Men Cannot Understand the Hassles Women Have With Their Hair

Hair problems for women.

Hair problems for women.

From Sina Weibo:

@伟大的安妮: This is why regardless of whether women have long hair or short hair, it is…always…this…troublesome… #Men Simply Cannot Understand The Pain Women Have With Their With Hair!!!!#







Comments from Sina Weibo:


When your hair reaches your waist, remember to hold it up when taking a shit.


Hahaha, your hair definitely must’ve been dipped in shit before.


So all you need to cover your physique [private parts] is a small little red heart. [哈哈]


@黄灿灿acan It’s obvious that the last part of the fifth image is talking about you. [拜拜][拜拜]


Also your hair will get in the way when eating, so you have to hold it back with your hand!!! Such a hassle!


Anny, why is it that your feces are right in front of your head…?


Couldn’t you have avoided drawing the shit? [doge][doge][doge]


@黄灿灿acan The last part of image five, bro, it must be talking about you.


Every female has experienced going from a bowl cut [bangs cut straight across] to a slanting cut to parting to the side to parting down the middle. So cherish every single woman with a middle part around you, because you do not know what kind of suffering she has been through. [拜拜]


It is because haircutters do not understand our world that I have now risen to become a haircutter. [拜拜]

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Terrik

    Finally, the proof I need that squat toilets suck.

    • ClausRasmussen

      Yeah, that settles it once and for all lol

      • arterius2

        Damn I guess when some girl’s hair smelled like shit, now we know where that’s been…

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I don’t think it ever needed proof…

    • Symbal

      Corrected for you “Finally, the proof I need that squat toilets are shit”

    • crxrunn

      It forces you into the natural shit-taking pose and it flows better, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

      • icup ✔️

        it does flow better when you squat rather than sit.

      • Dick Leigh

        I actually miss squat toilets because they made pooping quick and easy. :(

    • Insomnicide
  • Amused

    That long hair is a blast when you’re pulling on it tho :)

    • carmouflagger

      Not so funny when you’re dancing and it gets in your mouth :

  • dragonbear

    It’s not like their is a law for girls to have these haircuts or care about their hair so much……. what kind of world am I living in???

    • arterius2


  • MF

    okay, the issue with hair touching feces is not b/c of hair but b/c of the nature of those freaking public Chinese toilets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jin

      Calling it Chinese toilet is wrong, Arab, French, Japanese, Korean, Iranian,Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Italian…….. also use them.

      • I think it’s called a bidet in France.

        You might have done your vacation wrong.

        • jin

          Well in English, we call it squat toilet.

          • May your honeymoon in Paris be the most romantic one ever.

          • jin

            Why would I go to Paris? The city of snobs, snobs that refuse to speak English. It’s a huge stereotype that Paris is a romantic city.

          • Alex Dương

            Don’t you think you should speak French in Paris?

          • jin

            Don’t you know that you don’t have to speak the native language in most countries? As most of them speaks English and Chinese.

          • Alex Dương

            In general, it’s a matter of politeness.

  • arterius2

    its about as much hassle as men who has to wear suits and ties to work everyday, and having to endure them for the entire day. So its fair game all around.

    • I always thought wearing a suit and tie made things simpler for a man…
      shirt and tie combo changes with the same suit, but provides a different look and still looks great
      Women have to make things a lot more complicated

      • arterius2

        No, I’m not talking about fashion / buying the suits itself, I was referring to maintaining and wearing them(dry cleaning, de-lining, ironing, ties, and the general discomfort while wearing them for a long time especially on a hot/humid day). which takes a lot more effort than just shirt and jeans

        • Guest

          lol do you think womens office-wear doesn’t take the same amount of ironing, dry cleaning, discomfort (heels suck), etc?

          • arterius2

            nope, my wife’s office cloth are much more comfortable usually made from soft and breathable material, does not require any ironing/dry cleaning and there are wider selections to choose from, and they rarely need to ‘tuck-in their shirts’. I’m just speaking from my perspective that’s all, hey. Though I agree with the heels, which is why most women leave a pair of comfortable shoes at work to change into.

      • FYIADragoon

        Not that easy if you’re doing it right. Pairing ties with suits is like an art in some ways. Average man’s hair doesn’t take much work though, they are correct in that assumption.

    • Eidolon

      Sure, it’s fair game… When you operate under the belief that women do not have to dress up for work. In fact, females in equal positions of responsibility have to dress just as snappy.

      That said, women do receive a lot of benefits that men do not – and vice versa. It’s also not easy to measure gender advantage when priorities and expectations are so vastly different. Men and women experience life differently, and the best society’s able to do is to try and listen to both for how to improve their lot.

      Regardless, it is disingenuous for the writer of the skit to state that women with short hair and women with long hair have the same issues. Fact is, when it comes specifically to hair and not the social expectations around it, it’s less about your gender than it is about the style. Men with long, complicated hair have no less of an issue than women with the same, and women with short, simple hair have no greater of an issue than men with the same.

    • Guest

      are you kidding me? try wearing a skirt, bra or stockings for a whole day and then come complain about having to wear a freaking tie

  • Ken Morgan

    Rubbish, I had waist length hair in university and I had almost none of those problems. Getting my first proper job though required it to be cut.

    • mr.wiener

      That’s because most guys with long hair keep it tied up in a ponytail. Women’s hairstyles are usually more elaborate.

    • AbC

      You probably never had to squad in a Chinese toilet before…

    • Irvin

      I agree, women like to blow things out of proportion (eg dicks), I bet they’re thinking “he never had long hair so he probably gonna believe it’s true”. Nothing to see here people, just women trying to guilty trip gullible men.

