Medical University Dog Experiments Uncovered

Medical University Dog Experiments Uncovered

According to an announcement from the Weibo of the “Xi’An Altruistic Aid Team”, the Xi’An Medical School North campus is suspected to have a large amount of dog “experimentation” underway. Abandoned dogs’ mouths were found tied shut using bandages or adhesive plaster, and their bodies are covered in bruises, the majority of their bellies have what are suspected to be surgical scars, and are still bleeding. The site of the suspected experiment still has about 20 dogs still tied up using iron chains. The most popular netizen comment read “medical schools doing experiments I can understand, but after it’s over a dog can nevertheless be given euthanasia and then buried! Where was medical morality willfully abandoned?” Another netizen puzzlingly commented: “Chinese people who want to Japan for fun should see this to be reminded that our countrymen were experimented on using bacteria by the Japanese, which was a hundred times worse than these dogs!”

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