Meng Ge Petitions Government for ‘Justice’, Annoys Chinese Public

Meng Ge.

Meng Ge.

Meng Ge is the well-known Chinese singer and ranked civilian member of the People’s Liberation Army. She’s also the mother of Li Tianyi, the young “minor” who was charged with participating in a gang-rape early this year. Many Chinese netiens have been furiously vocal about what they consider to be the maddeningly slow progress in the case, certain that Li Tianyi’s parents are exploiting their government connections to obstruct justice and protect their son from the legal consequences of his crime(s). A month ago, Li Tianyi’s lawyer informed the public that they would be arguing that Li Tianyi was innocent and the gang-rape victim was a consenting prostitute.

From QQ:

Li Family Attorney Responds to Meng Ge’s Petition for “Justice”: The Accused Bar Hasn’t Responded

Following Meng Ge’s August 6th visit to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau where she officially submitted a letter of accusation against Global Bar [where Li Tianyi and accomplices met the woman claiming to be a victim of their gang-rape] duty manager Zhang Guangyao and other employees alleging facilitation of prostitution and extortion, yesterday [August 19] afternoon, Meng Ge went to the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public security to submit documents, “seeking justice” for her son Li X. An expert says Meng Ge has both the right and the obligation to report this to public security and judicial organs, but this will have no effect whatsoever on the case in which her son is suspected of rape.

Meng Ge

Sobbing sounds could be heard from time to time

Yesterday [August 19] afternoon, at about 1pm, Meng Ge arrived at the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security with a male assistant by taxi, carrying with her the documents needed for the petition.

About 45 minutes later, Meng Ge walked out of the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security. Reporters followed closely after her for an interview, but Meng Ge said nothing, refused to answer any questions related to the case, and only told reporters to contact her attorney if they had any questions. Being down in spirits, she kept avoiding the cameras, and sobbing sounds could be heard from her from time to time, while the male assistant held a black umbrella for her, indicating to reporters to not take photos. Both of them walked out of the alley where the Letters and Petitions Office was located, and left in a taxi.

Meng Ge.
Meng Ge in a hasty paces after walking out of the Complaint Letter and Request Handling Office, and left in a taxi afterwards.

Lan He

The Letters and Petitions Office accepted the documents

As it is understood, lawyer Lan He, legal consultant for the Li family, said “the Letters and Petitions Office has already accepted the documents Meng Ge submitted, with this petitioning done with to bring the case back to a normal judicial track.”

Lawyer Lan He claims that after Meng Ge’s August 6th visit to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau where she officially submitted a letter of accusation against Global Bar duty manager Zhang Guangyao and other employees alleging facilitation of prostitution and extortion, police authorities still haven’t made any response.

Zhang Guangyao himself has also publicly claimed that the police have never visited him. To this, Lan He says: ”It is necessary to remind the Ministry of Public Security and higher departments to monitor their [Zhang Guangyao and other employees at Global Bar] actions. If the petition has any effect on the rape case, it will be a positive effect.”

Meng Ge.
Yesterday [August 19], Meng Ge submitting documents at the Complaint Letter and Request Handling Office of Police Department.


Submitting documents will have no effect on case

With regards to Meng Ge’s submission of documents to the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security, China University of Political Science and Law professor and expert on criminal procedure law Hong Daode says this is Meng Ge’s right, but it will have no effect on the case whatsoever, because the nature of her charge/accusation is that the bar manager was involved in organizing prostitution, which has nothing to do with whether or not her son committed rape.


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According to reports, the documents Meng Ge submitted have already been accepted by the Letters and Petitions Office.

Beijing Times reporter Zhou Xin, with intern reporter Wang Anqi.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 山水:

This case should be considered from another perspective. If the victim was Meng Ge’s daughter, with her influence, the suspect would’ve been executed long ago. Yet now the victim is a girl from an ordinary family, from the disadvantaged social groups, who after being harmed continues to be tormented. Law! Justice! Where are you?!

腾讯网友 无爱亦无恨:

This is a clever move, acting like a poor petitioning mother! How many experts did it take to come up with this idea for you? Trying to win the sympathy of the people, well-played! Truly well-played! But is it going to work? Whether [Li Tianyi is] the ringleader of the gang-rape or just a gang-rape participant, he has made a mistake that can’t be forgiven. He should’ve been severely punished by the law long ago. If it was one of us common people, we would’ve been destroyed in two seconds. But your power is so great that half a year has passed without a sentence being passed down. For whom are you putting on this show of being pitiable? Everyone should pay the price of their mistakes! You love your son, but isn’t other people’s daughter a human being also?

