Meng Ge Blames Society for Her Son Li Tianyi’s ‘Mistakes’

Meng Ge.

From Sina:

Meng Ge: Son is Honest Kid, It’s Social Environment’s Fault Consolidated Report — According to reports by, recently, Meng Ge, the mother of military singer Li Shuangjiang’s son, Li X who is currently involved in a rape case, claimed that her son didn’t commit rape and it is the other party who was extorting and blackmailing them. She claimed that “[my] son isn’t wrong, what’s wrong is the social environment [state of society]”.

According to the news report, last Saturday (August 31) during an interview, Meng Ge claimed that her son “had fallen into a trap”. She recalled that she once received a text message from someone claiming to be the victim’s boyfriend requesting to settle the matter privately or else they would report it to the police, but her son denied the rape, and claimed “[he was] just having fun, and had paid money” and she chose to believe her son.

“Even judges make mistakes, let alone children?” Meng Ge blames the case on the influence of the social environment and her son not being careful with who he makes friends with: ”The 4 judges in Shanghai are even adults, who are exceptionally outstanding cadres [government officials] and comrades, yet even they made the wrong decisions in this environment, so how how could children withstand this kind of temptation?” As for the incident where Li X assaulted people incident 2 years ago, she said, ”Actually, he was only participated [in the fight], but the criticism was all targeted against him, just like the manipulated public opinion right now, where all the attacks are focused on my child, causing this kind of social disturbance”. She says her son is an “honest, gallant, and pure kid”, and in her eyes her son’s always shining.

Comments from Sina:

这个冬季怎么这么冷 [北京]:

You’re not going to stop until your comments thoroughly shock/stupefy people, are you? Meng Ge, can you and your husband please take off your military uniforms and emigrate abroad? Your logic is totally stupid and shadowy, to even think those who go whoring are outstanding cadres [government officials]? You truly don’t deserve the military uniform you wear.

这个冬季怎么这么冷 [北京]:

We all live in this environment, so why don’t you think about why your son wasn’t able to resist temptation? I want to tell you, your son is an asshole, and the reason for your son’s situation today is because he has two bigger assholes as parents.

手机用户 [江苏无锡]:

So disgusting, still covering up for Li X even now. More than half of the blame for him having made this many mistakes lies in the upbringing of you parents, which goes to show just how much of a failure you two are. The environment [of society] does has influence, but this is not an excuse for you. With so many good young people in society, what about them?

手机用户 [河北廊坊]:

Resolutely support the victim Ms. Yang! ~~ [the accusations of] Prostitution and extortion don’t stand::::
1. How do you explain the victim having been beaten and injured multiple times? There are surveillance cameras and witnesses, and not easy to explain away.
2. Why didn’t you make this accusation earlier but half a year later? If it really was a setup [where a woman seduces a man and uses an accomplice to extort him, similar to a “badger game“], you and the defense attorney would’ve known immediately after asking your son, and you would’ve been able to win public opinion over if you had made it public at the time, so was it necessary to suffer silently [in the face of negative public opinion] for half a year?
3. A badger game is usually one on one extortion, when have you ever heard of someone simultaneously extorting 5 people for gang-rape? If it was a setup, then there would have been at least 6 people involved, so the police would’ve discovered that the 6 people’s oral testimonies didn’t match, and how would the prosecution dare to charge [them] with gang-rape?
4. A badger game is usually used to extort fat sheep who are rich but without power, especially wai di ren. Who would set up a trap to extort a local tyrant like Li who has lots of connections, and is both rich and powerful? Was he not afraid of reprisal?
5. About #4, if someone was so crazy due to poverty, then it might be difficult to say [possible], but for a bar like Global Club located at a prime location in Beijing, where the daily gross profits are in the tens of thousand of yuan, where the start-up costs are high, where the operating expenses are high, for people like them [who run this kind of club], what they pray for is for every day to be peaceful and without trouble because only then will the money roll in. Would they take such a big risk for 500,000 yuan? If it weren’t handled well, they would no longer be able to keep their bar open, and how much losses would they have then? Even if Li Tianyi is sentenced [convicted], the bar still won’t profit from it, and business would also suffer.
6. Most importantly, if it was a badger game, how come the person who set it up called the police? The one who called the police should be you, the Li family! But the victim called the police on the 3rd day, which completely fits the profile of a rape case. Meng Ge, the text messages you revealed to the public are all normal, they can prove–at most–that the bar had attempted to facilitate a private settlement, which fits a bar’s usual desire for peace and not having trouble. There is no indication of it being extortion.
7. At last, to be frank, from the history of you as a couple excessively spoiling Li Tianyi and indulging him in his wrongdoings, we can completely believe that you’d try to spare him of the heavy punishment at all cost. The 2 former attorneys’ resignation further proves this point. Slandering and distorting the truth is nothing to you.

