Menstrual Pain in China: What Men See vs. What Women Feel

A woman in bed with menstrual pain.

From Sina Weibo:

@我与老公的日常: When women have their periods, what men see is often the first picture, but what woman feel is instead the second picture!!



Comments from Sina Weibo:


And at this time, those stupid cunts have you continuously drink water, drink water, drink water!!!!!!!


Those talking about men’s ball aches [pain in the balls], are you kidding me? Even if it was 100 times more painful than a woman’s period, have you experienced the pain lasting for days? If it only hurt momentarily for women, who would roll around writhing in pain? And those saying we don’t take care of our kidneys. This is influenced by our mothers, and what more, some people simply are born with weaker bodies, who are slowly trying to improve them, but in your mouth it becomes people who don’t care about their bodies? People who are in pain are already suffering, so why can’t you just shut your mouth and stay silent?


I wish all the men being critical of things they know nothing about [don’t have personal experience for] will suffer from menstrual pains in their next life, so they can see what it is like. [哼] Also, those who say men’s ball pain is 100 times worse than it is for women, may I ask if you’ll get ball pain the same time every month that lasts for days?


[拜拜] Although I don’t suffer from menstrual pains, I still want to furiously kick the balls of every man [commenting] on this microblog post that is bringing up ball pain for an hour.


Someone asked if it was necessary to exaggerate so much. I just want to say that when some people’s periods come, their cramps are so bad that they can’t even get up.


The person saying ball pain is 100 times worse, may your balls be in pain every month for seven days.


I had a roommate in university whose menstrual pains were exceptionally severe, who collapsed from pain in the toilets and had to crawl back to call me. When I got back to the dorm and saw her, I could only faintly say, “Let’s call an ambulance, I beg you.”. From that point forward, every time her menstrual cycle came, our dorm room had to have one person stay behind to watch over her~


That person saying menstrual pains are a symptom of a deficiency of the yang in the kidneys as well as not taking care of one’s kidneys, just who are you kidding? The cause of menstrual pains could be blood stasis due to qi stagnation, blood stasis/clots due to cold, blood stasis/clots due to dampness and hotness, weaknesses of qi and blood, deficit of qi in the kidneys, etc. [all Traditional Chinese Medicine notions]. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t make up shit. [好囧]


Those heterosexual men talking about ball pains, just how low are you? So there are people kicking your balls into pieces every month? [doge][doge][doge]


Menstrual pains are sometimes a problem people are born with and aren’t things that can be cured simply by taking care of your body/health.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • jking

    Drink more ruhshway

  • Zappa Frank

    wow, second article on women’s period…

    • mr.wiener

      Twice in one month?… Aw man.

    • jeffli

      twice? somebody’s not gettin’ any!…lol

  • Chad_Williams

    What won’t women bitch about?

    • mr.wiener

      Tom Cruise?

    • mike921

      Really, they have %75 of the money in the world and 100% of all the p***y in the world and they still bitch….

  • AbC

    “Those heterosexual men talking about ball pains, just how low are you?”
    Why are women always asserting men who compare period pain to ball pain to be heterosexual? As far as I know, homosexuals also have balls…

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      Yeah but who the fuck actually has ball aches?

      • mr.wiener

        *Warning, painfully story alert!!*
        My brother got kneed in the groin during a particularly vicious game of mixed netball once. The impact was on his pelvic bone just above the top of his penis. As with a black eye, the blood and bruising flowed down hill…into his scrotum which swelled to the size of twin grape fruit. Once there it had no way of leaving, so after a week of considerable pain he had to have an operation to remove the clotted blood.
        I’m pretty sure every guy who read this just winced in sympathetic pain.

      • AbC

        I imagine when one is kicked in the region, or fall/slip awkwardly, has a ball thrown and hit the area… Ball pains do exist

  • Ryo Saeba

    Real men help “eat” the pain away.

    • jin

      Eat and massage them from the inside out with your almighty stick of feeling good.

  • mr.wiener

    The only safe way for a guy to deal with menstrual pain is to retreat to the kitchen and shove rose hip tea and chocolate tim tams around the corner of the bedroom door ’til symptoms abate.

    • Surfeit

      You smooth mofo.