腾讯成都市网友 质感人生:

Zhu Guohua is Zhu De’s only son Zhu Qi and Zhao Liping’s youngest son. In the early 80s, Zhu Guohua graduated from college, and worked in the railway department of Tianjin. He was Zhu De’s grandson, very powerful, and also handsome-looking. He was very popular among girls. Therefore, he was always changing girlfriends, and had sex with many girls.
In 1983, during the “crackdown”, because of offending the law, Zhu De’s youngest grandson was executed by shooting in Tianjin.
Look at today, is it a legal system or a money system?

腾讯安阳市网友 dyd:

I want to ask whether lawyer Lan He is shameless and ignorant if he is simply like the Li family in having no moral bottom line or principles?! It is you shameless bastards who are constantly trying to manipulate the law, trying to turn the victims into the perpetrators, trying to whitewash the perpetrator into being the victim. It’s you who are always inverting black and white. It’s you who feed your own conscience to the dogs little by little. It’s you who are ignorant of the dignity of the law. It’s you who are doing dirty business in private! What the fuck does it have to do with the media and the public [Li Tianyi’s family has claimed that the public and media are manipulating the case]?? Even if you shamelessly succeed in the end and wash away the criminal charges, that’s only washing it away in terms of the law, but in the conscience of the people, your crimes can never be washed away. The more you struggle, the more you look like clowns. The more you try to get away with the crime, the more you’re loathed by the public. You’re like a pile of dog shit forcing people to say you’re a cake. Alright then, in the end, the exhausted and weary people will say you are a cake, but in their hearts, you will still be dog shit, because objective existence won’t be changed by the change of rules. Continue to struggle, continue to be filthy, now you’re like a bunch of scumbags showing off on stage with your asses bare naked.

腾讯杭州市网友 偶而认识你:

Petitioning after your son raped someone! Meng Ge, you sure are niu. If you win the lawsuit, then everything under the sky would be your home [under your control], and you can be the highest commander in the country.

腾讯芜湖市网友 点一根烟:

A rascal of a mother has now brought up a rascal of a son, and if it weren’t for the exposure of the rascal son, a female rascal like her would still be treated as a pillar of our country.

腾讯网友 洋河名酒招商:

The most shameless woman of the planet. It’s such a shame that you wear a human skin… Her son breaks the law, and not only hasn’t she apologized to the victim so far, she instead busily goes around, quibbling for her son, vainly trying to lighten his legal responsibility. As a public figure, she has made herself intolerable among the people. She should be exterminated by the public…

腾讯松原市网友 风雪夜归人:

The gang-rapist appeals for justice and the victim becomes the suspect. What a gigantic joke.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

复旦美国留学生崇拜毛润之 [网易上海市网友]:

Those who want Li Tianyi to be executed by shooting, ding. [45,446 upvotes during the time of translation]

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:27.37.*.*:

Why wasn’t there anyone to intercept her [people hired by local governments to intercept and often kidnap petitioners from appealing injustices to higher authorities]?

网易陕西省西安市网友 ip:123.138.*.*:

Does she have symptoms of paranoia [thinking she is unjustly persecuted]? Should go see a doctor.

无读不屠夫 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

No comments?? [A common early comment by netizens surprised that there haven’t been comments posted already.]
Meng Ge, you being so busy getting your son the identity of a John [a man who visits prostitutes, since Li Tianyi’s defense is that the victim was a prostitute and thus it wasn’t rape], like that’s so fucking honorable! You’re shaming your ancestors… I can tell you, even when you’re dead, you won’t be accepted into the ancestral hall of the Li family…

毛润之人民的大救星 [网易上海市网友]:

The necessity and social effect of executing Li Tianyi:
1. Li Tianyi was the ringleader and repeat offender of the five-man violent gang-rape, by nature extremely odious, the people’s wrath at its maximum, and to execute him by firing squad is supported by law.
2. To help Li Tianyi escape his crime, the Li family has openly hired water army, made rumors, falsely accused others, misled public opinion, and raped the law. If Li Tianyi is not executed, it won’t be enough to intimidate them and won’t be enough to appease the people’s wrath.
3. Li Tianyi’s violent gang-rape group has had a huge impact nationwide. If Li Tianyi is not executed, the law of China will be denounced by the common people, the establishment of good mores in society will become empty words, combating corruption and building a clean government will be a joke, and the conscience of the public will be cruelly devastated.
4. If Li Tianyi is not executed, more and more Li Tianyis will be emboldened and emerge in greater numbers. It will encourage misdeeds like Meng Ge and Lan He’s raping of the law. To execute Li Tianyi is to save all the government departments, to give them a fresh start again. It has the same necessity as executing Liu Qingshan and Zhang Zishan [corrupt Chinese officials] during the early years of the new nation.