    • David

      My hair goes to the middle of my back now. While I have never had the shit problem with the toilets, many of the other problems about looking good and how your hair goes when you wake up is very true. Fortuitously I am not a 25 year old girl looking for a husband so I don’t really care if it looks terrible. Also, Wiener is right, pony tails are my friend. Washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair, even if you have light hair like me. I am looking forward to going back to the U.S. where a guy with long red hair is not a big deal like it is here. I will say growing my hair out has given me a new appreciation for my poor wife.

      • Kai

        Wait…did you just out yourself as a ginger?

        *eyes narrow*

        • David

          lol in the states what I have would be described as reddish/brown hair. One brother and one sister of my eight siblings have true red hair and green eyes. But in China, they think this color is amazing red hair and with the length I get stared at more than usual.

          • Kai

            Heh, I like red hair too and I’ve never really intuitively understood actual prejudice against gingers. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly a pop culture joke these days.

          • David

            agreed. But when I was young (the 60’s and 70’s) it was very real in America.

          • Kai

            Interesting, I was only familiar with it being a thing with British people. I wasn’t aware of it being prevalent in America, but doing some research, I guess it was. Hope you weren’t traumatized. Red hair is awesome, just like a “beastly sexual desire and moral degeneration”.

          • David

            Naaa as I said I am more brownish red. Also, even though two of my siblings were true red heads, not many people said anything when you have eight kids in the family you have to take on if you insult one.

            Although, every single day, wherever I go Chinese parents push their kids toward me and ask if they can take a picture. If I had known I would have come to China thirty years ago when I was still young and pretty. lol

          • Surfeit

            There is no brownish red. Only Ranga.

          • Kai

            Heh, alas, the color of rust instead of fire. Too bad. But remember, young and pretty is a state of mind. ;)

  • IMO, most young women look better with long hair. I love the long beautiful black hair of so many Asian ladies.
    It may be more work, but cherish it while you’re young because you probably will cut it when older
    (or you’ll probably look like a witch)

  • Irvin

    They got it good, people with dreads now THAT is hard work.

  • Jahar

    I’ve never met a western, or non chinese asian for that matter, who couldn’t handle washing their hair everyday

    • Guest

      maybe you need to meet new people? Im a western girl and it’s a hassle tbh specially if you have untamable hair like mine. Its also not healthy to wash your hair every single day

      • Jahar

        Yes. I need to meet “new” people because I haven’t seen enough with dirty hair. That’s going to the top of my “things to do” list. You don’t wash your hair everyday? nasty.

        • jin

          There are plenty of people that don’t wash their hair every day, reason is washing it every day will dry out your hair.

  • Ryo Saeba

    For one, guys like long hair. Girls mostly look better with long hair. Secondly, most girls can’t wear short hair but they think they can. And third, girls are suppose to try to look good to attract men. Attractive girls know this, of course. This must of been written by some lazy ugly chick.

    Have you noticed that a lot of married women let themselves go after marriage? They chop their hair off and gain 15-25 pounds. And they wonder why their husbands leave or have 2nd wife outside.

    Of course, men let themselves go, too. But women mostly look at the men’s bank account. In China, the power to provide is what is most attractive to women. As long as he is able to providing (and enduring whatever it takes to put food on the table), it is more hassle then just keeping your long hair clean and groomed.

    • Lei Feng’s Hat

      You can almost chart a Chinese lady’s progression through life using her different hair styles as benchmarks:

      The late teenager/early 20s long, beautiful hair becomes the sensible office girl’s shoulder length hair…becomes the new wife/new mom’s short no nonsense hair…becomes the middle aged fucked-up perm…becomes the late 50s hair starts falling out routine…

    • Alphy

      Wow where are you from, seriously, many developed countries women are actually the main provider in most families, go check the statistic. You really think it’s better for women to think their image and looks is more important than who they are or what they do?

  • Jahar

    They forgot to mention it causes hassles when they are giving blow jobs too.

  • Guest

    It forces you into the natural shit-taking pose and it flows better, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  • Gerhana

    I can understand because I also have long hair, and once you have long hair you dont want to go short anymore. It does take commitment and a lot more work to keep it nice. Guys with short hair are plenty and ordinary. Losing nice long hair is like losing a soul.

    • Dick Leigh

      I tried growing my hair long once. Tried. It was way too much work and planning. You can’t just shower and run out the door because long hair takes forever to dry, and there’s that “in-between” stage when your hair is not short, but not long so it’s impossible to style.

  • SongYii

    Oh, wow, women’s problems. So interesting and important. ::snore::

  • AbC

    This ‘dilemma’ is probably a universal problem for all women (minus the toilet hair-in-shit issue). I don’t think many girls wash their hair everyday. There are various products in the market to keep your hair dry whilst showering, which I assume is only useful for women as most guys tend to wash their hair when they shower.

  • iLcOrNaLiTo

    Chinese girls don’t wash the hair so often, maybe once every week or once every two weeks in winter. Especially in winter you can smell the hot pot in their hair.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    Yeah, but most Chinese girls counter the obsession with their hair above the neckline with the ‘I don’t give a rats ass, so what if I resemble a captive zoo animal’ hair below the neckline…

  • Guest

    That’s just a straw man. He said none of those things. He was being superficial about women’s looks, that’s it.

    • Dick Leigh

      Superficial? He was being a sexist pig.

  • [spoken in heavy Austrian accent:]

    “Why do you cry?”

  • Brandon