further information about Zuckerberg’s mysterious previous girlfriend will be revealed.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Chinese-American girlfriend Priscilla Chan, paparazzi photos.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Chinese-American girlfriend Priscilla Chan, paparazzi photos.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Chinese-American girlfriend Priscilla Chan, paparazzi photos.

Comments from Mop:


It looks like the foreigner’s taste [in girlfriends] is very unique and distinct.


[Their] body figures are very similar~!


Sharp, indeed a goddess.


Oh, my heavens!


[Sarcastic] It is those laowai who have “taste” [and not us].


With a taste so heavy, this makes people’s hair bristle with anger!


I can’t see [the pictures] on my cell phone, [does Priscilla Chan have] the face of an angel and the figure of a devil? [ie opposite of butterface]


You call that beautiful? For peace!  [As this is a sentence fragment, it may mean “In the best interests of maintaining peace, I won’t say anything further” or maybe “for peace between China and America”.]


I have always admired the tastes of laowai


Foreigners’ aesthetics are indeed abnormal…


Facebook has also been surrounded.


This taste of his…….


So him finding a girlfriend of Chinese descent means China is rising? You bunch of peasants are really TMD dreaming.


Heavy taste, universal peace. [see above]


An oriental beauty.


A beautiful girl that dazzles your dog eyes blind!!


Yeah, everyone jeers when it is an ugly girl with a laowai, but if it is a beauty with laowai then everyone shouts abuse. How should we interpret the mentalities of several of the above commenters?


Quack quack, pour water! Quack quack!! [someone just posting comments to push the topic to the top of the forum]


One must admire the aesthetics laowai have for Chinese women.


Even more … than Sister Feng.


The girl is very bulky.


My heavens… a goddess… really?


Good cabbage given to the pig! [meaning beauty wasted on the ugly.]


Kao… is this true or not? I even thought “Facebook” was the name of a book.


Look at those thighs, oh my god.”


Chinese and foreigners have very different tastes.


His taste is very heavy…and not your normal kind of heavy!


Foreigners’ tastes are so heavy.


Sister Lotus [Furong Jie Jie]?


Wah, I want to marry him too.




His girlfriend looks older than my mother.


Brother requires the actual facts! In order to safeguard the peace of the universe!


The LZ is a SB. No explanation.


A gweilo [Cantonese slang for “foreigner”, literally “ghost man”] with heavy taste.


If everybody had this kind of aesthetic taste, how harmonious the world would be.


What a big chested woman!


Laowai helping solve the world’s ten most difficult problems.


I have long heard that foreigners like Asian girls with special body shapes.
Now, apparently this notion is correct; The ones we think are pretty look no different to them, they can’t tell the difference [compared to what we think is ugly].
For example, Sister Lotus, Sister Feng, and the like would definitely be very popular abroad.


Is the title [of the Mop post] being sarcastic?

For tastes heavy and light, sarcastic and earnest. chinaSMACK personals.


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