Meng Ge Petitions Government for ‘Justice’, Annoys Chinese Public

Meng Ge.

Meng Ge.

Meng Ge is the well-known Chinese singer and ranked civilian member of the People’s Liberation Army. She’s also the mother of Li Tianyi, the young “minor” who was charged with participating in a gang-rape early this year. Many Chinese netiens have been furiously vocal about what they consider to be the maddeningly slow progress in the case, certain that Li Tianyi’s parents are exploiting their government connections to obstruct justice and protect their son from the legal consequences of his crime(s). A month ago, Li Tianyi’s lawyer informed the public that they would be arguing that Li Tianyi was innocent and the gang-rape victim was a consenting prostitute.

From QQ:

Li Family Attorney Responds to Meng Ge’s Petition for “Justice”: The Accused Bar Hasn’t Responded

Following Meng Ge’s August 6th visit to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau where she officially submitted a letter of accusation against Global Bar [where Li Tianyi and accomplices met the woman claiming to be a victim of their gang-rape] duty manager Zhang Guangyao and other employees alleging facilitation of prostitution and extortion, yesterday [August 19] afternoon, Meng Ge went to the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public security to submit documents, “seeking justice” for her son Li X. An expert says Meng Ge has both the right and the obligation to report this to public security and judicial organs, but this will have no effect whatsoever on the case in which her son is suspected of rape.

Meng Ge

Sobbing sounds could be heard from time to time

Yesterday [August 19] afternoon, at about 1pm, Meng Ge arrived at the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security with a male assistant by taxi, carrying with her the documents needed for the petition.

About 45 minutes later, Meng Ge walked out of the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security. Reporters followed closely after her for an interview, but Meng Ge said nothing, refused to answer any questions related to the case, and only told reporters to contact her attorney if they had any questions. Being down in spirits, she kept avoiding the cameras, and sobbing sounds could be heard from her from time to time, while the male assistant held a black umbrella for her, indicating to reporters to not take photos. Both of them walked out of the alley where the Letters and Petitions Office was located, and left in a taxi.

Meng Ge.
Meng Ge in a hasty paces after walking out of the Complaint Letter and Request Handling Office, and left in a taxi afterwards.

Lan He

The Letters and Petitions Office accepted the documents

As it is understood, lawyer Lan He, legal consultant for the Li family, said “the Letters and Petitions Office has already accepted the documents Meng Ge submitted, with this petitioning done with to bring the case back to a normal judicial track.”

Lawyer Lan He claims that after Meng Ge’s August 6th visit to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau where she officially submitted a letter of accusation against Global Bar duty manager Zhang Guangyao and other employees alleging facilitation of prostitution and extortion, police authorities still haven’t made any response.

Zhang Guangyao himself has also publicly claimed that the police have never visited him. To this, Lan He says: ”It is necessary to remind the Ministry of Public Security and higher departments to monitor their [Zhang Guangyao and other employees at Global Bar] actions. If the petition has any effect on the rape case, it will be a positive effect.”

Meng Ge.
Yesterday [August 19], Meng Ge submitting documents at the Complaint Letter and Request Handling Office of Police Department.


Submitting documents will have no effect on case

With regards to Meng Ge’s submission of documents to the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security, China University of Political Science and Law professor and expert on criminal procedure law Hong Daode says this is Meng Ge’s right, but it will have no effect on the case whatsoever, because the nature of her charge/accusation is that the bar manager was involved in organizing prostitution, which has nothing to do with whether or not her son committed rape.


According to reports, the documents Meng Ge submitted have already been accepted by the Letters and Petitions Office.

Beijing Times reporter Zhou Xin, with intern reporter Wang Anqi.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 山水:

This case should be considered from another perspective. If the victim was Meng Ge’s daughter, with her influence, the suspect would’ve been executed long ago. Yet now the victim is a girl from an ordinary family, from the disadvantaged social groups, who after being harmed continues to be tormented. Law! Justice! Where are you?!

腾讯网友 无爱亦无恨:

This is a clever move, acting like a poor petitioning mother! How many experts did it take to come up with this idea for you? Trying to win the sympathy of the people, well-played! Truly well-played! But is it going to work? Whether [Li Tianyi is] the ringleader of the gang-rape or just a gang-rape participant, he has made a mistake that can’t be forgiven. He should’ve been severely punished by the law long ago. If it was one of us common people, we would’ve been destroyed in two seconds. But your power is so great that half a year has passed without a sentence being passed down. For whom are you putting on this show of being pitiable? Everyone should pay the price of their mistakes! You love your son, but isn’t other people’s daughter a human being also?

腾讯成都市网友 质感人生:

Zhu Guohua is Zhu De’s only son Zhu Qi and Zhao Liping’s youngest son. In the early 80s, Zhu Guohua graduated from college, and worked in the railway department of Tianjin. He was Zhu De’s grandson, very powerful, and also handsome-looking. He was very popular among girls. Therefore, he was always changing girlfriends, and had sex with many girls.
In 1983, during the “crackdown”, because of offending the law, Zhu De’s youngest grandson was executed by shooting in Tianjin.
Look at today, is it a legal system or a money system?