    • the operative word being “retreat”…

    • jin

      Mission: Keep her happy and out of her sight.
      Codename: Kitchen retreat.

      • mr.wiener

        Disgression is the better part of valour.

  • Surfeit

    Just get a bigger boat.

  • ESL Ninja

    Why are Chinese men comparing it to getting punched in the balls? The pain from P.I.B only lasts for 15 minutes or so.

    Dumb fucking people having a dumb fucking argument about a dumb fucking thing, yep, sounds like China.

    • jin

      Sounds like the internet to me.

    • yurah

      Does it really last that long to get P.I.B? I’ve been shot in my right testicle during a paintball match and I was only rolling around for about a minute tops. Though the pain was pretty bad and I was kinda worried that it actually popped.

    • x1sfg

      You must be new to the internet. Other countries aren’t any better.

      Yahoo! Answers. Check and mate.

  • JayJay

    Where is the APEC news? The reporting standard on Chinasmack has gone downhill.

  • Escalante

    it’s funny, cause to me, the second picture depicts being chewed out by a chinese woman pms-ing. i don’t know if it’s a dna issue, but i have really feel chinese woman pms worse than others. if only they could enjoy ice cream…

  • Dolph Grunt

    How many women on PMS does it take to change a light bulb?




    • mr.wiener

      How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

      • terroir

        How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

        Seven. One to change it, and six to support her.

  • mr.wiener

    Should I trust anyone who uses a designated exit as an entrance?

    Edit: I made this comment to be just as bigoted and hurtful as yours. Not nice is it?

    • Rick in China

      I’m sure lots of proud gay men have bled for days and not died – at least, that’s how they make it seem in prison shows.

  • You should be very wary of anything that bleeds….

  • Rick in China

    This whole argument is stupid. It’s a ridiculous sentiment from both sides. My wife doesn’t experience said “menstrual pains” – just like women don’t experience the pain of having a nut squashed, I have no idea what either side is trying to prove in either argument.

  • FYIADragoon

    Its uncomfortable, yes. But it isn’t nigh as agonizing as many women put it. These girls are just being childish drama queens. Modern day Chinese women are weak compared to their predecessors.

  • I’m A Fiend

    Some of You men are just as bad as the commenters above. You have wives or girlfriends so you think you are experts on how painful periods are for every woman. Imagine a muscle cramp in your pelvis area, that doesn’t let up all day and when you bend or walk you may experience a shooting pain.The best you can do is take a pill to dull it. Add on bloating, nausea and cravings on top of that and spread it over 4-7 days. You guys turn into babbling messes if your balls get tapped but women are making a big deal of nothing.

    • mr.wiener

      I used to get very bad IBS. While this lasted usually for a day, the cramping nastiness of it gives me some small insight into how it must be. I would dread the onset it for for 4~5 days a month though!
      “You don’t understand because you aren’t a women!” has a very familiar ring, doesn’t it?

      • I’m A Fiend

        I don’t know too much about IBS so i cant comment on the pain level you experienced, but as a man who had a chronic painful issue i agree you would have some level of insight of having an reoccurring pain that you just have to deal with. I am not saying men don’t have pain issues as well, but anyone can have IBS, so both sexes can empathize with each other. Men cannot empathize on menstrual cycles, just like we cannot empathize on how it feels to get hit int he balls. Yet men expect us to understand how painful it is, but brush off our pain.

        • mr.wiener

          Like I said earlier ,When the missus is down with the curse ,I’m on rosehip tea and chocolate tim tam duty..a hotwater bottle and some sympathy don’t hurt either.

    • Rick in China

      I think the point is, “I’m A Fiend”, is that surely SOME women get pains that are really bad. Some men get pains that are really bad, too. Everyone has an opportunity to get pain that sucks – really bad – in a wide variety of ways. “so you think you are experts on how painful periods are for every woman.” – no, but you are absolutely implying that the pain EXISTS for every woman, which is absolutely NOT the case, and the whole crux of the point here: some people get pain, some don’t, shut the fuck up.

      • I’m A Fiend

        You show me where i said EVERY woman has painful cramps.

