Meat of Dead Beached Whales Cut Off Overnight

A beached whale in Jiangsu province of China has parts of it hacked off by locals during the night.

From NetEase:

Dead beached whale in Jiangsu has meat cut off

March 17th, Jiangsu province Yancheng city, 4 beached whales all died despite rescue efforts. The dead whales were in the process of being removed when on the night of the 17th some people brought cutting tools and secretly cut off some of the whale meat.

A dead whale that died after getting stranded on a beach in China.

Photo is of the whale’s carcass that has had its “meat cut off”

The carcass of a whale that died after getting stranded on a beach in China.

Large chunks of the dead beached whale's tailfin has been cut off by local Chinese.

The carcass of a whale that died after getting stranded on a beach in China.

A soldier stands guard by the body of a beached whale in Jiangsu, China.

Photo is of a frontier defense soldier guarding the whale’s carcass.

Blood leaking into the water from a whale that was stranded on a Chinese beach.

Photo is of the blood that has seeped out of the dead whale.

Chinese people gathered around several beached whales.

Photo is of people gathered around the dead whale.

Chinese people gathered around several beached whales.

Photo of city residents arriving to see the whale bodies.

Chinese people gathered around several beached whales.

Photo of the people gathered around the whale.

A Chinese soldier pours water on a beached whale trying to keep it moist.

The four whales were all over 10 meters long, around 10 tons in weight. Photo is of March 17th morning, before the whales died, as border defense soldiers poured water on the stranded whales to keep them wet.

A whale struggles in shallow water in China.

Photo is of March 17th, the whale struggling in the shallows.

Comments from NetEase:

为锅争光卖锅求荣 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

Brothers, swim to the other side to commit suicide, at least your bodies will be left whole…

广东流浪诗人DK [网易北京市网友]:

This is what Chinese people are like…

天黑前回家 [网易上海市网友]:

Pork is too expensive, so they could only come cut off a bit.

965a965 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

You think you guys are the Japanese? Who have no misgivings about eating whale meat?

Tracy1one [网易河南省南阳市网友]:

You guys aren’t afraid of getting poisoned from eating the meat?

沈阳杰奇 [网易辽宁省网友]:

1.5 billion wolves are locked in a cage. One day when that cage is opened, it’ll simply be a massive disaster for the world.


Truly fucking cruel.

盲盲人生 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

That’s why it’s said one should find a good place to die! Chinese citizens themselves can’t die a decent death! And you’re just a fish!

网易河北省廊坊市网友 [guxlisalagger0731]:

Chinese are people who dare to eat anything…

独立民主之精神 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Since its already dead, might as well split it up for everyone to eat. Otherwise, what do you plan to do in keeping it around?


Whale meat can be eaten. When Asians eat even dog meat and horse meat, what’s there to eating whale meat? Chinese people not hunting and eating whale is because they like whales. Us not eating blowfish apart from it being poisonous is also mainly because we like blowfish. But now that the whale has itself beached itself and has already unfortunately died, why do we have to leave it to waste rotting away?

网易北京市网友 [zhangqin831104]:

Know what respect is? Respecting it is also respecting oneself.

俊一狼 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

Yao Ming’s public service advertisement hasn’t had much effect, isn’t this just free shark fin! Those human scum have once again taken advantaged of a situation.

湖廣總督在浙江 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Just what species of whale is it? What kind of whale? Why did it get stranded? We don’t even see a bullshit expert come out to say something and the Heavenly Kingdom‘s armed police have already come out of their holes!

maomaomiao [网易上海市手机网友]:

Much better than little Japan.

继续等待消失 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

Something only slightly more significant than a fart and [the media] insists on making the entire country aware of it. The unscrupulous media…and a lot of people follow along in being unscrupulous… Japanese people have been eating [whale] for so many years, having killed so many, and nothing has happened… This whale has already died, it’s going to rot soon. So it had some of its meat cut off, and [the media] wants the entire country to denounce it. Dog shit! A lot of people only know to talk, what else can you do [with the dead whale]? Go hold a funeral? Deploy troops to guard it and wait for it rot away?

What do you think?

