Melon Seed Brother Pesters Suit Man Until He is Beaten Up

"Suit Brother" fights "Melon Seed Brother"

"Suit Brother" fights "Melon Seed Brother"

From Sina Weibo:

@搜狐视频: Melon Seed Brother Eating Seeds and Littering Shells on Public Bus Violently Beaten By Fierce Man [衰] — On a Suzhou public bus, a man was littering the shells of the seeds he was eating. When a fierce man [“macho” man] admonished him to have some character [manners, consideration for others/environment], melon seed man ignored the admonishment, then kept nagging the fierce man, and also wouldn’t let fierce man get off the bus. When the bus driver and other passengers could not stop the quarrel, fierce man lost his patience and violently beat up melon seed man [黑线]

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Did the guy who beat him up have to pay compensation? Tell me his Alipay address, I’ll chip in. [doge]


A person with civic consciousness being pestered for no reason at all, and when after putting up with it for so long he finally loses his patience, some people come forward as if they are standing for justice [refers to the passengers who come up to stop the man in the suit beating melon seed man]. May I ask, what were you doing earlier?


Fuck, this guy’s cooldown period is too long. A whole seven minutes.


What is there that you can’t handle with words and must resort to such violence to resolve? To this kind of person, I only want to say, well done! [兔子]


There must be a lot of people who skipped while watching the video. This man was clearly extorting money. Before he was beaten up, he was saying where and where he was injured, that he wanted to go to the hospital, how his body/health wasn’t good in the first place, and he wanted Character Brother [suit man] to give him his identification card/number. Character Brother had already said that they can talk about it after getting off the bus, that they shouldn’t affect others [with their quarrel]. This kind of person being beaten to death [ass kicked] would have had it coming.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If you were present, would you have gone to stop it? Netizens are always so righteous, while passerbys are always numb and indifferent. Is it because netizens don’t go outside or passerbys don’t go online?


I wish that when people are talking in the library or cinema, a hero [like this] could also take action.


Be mindful (well) of character (done).


You can’t hit someone for eating seeds and prattling on, but you can if they’re stopping someone from getting off the bus. [嘻嘻]


I loathe people who eat and litter in public spaces.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Suit Man is so handsome/dashing. I’m not saying he’s dashing for beating up someone, but that he had good self-restraint, for first knowing that littering is wrong, and then trying to stop the other person [from doing so]. He’s a good citizen of society. [赞] Second, to be able to endure someone else pestering endlessly and unreasonably hurling abuse without arguing back, while they babble on and on, and actually think of “Let’s get off, and not bother everyone else”, [爱你] I simply love this person so much. I hope the police won’t punish him, because after all he had put up with it until he could no longer.


Suit Man’s character is not your ordinary good [meaning it is better than average]. When someone was littering melon seed shells, he even went up to remind them not to. When the other part was babbling, he was able to resist arguing back, and calmly suggest getting off the bus to resolve the matter, so as to not bother other people. He put up with it for seven minutes, wiping spit off his face so many times in throughout it all. This kind of self-cultivation [composure] is already that of a male god. [赞啊]


Hitting, well, is definitely bad, but when you encounter this kind of scoundrel, you really have no choice but to give them a beating. Honestly, this guy who beat him up can already be considered very civilized having been pestered for seven minutes. This stupid cunt can go to the Northeast and give this a try. Within seven minutes, he would’ve already been knocked out by manly Northeastern men. Some scum are born begging to be beat up. Impulsiveness is the devil, one must be cautious before resorting to violence. Haha.


A bus full of passengers who don’t intervene in the beginning and only come babble when they begin fighting. Talk about a bus full of social tumors. Fierce man should’ve at that moment decisively massacred the entire bus of garbage.


Suit Man, I too am in Suzhou. If you are fined, we’ll raise money to pay for you. If you are detained, us guys will treat you to drinks when you get out! If you lose your job because of this, come find me!

From NetEase:

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Man Who Littered Melon Seed Shells and Nagged Admonisher Viciously Beaten

On the 26th, a video went viral in which a man on a public bus was violently beaten after littering melon seed shells and incessantly pestering the person who asked him to stop. In the video that lasted over eight minutes, “Melon Seed Man” uttered the phrase “What wrong did I do you, what’s your grudge with me” a full 37 times, leading to him being furiously beaten by the “Suit Man” he was nagging.

That night, local police in Suzhou where the incident occurred said the incident was ultimately resolved with “Suit Man” compensating 100 yuan in medical expenses to “Melon Seed Man”.

On the 26th, this 8 minute and 23 second long video of a beating on the public bus spread on Weibo. The video can roughly be split into two parts. For the first 7+ minutes, on a Suzhou public bus, a man was admonished by a young guy wearing a suit for littering the shells of the melon seeds he was eating. Unhappy with this, “Melon Seed Man” went on and on beside the young lad about “What wrong did I do you, what’s your grudge with me”, refusing to let him off the bus. In the last minute of the video, “Suit Brother” explodes, battering “Melon Seed Man” with a series of punches.

As counted by multiple netizens, “Melon Seed Man” repeatedly nagged “What wrong I do you, what’s your grudge with me” a full 37 times within those seven minutes.

