Mentally Ill Wife Tears Up 50k RMB in Cash, Husband Seeks Help

A Bank of China employee sorting through strips of 100 RMB cash notes torn, trying to piece them back together.

Bank employees are trying to put the pieces of cash back together.

From NetEase & iFeng:

Woman Throws Fit and Tears up 50,000 RMB Cash, Takes Bank 6 Hours to Piece Together Just 1 Bill

On the morning of May 3rd, Sichuan Chengdu city resident Lin Zhaoqiang carried 50,000 yuan in torn 100 yuan bills from Chengdu Jintang to the Bank of China Sichuan Branch, looking for help. May 1st, Lin Zhaoqiang’s wife all of a sudden had a fit and tore the 50,000 yuan life-saving money into pieces. Facing thousands of pieces of cash, 12 bank employees sorted and spliced for 6 hours only to piece together a single 100 yuan bill. The remaining money, if unable to be pieced back together, face the unfortunate possibility of being declared null and invalid. Because this money is for treating his wife’s mental illness, Lin Zhaoqiang said he won’t give up.

[Above] May 3rd after 9 o’clock in the morning, Lin Zhaoqiang was waiting at the entrance of the bank with a thin and pallid expression. The plastic bag in his hand was wide open, and the pieces of bright red cash could be seen from afar. May 3rd, Chengdu, half the day had passed, and employees of the Bank of China Sichuan Branch had yet to piece back together even one bill.

12 Chinese bank workers attempting to piece back together 50k RMB worth of cash that had been torn up by a man's wife.

Taken into the conference room by employees, Lin Zhaoqiang had poured the pieces of cash out onto the desk, stunning all the bank employees: 50,000 yuan of cash in small pieces, all in a big pile on the desk, that when spread out covered the entire 10-square-meter meeting table, a mass of red.

A pile of torn up 100 RMB bills.

Among the cash that was torn by hands, the biggest fragments were the size of a lighter, and the cash that had been cut by scissors was even more hopeless, with most of the pieces smaller than soaked tea leaves.

A Chinese female bank worker attempting to piece together 50k RMB worth of Chinese money torn into strips and pieces.

Business Senior Manager Zhang Ping was troubled. He said that according to the People’s Bank of China regulations, people who piece back together damaged cash can then take it to a financial and exchange them according to the relevant regulations.

Thousands of pieces of 100 RMB cash notes torn into pieces with bank workers trying to piece them back together.

“Considering this sum of money is for medical treatment, we’ve made an exception and diverted 12 of our best employees to help him to piece them together,” Zhang Ping said. The suggestions of “weighing” and “electronic scanning” by readers and netizens cannot be done, so the money can only be put back together manually.

Sorting and splicing.

From 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, 12 employees spent 6 hours, and only managed to piece one bill back together that can be exchanged.

A Bank of China employee sorting through strips of 100 RMB cash notes torn, trying to piece them back together.

A male Bank of China employee attempting to piece back together over 50k worth of 100 RMB bills that had been torn to pieces by a man's sick wife..

The husband was sitting nearby with worried look.

May 3rd, Chengdu, the Bank of China Sichuan Branch employees are splicing the damaged and mutilated cash. Lin Zhanoqiang sat on the side with a worried expression. At 4 in the afternoon, Lin Zhaoqiang carefully put the pieces of money into the plastic bag again, and left the bank.

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Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

石门一只眼 [网易河北省网友]:

Take the serial number from every fragment, scan them into a computer, and program a simple jigsaw puzzle software. Very simple.

limingmeigui [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Just weigh it!!! Doesn’t the bank have to destroy the cash anyway????

huangloong [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

History’s most gei li jigsaw puzzle!!!


As long as the money isn’t fake and the sum is verifiable, then just exchange the money to him. Currency is just a medium/physical form [for money]. The country’s policies on this are too inflexible.

BarackObamaforAmerica [网易北京市网友]:

His wife is mentally ill, it can’t be helped. He’s a good man, wanting to cure/help her. If it were me, I might’ve long ago had her sold.