网易北京市朝阳区网友 ip:221.219.*.*:

Even when petitioning, she’s so peculiar, different from the lowly people.

屠龙术 [网易山西省太原市网友]:

What ploy is she trying now? A family member of a rapist petitioning?

屠龙术 [网易山西省太原市网友]:

This case is so strange/ridiculous: Among the five suspects, only Tianyi is known by the public. Both the police and the prosecutors repeatedly delay and stall. The original attorney was forced to resign, and the new attorney shows off his acting skills. The victim keeps a low profile hiding herself, while the perpetrator sobs and appeals for justice everywhere.

毛润之交通大学不比复旦差 [网易上海市网友]:

What kind of world is this? Would it be like this if this thing that happened to this old bitch’s son happened to a family of ordinary common people? A criminal case going on for half a year and still without a result. Is the law made only for the ordinary common people?

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:125.119.*.*:

When a mother fights for her son like this, usually I would sympathize, but this time I can’t bring myself to sympathize with her no matter what. From when [Li Tianyi] drove and beat up people to this incident, she’s supposed to deeply reflect upon herself but other than reflecting, she should be thinking of how to have her son receive the severe punishment and lesson needed to help turn him around [from his misbehavior], instead of trying to do everything she can to help her son to get away with his crime, which would only hurt her son even more. As a civilian with the rank of Senior Colonel, who enjoys treatment different from ordinary people, does she want her son to be treated differently than ordinary people when it comes to committing crimes and breaking the law?

天一双江梦美美 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Meng Ge, you’re still so slutty! I want to fuck your fat cunt…

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • mr.wiener

    Well on the up side at least there were no photos of the girly-man this time.
    I imagine he has been let out on bail by now, I wouldn’t think he’d be in prison all this time.
    Justice crawls by on broken crutches.

    • Brett

      I’m still not sure what, exactly, she’s petitioning… She’s arguing the bar set her son up? I thought the lawyer said the girl is trying to set him up.

      I think they’re clawing for air here.

      What’s really outrageous is that their son either A. gang raped an innocent girl who isn’t a prostitute, or B. gang raped an innocent girl who happens to be a prostitute (all this, after some professor friend of theirs came out and said that the rape wasn’t so bad “because she was a prostitute) and they are still trying to save him from justice by saying “to let him go free would be justice”.

      • iLL

        It doesn’t bother me that she is protecting her son..she is a mother.

        • vincent_t

          of coz not. But it bothers me when she hijack “justice” to ask for injustice

      • Kate

        agreed brett

        • mr.wiener

          Kate is back!
          How goes it , oh fairest of the fair?

          • Kate

            You’re a mod now? Sleeping your way to the top on CS huh? ^_^

            I’m ok, back in the USA from Korea, single…..anway going to see a rodeo tonight and fried food and work my way to being a fat american again.

          • vincent

            Oh sorry to hear that Kate? how is the little one doing?

          • mr.wiener

            I told Kai I wasn’t into that gay stuff….but hey, $20 bucks is $20 bucks.
            If you get tired of the overweight states , come to taiwan and open a high end vegan cafe on the beach. Only work weekends, spend the rest of the week surfing.

          • Kate

            Yeah total cultural shock again, I came back to the USA last Thursday….and damn everyone is so fat…..I mean, I’m 5″4 110 lbs (already started getting “are you anorexic?” comments) but in Korea, that’s on the small side of average but averageish…but here in the USA, I’m smaller then the 5 year olds…,…So shocking…

            Anyway, agreed, $20 is $20, I would of too :)

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Couldn’t help but reply to this when I saw it in passing, even if it was posted a week ago…

            The majority of girls I know, Asian Americans born and raised here in New Jersey, are all around your high and weight! (some shorter and lighter too!) You’re not _too_ small at all :P

          • Alphy

            Welcome back Kate.

          • Kate

            Thank you Alphy :)

          • vincent

            How you doing Mr. Weiner, looks like I still kinda miss China since I visit this site even though I have now relocated to the Middle East :D

          • Kate

            She’s getting very big, she’s a toddler now! She is also a professional mess maker and I have a hard time keeping up with the little whirling derbish. We are both very jet lagged right now, but adjusting to the US.