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  • Cool Matt

    The Cove: China Edition

  • notorious

    I concur. The Chinese netizens have already said it all. Respect the spirit of all things, living and dead. Allow great creatures to die with dignity.

  • donscarletti

    Too fatty for my taste, but it’s better than letting it go to waste. If the whale is not to be eaten, how many pigs must be bred to be slaughtered?

    • alex

      I’ve been vegan for about 10 years now, and i totally agree with you. The animal had already died of natural causes, and would have rotted on the beach or generally gone to waste.

      The only issue I can see is if the meat gets sold and contributes to the market for whale meat, which in turn raises the demand.

      • hanyucha

        So as a vegan would you eat meat from animals that died of natural causes?

        • Brett Hunan

          Can’t tell if you’re being an ass or sincere, but let me try to clear things up. I’m pretty sure alex meant that as a vegan, he would rather see the animal be used for good after it’s death rather than meet it’s fate at the hands of the slaughter methods that bring us our Big Macs and baby back ribs.

          • hanyucha


      • mr. weiner

        I’d have issues with eating something that died of natural causes, unless it was super fresh and I was super hungry. Most whales that wash up or beach are usually in pretty poor condition already so I’m not sure on that score.
        As to the “correctness” of it, the local authorities obviously don’t want it, because it makes them look bad\uncivilized, especially when the photos get out. Chinese love rolling out the “5 thousand years of civilization” thing, but are veerry sensitive of uppity westerners bandying around images of chinese chowing down on fido or looting overturned trucks of their soapsuds.
        Always fun to watch them squirm and explain it away as the actions of unwashed and uneducated peasants. Chinese don’t give a shite what the rest of the world thinks ,but have an Achille’s heel [can’t say “chink in their armor”] When people say they are uncivilized.

        • deanmoore

          What one country considers wrong to eat, another has no problems eating it. It’s a social construct what a culture considers food. For example, countries like Italy and France consume horse meat, while in the U.S. that’s consider wrong. Similarly, Indians wouldn’t dare eat a cow, but that’s eaten in great quantities in the U.S. Eating raw fish was considered disgusting, but now sushi is very fashionable and people pay a pretty penny for a small slice of fish on top of rice. I think Chinese people are rightfully sensitive with self-righteous Westerners telling them what they should and should not eat. Why should Chinese people stop eating dogs? Simply because Westerners believe it’s wrong? That’s condescending.

          • notorious

            dean, i think they should stop eating dogs AND cats because they are sentient beings with feelings. it’s not like it’s a plant that grows, doesn’t have thought, but is edible.

            i have three cats who are very adorable to me. one has a cute little bed that sits on the foot of my bed. the other likes to crawl by tummy and sleep. when they are frightened, they come to me. i’m like their human mama. they communicate, they show emotion, they are just like human beings. so eating cats seems like cannibalism and inhumane to me. for me, if someone tried to kill one of my cats, trust me, i would defend my cat. that might sound crazy but their lives have value to me, and i would harm someone who dared try it.

          • deanmoore

            @notorious: Where in my comment do I say I eat cats and dogs? Nowhere. BTW, I’m American. I don’t eat cats and dogs. Are you a vegetarian? Because cows, chickens, turkeys, fish, lobsters, shrimps, etc. also have feelings. Do you tell your friends that eat those animals the same thing? Judging by your comment about cats and dogs being sentient beings, you must be Buddhist. A devout Buddhist doesn’t eat animals.

          • mr. wiener

            I agree with you, if Chinese [or Koreans for that matter]want to eat dogs let’em. Tried dog myself once , nothing to write home about. I was just saying I think many chinese these days see it as a provincial peasant dish and out of step with their idea of modernity. They really hate getting teased about it , especially by self-righteous westerners.
            No problem for me though, if anyone tells me they like dogmeat I gross them out with stories of how good bunny rabbit tastes.
            “You can’t eat rabbit! they’re cute!”LOL :)

          • notorious

            See that’s what i take issue with. i feel for cows and other animals too. the only exception i make are fish as being eaten but other animals should not.

          • SSanf

            Cats!? Did someone mention eating cats? You can’t eat cats. Being eaten really annoys them.