月秋花春 [网易广东省网友]:

A man says: “Why do we men always have to pick up the bill? Why? Why? Why?” A woman replies: “Because what’s printed on money are all the heads of men. When what’s printed is a woman’s head, then I’ll pick up the bill!”

rtzljj82 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Fuck, could they not just calculate the total area?

yanzaizhitou [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

If they’re all fragments of real money, then just calculate it based on weight, is it necessary to piece them all together, its just a waste of time.


In these kind of situations, the bank makes a big deal about principles.


Can the bank be a little more humane? Just use a scale to determine the weight of torn up money, then determine the weight of 10,000 yuan worth of bills, compare, and exchange the money for the person.

网易山东省济南市网友 [wxy7777777]:

Take one intact 100 yuan cash note and use a pen to segment it into 10 longitudinal sections and prepare 10 boxes. Take the cash fragments and compare them to the intact 100 yuan bill and then place it into the box that corresponds to the appropriate section. This way box 1 should contain the damaged bill’s leftmost fragment. Take a piece from box 1 and look at the tears edges and then search for its matching piece in the next box. This way, you can save some time and I estimate 3-4 people can finish it in a week.

sunjxsunjx [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Truly feasible method! This is a truly helpful constructive post/comment.


Can they be even more stupid?
The Bank of England uses weight to count money,
If they are all real, just weigh them and the problem would be solved, right?


If the bank wants to help, wouldn’t this be easily taken care of? Just find the corner with the watermark…and then count how many there are…and you can even determine if they’re real or fake.

何其自性本自清净 [网易北京市石景山区网友]:

Soak the in water
Soak them until all that’s left is the metallic strip. And then just count how many there are.

Comments from QQ:

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One really has to have a mental problem to do such a thing. Talk about making things difficult for the bank workers, but how come the husband is just sitting there, even having his legs crossed?! Six hours to only put back together one bill, wouldn’t it take half a year to put together fifty thousand? Is nobody supposed to work anymore… speechless.

腾讯襄樊市网友 光辉灿烂:

Is there no other way? Since the money is in fragments, what value is there in putting them back together? In the end it’ll be destroyed anyway. This is pointless work, why not use a scale and weigh it, using the weight of the same amount of money to confirm the amount, and then destroy it according to procedures.

腾讯桂林市网友 摩羯座:

I want to ask: Was there no one keeping an eye on the patient? Why let a patient tear up so much money? And tear it into such small pieces? It must have taken her a long time tearing up the money, right? Where was everyone during that period of time? Did no one pass by her??? Weird.

腾讯成都市网友 踩界: (responding to above)

Agree, being able to tear the money up to this degree definitely takes some skill to do so. What was her husband doing during that period of time?

腾讯上海市网友 探长缺氧:

If these 12 bank workers are working overtime to help him piece the money back together, then what’s being wasted is the bank workers’ time. If these 12 bank workers aren’t working overtime to help him piece the money back together, then what’s being wasted is the other ordinary depositors’ time.

腾讯网友 It´s OK:

If it took 6 hours to piece together one bill, I think the money for their trouble ought to be more than 50k.

Could this be a publicity stunt?

腾讯网友 冯大伟:

Like a jigsaw puzzle, this is going to test the bank workers’ familiarity with RMB…

腾讯开封市网友 懿蕞颉菀帱:

Do some actual work! If this is a publicity stunt pulled by the bank! Yun.

腾讯网友 澳隴霸木藝:

Too fake, one look and its obvious it’s not real money. Bullshitting.

腾讯上海市网友 灬LαКЁЯS:

Bank employees sure have a lot of free time, I’m speechless! If you just just took less improper income, wouldn’t you have this 50k already? Putting on an act! Loathsome!

