Mentally Ill Wife Tears Up 50k RMB in Cash, Husband Seeks Help

A Bank of China employee sorting through strips of 100 RMB cash notes torn, trying to piece them back together.

Bank employees are trying to put the pieces of cash back together.

From NetEase & iFeng:

Woman Throws Fit and Tears up 50,000 RMB Cash, Takes Bank 6 Hours to Piece Together Just 1 Bill

On the morning of May 3rd, Sichuan Chengdu city resident Lin Zhaoqiang carried 50,000 yuan in torn 100 yuan bills from Chengdu Jintang to the Bank of China Sichuan Branch, looking for help. May 1st, Lin Zhaoqiang’s wife all of a sudden had a fit and tore the 50,000 yuan life-saving money into pieces. Facing thousands of pieces of cash, 12 bank employees sorted and spliced for 6 hours only to piece together a single 100 yuan bill. The remaining money, if unable to be pieced back together, face the unfortunate possibility of being declared null and invalid. Because this money is for treating his wife’s mental illness, Lin Zhaoqiang said he won’t give up.

[Above] May 3rd after 9 o’clock in the morning, Lin Zhaoqiang was waiting at the entrance of the bank with a thin and pallid expression. The plastic bag in his hand was wide open, and the pieces of bright red cash could be seen from afar. May 3rd, Chengdu, half the day had passed, and employees of the Bank of China Sichuan Branch had yet to piece back together even one bill.

12 Chinese bank workers attempting to piece back together 50k RMB worth of cash that had been torn up by a man's wife.

Taken into the conference room by employees, Lin Zhaoqiang had poured the pieces of cash out onto the desk, stunning all the bank employees: 50,000 yuan of cash in small pieces, all in a big pile on the desk, that when spread out covered the entire 10-square-meter meeting table, a mass of red.

A pile of torn up 100 RMB bills.

Among the cash that was torn by hands, the biggest fragments were the size of a lighter, and the cash that had been cut by scissors was even more hopeless, with most of the pieces smaller than soaked tea leaves.

A Chinese female bank worker attempting to piece together 50k RMB worth of Chinese money torn into strips and pieces.

Business Senior Manager Zhang Ping was troubled. He said that according to the People’s Bank of China regulations, people who piece back together damaged cash can then take it to a financial and exchange them according to the relevant regulations.

Thousands of pieces of 100 RMB cash notes torn into pieces with bank workers trying to piece them back together.

“Considering this sum of money is for medical treatment, we’ve made an exception and diverted 12 of our best employees to help him to piece them together,” Zhang Ping said. The suggestions of “weighing” and “electronic scanning” by readers and netizens cannot be done, so the money can only be put back together manually.

Sorting and splicing.

From 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, 12 employees spent 6 hours, and only managed to piece one bill back together that can be exchanged.

A Bank of China employee sorting through strips of 100 RMB cash notes torn, trying to piece them back together.

A male Bank of China employee attempting to piece back together over 50k worth of 100 RMB bills that had been torn to pieces by a man's sick wife..

The husband was sitting nearby with worried look.

May 3rd, Chengdu, the Bank of China Sichuan Branch employees are splicing the damaged and mutilated cash. Lin Zhanoqiang sat on the side with a worried expression. At 4 in the afternoon, Lin Zhaoqiang carefully put the pieces of money into the plastic bag again, and left the bank.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

石门一只眼 [网易河北省网友]:

Take the serial number from every fragment, scan them into a computer, and program a simple jigsaw puzzle software. Very simple.

limingmeigui [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Just weigh it!!! Doesn’t the bank have to destroy the cash anyway????

huangloong [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

History’s most gei li jigsaw puzzle!!!


As long as the money isn’t fake and the sum is verifiable, then just exchange the money to him. Currency is just a medium/physical form [for money]. The country’s policies on this are too inflexible.

BarackObamaforAmerica [网易北京市网友]:

His wife is mentally ill, it can’t be helped. He’s a good man, wanting to cure/help her. If it were me, I might’ve long ago had her sold.

月秋花春 [网易广东省网友]:

A man says: “Why do we men always have to pick up the bill? Why? Why? Why?” A woman replies: “Because what’s printed on money are all the heads of men. When what’s printed is a woman’s head, then I’ll pick up the bill!”

rtzljj82 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Fuck, could they not just calculate the total area?

yanzaizhitou [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

If they’re all fragments of real money, then just calculate it based on weight, is it necessary to piece them all together, its just a waste of time.


In these kind of situations, the bank makes a big deal about principles.