    • Chinkicide

      And why the pig has to be slaughtered instead of the chinese? No whales, no pigs need to be eaten.
      Solve the source of the problem instead of finding other pointless solutions. Their tummy can’t be filled in any way.
      Not to mention, we all know pigs are superior to these useless-but-harmful hominids.

  • dan danger

    Jesus. this is the #2 economy in the world right? Swept the 2008 Olympics? Hosted the World Expo? Yet the people can sometimes behave like savages with bones through their noses somewhere in the jungles of Africa. Come to think of it, why insult savages in Africa. Simply disgusting.

    • Finger lickin good

      Said by a self righteous asshole who had never experience poverty and hunger. Get the f out.

    • roflstomp

      The EXPO was a sham and waiting in lines while the locals cut at every given opportunity was a deal breaker for me. Most of those Chinese in the public eye are wealthy or educated, far from the typical Chinese citizen who resembles a cro magnon man.

      It’s not about letting it go to waste, it’s having respect and not being a complete jackass. Reminds me of the guy giving away vegetables only to have his farm ruined by the people he was trying to help. Sigh.

    • dilladonuts

      You stupid cracka. The whale is DEAD, it’s not like they intentionally killed the whale to consume it’s flesh and blubber. Some dude want’s to eat it, fine by me, better then slaughtering some other LIVE animal. Come to think of it, why insult all English speakers with such dumb ass comments. Simply retarded.

    • Chad

      I know right! How dare they eat an animal that died of natural causes? Savages! Most of us in the West scoff at eating any meat that’s not already cut up and prepared by someone else. I mean how can they eat meat that didn’t come from some factory farm? Better yet the meat is breaded and deep fried so it doesn’t even look like meat so I can further distance myself from being a savage like these people.

      Look at these vermin gathering their own meat. I can’t even turn my nose up enough at this.

      • dan danger

        Glad one person here agrees with me. Thanks.

        • Dr. Jones Jr.

          Dan, didn’t quite catch that you were being ironic with your first post, but Chad quite clearly was. I rather hope your reference to ‘bone through the nose’ was tongue-in-cheek, actually.

      • notorious

        question: do shrimp have brains?

        if i saw an animal slaughtered i would never eat meat again. animals have feelings. they want to live just like we do. but i feel this way and i eat meat. i’m gradually working away from that since i eat it out of convenience and not because i want it. my daughter is a vegetarian, the site of meat is disgusting to her. but i started forcing her to eat fish at least once a week for her health. i believe fish is the only meate supplied in abundance for man kind to eat.

        a whale is not a fish. it’s a mammal. i can’t judge why people wanted the whale meat. hopefully they stocked it in their freezers and will eat enough of it for months. its still disturbing to see a helpless creature’s disfigured body.

        • Ray Ray

          Fish are sentient organisms with a nervous system too. Wouldn’t that be contradictory to your beliefs?

          • notorious

            How are fish sentient? they don’t have thoughts. They don’t communicate. A shrimp is just an underwater insect. They don’t even have a brain.

          • moop

            notorious, there is a wonderful thing called the internet. it has lots of useful information. for example, look what i found when i researched your silly claim about fish not communicating or being sentient:
            Senses play an important part in fish communication. Visual communication is important to most fish. Body movements, postures, colors and color patterns are the primary means of visual communication. Sound is also used for communication. Sounds are produced by grinding teeth, flexing or contracting muscles and vibrating the swim bladder. Fish also communicate by releasing chemicals called pheromones. These are chemical signals produced by an animal that, when released, influence the behavior of others of the same species. The sense of smell is important for this form of communication.” ~ Seaworld

            I wonder if the people at Seaworld know what they are talking about? hmmm….

            Here is an EU report about fish pain:

            Here is the gist of it:
            “panel concludes:

            “The balance of the evidence indicates that some fish species have the capacity to experience pain”

            and that

            “Responses of fish, of some species and under certain situations, suggest that they are able to experience fear”.

