Mayor To Be Transferred, Residents Plead for Him to Stay

People in parade.
Top: "Mayor Geng, please come back." Below: "Mayor Geng Yanbo, Datong needs you."
People in parade.
Top: “Mayor Geng, please come back.” Below: “Mayor Geng Yanbo, Datong needs you.”

From QQ:

Datong City Residents Plead During the Spring Festival Holiday for Transferred Mayor Geng Yanbo to Stay

China Broadcast Net February 17th report (reporters: Kang Weijia, Li Nan). Mayor’s transfer garners public attention and city residents urging him to stay. During the Spring Festival holiday, some Shanxi province Datong city residents had for some time gathered at the downtown Dongcheng Square, Hongqi Square, and other places, standing in cold wind, using signatures, banners, and other methods to show Mayor Geng Yanbo their appreciation and desire for him to stay.

Mayor Geng.

On the afternoon of February 7th, Datong city’s relevant official threw a farewell party for Geng Yanbo at the Yungang Jiangguo Hotel. Attending the farewell party was Datong City Press Center Director Gu Shengming, who told a China News Service reporter, that at the scene of the farewell party, many government officials had shed tears, and also said “I’m very sad myself, if only because Geng Yanbo was a good mayor”.

People in parade are carrying slogan and Mayor Geng's picture.
“Our liberation can’t be without the Communist Party, great changes can’t happen without Mayor Geng.”

People in parade.

People in parade.

People in parade.

The banner with people's names on.
“Mayor Geng Yanbo is good! Datong is your unfinished monument!”
People in parade.
“Changing Datong into Hong Kong only requires Mayor Geng to stay.”

People in parade.

People in parade.

A woman in a car carrying a picture of Mayor Geng.

People are signing their names on a banner.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 21312:

Everyone see? Do the government officials see? Rich people should also take a look. The ordinary common people hating officials, is only hating the corrupt ones. As long as it’s an official who actually does meaningful things for the people, everyone will likewise love and respect him. The ordinary common people hating rich, is only hating those who have money but do bad things.

腾讯大同市网友 情缘:

He is our Datong city’s most popular good mayor, who does practical things, does good things, worthy of our respect. He’s honest, diligent, steadfast, a servant of the people. During his term in office, Datong went through earthshaking changes. From the third day [of the first month of the lunar calendar] to now, the parade to urge the mayor to stay has been organizing activities every day just to get him to stay, the slogan being: Our liberation can’t be without the Communist Party, great changes can’t happen without Mayor Geng.

腾讯盐城市网友 杀死华进: (responding to above)

How will the municipal party secretary feel?!

腾讯网友 晋江华远林海物流有限:

From last year’s Watch Brother [a government official whom netizens targeted for wearing expensive watches] to now, China has only encountered a people-approved Mayor Geng. Not easy. A good man, reminds of major figures such as Jiao Yulu and Zhou Enlai. China still has hope. Let Big Brother Xi commend him, and set Mayor Geng as an example for the nation, to learn from Mayor Geng.

腾讯网友 天道酬勤:

Come to think of it, I’ve actually never heard of such a thing before, that an official’s transfer would make the people cry. You’re the first! China needs officials like you!

腾讯网友 抵制日货捍卫主权:

Everything Mayor Geng has done in these past few years since his arrive in Datong, the people of Datong have seen. When Mayor Geng was here, perhaps some people still hated him, but I think right now, everyone is of the same mind. Come back, Mayor Geng, Datong needs you, the people of Datong City need you. Those in support, ding.

腾讯南京市网友 愛妳讓我心痛:

China needs mayors like him so much right now! Everything for the people!

腾讯网友 2684461441:

Is it possible? That China actually still has good officials like him?

腾讯陕西省网友 雪兰灵莹:

In this corrupted society, people like Geng Yanbo are rare.

Comments from NetEase:

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Life is like a game… it’s just that this game is a little interesting…

好战者 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

Secretary Bo was like this back when he was in Dalian… so how do you explain that?

红烧大河蟹 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

The 19th picture, talk about being used to being slaves?

alianheppy [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Once you go, what do I do about my construction funds and follow-up work? Thus the contractors and migrant workers are…

潇特曼 [网易山西省晋城市手机网友]:

No corruption is impossible for anyone to achieve, but if one’s corruption had some sort of bottom line, if government officials were just a little more conscientious, able to do a bit more for the people whenever they get some benefit, then the ordinary common people will remember your goodness.

dameidl [网易浙江省台州市手机网友]:

Could it have been organized by the government?

第一电眼哥 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

What do you think? Otherwise would they allow a more-than-5-person parade, and with such large banners?


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