Meet Wikipedia with chinaSMACK and Let Them Pick Your Brain


Are you a fan of Wikipedia? Do you consider yourself knowledgeable about Chinese internet culture, use, and trends?

Wikimedia Foundation executives are in town (Shanghai) and want to pick chinaSMACK’s collective brain over lunch this Saturday.

Want to join us?

chinaSMACK is offering up to two open-minded, well-informed, and insightful chinaSMACK fans an opportunity to hang out and chat about the mainland Chinese market and political challenges facing an international but foreign information resource like Wikipedia.

If you’re interested, you have until 8pm (China Standard Time) tonight to contact us with an email introducing yourself, your background, and why you’re interested in meeting us and Wikipedia. Please also include your WeChat contact information.

Both Chinese and non-Chinese netizens are welcome.

If selected, we will contact you either through email or WeChat before midnight with information on when and where the lunch will be held the next day.

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  • You should invite the peeps from TMD Shanghai… they seem pretty “with it” if you know what I’m saying.

    Kaye Wang is so funny! ^_^

    • And now apparently TMD Shanghai/MamaHuhu is sponsored by Amanda… coincidence? I think not. You’re welcome, I guess.

      • yi_ge_yi_jian

        D :

  • ClausRasmussen

    Wow !

    • Edward Kay

      Wow is when they see the amount of dishes and how many they accomplish finishing. Unless of course, its a Starbucks kinda thingie.

  • Wikipedia is run by leftist Liberal Social Justice Warrior radical feminists. They banned me for having a conversation with someone on their talk page on something I didn’t agree with them.

    I few hours later, I got permanently banned and the reason I got was “harassment account.” My IP address was also banned.

    Not only that, they permanently deleted my conversation with said person (strikethrough when you check history) so that there will be no proof to show I am innocent.

    Wikipedia admins are communist thugs. They don’t stand for free speech and they are biased as hell. No wonder University and Colleges don’t want students using their service.

    ChinaSmack should distance themselves from Wikipedia. They shouldn’t be associating themselves with radical feminists.

    Mind you, the one who banned me was HJ Mitchell.

    • Redhunt86 .

      always save arguments and edits. So you can post it up for comment.

      Otherwise you will just be asking for someone to take your word for it.

  • donscarletti

    Wikipedia is the most useful foreign website that isn’t banned in China, despite it having tons of information on stuff the censors get ticked off about. It is also at least well known enough that if one says 维基百科 (Wikipedia), educated young folks know what you are talking about.

    Wikipedia is doing brilliantly. No western web service can ever be bigger in China than Wikipedia is now as a matter of policy. China doesn’t even allow joint ventures in the web services industry. China rationalises this control in light of the WTO agreements as being political in nature (enforcing the moral quality of online content), but really it’s mostly economic.

    And another thing, even if Baidu didn’t have, they were never going to list Wikipedia anyway. WP simply has nothing Baidu wants. Baidu aren’t Google who see what results the user wishes to see and caculates metrics to put them on top, the metrics that Baidu listings are based on are cash, sex and political favours.

    So Wikipedia is doing great considering, no need to change to much. Let remain the font of information about which celebrity is banging which. If you want to do anything, try to get some links with some reputable universities and promote it to students, since students would be willing to write more content and nobody with power really cares what students think.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Last I heard, Wiki was banned in China.

    • Xia

      Last time I checked the first link that comes up on Baidu is Wikipedia, if you search for an English word.

  • Markus_P

    WIKI may or may not understand China, but, some of the wiki users who feel that they are working for wiki and are high up the hierarchy just have no clue. But, you would think if they have no clue about an issue they would leave an article to someone who does have a clue, right? Nope they just delete and edit as they see fit. Anyone can feel like a wiki god with the power to edit and delete anything.

    For example, many years ago a new topic was created for a popular Chinese card game played around China, another WIKI user deleted it saying, if the game is not popular enough to have an ‘English’ version or website then why does it need an English wiki page… BOOM deleted. All links to the game in the reference were to Chiense websites. A protest lead him to then reply saying it was an advert for the game… Is a wiki page about poker an advert for the game or information about it for those that want/need it.

    I wont contribute as it seems like a waste of my time, Baidu has pages about Chinese things and wiki can be used for English, but, i wont expand on wiki pages about China, someone else can invest the time into it.

    ps: Kai – You use to follow my disqus profile, i deleted my old one with the cartoon dog display picture due to stalking China bashes sending me abuse, I can only guess it was the Fred Fong or his friends using fake aliases to attack me, but, it was not worth my time so i just deleted my account. Glad to see you back here, i will follow, but may not be commenting much or with a profile…

    • donscarletti

      7 years ago or so I used to spend a lot of time writing articles for Wikipedia.

      I never had an article deleted, but I remember the first time I went to a “candidates for deletion” thread associated with a well written article I was reading and saw the officious wiki-crats swarm in like locusts. As it happened, the final vote was “keep” (it was after all a very good article), but the damage was done, just to see the utter contempt in which certain people hold the works of others and the level of pride these “little Hitlers” hold for themselves was enough to kill my interest in the site.

      Wikipedia seems too reluctant to define its rules and too eager to enforce them. It’s far too difficult to know what information it wants and doesn’t so it hardly seems worthwhile to add any. Nobody has the courage to define what “notability” exactly entails, but so many still have the courage to delete man-years of work in its name.

      It’s not just the nebulous definition of “notability” that’s a problem, but other policies. Copyright and other requirements are loser in than wiki-commons but policy only encourages movement in one way, leading to many works being moved to commons and deleted forever. These problems in policy are so pervasive but so simple that it is hard to believe that there is actually a wikipedia foundation rather than just some dude who keeps the servers running. Wales calls himself “Benevolent Dictator for Life”, but exercises less actual power than a class president and the users suffer.

      Wikipedia is still a fascinating site to read. But as a community it has lost its way.

      • Markus_P

        Thanks for sharing.

        To bring a smile to your face i thought i would share this joke wiki site called uncyclopedia that anyone can edit, mostly stupid comments, i like the page they have about wiki on there.


  • Dolph Grunt

    Wikipedia is blocked in China and thus fairly irrelevant.

  • Dolph Grunt

    Sorry, I’ll be more specific. The Chinese version of Wikipedia is blocked in China. Trying to access any page in Chinese will result in the usual “Sorry buddy, you’re not going there” message.

    Look it up in the news, as well. It’s been covered.

  • xxsipanxx

    i think this website has been hijacked by the government, as well as the air pollution info websites. You guys better be careful of this shit, im serious. Sounds like the old Chinese way of rooting out problems. I say dont do it. This country continues to censor everything and they will as long as those mobsters are in power. Forget it.

    • mr.wiener

      We do have a special on tin foil hats this month.

  • mr.wiener

    You are factually incorrect. That was pig iron they were smelting during the great leap forward ,not tin foil. Tin foil came about during the second world war used mainly by the US I believe.( You can look it up on Wiki if you like).
    If this site has been hijacked by the CCP then they owe me money damnit!

  • mr.wiener

    It grieves me also ,but what makes you think I had anything to do with the decision making process? I just clean the toilets here bro.

  • mr.wiener is nice and very transparent about what’s been going on, which has been of limited utility since the people who actually run the site don’t loop the mods in often or with much detail.