        • Ray Ray

          1) All animals besides sponges have some kind of nervous system, so theoretically they can all feel pain.
          2) Both fish and shrimps demonstrate high levels of cephalization, meaning that they both have brains.
          3) We are all part of the nutrient cycles; it is perfectly natural to be eaten and have your carbon structures recycled back into the system. If these whales were not eaten by humans, they’d just be consumed by other organism such as birds, invertebrates, fungi, bacteria, etc.

          • Ray Ray

            Furthermore, what difference does it make that shrimps are “just underwater insects” (which is not true, by the way)? Insects, too, have a nervous system with a brain, in that sense they are no different from dogs or cat aside from anatomical and physiological distinctions.
            Not trying to pick a bone with you, just throwing out there an interesting question.

    • Joe

      Not everyone has a cushy job teaching English in China ’cause they couldn’t find work back at home. You exploit your only apparent ability, one that you gained solely by the cosmic coincidence of being born in an English speaking country, and you still hate your job? Seriously? Fail on too many counts. You are the stereotypical asshole English teacher. Go plow a field, faggot.!/uraniumwilly66

      • Alan

        You are the stereotypical asshole English teacher.

        Are you here on company contract or as a businessman?

        • dan danger

          Whatever I am I am not a low life who rips apart dead animals when there is cheap food right outside with street vendors,no doubt serving whale blubber now.

          • whichone

            You realize the street vendors also ripped apart dead animals right? Did you think they removed the meat surgically?

    • Alan

      Sickening….ok, looting and opportunism happens everywhere, but dead whales ffs:(

  • andywattbulb

    It’s called a sperm whale so maybe someone cut some of its meat off for sexual potency.

    • Medical Advisor

      What made you think of sperm and sexual potency all at a sudden ?

      • Nyancat

        Perhaps the whales wang as seen in the first and second pics?

  • Dam

    I don’t have a problem with this. The whale died of natural causes and it was only to rot away. I assume those who cut its meat were poor and/or hungry Chinese people, and I don’t see a problem with people doing what they need to do in order to survive.

    • B-real

      So how do poor and hungry Chinese people cook food with whale fat?What dishes does a poor Chinese prepare with whale blubber? How many poor Chinese people have TV’s to hear of news of Beach Whale in such short notice near a body of ocean when the majority of influential people live ? Finding allot of holes in your justification or rationing of this situation.

      • whichone

        You underestimate the resourcefulness of poor people. If there is meat, they will find some way to cook it. It’s not a puffer fish, doesn’t take a whole lot of skilled preparations. Television is not the only way to get news nor is possession of TV mutually exclusive with being poor.

        There are not a lot of holes in his/her rationalization of the situation.

    • Chinkicide

      They would eat your corpse as well.

      • deanmoore

        Judging by your username, you must be a ignorant racist asshole. If you hate Chinese people so much, why do you waste your time visiting this website? Get a life moron!

        • Chinkicide

          And according your reply, you must be a chinese.
          Answering your own question? Retarded much?
          I waste time here because I am an ignorant racist asshole without life. Problem? Idiot.

          • deanmoore

            No, but I’m not an asinine ignorant racist asshole either. Go troll somewhere else piece of shit.

  • SuperHappyCow

    I don’t get the outrage. The whale was already fucking dead.

    D-E-A-D, dead. Understand? We eat dead things all the time.

    So open your anus, and load it up with all of your self righteous indignation, and die.

    • terroir

      Then you won’t mind when I take the pennies off the eyelids of your dead corpse? Hey, thanks, I hate taking a change purse around with me.

      Taking your boots would be outright stealing, but pennies always have a “take a penny, leave a penny” kind of vibe about them.

      This would imply that your dead body would be lying on the counter at the Kwik-E Mart, but I suppose if your respect for human life is catching on, then other people will rightly just leave your dead body where it fell, holding a twenty in your right hand and the cheapest bottle of scotch in the left; unfortunately, the store doesn’t yet have the latest issue of “Gigantic Asses”.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Not sure what you’re trying to say, tbh.

        The whale’s fucking dead, period.

        We eat tons, upon tons, upon tons of all kinds of animals, why are people shocked that the whale got mutilated for food.

        “Holy shit, we’re CARNIVORES.”