            Hope things are well in the middle east for you and yours :)

          • vincent

            Ah the mess maker stage, that’s not as bad as when they start walking and then running, you might want to put on a bit of weight for that stage because with all the running around you’re going to lose a few pounds hehe
            The family is fine but they’re back in China, I’m in Dubai at the moment and will be here for the long haul, great place for business opportunities and general money making activities. Hope everything goes smoothly for you in the US and it’s great to see you back at CS :D

          • vincent

            Err Kate do you use FB by any chance? Would like to add you to my friends list :)

          • Kate

            Yes, https



          • vincent

            Thanks! Added you up

      • moody

        I honestly find it outrageaous how those articles are written.
        and how media can easily shape the thinking of one who obviously cannot stand pink tshirt wearing androgin looking “singers”.
        “prosecuted for being involved in a gang-rape case.”
        “protect their son from the legal consequences of his crime(s)”

        Where is the presumption of innocence ?
        Shouldn’t they write “SUSPECT in ALLEGED gang rape case” ?

        Obvious blackmail gone to shit is obvious.
        The very same for those officials hiring prostitutes scandal a few weeks ago.

        as for gang banging prostitutes.
        well one who willingly follow a bunch of dudes to a hotel room …. might SUSPECT what was coming to her.

        • mr.wiener

          So how about letting the courts get on with their work and maybe even clear the little metro sexual rather than block bribe and bullshite?

          • moody

            A mother will do what she can, and more.
            Can you blame her ? wouldn’t you do the same given the same deck of cards ?

            Those court cases are usually clear cut, the court sides with the people’s opinion, simply because judges here have no spine.
            and writing things the way they are written all through the media, well, it clealry put in everybody’s mind that the little bugger is guilty, and case fucking closed.

            The hooker can lie or tell the truth.
            now ask yourself, with all the money that kid got, and considering we are in China …. with all that it implies
            do you really think the kid need to gang rape hookers to get his kink on ?

          • linette lee

            To be honest, if I have a son who raped an innocent girl, I would not want him to go to trial in the china court. I don’t trust them. The whole system is corrupted and really what do they know about justice? Look at what happened to some China woman got sentenced to death for a crime that’s understandable like she killed her husband because her husband killed her children then tried to kill her, and she did it out of self defense.

            I would have no problem for him to go to jail in Hk, taiwan, USa, or any other places where their judicial system is more developed. But not in China. In China I will just maybe very possible I will offer monetary compensation to the girl and beg her for her forgiveness and not to press charges. I will have to deal with my son and punish him with my own method. He must be punished.

          • moody

            If your son was accused with rape, I honestly think that you would not beleive the words of a Hostess/Prostitute.
            and that you would do everything you can to either clear his name, either get him out of this situation, ANY WAY you can.

            As for being judged in China, i honestly think that it is better for him to be judged here for the two following reasons :
            1/Rapist have it bad in jail in just about any country
            2/Yet in China exist those Palace Prisons for distinguished guest …..

          • chandlerpatrick

            Money is not always the question here. Some people are just perverted and do that shit. This kid also has a criminal past. This alleged rape is not his first crime.

          • moody

            Money not the question here ?
            are you fresh off the boat or living in a bubble ?
            It is ALL about money.

          • chandlerpatrick

            Wow! You sure are clever! A perverted person is going to do things that normal people would not! This kid is clearly perverted! It does not matter how much money he has in the case of his actions! A perverted person just does those things! This is not the first time he has been in trouble. Of course he’s fighting a loosing battle regardless of guilt or innocence – he’s a repeat offender! You sir are in the bubble.

          • mr.wiener

            I’m not going to speculate how he gets his rocks off. But any further interference and use of influence is not going to do this kids case any help in the court of public opinion.
            Trouble is the cream of the crop in China are thick and rich and don’t know when to back off.

    • ludicrous

      Hi there Mr. Wiener. Long time man. I see you are maintaining. Where is whiskersthecat? I see lots of risible stories still abound…

  • Pikachuu~

    If that was my son ,only god knows what I would have done with him knowing he raped someone ..
    One the positive side, we don’t have a picture of him posing with the same pink shirt ,right?

  • Repatriated

    For once, I actually agree with the majority of comments above!

    I bet if the victim’s family petitioned, they’d get a helluva lot more sigs.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    -__- Well, I’m not going to hate on a mother’s love for her son. Even though I don’t think he should get off on the rape charges, I don’t think it’s a bad thing for her to go through with the motions.

    • Eve Akota

      No mother should help their children get away from the consequences of their evil actions. What she’s doing is not love, it’s being irresponsible.

