McDonald’s & KFC Meat Supplier Exposed Reusing Expired Meat

Shanghai Fuxi Food Products Limited Company, a supplier for many international fast food chains such as McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc., exposed by the media for widespread reuse and recycling of meat that has expired or gone bad, as well as falsifying expiration dates and accounting books.

Shanghai Fuxi Food Products Limited Company, a supplier for many international fast food chains such as McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc., exposed by the media for widespread reuse and recycling of meat that has expired or gone bad, as well as falsifying expiration dates and accounting books.

Currently the most discussed news story on Chinese web portal NetEase…

From NetEase:

Supplier for McDonald’s and KFC Exposed Using Chicken and Beef That Has Expired and Gone Bad

NetEase Finance July 20 report — Dragon TV today [July 20] broadcasted a report claiming that over two months, an undercover journalist discovered widespread use of meat sources that have expired and gone bad at Shanghai Fuxi [“Husi”] Food Products Limited Company, the meat supplier for well-known international fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC], and Pizza Hut.

This company was exposed using such methods as recooking expired food products and changing expiry dates to process expired meat products and then sell the chicken nuggets, steaks, hamburger patties, etc. to the majority of fast food chains such as KFC, McDonald, and Pizza Hut. When the reporter questioned this, the workers even cheerfully said: “People won’t die from eating expired food.”

Reporter’s investigation findings:

2014 June 18, 18 tons of frozen chicken skin and chicken breast meat expired for half a month were mixed into the raw materials and made into golden “McNuggets”. The reporter also says these expired chicken meat sources are prioritized for use in China. Additionally, KFC’s smoked meat patty also used raw materials that were expired for nearly a month.


Moreover, the journalist also found that the small, frozen, marinated beef steaks supplied to Yum Brands were over 7 months expired but still being used, the steaks having already become moldy and green. 2014 June 11 and 12, this company used 10 tons of expired semi-finished product to make mini-steaks. The material used should have all be discarded as garbage. However, after processing, the “best used before” date was reprinted and extended for a year.

The report states the company even kept internal and external accounting books in order to deal with inspections, to cover up the real production dates.

A reporter has learned that at present, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration department has already launched an investigation into Shanghai Fuxi Food Products Limited Company exposed by the media.


From NetEase:

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Now already part of KFC’s luxurious lunch meal.

猿猴终结者 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

An orange tree to the south of the Huaihe River is an orange tree, but an orange tree to the north is a hedge thorn, their leaves similar, but the flavor of their fruits different. [Note: This is quoted from The Spring and Autumn Annals of Minister Yan Ying]

派大狗 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Time to pay fees! [Probably referring to the company needing to pay bribes to avoid negative media reporting].

冰镇大可乐 [网易山东省烟台市手机网友]:

Sure enough, when in Rome, doing as the Romans do.

kop114 [网易内蒙古赤峰市手机网友]:

Chinese people’s bodies are already immune to all poisons/toxins!

吾射不亦精乎 [网易北京市宣武区手机网友]:

Suddenly reminded of KFC’s commercial. [Note: Not long ago, KFC had aired a television commercial featuring a company official expressing KFC’s commitment to food safety and quality.]

beer147 [网易福建省厦门市手机网友]:

Actually, it’s not that I look down on Chinese people, but there probably aren’t many nationalities in the world who can compete with the speed our countrymen heal wounds and forget pain [forget past lessons]! As a result, this reporter has spent so much time and energy thinking of the ordinary common people, but just how many Chinese people will stop eating the unhealthy food of the West as a result of this?

izabel1325 [网易浙江省温州市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Are you a stupid cunt? Isn’t this choosing to not hate those who are poisoning you to death and instead hating those who didn’t know and didn’t stop in time?

网易天津市手机网友 [2299421293]:

McDonald’s and KFC are the only places in China where you can buy nothing but still sit in to enjoy air conditioning. You can also bring your own food and drink and freely consume them inside. Passersby can also use their restrooms as they please. Think, can this be done in our own [Chinese] restaurants?

网易云南省昆明市网友 ip:222.221.*.* (responding to above)

Wang Fang sang a red song about resisting America during a Spring Festival Gala, and was subjected to all sorts of unfair attacks [criticism]. Liu Jialing [Carina Lau] took a photo in front of Tiananmen, and subjected to all sorts of personal attacks. Wen Zhaolun [Deric Wan] said he is a person with a homeland after Hong Kong was returned, and was flamed repeatedly. Whenever there is news involving the foreign, even if it is negative, there is always a bunch of people licking [ass] like dogs…

Remember when CCTV criticized Apple customer service for being discriminatory and a bunch of people said it was stupid? That it [negatively] affected the honor of their Apple? But they forget that Apple’s customer service improved and that it was Chinese consumers who benefited. When Starbucks was criticized for inflated prices, a bunch of people asked why real estate companies weren’t being exposed, and another bunch of people said it was none of your business, that you can only expose Chinese food and restaurant companies, that you can only criticize ineffective oversight/supervision, but you cannot criticize our foreigners, because we just love eating foreign garbage, because we just love using foreigners’ free restrooms…

In response to these duplicitous ninnies, I only have one word:

“Low!” [This word is difficult to translate. In this context, it refers to a person who voluntarily and happily debases oneself.]


Even if there was shit in there, there would be people who would still eat it. When the brand is too big and has been around for too long, it is already very difficult to damage it.

网易湖南省岳阳市手机网友 ip:110.52.*.* (responding to above)

You mean even if dog shit is made into KFC, the post-’90s generation will still enjoy it…

This news story is also on Chinese social network Sina Weib, currently with a “Dirty Secrets of Supplier of Well-Known Fast Food Restaurantstrending topic and “McDonald’s and KFC Supplier Exposedhashtag. New developments are also being broadcasted on TV news programs.

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