Middle School Students Beaten & Kicked by Hainan Teacher

A Chinese teacher kicks a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

A Chinese teacher kicks a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

From Youku:

Teacher caught violently punching and kicking students

Several days ago, at an experimental school in Hainan, the Ideological and Political Education director and junior high head teacher took turns beating students.

Comments from Youku:


Very normal, when I think back…


Won’t comment without knowing the truth/all the information.


Regardless of what the truth is, they shouldn’t hit students!


Those downvoting are all students, those upvoting are all teachers. [Over 3k upvotes vs. 13k downvotes at time of translation].


Teachers these days are simply educated thugs.


I think everyone shouldn’t just blindly condemn the teacher. Just look at these students, there must be something wrong with them. I’ve been hit by teachers before when I was in school. When I think about it now, I’m rather thankful for it.

ZCLZLZ: (responding to above)

Thankful your ass!!! May your son be beaten to death by his teacher!


Now you know why schools don’t allow you to bring mobile phones.


This is how the post-70s, post-80s generation all grew up. If you don’t use corporal punishment, children will be spoiled rotten.


If it were me, I bet the one squatting there being beaten would be the teacher.


Teachers only know how to bully the relatively honest students. If you dare to take up a knife, would the teacher dare to do anything to you?


There are too many bad students. If you don’t use violence against violence, then the other students will be doomed.


Strict teachers produce good students, well hit/beaten. Those who don’t behave should be beaten. Students these days don’t fear their teachers, so how can they properly learn/study? Those who say to hit the teacher can all be said to have character problems.


The video description says it was over a small matter… I hope someone can say just what that small matter was… I’m really curious… just what was it that made these teachers be so fierce… even knowing them onto the ground… a kick to the face…

chfqcy: (responding to above)

This group of students were on the upper floors spitting onto the first year middle school students. The students below started yelling and the students upstairs ran downstairs in a group but were stopped by the teachers. This group of students tried to quibble that they were only going downstairs to “apologize” to the first year middle school students. The teacher wasn’t stupid and in his anger became physical.


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This happened at a school in Ledong county in Hainan. The head of the Ideological and Political Education department and the head teacher suspected of being responsible for the beating have already apologized to the students’ parents and received the parents’ understanding/forgiveness. The school has also already dealt with these teachers. The teacher’s sincere apologies were sympathetic.

伯莱卡: (responding to Ta_水龙头)

What use is that? Sincerely apologizing after beating them? Then how about I vent all of society’s stress on him and then apologize? As a teacher, you are supposed to use educate with ideology [reasoning and education], not educate with your fists and feet. Why didn’t he think of that before hitting the children?

瓕龙: (responding to Ta_水龙头)

This is like domestic violence, it can never be changed, they’ll continue to beat other students!


Where in Hainan? Many Ideological and Political Education Departments are like this, where students are hit and beaten!


Back then, our school’s physical education teacher once hit one of our brothers. That afternoon, we called up over 40 of us all carrying knives and charged into the school. That teacher was so scared he wouldn’t even come out of his office.


Bad students who don’t have the guts to hit a teacher, that’s not professional. If you don’t even dare to hit a teacher, then what are you doing being a bad student, you might as well just go be a good student.


Let him come try hitting me, I’ll kill his entire family.


Can you stop being a poser? If he really did hit you, you’d be just like those students in the video.

13878878011: (responding to above)

You may be garbage but I’m not.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Then what are you?

13878878011: (responding to above)

Your godfather.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Then I’m your dad, you SB.

13878878011: (responding to above)

Then I’m your ancestor, you trash.

ETrac: (responding to above)

Even then I’m your ancestor’s dad, garbage without ability like you should just not come out and pretend [act tough].

549868: (responding to the above exchange)

搞笑搞笑搞笑 A discussion thread of SBs, won’t explain 搞笑


With this many students, are you still afraid of not winning a fight against him? If you did something wrong and were being scolded, that’s one thing, but this is the first time I’ve seen such vicious beating [of students by teachers]. Talk about a gangster teacher who mustn’t be pissed off.

What is the worst punishment you have faced from teachers?

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A Chinese teacher hits a middle school student at a school in Hainan, China.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Brett Hunan

    With cameras as pervasive in society as they are, its a wonder people still do inappropriate things in public….. no, I guess not.

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          • Capt. WED

            I don’t know why you always posting these weird videos. It’s completely off topic but I feel like I have to respond to the “trolling” nature of the video.

            What he’s saying is true. You can’t deny that. However you can still say something like it’s more nuanced than that, it’s not so simple. To which someone can respond “haha you just butthurt!” It’s not a big deal, the truth is the truth. Chinese people’s feelings hurt I guess, moving on.