艾微微911 [山东潍坊]:

One mustn’t be shameless to the degree of whore Meng.

手机用户 [云南昆明]:

First place prize for making a fool of oneself!!!

一切为了家人 [浙江杭州]:

This is the first time I’ve paid so much attention to Meng Ge and Li Shuangjiang. I’m also a bar owner, in Xuzhou. Having watched the video of Meng Ge, her bearing makes people feel like she thinks she’s superior to others. Now, in order to help her son escape the charges against him, she’s employed all sorts of methods: exploiting public opinion for influence, accusing the bar, the victim, and also the police, the prosecution, the court, the fellow defendants, the lawyers for the fellow defendants. Even the Shanghai judges hiring prostitutes [scandal] has been used by her to defend [her son]. Meng Ge has been spoiled rotten by Li Shuangjiang, and Li Tianyi has been spoiled rotten by Meng Ge. A pathetic family, like clowns. I question Meng Ge’s IQ, and also her brain. This isn’t the behavior of a normal person. Her behavior is even worse than that of entertainment celebrities. [She] really knows how to hype [spin], gotta give it to her.

手机用户 [浙江杭州]:

First place prize for being brazen-faced [shameless]!

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Exactly! Even if we go by Meng Ge’s argument that it was whoring [using a prostitute], but her son described the whoring as “just having fun”. Is a child like this at heart clean/pure? Honest and kind?

手机用户 [云南昆明]:

First place prize for being an unreasonable dishonest bitch.

手机用户 [上海]:

First place prize for domineering arrogance!

老土7672 [江苏宿迁]:

Meng Ge says her son was influenced by the environment [of society], but how is it that so many children nationwide were not influenced [this way]? He did such a thing and then even says it was just having fun, and you even say he’s honest and pure at heart? Is this how a mother loves her son? Every family loves its children, but it’s more important to properly raise them. Although it may not be possible to make a child brilliant, [a family] must make a child a [decent] human person.

手机用户 [上海]:

First place prize for rascally shamelessness!

微博网友_40927517 [日本大阪]:

If Meng Ge really said these words, then she is definitely too shameless. [She is becoming] more and more ridiculous.

幸福的吴楚 [北京]:

“Just having fun, and had paid money.” — how haughty, domineering, arrogant!!!

我不用加油 [广东深圳]:

In the assault incident: Who was it that said: ”Who dares to call 110!” In the gang-rape incident: Who was it again that went first? Look at the pictures from the previous assault incident, do you not think your son was too vicious? Driving without a license, driving under the influence, beating up people… what an outstanding son, and definitely because he has an outstanding enough mother.

用户3706980331 [新疆乌鲁木齐]:

First place prize for disgracing oneself.

好心情的达人 [北京]:

This character and this series of vile comments, talk about pathetic and abominable. Talk about bringing upon the image of soldiers. She’s a disgrace to China!

手机用户 [湖北武汉]:

For Meng Ge, a person with social influence, to actually blame society for her failure to properly raise [her own son], and to even blame society for the several scumbags amongst Shanghai judges, it is truly shameless and shameful. The outstanding young people in society, the many outstanding judges in the courts, is she blind and unable to see them?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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