From NetEase:

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Wife rips to shreds 50k yuan in cash, husband resigns from job to piece together money at home

Recently, a woman in Sichuan suddenly threw a fit and ripped to shred 50,000 yuan in money meant for her medical treatments, forcing her husband to beg for help from the bank. 12 bank employees spent 6 hours sorting and piecing together to only piece together a single 100 yuan bill. The husband says he has already resigned from his post office job to focus on piecing together the money by himself at home, as well as take care of his wife.

Comments from NetEase:


Unlucky 2012 jigsaw puzzle expert.
Can also apply for a Guinness world record.


I’m willing to give him 25,000 in exchange for his 50,000 worth of damaged money…


Better just forget it and give up! If you have that energy, might as well just go out and earn another 50,000 kuai!


With this, the husband is going to go crazy too.


We can only say this man is a good husband, unfortunately born in a vicious society.


Why resign from your job? It’s your job that is a stable source of income. No matter how low your salary is, it would be amazing if you can piece together a year’s worth of salary. Moreover, you can still work on piecing the money together outside of the 8 hours of work each day, without interfering.


This person’s intelligence isn’t very impressive. The work of piecing all this together is going to take a long time, just work on it at night as a game. Resigning in order to piece together this money is really not worth it.

What do you think?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Brett Hunan

    “Considering this sum of money is for medical treatment, we’ve made an exception and diverted 12 of our best employees (all jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts” to help him to piece them together,”

    That sucks… why would he leave that kind of money lying around?

    • Leo


      • Brett Hunan

        I will let you purchase it for 500 taped together RMB notes.

  • staylost

    Ok, so this is definitely an example of how to be wasteful with time and money. “We can’t weigh it because the regulation says so.” Well, call up the relevant department and get them to make an exception. If the regulation said to jump of a bridge, would you do it?

    • Pro kittens & puppies

      I believe the answer to your rhetorical question is “yes”, no questions asked.

  • Rick in China

    The cost of the employees dedicated to this manual labor – extreme – seems almost publicity-stunt-ish. Look at the expression on the guy’s face in the last photo.. he looks like a smug boss watching as his employees service him unsatisfactorily.

  • radbab

    with rich areas like Shanghai or Beijing it would really help to invent some bank notes that are worth more than 10 euros. How about a 1000 rmb note guys?

    • 404 name not found

      ^ This.. 100 just isn’t enough, lmao i can’t imagine buying a car in 100 yuan notes

  • Johnny Basic

    I reckon there are two ways that she could have got hold of the 50k:

    1- He stored his life savings (probably in a fake leather Gucci manbag) under his bed

    or, more likely

    2- Like the pussy ‘men’ of Shanghai, he hands over all his bank details and cards to his wife, who controls the finances.

  • DRaY

    KIll your stupid ass wife … Problem cured!!!

  • dim mak

    Shoulda kept the money in the bank… or at least away from crazy wife

    >If they’re all fragments of real money, then just calculate it based on weight

    Good idea

  • Dat Ankle

    Man that sucks big time, but he shouldnt have left that much money just lying around. Well, I hoped he took the time to thank the bank staff for trying.

  • blues

    The weighing thing….I guess there are too many factors which contribute tot he disparity in weight…so it has to be doe by hand.

    Also, I really, really fkn hate puzzles, man.

    • staylost

      There is no factor that I’ve ever heard of that would contribute to disparity in weight for that many bills.

      A single bill might have a great weight disparity (perhaps due to being dirtied by some substance or due to wear and tear), but over hundreds of bills, the disparity would even out.

      • Feces Masticator

        The addition of dirt will add to the weight. Taken over hundreds of bills could be significant. I doubt the weight of any one bill would be less than it’s original weight.

        • anon

          I think its also possible that he may not have all of the pieces either. Typically if you have X% of the bill, it’s valid, but that 100-X% would affect the total weight.

        • staylost

          I’m sorry, but that isn’t reasonable. How much is this dirt going to weigh? There are only 500 bills there total, so lets say everyone was dirty/oily. You might, at an extreme see something like 503 bills.

