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Wei Xiaobao and his wives

Men don’t have the right to complain about the heat at all! Try wearing a bra! Try sticking your hair to the nape of your neck! Try wearing a sanitary towel!

sulky girl

Don’t bother trying to reason with women. Creatures that bleed seven days out of every month but don’t die are unnatural on this planet…

laughing woman

Went shopping with a colleague. Upon seeing the price of infant milk formula, this girl sighed, and then thoughtfully patted her breasts, “You must not let me down…”

pretty girl

Behind success and failure: Woman: Behind every successful man is always a woman. Man: Then what’s behind an unsuccessful man? Woman: Too many women.

Wei Xiaobao and his wives
Wei Xiaobao and his wives.

It is said that when two men and a women walk together on the street, each of them thinks they’re the third wheel.

three chicks

Q: Why is Chang’e so fickle? A: Because her name is Change.


Programmers are all good men, because they ask themselves the same question all day long: What are the mistakes that I’ve made? Let me know, and I will definitely correct them.

vampire, zombie, and programmer
Comparison of Nocturnal Creatures — Vampire, Zombie, and Programmer. Things in common: Having a bad temper, pale skin, expressionless face, dark circles under the eyes, stiff body, possessed health in the past.

Men usually don’t like fighting [with women], nor do they take the initiative to fight, but they’re experts at making women fight with them.

girlfriend slapping boyfriend

One day on the bus, I heard two girls in front of me talking. One girl said, “When my husband makes mistakes in the future, I’m going to make him kneel on a CPU!” The other girl replied, “My husband doesn’t kneel on a CPU (has many needles), I make him kneel on the remote control…each change of the channel is a beating!”

two pretty girls

“Daddy, did you kneel down when you proposed to mommy?” “No.” “Why?” “Your mom said, ‘There will be plenty of opportunities for you to kneel down, so you are exempted this time.'”

woman holding flowers

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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