        This is not like a headache where men and women are able to compare the levels of pain and have knowledge of what the other sex is talking about and whether it is really a bad pain or not. When there is a large portion of the male population who get repetitive cramping pain plus bloating and other discomforts 12 times a year, from their early teens up to their 50’s, just like women do, then you can talk about EVERYONE having the opportunity of having pain that sucks. Until then, you shut the fuck up and kiss my ass.

        • Rick in China

          When you talk in generalities, ie. women vs. men, you start to cross into a grey area where you, and I both, can’t possibly generalize to that extent in making our points. Like I said, very clearly, “and the whole crux of the point here: some people get pain, some don’t, shut the fuck up.”

          Where the fuck do you get off implying that no men have pain or suffering comparable to a woman’s period? You do realize there are SO MANY ILLNESSES in the world, many MANY of which far more disastrous for those who have the illness’ than a woman’s natural period. Not every woman gets pain and suffering as a result of her little red friend, so I don’t understand how you can drone on about how periods are this and that and so so terrible – when it may be (wait, obviously is) affecting you, but doesn’t affect so many others…is this any worse or equal to a man who has some terrible illness causing permanent persistent pain and suffering (not just once a month)? Why isn’t every person with any sort of problem causing pain and suffering ranting wildly on the internet against the opposite sex? Get over yourself cupcake, nobody gives a shit if you’ve got cramps, lots of people have it far worse.

          • I’m A Fiend

            I never said no one has it worse sweet cheeks. I said men cannot relate and
            should not tell women how to feel because they have nothing to compare
            to to know what we experience. It’s like me who has never had a migraine, telling someone who gets migraines to suck it up its just a headache other people have brain cancer. If you cant empathize keep your cake hole shut, don’t tell others how they should feel about their pain.

          • Rick in China

            Sorry, what?

            ” I said men cannot relate and should not tell women how to feel because they have nothing to compare
            to to know what we experience.”

            “You guys turn into babbling messes if your balls get tapped but women are making a big deal of nothing.”

            Ready to shut the fuck up yet cupcake? Or you also have a set of balls that get ‘tapped’?

          • I’m A Fiend

            You are so dumb. Does getting hit in the balls leave you with a full day of cramps? the pain is over in an hour max. It is a sharp pain that eases up over a short time. Our pelvis is griped in a cramp that lasts all day, and causes other symptoms. Its not fucking comparable. I am sure you have had a cramp before. Does it compare equally to getting your balls tapped? Expand that pain over 1-3 days. Still comparable? Keep showing your stupidity sweet cheeks.


  • Gerhana

    feminist bitch about men telling them to cook.
    meninist bitch about women asking them to fix the car.
    All are bitches.

  • Any girls reading this please understand that although a man. i have had two wives several girlfriends and a daughter. I don’t pretend to be an expert but what I do know that Iron is a big cause of the pain.

    This is why Chinese women suffer more. Low Iron counts. The best source of Iron is Beef and I suggest that a big huge steak the night before your period is due, is the answer. If you don’t like the idea of a slab of beef at least do some sort of beef stirfry.

    Vegetarians, Spinach is your friend but you need to eat a kilo or so. best bet get some Iron supplements from your Chemist!

    I have also heard that sperm has a high Iron count so probably some rampant sex three or four times the night before may help. Any inquiries please contact me.

    • Rick in China

      Fun response. Would be met with vitriol in most countries, for sure.

      Woman: “You don’t understand how brutal my period is every single month!”
      Man: “Solve it by cooking more steak and sucking my dick dry.”

      • mr.wiener

        Jokes about menstruation are not funny, period.

        Don’t get up I’ll punch myself in the face.

  • terroir

    No mention of “pink holidays”? Allow me:

    Pink holidays are days off from work specifically given to women when they are on their period and experiencing menstrual cramps.

    If you think this is unfair to both sexes and discriminatory towards women, the same people that support this also dig “pink parking spaces”, a retail tactic used by shopping malls to prove they support the women who make up their biggest clients by providing a few special spaces that are wider and more convenient to park in. Because, the ladies.

    Lest we forget: China is a egalitarian society in which women are equal to men even though they don’t make as much as them, but always want a husband that earns more than they themselves earn.

  • terroir

    We can give thanks to the GFW and the cultural divide that Gamergate hasn’t crossed into China.

    Until then, this is what we have.

  • linette lee crazy.