          But that isn’t the whole picture. Bills are also constantly losing weight from abrasion (not to mention being cut into 100,000 pieces!). This would reduce weight, likely as significantly as the dirt, bringing us back to about 500 bills.

          In all though, the bank should save its time and just weigh it. If it is ABOUT 500 bills by weight, they can simply directly give him cash and file for damaged money from the central Chinese bank for reimbursement.

          The point is, if the weight is off by about 10 bills (change to x based on actual difference), there stands to be a potential “loss” of 1,000 RMB by the bank. If having eight employees work full time on sorting cash for a couple of days costs more than this (also add any cash that would’ve been gained by them participating in their regular jobs), then the Bank of China in Sichuan is run by idiots.

  • s.pockets

    Who has 50k in cash just sitting around? but you cant help but feel for the dumbass, with a crazy wife.

  • eattot

    i always want to know the reason why people get mentally disease…

    • staylost

      Perhaps it is related to being overprotective against illness. For example, a child who is too clean has an unattenuated immune system. This child’s immune system may later attack the child’s own body including their mental faculties, leaving them mentally diseased.

      For example, wearing masks over the face are heavily correlated with mental disease (not to mention the wearing of such an item is symptomatic of severe mental disease).

      Joking aside, taking a look into the causes of mental disease first requires a strong definition of what mental disease is. I’d prefer to go on your definition in this case, because the discussion over what mental disease is very much ongoing.

      The good news is that the causes of most mental diseases have no capacity for infectiousness.

      • Speaking with intimate first hand experience, there is no why, but there is a how.

        In trauma induced illnesses like PTSD or DID, something happens to a person that is so overwhelming on a mental/emotional level that their mind isn’t able to cope.

        In some cases, certain bacteria or vuruses can degrade the brain causing a wide variety of seemingly insane behaviour, like brain tumours or late stage syphilis or meningitis (althought the affects IQ mostly).

        In the case of chemical imbalances in the brain like Bipolar of schizophrenia, it can be pazsed down as a hereditary mental illness with a higher probability of occuring then in someone who’s parents don’t have it.

        There’s a few othef possibilities, but the thing they all have in common is they didn’t decide to become like that and most of them wish for a normal life. It’s incredibly sad to be looking at someone through a distorted window when you’re both trying to communicate, but the messages just don’t make sense to the other.

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        Not hard to see why some people wear masks after looking at their downie profile photo.

    • Red scarf

      The reason are too complex to discuss here. One theory can be read here…

  • Jeff

    No wonder this branch had only one teller open all day instead of the usual two.

  • Jahar

    I’m surprised this wasn’t the most common comment.

  • Castro

    Song of the article:


    Pink Floyd

  • akuma

    Why is the guy just sitting there and looking like a boss?

    • staylost

      He doesn’t have the proper government credentials to piece together puzzle like items.

      First he would have to go to the Bureau of Statistics and complete the B-10 Counting form with the official stamp and signature of the local bureau head (and he is totally sick right now, not on vacation with a 16 year old girl in Macau, so it can’t be done).

      Then he would need to go to the Bureau of Authenticating to receive their full and complete validation of his B-10 counting form and its stamp and signature to make sure it follows all the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. It takes them approximately 10 days or 10 bottles of BaiJiu for processing.

      Lastly, he would need to take the validated B-10 to the provincial government offices so he can receive a stamp from this really bored looking guy who rarely is willing to stamp anything, even if you bribe him. Nobody actually knows what this stamp’s actual purpose is, but other bureaucratic departments thought it up in a committee meeting one time, and now everyone is requiring it.

      That is the short version of why the husband is sitting there looking totally useless.

    • Wallimo

      Well in the first picture of the article he can be seen helping go look, also the photo could of been a moment when he was sitting, finally maybe he bank manager told him to sit down.

      Also he doesnt really look like a boss, it’s not like he’s on a throne, he doesnt have any mistresses with him and he’s not smoking or drinking.

  • FYIADragoon

    For 50,000 RMB, that is downright silly to have withdrawn it all at once and not head directly to the place of payment.

