Masses Watch On As Killer Escorted Back To Murder Scenes

Masses Watch On As Killer Escorted Back To Murder Scenes

A man who confessed to the robbing and killing of two females was watched over by a multitude of people who took to the streets as he was escorted back to his crime scenes in order to help police collect evidence. Qingdao police were originally investigating the disappearance of Ms. Pang, 20 and Ms. Jin, 22, but later found their corpses in vegetation and wasteland areas, one of which had head injuries from a blunt instrument. Many netizens agreed that such crimes must be met with capital punishment since they considered jail to be a poor deterrent to them.

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  • Amused

    They really need an FBI type agency here.

  • Money is Everything

    why he was laughing?
    kill with no merci.

  • Jahar

    Capital punishment is not a deterrent.

    • Amused

      Well, yes and no. It won’t deter new folks from killing; it just makes them try and do a better job covering their tracks. But the dead guy is very deterred.
      My main issue with capitol punishment is how often the popo(around the world) just chuck some random dude under the bus to get the public off their collective backs. Too often DNA evidence has surfaced 10-20 years after the guy has been in jail that exonerated the “killer”.

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