Mid-Autumn Festival Day Off Deferred To After National Day

Mid-Autumn Festival Day Off Deferred To After National Day
The PRC State Council has announced that a day off in lieu of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be postponed. With the festival falling on Sunday September 27, standard practice would be to declare Monday 28 as a public holiday. However, the closely following October 1 to 7 PRC National Day holiday period requires the entire October 10-11 weekend to be worked to “make up” for the time off, which would result in a nine-day work streak. Therefore the Monday 28 “in-lieu-of” holiday will effectively be observed on October 11 instead. One netizen said China would be forever juggling holidays around.

Source: Netease

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  • Toasty

    Ah yes, the Chinese holidays where you have to make up for the lost work later….

    What really gets me though is why do they only announce these things a month or so in advance? In any organised country this information would be out years in advance to allow people to make planes etc…

    • WghUk

      You’re just a peasant. Listen to what CCP boss says!

  • Jahar

    Fuck order. Let’s just do whatever we want. Time for another we hate japan parade!

    • why you are so angry?

      • David

        I am happy, I have 9 days off. 26th to the 4th.

        • im travelling in nanjing. i find out people here are bad, full of cheaters.
          so shity!

          • David

            Nanjing is a weird city. I live in Wuxi but do not spend much time in Nanjing. I feel Suzhou and Wuxi are much better for nice people.

        • jin

          Some profit from this, some don’t. Usually it’s the low paying jobs that don’t profit from this.

  • Necrogodomega

    I will never understand the need to do shit like this. Want people to work more? Don’t give them so many holidays. If you want to give them holidays, just give it to them and stop this crazy mess.

    Also, Toasty is right, there isn’t any reason they can’t know about these things WAY before they start to announce them.