  • Ben

    Why don’t they use the standard that the US uses.
    You have to find 4 corners.
    If you find all four corners, then that classifies as a complete bill.

    • Brett Hunan

      I dont think thats true… I heard it was a percentage…. like you need over 50% of the original and it is able to be exchanged.

      • mr. wiener

        Some guy in Taiwan accidentally put a million NT dollars[US$32.000 about] through the shredder a couple of months ago and they put that back together for him no problem.
        Would a crazy wife [one can only admire her tenacity] do a better job than a shredder?

        • Little Wolf

          SEE? WIENER KNOWS!

          I’m not tech savvy but I still don’t think it should be that hard to put all these pieces back together.(see comment below)

          Then again, I recall when local Hangzhou legend, Greg K (last name omitted to protect the innocent) payed a very questionable and unfair electric bill (about 3,000 kuai, I think) all in 1 jiao coins. They filled quite a few bags and was so heavy they were wheeled in on a pallet jack and took 13 office staff over 6 hours to count in full( Or was 6 staff took13 hours? It was awhile back) Anyway…he made his point.

          WAY TO GO, GREG!

          • Brett Hunan

            There is most definitely technology available that could help this guy out…. As for greg, awesome story. My Chinese neighbor did the same thing to the internet company.

          • Little Wolf

            This was about 6-7 years ago, Bret. I tried to find the link to his old blog but it’s been long closed. What a pity. The back story was hilarious and there were pics of the money bags and the office staff counting the mess of coins. It was quite a commitment on his part to go to every bank and business in the area and make change for jiao coins, especially considering what babies Chinese can be about making even simple change.

          • TheBigWhite

            It wouldn’t be hard for a CS student who should know a dozen sorting algorithms, and which to apply to this problem in parallel. It would even be known how long time it would take, in average/best/worst case before they’d even start.

          • Made In World

            3000 kuai in 1 jiao coins? That’s freaking awesome!

  • terroir

    Dear internet, as per your problem of 50K of cash shredded into little bits:

    * add water and a lazy sunday afternoon
    * come Monday you’ll have the most expensive and red paper mache art. If the suffering husband is smart, he can compose a post-modern subtext to it by calling it something ironic, like making the title into a price tag BUT then selling it for less. Yo, if he made a paper mache of a log he can advertise it as a fire sale.

    • 404 name not found

      >Make some random thing
      >Call it art
      >An Arab (or some rich-ass Chinese) will buy it

  • Paul

    Could scan in every fragment, number it, file it away, and program a quick and dirty CAPTCHA system to scan for matches. Get American forum-goers to do the heavy lifting.

  • Blacklinguist

    People, a lot of you be having some stupid comments. It is worth it to quit his job, get his money right and then search for a new job.

  • Mop

    Oh god. It makes me angry thinking what a big waste of time this is.

  • Little Wolf

    Well…I’m no technology buff but it seems to me in this day and age they should be able to put these bills back together fairly easily.
    Once in the Reno Circus Circus casino I misread the scoreboard in the sports book lounge and in disgust tore my winning football ticket into shreds(Fucking Raiders) After reading the scoreboard in another casino I realized my error and sprinted back to the ashtray I had dumped my ticket in. Borrowing a roll of scotch tape from a cocktail waitress, I pieced the ticket back together on top of a video poker screen. It was the most pathetic hack job you ever saw…like something a 4 year-old had crafted. I dubiously handed it over to the cashier who had a good laugh but all the numbers matched up and he gave me the cash ($235) and a lecture to never tear up a ticket. I lost it all about 10 minutes later at a blackjack table but I did earn a coupon for the buffet.

  • eattot

    O(∩_∩)O 哈哈哈~

  • Ryo

    I’m sure with enough time, tech, and man power thrown into it, they can piece most of it back but that will cost money too. And maybe more then what the puzzle is worth.

