Mengniu Dairy’s Website Hacked After Aflatoxin Scandal

China's Mengniu Dairy company website hacked by Chinese hackers following its aflatoxin scandal.

China's Mengniu Dairy company website hacked by Chinese hackers following its aflatoxin scandal.

Several days ago, Chinese dairy company Mengniu Dairy made news when its products were revealed to have been tainted with cancer-causing aflatoxin, reminiscent to the melamine tainted milk scandal in 2008 that ended with the collapse of Sanlu, another large dairy company (and which also involved Mengniu). Mengniu has blamed their carcinogen tainted milk on their suppliers, independent dairy farmers, who fed their dairy cows mildewed or moldy cattle feed, thus resulting in the milk produced containing the aflatoxin.

From Hexun Weibo:

Mengniu: We can’t stop dairy farmers from using mildewed feed, just like the country can’t stop murders] Yesterday, Mengniu Dairy spokesperson Deputy Chief Executive Lu Jianjun said: The reason the milk is tainted is because the feed used by dairy farmers was moldy, but a dairy company can’t control the feed used by dairy farmers. Just like a country legislating that one can’t commit murder but some people simply want to kill people, so what can you do? There is not a single manufacturer whose feed won’t become moldy. This is just an isolated incident, just like how a steamed bun in your home can also become mouldy.

Two nights ago, the official Mengniu company website was discovered to have been hacked…

From Mop:

Truth of Mengniu company website being hacked leaked, SIT team claims responsibility

Mengniu Dairy company is caught in “Cancer-gate”, resulting in Mengniu’s reputation once again being tarnished. Around 11pm on December 28th, netizens of the Mop discussion forum posted images one after another of “Mengniu official website hacked”. Around 11pm on the 28th, when going to the Mengniu official website (, the situation one sees is indeed as netizens described. The entire webpage has a black background with a note written in the middle, primarily expressing condemnation and anger towards the Mengniu Dairy company’s refusal to take responsibility. At the very end of the text is affixed a signature: “the angry SIT team”, using this to claim responsibility [for the hack].

The content of the note left on the website: [shown above]

Mengniu once strengthened the Chinese people, once made Chinese people proud. China’s own dairy company, now screws over its own people.
Are you a cheat, a cheat, or a cheat? One half kilogram of milk each day, makes Chinese people dead. [This is a play on a Mengniu slogan: One half kilogram of milk each day, makes Chinese people strong.]
Is this what Mengniu are about? I want to ask just how many incidents occurred before this happened.
How many Chinese people you’ve cheated and screwed over.
We are a family, yet you are screwing over your own family members.
Do you have a conscience? Today, your raw materials violate standards, tomorrow its carcinogenic, the day after tomorrow you might as well just poison the milk directly.
Is this the benefit Mengniu is bringing to humankind?
Are you doing right by your dairy cows? Feed problems, shirking responsibility.
So this is what Mengniu Dairy Company is like.
As a Chinese person, you should wake up, and our duty, the duty of millions of netizens, is to make you wake up.
To wake China up.
This is our nation’s shame.

From the angry SIT Team (Simple International Infosec Team) originally SST team (Simple Safety Team).

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The hackers appraisal of Mengniu is very apt.


I think doing this is wrong. [Instead, they] should hack the computers of the bosses of every one of Mengniu’s departments, and expose some interesting things! Haha, this SIT isn’t very gei li


This hacker is very gei li, every day one half kilogram of milk kills Chinese people. Mengniu, you don’t feel ashamed?


Support, the power of hackers used in this kind of way, I support. Regardless of whether Mengniu is right or wrong, when it comes to these large companies, we must treat them with the principle that its better to mistakenly blame them than to be right and let them go [better to be safe than sorry].


So being hacked means to having the color of the screen changed to black.


Go to hell, black-hearted [evil] company!


China’s most gei li hackers.


Motherfuckers, I’ve been drinking [Mengniu milk] every day, almost 7 years now, motherfucking, fuck


Didn’t they say the Mengniu milk products sold to Hong Kong are better than those sold in the mainland? This only shows that you [Mengniu] can make better products but intentionally don’t. Mainlanders have cause to boycott Mengniu, and have it be done for.


We don’t need a China that spends all day clamoring that China’s economy growth is amazing, can hold the Olympics and . What we need is a China where we can eat something without being poisoned, walk on the street without being hit and killed by a car owned by the Li Gang family, ride the train without dying because it derailed, where our children can go to school, where college graduates can get work, where we can afford to see doctors when we get sick. Everything else is nonsense.


Well hacked, hope Mengniu will go bankrupt/collapse, but so many people will lose their jobs, what to do about that?


I swear I’ll never drink domestically produced milk ever again!!!!!


I encourage Mengniu to go abroad, to Japan, to America, and slowly destroy them!


Today I’ve looked at this image N times, but this is the first time I’ve actually read what’s in it, and I commend it. Sometimes hackers taking action can be even more powerful and even more effective than public opinion. Maybe the hackers are thinking inside “[怒] You dare screw over the Chinese people, each and every one of you just wait and see [what we’ll do to you] [哼]” Haha.


With regards to Mengniu, I don’t feel like saying anything. I just think our people are very irrational, very hotheaded… maybe it’s the sorrow of the people! Because it is entirely possible that there is someone behind the scenes controlling the entire incident. After all, with such a large cake, everyone wants a [bigger] share.

What do you think? Of the Mengniu aflatoxin scandal? Of Mengniu’s response? Do you support the hackers’ action?


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