Metrosexual Soldiers Lure Girls Into Taiwan Prostitution Ring

A Taiwan prostitution ring uses metrosexual ex-soldiers to seduce underage girls.

A Taiwan prostitution ring uses metrosexual ex-soldiers to seduce underage girls.

From NetEase & Tiexue:

Prostitution ring recruits men newly discharged from the military, films sex videos to teach young girls how to sell sex

According to Taiwanese media reports, Taipei police on the 22nd busted a prostitution ring that used love and money to lure underage girls into the business of prostitution. The primary culprit Li Shufen and ex-husband painstakingly solicited young men recently discharged from the military, trained them into becoming fashionable metrosexuals who would then approach young girls under the guise of being talent scouts or members of the media industry, and once they have been ensnared, then forcing the young girls into prostitution.

According to reports, what is even more detestable is, the prostitution ring even had a “sex instructor” specially to teach the young girls prostitution techniques. Amongst this, a seasoned girl would teach a newly recruited young girl with the help of a male client, the three of them disrobing completely naked. The seasoned girl would use the male client as a prop, demonstrating how to give male clients handjobs, demonstrating and explaining at the same time, then having the young girl repeat. The process was filmed onto video cassette which was then played for others to watch. The main culprit even required that all new prostitutes had to take the sex instruction course.

Li Shufen and her husband, arrested for operating a prostitution ring.

Comments from NetEase:


Good, very good, has the potential to surpass Japan’s idol culture.


The male actor [in the sex instruction videos] is so lucky.


Haha, Taiwan was taken back from Japan, now it is once again becoming Japanese.


The mosaic is the most evil invention in human history.


Taiwan’s soldiers are such trash.


How come I never run into beautiful things like this? I want to be a fashionable guy/metrosexual!


This mentor/tutor position must be in great demand, classic adult education~~~ very diligent in her work! Initial job training is something that is definitely necessary! Only this way can customer service be improved and the customer base expanded.


[The service is] very exacting, very humanized~, truly treating the customer as god, worth the mainland’s public servants learning from.


Japan is professional; Taiwan has military support. What about the mainland? We have Dongguan-style service, the international standard!!


For this kind of profession, it must be acknowledged that Taiwan, America, and Europe are still at the forefront~~ We need to learn from them, [because] even though we have already learned much, there is still a gap, and we must work hard to move forward~~

Metrosexual soldiers. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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