  • Joe

    Should have kept savings in GOLD. Cash is trash. Gold is safe. Gold is durable. Gold is on a major bull run. RMB is losing value every day along with the rest of the world’s currencies. I’ve heard numerous stories of Chinese keeping wads of paper money in mattresses and inside walls + under ground only to be shocked in awe when the cash is damaged. Stupid fucking people…

    • Foreign Devil

      What are you talking about?? RMB currency is gaining in value everyday. Especially agains currencies debt currencies like the US dollar and the Euro. I WISH my money was in RMB!

  • typingfromwork

    This is pretty nice. These guys are dedicated.

    If they get some good publicity out of it, then why not? They fucking deserve it.

  • Cleo

    she sounds vicious and disrespectful – remember when Paul McCartney’s second wife flung her engagement ring out of the hotel window?

  • Li Peng

    Husband should sell crazy wife into prostitution in order to earn the money back.

  • Foreign Devil

    Why do Chinese people always stockpile wads of cash and carry it around in canvas bags? Put that shit in the bank! Before you lose it or it gets stolen or burned up in a housefire or your crazy ass wife tears it up.

    • anon

      I think some people, like the older generation, are just a bit paranoid about banks or something. Some other people, like the wealthy, often do it because its gray income, illegal assets, or otherwise don’t want an official record of it.

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  • Rolf

    There is a software which can do this for you, it was developed by a University in Germany to rebuild the STASI archive in Berlin. Google it. I am sure they will help you.


    People post very good ideas how o count the money

    My guess is the bank dont really want the pieces together

    every 100yuan not found is a 100 they can keep

    so the 12 workers will do around 30K this week, for money they decide cant use …. thats not bad (for the bank)

  • Chris

    아 “make it rain”은 이 뜻이구나

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol… still not sure why you are writing 한글 on an English website about China…

      • Made In World

        I like it. It’s pretty.

        • Brett Hunan

          I agree, and what he wrote was funny. I want others to be able to understand it too.

  • M

    I wonder if his wife previously showed great devotion to him in a troubled time as well or something. Most people would naturally say something along the lines of ‘my partner would be doing the same thing for me’ in a situation like this. But would they really especially in a very materialistic and judgmental society where cash is king?
    There’s a reason for the saying “a husband and wife are birds in the same tree, but when disaster strikes, they fly their separate ways”.
    If you really have someone who has and will stick with you through not only the good times but ALSO the bad, be very thankful. There’s already too many I lost my job/house and my wife left me or I became unattractive/couldn’t properly conceive so my husband left me stories out there.

  • lxpatterson

    Who carries around that much cash? If China actually had a reasonable banking system, the fellow would have had a bank draft, debit card or credit card. So from that perspective, the bank certainly should take responsibility.

  • Blacklinguist

    First of all, many people carry that amount of cash, however, this is one of the many people who stashes his cash at his house…for what ever reason…it is his own personal business why he carries that amount of cash…I am sure he has his own personal reasons why it was stashed at his house,
    secondly, that was his personnal business

    • Alan

      First of all, many people carry that amount of cash

      Going to have to agree to disagree here. Walking around with 50,000 in cash in China is pretty stupid. Which leads me to your next point….

      , however, this is one of the many people who stashes his cash at his house…for what ever reason

      Well it is a stupid reason, seeing as it only costs 1rmb to open a bank account in China. Or if he is worried about the mainland banks, he could always go to HK or Macau and open up an account or a bond there, surely?

      …it is his own personal business why he carries that amount of cash

      Agreed. I just think it is foolish.

      …I am sure he has his own personal reasons why it was stashed at his house

      Agreed, maybe illegal or untaxed earnings.

      The fact remains, the bank is the safest place for your money. If it was not his wife damaging it, what about a fire, or theft, etc etc….

  • dongling

    hahahahahaha. gives the bank staff something constructive to do. A bunch of incompetent bastards most of the time.

  • chris

    OFF TOPIC — Can anyone see the cum on my lips or is the coffee cup blocking it? lol it was a busy day, I have an insatiable appetite for dick.

    [Note: Please do not impersonate other people.]