        • Chinkicide

          We are omnivores.
          Some predator animals are carnivores.

          And they are necrophagous scavengers.

          You just don’t confuse the things, will you?

        • terroir

          Does your vision have a recticle from which everything it passes over is labelled with the label of exploitation upon it?

          * whale, beached; dead of natural causes –> FREE FOOD
          * woman, unconscious; passed out from liquor consumption –> FREE SEX, UNCHARGEABLE WITH RAPE (if you’re a NYC cop)
          * ice cream cone, dropped onto dog feces –> THE BEGINNING OF THE BEST DAY OF YOUR CHILDHOOD

      • whichone

        You can’t compare human life to a whale’s, if we extended your comparison, it would be justification for cannibalism no?

  • Regina.


  • staylost

    China with Japanese characteristics.

    “Brothers, swim to the other side to commit suicide, at least your bodies will be left whole… ”

    Sorry to burst your bubble:

    • RuN

      Engineering at it’s best.

  • hanyucha

    There seems to be an assumption here that whoever took the meat of the whales was poor and starving. That is ridiculous. Chinese have no taste for whale meat, which suggests that whoever took it, took it to sell it to the Japanese.

    I still don’t have a problem with that, but the thieves knew the value of the meat and they knew how to sell it.

    • SuperHappyCow

      How are they thie– THE WHALE IS FUCKING DEAD.

  • Brett Hunan

    Guarantee the dorsal fin goes for thousands to some local restaurant. I saw a hawk going for over 700RMB in Hunan back in ’09.

    Good for them, I still haven’t eaten whale meat but the wife says during our summer stay in Norway she’ll buy it for me. Guess I’m a savage in the fucking making.

  • Rod

    No shame. Lots of people are saying, “what’s the big deal”, but I think its basically like eating roadkill. Roadkill of the sea. A rotting animal you stumbled upon and it becomes dinner.

    • Chad

      Um, there’s nothing wrong with eating roadkill. My “naturey” coworker did that to a deer that totalled his car. No big deal. Better than wasting it. And who says it was rotting?

  • eattot

    i ffeel nothing wrong, they are dead already…either push them back into ocean or …
    we chinese already are much better than japanese at this point. we do not eat whales. do not forget, evill white killed them for hundreds years…i think chinese eat shark fin maybe because we old chinese felt they are dangerous and eat people, so find a way to eat them, then this tradition pass over again and again.

    • Nyancat

      *facepalm* Eattot sharks are living creatures that don’t interfere with humans that don’t intrude into their domain, shark fins themselves have no taste, the taste comes from the broth in the shark fin soup. This practice of removing the fins and throwing the sharks back into the ocean has to stop, its barbaric and it’s mainly fueled by ignorance and the demand by Chinese. Every living creature has a right to live, do your part and don’t eat shark fin soup, the only way to stop this practice is to reduce demand for it.
      Let me reiterate, sharks are NOT dangerous most of the time the incidents of shark bites mainly happen due to the sharks curiosity.
      Pertaining to this article, say they have the whale meat, do they have any idea how to cook it also is it sanitary or safe? These things should be considered as well and this article shouldn’t just be taken at face value.

    • moop

      “we chinese already are much better than japanese at this point”

      no, you’re really, really not.

      “do not forget, evill white killed them for hundreds years…i think chinese eat shark fin maybe because we old chinese felt they are dangerous and eat people, so find a way to eat them, then this tradition pass over again and again”

      yes, while your people have been killing and eating pretty much anything under the sun and are probably one of the worst animal rights violators in the world. fucking irony, what does it mean?

      whales used to be safe from the chinese. who knows now that they have had a taste of sweet whale blubber!
      you eat shark-fin not because they are dangerous. you eat them because tcm has duped people into thinking its magical.

      • mr. weiner

        What is shark fin meant to be good for apart from getting your white pointer aroused? [hmm that’s kinda racist, I meant to say yellow tip]

    • Alan

      evill white killed them for hundreds years…

      Errr; evidence?

      • eattot

        you do not know ? Capitaine Achab , is just a small tip in the whales hunting history.
        before electricity and oil, people killed whales for oil, for women’s long skirt, for soap, for perfume…

        • moop

          holy shit, are you really using captain ahab, a fictional character in a book as evidence?

