Middle School Students Beaten & Kicked by Hainan Teacher

A Chinese teacher kicks a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

A Chinese teacher kicks a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

From Youku:

Teacher caught violently punching and kicking students

Several days ago, at an experimental school in Hainan, the Ideological and Political Education director and junior high head teacher took turns beating students.

Comments from Youku:


Very normal, when I think back…


Won’t comment without knowing the truth/all the information.


Regardless of what the truth is, they shouldn’t hit students!


Those downvoting are all students, those upvoting are all teachers. [Over 3k upvotes vs. 13k downvotes at time of translation].


Teachers these days are simply educated thugs.


I think everyone shouldn’t just blindly condemn the teacher. Just look at these students, there must be something wrong with them. I’ve been hit by teachers before when I was in school. When I think about it now, I’m rather thankful for it.

ZCLZLZ: (responding to above)

Thankful your ass!!! May your son be beaten to death by his teacher!


Now you know why schools don’t allow you to bring mobile phones.


This is how the post-70s, post-80s generation all grew up. If you don’t use corporal punishment, children will be spoiled rotten.


If it were me, I bet the one squatting there being beaten would be the teacher.


Teachers only know how to bully the relatively honest students. If you dare to take up a knife, would the teacher dare to do anything to you?


There are too many bad students. If you don’t use violence against violence, then the other students will be doomed.


Strict teachers produce good students, well hit/beaten. Those who don’t behave should be beaten. Students these days don’t fear their teachers, so how can they properly learn/study? Those who say to hit the teacher can all be said to have character problems.


The video description says it was over a small matter… I hope someone can say just what that small matter was… I’m really curious… just what was it that made these teachers be so fierce… even knowing them onto the ground… a kick to the face…

chfqcy: (responding to above)

This group of students were on the upper floors spitting onto the first year middle school students. The students below started yelling and the students upstairs ran downstairs in a group but were stopped by the teachers. This group of students tried to quibble that they were only going downstairs to “apologize” to the first year middle school students. The teacher wasn’t stupid and in his anger became physical.


This happened at a school in Ledong county in Hainan. The head of the Ideological and Political Education department and the head teacher suspected of being responsible for the beating have already apologized to the students’ parents and received the parents’ understanding/forgiveness. The school has also already dealt with these teachers. The teacher’s sincere apologies were sympathetic.

伯莱卡: (responding to Ta_水龙头)

What use is that? Sincerely apologizing after beating them? Then how about I vent all of society’s stress on him and then apologize? As a teacher, you are supposed to use educate with ideology [reasoning and education], not educate with your fists and feet. Why didn’t he think of that before hitting the children?

瓕龙: (responding to Ta_水龙头)

This is like domestic violence, it can never be changed, they’ll continue to beat other students!


Where in Hainan? Many Ideological and Political Education Departments are like this, where students are hit and beaten!


Back then, our school’s physical education teacher once hit one of our brothers. That afternoon, we called up over 40 of us all carrying knives and charged into the school. That teacher was so scared he wouldn’t even come out of his office.


Bad students who don’t have the guts to hit a teacher, that’s not professional. If you don’t even dare to hit a teacher, then what are you doing being a bad student, you might as well just go be a good student.


Let him come try hitting me, I’ll kill his entire family.


Can you stop being a poser? If he really did hit you, you’d be just like those students in the video.

13878878011: (responding to above)

You may be garbage but I’m not.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Then what are you?

13878878011: (responding to above)

Your godfather.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Then I’m your dad, you SB.

13878878011: (responding to above)

Then I’m your ancestor, you trash.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Even then I’m your ancestor’s dad, garbage without ability like you should just not come out and pretend [act tough].

549868: (responding to the above exchange)

搞笑搞笑搞笑 A discussion thread of SBs, won’t explain 搞笑


With this many students, are you still afraid of not winning a fight against him? If you did something wrong and were being scolded, that’s one thing, but this is the first time I’ve seen such vicious beating [of students by teachers]. Talk about a gangster teacher who mustn’t be pissed off.

What is the worst punishment you have faced from teachers?

A Chinese teacher hits a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

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