腾讯安阳市网友 dyd:

I want to ask whether lawyer Lan He is shameless and ignorant if he is simply like the Li family in having no moral bottom line or principles?! It is you shameless bastards who are constantly trying to manipulate the law, trying to turn the victims into the perpetrators, trying to whitewash the perpetrator into being the victim. It’s you who are always inverting black and white. It’s you who feed your own conscience to the dogs little by little. It’s you who are ignorant of the dignity of the law. It’s you who are doing dirty business in private! What the fuck does it have to do with the media and the public [Li Tianyi’s family has claimed that the public and media are manipulating the case]?? Even if you shamelessly succeed in the end and wash away the criminal charges, that’s only washing it away in terms of the law, but in the conscience of the people, your crimes can never be washed away. The more you struggle, the more you look like clowns. The more you try to get away with the crime, the more you’re loathed by the public. You’re like a pile of dog shit forcing people to say you’re a cake. Alright then, in the end, the exhausted and weary people will say you are a cake, but in their hearts, you will still be dog shit, because objective existence won’t be changed by the change of rules. Continue to struggle, continue to be filthy, now you’re like a bunch of scumbags showing off on stage with your asses bare naked.

腾讯杭州市网友 偶而认识你:

Petitioning after your son raped someone! Meng Ge, you sure are niu. If you win the lawsuit, then everything under the sky would be your home [under your control], and you can be the highest commander in the country.

腾讯芜湖市网友 点一根烟:

A rascal of a mother has now brought up a rascal of a son, and if it weren’t for the exposure of the rascal son, a female rascal like her would still be treated as a pillar of our country.

腾讯网友 洋河名酒招商:

The most shameless woman of the planet. It’s such a shame that you wear a human skin… Her son breaks the law, and not only hasn’t she apologized to the victim so far, she instead busily goes around, quibbling for her son, vainly trying to lighten his legal responsibility. As a public figure, she has made herself intolerable among the people. She should be exterminated by the public…

腾讯松原市网友 风雪夜归人:

The gang-rapist appeals for justice and the victim becomes the suspect. What a gigantic joke.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

复旦美国留学生崇拜毛润之 [网易上海市网友]:

Those who want Li Tianyi to be executed by shooting, ding. [45,446 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:27.37.*.*:

Why wasn’t there anyone to intercept her [people hired by local governments to intercept and often kidnap petitioners from appealing injustices to higher authorities]?

网易陕西省西安市网友 ip:123.138.*.*:

Does she have symptoms of paranoia [thinking she is unjustly persecuted]? Should go see a doctor.

无读不屠夫 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

No comments?? [A common early comment by netizens surprised that there haven’t been comments posted already.]
Meng Ge, you being so busy getting your son the identity of a John [a man who visits prostitutes, since Li Tianyi’s defense is that the victim was a prostitute and thus it wasn’t rape], like that’s so fucking honorable! You’re shaming your ancestors… I can tell you, even when you’re dead, you won’t be accepted into the ancestral hall of the Li family…

毛润之人民的大救星 [网易上海市网友]:

The necessity and social effect of executing Li Tianyi:
1. Li Tianyi was the ringleader and repeat offender of the five-man violent gang-rape, by nature extremely odious, the people’s wrath at its maximum, and to execute him by firing squad is supported by law.
2. To help Li Tianyi escape his crime, the Li family has openly hired water army, made rumors, falsely accused others, misled public opinion, and raped the law. If Li Tianyi is not executed, it won’t be enough to intimidate them and won’t be enough to appease the people’s wrath.
3. Li Tianyi’s violent gang-rape group has had a huge impact nationwide. If Li Tianyi is not executed, the law of China will be denounced by the common people, the establishment of good mores in society will become empty words, combating corruption and building a clean government will be a joke, and the conscience of the public will be cruelly devastated.
4. If Li Tianyi is not executed, more and more Li Tianyis will be emboldened and emerge in greater numbers. It will encourage misdeeds like Meng Ge and Lan He’s raping of the law. To execute Li Tianyi is to save all the government departments, to give them a fresh start again. It has the same necessity as executing Liu Qingshan and Zhang Zishan [corrupt Chinese officials] during the early years of the new nation.

网易北京市朝阳区网友 ip:221.219.*.*:

Even when petitioning, she’s so peculiar, different from the lowly people.

屠龙术 [网易山西省太原市网友]:

What ploy is she trying now? A family member of a rapist petitioning?

屠龙术 [网易山西省太原市网友]:

This case is so strange/ridiculous: Among the five suspects, only Tianyi is known by the public. Both the police and the prosecutors repeatedly delay and stall. The original attorney was forced to resign, and the new attorney shows off his acting skills. The victim keeps a low profile hiding herself, while the perpetrator sobs and appeals for justice everywhere.

毛润之交通大学不比复旦差 [网易上海市网友]:

What kind of world is this? Would it be like this if this thing that happened to this old bitch’s son happened to a family of ordinary common people? A criminal case going on for half a year and still without a result. Is the law made only for the ordinary common people?

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:125.119.*.*:

When a mother fights for her son like this, usually I would sympathize, but this time I can’t bring myself to sympathize with her no matter what. From when [Li Tianyi] drove and beat up people to this incident, she’s supposed to deeply reflect upon herself but other than reflecting, she should be thinking of how to have her son receive the severe punishment and lesson needed to help turn him around [from his misbehavior], instead of trying to do everything she can to help her son to get away with his crime, which would only hurt her son even more. As a civilian with the rank of Senior Colonel, who enjoys treatment different from ordinary people, does she want her son to be treated differently than ordinary people when it comes to committing crimes and breaking the law?

天一双江梦美美 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Meng Ge, you’re still so slutty! I want to fuck your fat cunt…


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