          “people killed whales for oil, for women’s long skirt, for soap, for perfume…” this part is true atleast…

          • Nyancat

            That captain Ahab comment deserves multiple facepalms

        • moop

          people have been hunting whales since 3000BC, they weren’t commercially hunted for very long (200-300 years), as it became less and less profitable after the invention of kerosene and other petroleum products. and the signing of the internation whaling commission (whose signatories are mostly…get this… evil white people !!!)

        • Jeffli

          It doesn’t mean that today people should go slinking around at night chopping off pieces of a dead animal.
          there needs to be a system!
          we can’t go around like barabarians! (eastern or western!)
          Even hungry dogs aren’t biting into the carcass!
          There are limits in culture! WENMING???

          • 平凡人

            What system? Which country has a system that says “proper ways to handle dead animals”? China has too many people from all walks of life, I do not think it is easy to stop them. Anyway, if there is no law in China that says “you cannot cut up dead animals”; I guess they can do what they want. You can refrain from doing it, but you cannot stop everyone from doing it. Get real, even the “hill-billy” in America does poaching. “WENMING”? Which country in the world has the whole nation being “WENMING”?

        • Chinkicide

          You are a true chinese! Thank you for your comment! :D:D:D

      • Jeffli

        Errrr Alan! she’s got you there, many cities on the eastern and western seaboard of modern USA were founded as whaling stations in the 1700s onwards.

        Australia and newzealand, canada,

        why? oil! Ambergris for perfumes, Balleen whales for ladies corsets! and so-on

        • roflstomp

          Actually a lot had to do with the massive amounts of COD, not whales. God damn retard.

          • Brett Hunan

            Ever heard of of Mystic, Connecticut? jackass

          • staylost

            You’re all mouth-breathers.

            All of those towns were founded on maritime industry. Whatever was hunted/fished/shipped at any particular moment just depended on what sold for the most in port. Sometimes whales, sometimes other ocean denizens, but people weren’t city planning based on anything but cash and a good port.

            One town here that focused on whales and another that focused on cod doesn’t make any sort of convincing argument in support or against Jeffli’s wild assertions.

        • Brett Hunan

          One of the largest sub-industries of whaling was candlemaking… i took a trip up the east coast in december.

    • Chinkicide

      “we chinese already are much better than japanese at this point”


  • Ray Ray

    I don’t see why these people are getting hated on so much. Recycling the carbon structures of the whales’ bodies is a natural thing. The most noble treatment a dead organism can receive is being eaten, digested, and incorporated back into the carbon cycle. We have no right to judge what is considered a “respectful” way of dealing with them.

    Relevant story:
    Zhuangzi is about to die, his disciples wish to give him a grand burial with many offerings.
    Zhuangzi says, “I will have heaven and earth as my casket, the sun and moon as jade, stars as jewelry: all things will be my offerings. Don’t I have enough? Why add anything else?”
    The disciple says, “Sir, I worry that birds may eat your body.”
    Zhuangzi says, “Above ground, I’ll be eaten by birds; underground, I’ll be eaten by ants. Taking from one to give to the other, why play favorites?”

  • 平凡人

    If it’s already dead, nothing wrong with it. I have seen other reports on people killing whales for the meat, so there’s no need to be appalled or alarmed; just because it happens in China.

  • Jess

    Scavenging for ambergris? A whale skeleton would make for a pretty interesting house, come to think of it…

    • Nyancat

      Doubt it, they would have to get to the whales digestive system to get to it and by the looks of it they didn’t make it that far.

  • wuleshan

    Chinese people are really like an ants, or better like Hongkonese are calling them- locusts !

    • Ray Ray

      I’d take that as a compliment for having the ability to survive by utilizing resources available resources.

  • [email protected]

    As long as it had died before being cut up, and as long as it was given as much help as possible to prevent it from beaching before it died, what is wrong with doing it?