      Chances are, his son got to that point because of the way she raised him. I bet she bribed the teachers when he got in trouble at school and stuff.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        While it’s true that no one should have others try to get them out of trouble if they truly did something wrong, my opinion was that “Oh, she’s going through the motions of trying to help her son, even if everyone knows that it won’t work.”

        I think that she went in there, there actually wasn’t a chance in hell that whatever she would say would work. And perhaps she knew that, perhaps she didn’t.

        My opinion works upon the assumption that she was going to fail no matter what, and that the only good thing in this whole pile of shit mess is her trying to help her son. Nothing else about the whole family agrees with me.

        • Eurotrash

          If she loves him, she needs to let him fall. Otherwise, he will never learn. Her love is selfishness, not love for her child.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I’d consider letting him fall and letting him fall into prison two separate things.

            Like, if a child is super dependent, and their parents kick him out the house with nothing but clothes and some cash, that’s “Letting him fall”.

            …Sending your son to prison’s method of “letting him fall” feels completely different by comparison.

      • TwentyMinutesORWHAT?

        Exactly. He didn’t get to be a rapist scumbag because his mom taught him to respect women and take responsibility for his actions.

    • the ace of books

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing for her to go through with the motions.

      I think it is. You can love your child all you want, but if he has done something terrible, you can’t just make an exception for him. Her behavior retroactively explains why he is the way he is: “I am special and an exception, and I can get what I want because.” – if he’s been taught that all his life, of course he’s going to find any way he can to not have to pay the penalties. The law should not carry exceptions for money, nor for BS justifications. What the victim was doesn’t matter; what her son did does.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Hmmm. I guess so that makes sense. I knew my opinion in this case wasn’t going to be popular, but I feel family should always comes first.

        It’s never that nice in real life. So when I see something like this, a mother fighting for her son even though in all likelihood he’s done a terrible thing, I can’t help but give her a free pass in this matter.

        Not that I’m giving her a free pass for her son’s actions, or anything else. Just this, and nothing else.

        • Atlas

          Well it’s good to know you will always put your family first before morality. Makes it easier for me to avoid you and your kin(d).

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Haha, hardly. I won’t lie, I’m a little offended by what you said.

            Family should come first, but not if it breaks the law. For instance, if my sister was found with 50 lb. of cocaine in her room, I would fight for her and argue that she can’t possibly own it. Maybe her bf forced her to hold onto it, maybe someone planted it, whatever.

            But I wouldn’t even consider the chance that she’d be let off without any repercussions. The point is to be there for her, not run blindly into the argument with expectations of a full pardon or the police turning a blind eye.

            Also, I wanted to say something along the lines of “I’d like to avoid your kind too. The type that avoids “kin(d)s” of people based on such little information.”, but that would be hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

          • Atlas

            I still think you’re a nutjob to be honest.

            Morality has nothing to do with the law. If my son raped a girl and it was somehow legal to do so, I’d still only stand behind him to kick him down the curb.

            If my son does something against the law but he is morally right to do so, then I will stand by him.

            Also read:

            Please don’t stand too close to me and other people I like.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            You’re entitled to your opinion. But if I may be frank, phrases like “Please don’t stand too close to me and other people I like.” makes you sound like an asshole who is just trying to intentionally piss me off when I haven’t done anything wrong.

            It’s not like I’ve supported the raping of the girl/hostess? nor the stalling that their family has employed to slowly drag the case on.

            I’ve flat out made my opinion of how I feel about this family clear on the other articles. Not to mention I’ve reposted them again in this line of responses.

  • BeefCurtains


    Ding me up if you agree!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      agree with what?

      • Fan Boy

        Shut up and do as you are told.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          Bend over Fan Boy and let the black guy have some fun with you.

          • Eve Akota

            What do you mean ?

          • ludicrous

            What he means is, that he wants someone to ah, assume a certain angle so his friend the Gimp, can have his way while the Supreme One can observe and examine the procedure for purposes which is likely to be related to his unwholesome fetish.

          • ludicrous

            İt appears you have a questionable, cyclical obsession with people of a dark hue. Childhood memories perhaps? Or simply an ill concealed lament?

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Says the one who named himself after a shitty black rapper. BINGO!

          • ludicrous

            Um no, you are referring to Ludacris. Ludicrous, an adjective, is a synonym of another adjective ‘Risible’ which in turn is a synonym of another adjective ‘laughable’. Which is all rather fitting given your ‘black’ issues?

          • ludicrous

            Ever since I have started reading your posts, I have been observing your speech patterns. After careful and meticulous analysis, I have come to the conclusion that your brain has been in a state of suffering for a very long time.