Can the bank be a little more humane? Just use a scale to determine the weight of torn up money, then determine the weight of 10,000 yuan worth of bills, compare, and exchange the money for the person.

网易山东省济南市网友 [wxy7777777]:

Take one intact 100 yuan cash note and use a pen to segment it into 10 longitudinal sections and prepare 10 boxes. Take the cash fragments and compare them to the intact 100 yuan bill and then place it into the box that corresponds to the appropriate section. This way box 1 should contain the damaged bill’s leftmost fragment. Take a piece from box 1 and look at the tears edges and then search for its matching piece in the next box. This way, you can save some time and I estimate 3-4 people can finish it in a week.

sunjxsunjx [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Truly feasible method! This is a truly helpful constructive post/comment.


Can they be even more stupid?
The Bank of England uses weight to count money,
If they are all real, just weigh them and the problem would be solved, right?


If the bank wants to help, wouldn’t this be easily taken care of? Just find the corner with the watermark…and then count how many there are…and you can even determine if they’re real or fake.

何其自性本自清净 [网易北京市石景山区网友]:

Soak the in water
Soak them until all that’s left is the metallic strip. And then just count how many there are.

Comments from QQ:


One really has to have a mental problem to do such a thing. Talk about making things difficult for the bank workers, but how come the husband is just sitting there, even having his legs crossed?! Six hours to only put back together one bill, wouldn’t it take half a year to put together fifty thousand? Is nobody supposed to work anymore… speechless.

腾讯襄樊市网友 光辉灿烂:

Is there no other way? Since the money is in fragments, what value is there in putting them back together? In the end it’ll be destroyed anyway. This is pointless work, why not use a scale and weigh it, using the weight of the same amount of money to confirm the amount, and then destroy it according to procedures.

腾讯桂林市网友 摩羯座:

I want to ask: Was there no one keeping an eye on the patient? Why let a patient tear up so much money? And tear it into such small pieces? It must have taken her a long time tearing up the money, right? Where was everyone during that period of time? Did no one pass by her??? Weird.

腾讯成都市网友 踩界: (responding to above)

Agree, being able to tear the money up to this degree definitely takes some skill to do so. What was her husband doing during that period of time?

腾讯上海市网友 探长缺氧:

If these 12 bank workers are working overtime to help him piece the money back together, then what’s being wasted is the bank workers’ time. If these 12 bank workers aren’t working overtime to help him piece the money back together, then what’s being wasted is the other ordinary depositors’ time.

腾讯网友 It´s OK:

If it took 6 hours to piece together one bill, I think the money for their trouble ought to be more than 50k.

Could this be a publicity stunt?

腾讯网友 冯大伟:

Like a jigsaw puzzle, this is going to test the bank workers’ familiarity with RMB…

腾讯开封市网友 懿蕞颉菀帱:

Do some actual work! If this is a publicity stunt pulled by the bank! Yun.

腾讯网友 澳隴霸木藝:

Too fake, one look and its obvious it’s not real money. Bullshitting.

腾讯上海市网友 灬LαКЁЯS:

Bank employees sure have a lot of free time, I’m speechless! If you just just took less improper income, wouldn’t you have this 50k already? Putting on an act! Loathsome!

From NetEase:

Wife rips to shreds 50k yuan in cash, husband resigns from job to piece together money at home

Recently, a woman in Sichuan suddenly threw a fit and ripped to shred 50,000 yuan in money meant for her medical treatments, forcing her husband to beg for help from the bank. 12 bank employees spent 6 hours sorting and piecing together to only piece together a single 100 yuan bill. The husband says he has already resigned from his post office job to focus on piecing together the money by himself at home, as well as take care of his wife.

Comments from NetEase:


Unlucky 2012 jigsaw puzzle expert.
Can also apply for a Guinness world record.


I’m willing to give him 25,000 in exchange for his 50,000 worth of damaged money…


Better just forget it and give up! If you have that energy, might as well just go out and earn another 50,000 kuai!


With this, the husband is going to go crazy too.


We can only say this man is a good husband, unfortunately born in a vicious society.


Why resign from your job? It’s your job that is a stable source of income. No matter how low your salary is, it would be amazing if you can piece together a year’s worth of salary. Moreover, you can still work on piecing the money together outside of the 8 hours of work each day, without interfering.


This person’s intelligence isn’t very impressive. The work of piecing all this together is going to take a long time, just work on it at night as a game. Resigning in order to piece together this money is really not worth it.

What do you think?


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