  • Beluga

    A beached whale carcass should not be consumed. In 2002, fourteen Alaskans ate muktuk (whale blubber) from a beached whale, and eight of them developed botulism, two requiring mechanical ventilation. This is a possibility for any meat taken from an unpreserved carcass. – Wiki source from

    • Nyancat

      I guess those people who took chunks out of this whale are going to find out the hard way whether they made a good choice in scavenging the meat.

      • Loopins

        I guess we might have an update in a month about the people who have found out the hard way.

        • roflstomp

          The only people getting sick are the poor schmucks who bought the meat.

    • Rod

      ^See roadkill comment above.

    • Ray Ray

      upvote for relevant username!

  • Song of the Article

    -Sail Away

  • Loubo

    I mean its kind of ridiculous..but really its no more than simple looting depending on how you look at it.. Not really that big of a deal

  • Castro

    ‘Meat’s meat; mans gotta eat.’

  • These sperm whales were the victims of a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in the Philippine Trench near Samar Philippines:

    • mr. weiner

      A most informative link , thank you very much!

      • Thank you. I been working on the centuries-old mystery of why whales beach themselves for 40 years. At 70 years-old, it’s about time I came up with some kind of answer.

  • GodsHammer

    Of Locusts and Whales- a Short Story by Hu Flung Deng

  • japanese will go crazy over this stuff

  • typingfromwork

    Oh woop dee do, doing a bit of foraging on a dead animal… So apparently this is frowned upon but hunting live animals and fishing in the sea is A-OK.

    I wouldn’t eat the meat from a carcass though purely for health reasons. Rotting meat is just a hospital visit waiting to happen, especially when it comes from the sea.

  • arnob

    chinese people like beasts. no education, no moral, no respect…just money, food, etc.

    • 0ytilaer

      It sounds like you are just describing poor people in general. Might as well just come out and say that you can’t stand people who don’t have the luxury of getting an education and not having to worry about money and food. You sound like someone who gets an ego boost whenever they see beggars on the street and thinks, “Geez, why can’t those lazy, stinky bums get a job!!!!!” Looks like you’re the one who seems to lack morality, compassion and respect–not the Chinese people in this story, who are just doing what practical people in their situation would do.

      I mean, the whale was ALREADY DEAD after rescue efforts failed. I don’t see what the problem is.

      • Chinkicide

        His words fit to every of the chinese, not only poor. Immoral, shamless mofos, even the so-called “high” educated or rich.

        Yeah, also why not to rob a grave, I mean the guy is already dead, he won’t miss a thing, right?

        • deanmoore

          Wow, judging by your grammar and sentence structure, you must not be a native English speaker. Much like the Europeans during colonial times when they robbed mummies from Egyptian pyramids and had “unwrapping” parties. BTW, it’s “shameless” not “shamless”

          • Chinkicide

            You are guessing to much, hon. :)
            Stay focused on the facts.

          • deanmoore

            Again…it’s “too” not “to”. Not a wild guess at all.

            No comment on the mummies dummy?

          • Chinkicide

            You mock me, sir. Typos happen to the best of us.
            Not to mention all of your guessing is just wrong, I am an ABC, but just keep critizice my English and call me racist, yea. :)

            I made comment on them, stay focused, will you?

          • deanmoore

            You can say you’re from England for all I care, but I still wouldn’t believe you. Your English is not that of a native speaker.

  • Jeff

    Anyone not know that when a living creature dies its body fills with poisons and toxins very quickly? Cooking does not kill this poison and eating an animal that died on its own can make a person very sick?

    Let’s see who the Chinese blame when a bunch of people die from eating this meat.

  • steve

    watch out in the uk the meat is comeing your way because they have run out of dog meat ???? to put in the number 46 dish lol

  • Pingback: News from Barbaria | Bloody shovel()

  • Xiongmao

    Those are sperm whales right? Anyway, I don’t really see a problem here. The whales clearly couldn’t be saved and there are plenty of poor people in China. Why the hell NOT use some of the meat if anybody wants it? I know the skeletons are usually wanted by museums in these cases, but it didn’t seem like any harm was done.

  • Mike Check

    Considering how little meat was cut off and how many teeth were hacked out, make it clear, whether you are okay with this or not, it wasn’t for poverty or hunger, it was for profit, to sell those quite valuable teeth to some jewelry maker in Shanghai.