            A group of leading psycho-analysts (of which I am a member) has identified this condition as ‘Shit-eth-on-the-Braineth’, a uniquely disasterous infection whereby an influx of accumulated stupidity surges through the brain tissue infecting all brain matter. The same group of psycho-analysts has stated that if a victim (you) were to be cured of ‘Shit-eth-on-the-Braineth’ he or she should be suddenly, surprisingly, whacked at the side of the head with a very large baseball bat. This treatment should be administered with venomous blows to all sides of the head to dislodge all infected brain matter.

            After this, the victim should be placed under constant observation and, in a straight jacket to prevent him from causing further mischief by way of using a keyboard.

            Ok that is enough of the sarcasm. Let’s just face it. You are confused. In your reply, I would like for you to state, honestly and bluntly, of all the major events leading to the loss of your sanity.

  • linette lee

    Even if this girl hanging out at bars is slutty she shouldn’t be raped. It was against her will. How can this mother justify that and paint this girl as a prostitute? And who signed the petition? Her powerful friends in the China gov’t party? How does that look to the public? Why? Just because you have powerful friends in the china gov’t system you can commit murder and get away with it? What a joke. If they accept this petition and present it in the court that will make China gov’t system looking more corrupt than ever.
    What a joke. Submitting petition from her friends. Only in China.

    • Fanduril

      Please don’t hurt the feelings of the Chinese people with your comments.

      • linette lee

        Don’t be afraid to criticize China gov’t officials and the whole china gov’t system. I can because I am Chinese but I am never their citizen. ThanK God! And I wish all Chinese in the world condemn them on the internet. Shame them. We are waiting for them to improve. It’s 2013 and we are still waiting. I am sure most HK and taiwan folks feel the same.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          Chinese who hates on other Chinese, we call these people dumb ass biggots.

          • Eve Akota

            She’s not hating on Chinese ppl, she’s hating on the Chinese government. That’s not the same thing at all.

      • linette lee
      • ludicrous

        If you are hurt by Linette’s comment then you, by implication, are in support of subverting justice by the rich, powerful and obscene. Be gone with your ‘feelings’.

    • mwanafa

      She thinks she is doing her son a favor but she is pissing the hell out of people. I’ll say she is now very very famous!

    • moody

      Who said she was raped ?

  • mwanafa

    As a mother she will do anything on her power to cover it up. But the kid has gone too far to be protected, being a famous family member you should try to lay low. When this story happened, the family should have educated him and he must have learned what is his position. But then gang rape a girl? If the girl is just a prostitute then why didn’t they take five prostitutes and each will have one for the whole night of pleasure.
    The road rage assault went by and disappear on the news, but if this is swept under the rug I am sure shame will stalk him and his family forever.

    • Eve Akota

      Shame ? The only thing that is shameful to them is the lack of money.

      • mwanafa

        Yeah, I forgot that.

  • linette lee

    China netizens need to condemn this woman and criticize her actions. And raise their voice don’t let them escape from justice. Cut this non sense bribery out. Bullshxt. We are living in 2013. Not mao era.

    She is crying now. She probably wishes she taught her son values and philosophy and character education instead of just buying him race cars and airplane growing up. Good education is the best gift you can give to all children.

    • xuedi

      even a perfect education does not help when your mind is corrupted with money …

  • chandlerpatrick

    Execution is not the answer for this asshole – The answer is having him share a cell with the prisons “Da Ge”…

    Warden: What’s that? you claim to have been raped by “Da Ge”? Sorry, it’s not rape, your a prostitue in here. Da Ge just bought you for a pack of Zhongnanhai’s…

  • POS

    These are the same corrupt scum who are happy trample on the rights of others and spout off about how “Western” constitutional checks and balances and transparency are counter to some kind of mythical CCP constructed “Asian/Chinese values”, yet here they are sending their kids and money off to the US and demanding “justice” whenever they get on the wrong side of their own shitty system. Pathetic, the lot of them.

  • POS

    Haha, look at them video taping her like a common dissident. Quite satisfying watching the corrupt system turn on its own corrupt members exposing them to the treatment they so willingly meted out to citizens whose demands are as simple as freedom of the press, freedom of speech, representation and accountability in government, justice etc.

  • Repatriated

    One would think that with her fame, she’d at least be able to dress herself in something other than cheap clothes. Perhaps she was trying to fashionably stoop to the gutter levels for signatures?

