Meet Wikipedia with chinaSMACK and Let Them Pick Your Brain


Are you a fan of Wikipedia? Do you consider yourself knowledgeable about Chinese internet culture, use, and trends?

Wikimedia Foundation executives are in town (Shanghai) and want to pick chinaSMACK’s collective brain over lunch this Saturday.

Want to join us?

chinaSMACK is offering up to two open-minded, well-informed, and insightful chinaSMACK fans an opportunity to hang out and chat about the mainland Chinese market and political challenges facing an international but foreign information resource like Wikipedia.

If you’re interested, you have until 8pm (China Standard Time) tonight to contact us with an email introducing yourself, your background, and why you’re interested in meeting us and Wikipedia. Please also include your WeChat contact information.

Both Chinese and non-Chinese netizens are welcome.

If selected, we will contact you either through email or WeChat before midnight with information on when and where the lunch will be held the next day.


Written by Kai


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