  • RuN

    walk it off

  • Foreign Devil

    I just hope they at least waited until it was fully dead before hacking it up. But aside from that. . better the corpse be used then just rot away. There is a lot of oil and flesh on it.. enough to feed a whole village for sure.

  • Ray

    There are many people looking down on the Chinese people for taking the meat from the whale but I have no idea why.

    First of all, the whale is already dead, so no pain or anything to it right?
    Second, to the people that are outraged and saying that there are no respect to the dead animal I ask this, “Are you going to show respect to this animal by holding it a funeral or something? treating it like a human or something? But we all know you’ll just leave it on the beach to rot right?”

    Then we have the people who sees this as an act thievery like the previous washing powder incident. I can’t judge is it lawful to take bits of meat from a dead carcass for themselves, but I personally don’t see it as stealing, its like picking up fruits fallen from an unowned tree.

  • bscalled

    Shameless Chinese, or just people who don’t like to waste a good opportunity?

  • A GUY

    I don’t get why whales are this sacred thing that can’t be eaten. They aren’t that smart. If the particular species isn’t endangered I don’t see why they are off limits and pigs aren’t.

    It’s kinda gross that it’s dead for that long, but hey where i’m from there are people who still eat road kill.

    Beef of the sea.

  • keric

    friggin vultures. most chinese ppl wud jump at the chance for anything thats free. even if they dont need it.

  • GreenGestalt

    Really, once it was likely the whales would die, should have let the people butcher them…

    Did any of you consider mmmaybe whales beaching themselves is somehow part of a larger cycle? In America when a whale beached itself the tribes had a party, even enemy tribes would declare a truce and usually stop fighting over it. Just too much meat for them to eat, carry, salt at once -BUT- if they wasted time squabbling bears and other critters would strip it dry overnight!

    And, if a whale dies at sea it takes 20 years for bottom feeders to strip it. But when they die on land hungry people or hungry animals can eat them to bits quickly!

    Whale meat has like 10 TIMES the nutrition other meat does, it’s hyper-packed blubber. A single cube you can chew on for hours…

    And this isn’t even “Cruelty”. The thing is DEAD. And cooking will kill any bacteria/viruses in it.

    What a waste, IMO, LET the people EAT the things…

    • A GUY


  • dim mak

    No sense letting free meat go to waste
    Hell if whales weren’t so endangered I’d have no problem hunting and eating them

    • A GUY


  • penisface

    the amount of money you could get from selling the ambergris from those fuckers is well in excess of $5 million!

    I would definitely tear up some whale rectum given half the chance…

  • Kyle Uemura

    I really don’t see a problem with this. There was a free source of fresh meat, and the people knew the whales died on the beach and had only been dead for a few hours. Also, why is it that when Chinese eat dogs, Japanese eat whales, or French eat horses, everyone in America starts complaining about how it’s cruel and inhumane, when they butcher and eat millions of pigs, cows, and chickens every year? I personally have no problem with eating any of these, but you either have to support the consumption of all these animals or be against it, or else you’re just imposing an ethnocentric double standard.

  • SSanf

    I don’t understand this at all. Are you telling me that there was nearly 40 tons of free meat that people might want to eat and there are people who object to anyone taking some? Good grief, why would that be objectionable? They should have had those guards helping to cut it up in a sanitary way and freely distributing it to anyone who cared for some while it was still fresh. The whales were fresh and died of natural causes. Unless they were somehow contaminated by the water, and therefore harmful to eat, the meat should have been distributed and any not taken immediately frozen for later free distribution. Forty tons of meat could have been a great blessing to many. What a waste.

  • kodi

    If it is dead and died naturally then why let the meat go to waste? Is it against the law to eat it? We eat cows, pigs, etc……. endangered or not it already died, so let it complete the circle of life. What is the difference if bacteria, insects, or humans get to eat the remains?

  • joseph

    nothing wrong with a person taking any part of the dead carcas,,,,,, any one who thinks otherwise is a dumb person……

  • thak

    Nothing beats fresh meat!

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