    • mopedchi

      The article also said “Meng Ge arrived at the Letters and Petitions Office of the Ministry of Public Security with a male assistant by taxi, carrying with her the documents needed for the petition.” Taxi?! What happened to her black Audi A6 with military plates + driver? Pure political theater.


    send him to jail or cut off his penis would be better.

    • mwanafa

      And his mother will say my son never raped nobody. She will go out there petitioning that her son never raped nobody because he ain’t got no penis.

      • Eve Akota

        But that wouldn’t make sense since he did have a penis when the event took place…

        • You are asking for common sense from the Chinese government…

        • ludicrous

          All things considered, that is a relative statement ;-)

    • vincent_t

      the best is to send him to jail with his pinky t-shirt and got sodomized

    • PresidentObsama

      cut off his penis and let his mother choke to death on it.

      that would be… fun!

  • Repatriated

    In reality, everyone knows that this woman believes her son is innocent, not because he raped an accused prostitute, but rather because he raped a peasant. A peasant so far below her social class that they simply don’t matter. Her fucking little brat kid deserves to be forgiven of all charges because of social status in her mind.

    If it were HER daughter that was raped, she’d be crying bloody murder and petitioning for a swift execution.

  • There is a single American axiom that you should commit to memory: “money talks and nobody walks.”

  • the ace of books

    It’s nice to see the majority of comments calling to completely ignore this lady. Let’s just hope those on the case has the same kind of sense those commenting do — a real question-mark, sometimes.

    Finally: Lady, you are shameless. You can’t buy your son good (though I’m sure you’ve tried) and you shouldn’t try to distract from the issue. Also, making the victim the suspect is a total dick move. Meng Ge: Fail on all counts!

    • moody

      Since when do you call a mother protecting her son being Shameless ???
      I am pretty sure my wife would strip the skin off your back if you were to look at our son the wrong way.
      Mother’s bond to their kids is something men cannot understand.
      No matter the wrong a kid might do, a mother will always stand by their side, especially if the consequences/punishement expected is life changing.

      As for making the victim a suspect.
      well it is the lot of almost any lawsuit, you should get used to it
      and who said the supposed victim is a victim indeed ?

      • the ace of books

        I call her such because it’s at the expense of a person her son attacked and raped with four other people. That is wrong. Supporting that is wrong. And excusing that, by slandering the girl and saying “my poor little baby couldn’t possibly have done such a bad thing to such a horrible excuse for a woman look how horrid she is and that proves it” is absolutely wrong.

        A mother’s bond is well and good, and supporting a child is well and good, but at the expense of other people? By creating a bad person where none exists, just for the sake of not having her child have to pay the consequences of his undoubtedly disgusting action?

        A person like this, who excuses an action like this, clearly raised her son like this: to not accept that there are consequences for when you do bad things. And a person who is able to twist reality in such a way, and who refuses to accept that the rules do indeed apply to them, and who denies basic morality — yes. A person like that is shameles indeed.

  • Ray

    They’re just stalling until they can find enough dirt to blackmail the victim or hire thugs to threaten her and her family until she change her statement to be in consent.

  • Karze

    She look hot. She can just flirt with officials and rest is history.

  • narsfweasels

    Amazing, what a wonderful life you must lead. You go to petition and nobody beats the shit out of you. How about campaigning for justice for the rest of the petitioners in China? They deserve “justice” far more than your privileged thug of a son.

  • Han

    like the excuse the chinese always use … “This is china.”

    • Adramalech

      i want to bang my head into the wall repeatedly, every time I hear th…, lets not go there

  • 二奶头发

    she was a famous singer in china? she looks like a 老娘们儿

    • 剑胆琴心

      your photo is that type of women i wanna puke at…
      your so funny!

      • Adramalech

        and your photo my dear? are you as beautiful?

      • ludicrous

        What a catty exchange! My goodness. Maybe I should arrange a meeting for you both? I’ll throw in supremecommander and his gimp for good measure. Tickets anyone?

        • 剑胆琴心

          no worry, i am a small beauty and super cute one in reality.
          always several guys chase me in my personal life…
          good luck,hahahaha!

          • ludicrous

            Maybe chase you out of their personal lives? It is nice to see your fragile self-confidence is embodied in the figment of a miniscule imagination but, do not fret, it is at least a start.

          • 剑胆琴心

            i do not care what they want…really!
            as long as i do not give a fuck still can get free drink…
            good luck!

          • ludicrous

            …as long as i do not give, a fuck still can get free drink…?

            I am bewildered.

      • 二奶头发

        Thank you. I take pride in helping all chinese women achieve their anorexic goals.