Reviewing the comments online, netizens were overwhelmingly one-sided in their contempt for “Melon Seed Man” and praised “Suit Man”. One netizen joked that he was willing to sponsor the compensation money “Suit Man” would have to pay.

That night, the Suzhou City Public Security Bureau Yuanqu Sub-Bureau Xietang Police Station’s official microblog posted the conclusion of their investigation, stating that before the start of the video, after “Melon Seed Man” ignored “Suit Brother’s” admonishment of him [littering seed shells], “Suit Brother” had went forward and pinched/grabbed “Melon Seed Man’s” neck, whereupon “Melon Seed Man” grabbed “Suit Brother’s” clothes and incessantly pestered him refusing to let him off the bus.

“Everyone can see Melon Seed Man saying stuff about his neck being hit and it was afterward that he went into ‘What wrong did I do you, what’s your grudge with me’ repeat mode, which is the video everyone saw…” the official microblog stated with a humorous tone. After the incident, police took the two individuals to the police station where they separately reprimanded the two for their behavior/actions.

The Xietang Police Station official microblog says “Suit Brother” had physically assaulted the other, indeed violated the relevant regulations in law, and should bear the relevant responsibility. Through mediation by police, both parties recognized their own mistakes, and jointly agreed to come to an agreement where ultimately “Suit Brother” compensated “Melon Seed Man” 100 yuan in medical expenses and neither party would pursue the matter any further.

(Original title: Suzhou Public Bus “Melon Seed Man” Violently Beaten After Pestering Admonisher for 7 Minutes, Netizens Click Upvote/Praise)

Comments from NetEase:

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dejuki [网易黑龙江省网友]:

I bet if he had known it would be this cheap, the young lad would’ve become physical much earlier.

停車做愛楓林晚 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Heavy, repeated strikes to the back of the head really can results in problems, and this person who was hit would really end up being a stupid cunt [mentally disabled]…

djhy110 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

I’d pay 200 to beat up this SB.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:60.176.*.*

To have suffered spittle on his face several times and still be able to endure seven minutes before exploding, I trust he really couldn’t put up with it any longer.

网易北京市海淀区网友 ip:101.254.*.*

Well-beaten, hahahahaha

学习蛤丝团 [网易北京市网友]:

Won’t even give me 100 kuai, so mean, so mean.

[Note: This alludes to a video of a homosexual man in a disagreement with a man he met online complaining that the other man won’t even give him 100 RMB despite him traveling so far to see him. The video went viral over the past several weeks and inspired many parodies including this popular one.]

网易河北省廊坊市网友 ip:110.251.*.*

This 100 yuan is actually an insult to the melon seed guy. Talk about asking for it.

随地大便 [网易云南省西双版纳州网友]:

A real man, upvote!

河蟹盛世 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Beat him to death [“kick his ass”]!

混乱善良 [网易新疆乌鲁木齐市网友]:

I still think everyone should look at this with a cool-head [objectively] because after all, it was Suit Brother who first pinched/grabbed Melon Brother’s neck. It was Suit Brother who first did wrong. You can admonish someone but you can’t arbitrarily hit someone. At the same time, I want to praise Melon Seed Brother for his courage, for not being afraid in the least in the face of Suit Brother who was obviously much bigger than himself and demanding justice for himself [standing up for himself, against being initially assaulted].
This matter should be compared to littering things or melon seeds. This is an issue of morality/ethics. It’s not like it is written on the public bus that people cannot eat things or litter. But what is written on the public bus that people should yield their seats to the elderly, infirm, ill, and handicapped, which is also an issue of morality/ethics. We’ve never seen someone beaten up for not giving up their seat, right? And what more, there are dedicated seats for the elderly, infirm, ill, and handicapped. So ultimately the cause [of this dispute] is the rules and system [of enforcement]. For example, fining 10 kuai for eating [on the bus]. Or jail time. Or corporal punishment. Without rules and a system of enforcement, it is useless to only rely on [people’s own] morality/ethics.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪新闻视频: #What Wrong, What Grudge# Man Violently Beats Man Eating Seeds, Melon Seed Brother Gets 100 Yuan Compensation Through Mediation — As it is understood, after arriving at the police station, Melon Seed Brother said: “I want compensation.” Then when everyone had him name his price, he said: “200 kuai.” Through mediation by police, he was ultimately compensated 100 kuai, and Melon Seed Brother agreed not to pester Suit Man any further.


Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Suit Brother…talk about not being able to judge a person by their appearance… Who was it that said they wanted to marry Suit Man… hurry and marry him then…


The girls in the top comments yesterday who wanted to marry Suit Brother, come out [喵喵]. The time to marry has arrived.


Suddenly I feel Melon Seed Brother opening his mouth and only asking for 200 is also an honest person, even if he had brought it upon himself.


Those in the comments commenting about his face, Suit Brother is still quite handsome, okay? In reality, he’s still not bad, okay? I don’t what’s up with people one by one saying they are disappointed. Don’t all fantasize people into Daniel Wu and Eddie Peng, it’s ridiculous. And there are even people saying they feel bad for Melon Seed Brother, you’re crazy!


Suit Brother, I beg you not to turn around.

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