Master’s Graduate Can’t Find Job, Plans to Sell Roasted Brains

Master's Graduate Can't Find Job, Plans to Sell Roasted Brains

Graduation season is here again, and students who are not busy defending their theses are desperately trying to find jobs. Jiao Yuwei is a recent Master’s Degree graduate in Chongqing and despite being unable to find a job in advertising as planned, she’s not worried. She plans on returning home to Luoyang to set up a stall selling roasted brains. Discouraged during her unsuccessful job search, she had sought out roasted brains as comfort food only to find not a single restaurant serving the dish. So the business idea was born. It helps that a recent competition recognized Jiao Yuwei’s roasted brains as one of Luoyang’s “50 best delicacies”.

Source: Netease

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  • Selling… Her own roasted brains? Out of her own head? That’s putting your mind to work!

    • Super Bunny!

      pig brians….

      • bujiebuke

        how dare you!!

        • mr.wiener

          Pigs are smart…and delicious!

          • bujiebuke

            As a respected member of the porcine community, this thread makes me feel “indignant” and hungry

  • Jahar

    One of Luoyang’s 50 best delicacies? How many do they have?

  • Amused

    Well if the zombie apocalypse ever goes down, she’s going to be in prime position to make a killing.

  • Foreign Devil

    Since her brain failed to find her a job after getting masters degree she has found better uses for brains.

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