  • ludicrous

    Has anyone considered, that maybe pink pandie has been set up? There is that possibility. He probably did rummage around the girl in question of course. But did he actually force feed her? Not sure. They can and usually are, deserving of each other.

    • mr.wiener

      …..And this kids, is why you shouldn’t smoke crack.

      • ludicrous

        Hahahaha, you haven’t lost your touch man. I have been away for while, chilling by the med sea right now. Crack? NO! They cannot possibly have that in china. Right?

        • Adramalech

          the med sea? in spain? Crack, possibly not,,,,

          • ludicrous

            No man, I’m in Cyprus at the moment-currently de-chinarising. I hope you are right, crack in mainland? Makes me shudder at the very thought. Imagine a weekend, with those guys on crack. At KFC….

          • Adramalech

            Cyprus eh? You must be a man with substantial funds then? There is cocaine….

          • ludicrous

            Hahaha. I don’t indulge Sir. Not substantial funds either. I just prefer to manage what funds I earn. Instead of partying in mainland, I wait, I wait and, wait a little longer. As soon as I get time, I dash to somewhere sunny, somewhere relaxed. Somewhere to recharge. This time it is Cyprus.

          • Adramalech

            Fair enough, just Cyprus IS an EXPENSIVE place. Brits got a bad rep there for their drunken antics, not saying you are a brit MIND.

          • mr.wiener

            I’m certain the the locals in Bali loathe Australians for similar reasons.

          • ludicrous

            True and True. The thing is, it comes down to how a person conducts themselves. I have childhood friends from Greece and Turkey and although I was born in the UK, I find the locals in the med so much more down to earth. They don’t hate on Brits or anyone really, its obnoxious attitudes that rile them.. I agree with the both of you but what we are seeing are symptoms of a problem. I get asked where I am from all the time and have never experienced an adverse reaction. Both sides of Cyprus have a huge Brit expat community, they keep their distance from British hooligans and get just as irritated as the local Turks/Greeks, if not more. Turkish Cyprus is just much cheaper. Way cheaper than say Beijing or Shanghai.

          • mr.wiener

            Ah Cyprus…The mediteranian sun, my yacht, sniffing cocaine from the butt crack of Moroccan boys….. happy days.
            …Hang on that’s not my life I’m remembering, I think I’m Channeling David Bowie again.

          • ludicrous

            Very true-Brits have a terrible reputation and yes, I am from Britain, but don’t drink. Mostly spend time with old friends who are from Cyprus-both the Greek and the Turkish side. The Turkish side is not expensive at all, very quiet place, sea front is chilled man. Evening sunsets chilling with cool people, great food, mezze etc. You guys should take a look at property prices here, it may pleasantly shock you:-) Great place to live. But, as life goes, its back to work in mainland for another year.

          • Chernobog

            True, I met a dutch guy in Ibiza who refused to serve brits in his bar, obviously too much puking, fighting, screaming and so on went on, that he had enough.

          • ludicrous

            Did you hear about that Greek girl who was groped by some British guy in a bar? She, in fluid motion, threw a glass of spirit over his testicles and a lighter straight after. She hard boiled his nuts. She was ‘arrested’ by smiling cops, who respectfully took her to the station, gave her some tea and she walked out of there. They say that excess alcohol makes people unpredictable, I personally think it makes them VERY predictable. Brits are not a popular bunch in the med region. But they wouldn’t dare pull shit like that on the Turkish side or they would end up on the kebab menu. There is another side to this place, a nice villa with a sea view, sunsets and pleasant, easy going friends just having good food, some puff the buddha:-) You guys should think about visiting some time.

          • Chernobog

            Effing hell, never EVER heard of this? When the eff did this happen?

          • ludicrous
          • Chernobog

            Cheers, although I won’t look at the daily mail link, too cameron-ite old boy network for my liking.

          • ludicrous

            Hahahaha! I had to take a deep breath pasting that. I never thought the day would come when I would quote the Daily Mail. Forgive my presumption, but you ARE from England right? Either that or you are well acquainted with local affairs.

  • OMG

    Interesting stuffs, anything on BXL trial? Definitely interesting if you can get a hold on BXL’s trial

  • moldavidian

    It could be said, “you don’t meet good girls in a bar” or club. I doubt the boys are any better. What more can be said? May justice be swift and fair.

  • Trouse

    Can someone rape her?

  • pointdexler

    Was it documents or cash that was submitted

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  • al in china

    Hope he son gets bum fucked to death!

  • I want to butt fuck that old Chinese whore-singer! But not alone. I want two of my friends to hold her down while I abuse her anus.