            I will say some of the most die hard jesus freaks are black people. Probably on some level I’m just weird to them. I don’t hate black people tho because in 9th/10th grade the person that was the most kind and nicest to me was black. Also all through elementary school and 6th grade I was really cool with black people. Overall black people are cool. Some think you are funny but that’s to be expected.

            Also lol @youtube comments.

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          • moop

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          • Nanny Hiccups

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            Tragic. In the movie of your life after the crane shot from above of your “noooooo!” 2nd-act expression of conflict to be resolved by the third act catharsis, I imagine your next line (Oscar-winning) to be “….a spoon! A kingdom for a spoon to mix with and at last, achieve the perfect crime!” (cries)

            “moop: Do Not Use is Seal is Broken” to be coming out Summer, 2014.

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      • Brett Hunan

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  • Uma Maheswar Nakka

    If true that’s not the way to treat the students.

  • Jeff

    They need a good kick in the ass once in a while

    • mr. wiener

      I’m all for disipline, but once you resort to this you’ve already lost.

      • Little Wolf

        When I was 11 I had a crush on my classmate, Cathy Wolfe. (no relation) Being an 11 year-old boy, I expressed my deep affection for her by throwing rocks and dirt clods at her after school, putting tacks on her chair just before she sat down and spitting on her. After she ratted me out to my teacher, Mrs. Schirmeister (she was as charming as the name suggests) I was made to stay after school and pick a tile on the floor and start spitting. Though I had run dry after just a few minutes, she made me spit at least 15 minutes more then told me to work up the biggest loogy I could muster. She the made me get on my knees and stick my nose in the puddle of spit for another 15 minutes. I stopped spitting after that except in a toilet or suitable spot. A brigade of Mrs. Schirmeisters could clean up China’s streets in no time.

        You remember being told if you say bad words you’ll get your mouth washed out with soap? That same teacher actually did that. She washed my mouth out with soap! The offending word? “Bastard”. Had to sit in a trash can during recess wearing a dunce hat with a bar of soap in my mouth. Not daring to swallow, my cheeks looked like ballons until she yanked out the bar of soap and at least a quart of soapy spit instantly flowed out and soaked my clothes.

        The thing is…..my mother had no problem with my teacher disciplining me this way and looking back, I’m pretty thankful for all shitty things she did for my own good. She’d probably go to prison for those kind of things nowadays and that’s just sad.

        • terroir

          You received corporal punishment. What these kids are docily receiving is intimidation from a thug with punches and kicks, which may be corporal punishment or just a guy abusing his position on a bad day.

          I’d wager the big difference between these two scenarios is that you learned a valuable lesson from Mrs. Schirmeister, and was eventually able to pick up chicks correctly. I’m gaming that these kids are learning the Golden Rule of China: one day, when I get to be in that same position as that guy, I’m going to perpetuate the grand tradition of China by doing the exact same thing to people who are below me.

          Also: you and Mrs. Schirmeister probably dress better than the slobs in the video.

          • Little Wolf

            Terroir: I wasn’t trying to compare my 6th grade discipline with the article above. Obviously, it’s despicable. I guess my point is (if there is one) is that alot of American parents would find Mrs. Schirmeister’s tactics just as despicable. (And my high-school woodshop teacher that had a whole wall of custom designed paddles and we would get a whack across the ass for each minute late)
            My seduction tactics have improved though. I have a table leg that I use for a club, caveman-style and drag’em home by the hair and have them make me a sandwich.

            NH: Sure, boys are mean to girls they like before puberty. But women do the same thing when they turn 20. I can easily determine the amount of lust a girl carries for me by the ratio of her bitchiness.

          • Germandude

            So true, so true.

          • mr. wiener

            Taiwan was very much like this 15 years ago when I first got here. Though of course not at the Bushibans I used to work at, The violence was all verbal. The first place I went to was run by a black guy, an ex-NY cop. He told me if I wasn’t in a kid’s face raving at the top of my lungs and making the child cry I wasn’t doing a good job [with the parent’s blessing mind you, they were sitting at the back of the class].
            All changed now of course. They call this crop of kids the “strawberry generation” ,pretty to look at, but they bruise easily.

        • moop

          speaking of standing in a trash can… when i was young i was playing around in the neighborhood and one of my older friends was like “hey, lets play super mario brothers! this green trash can is the sewer tube to the secret level” naturally i got in the trashcan. they shut the lid and rolled me down a hill. my youth was not wasted

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I would consider those thing child abuse. i remember the security guards at school and the gym teachers would discipline the boys. they would take a big wooden paddle with holes in, line them up against the wall, and hit the boys on the rear end as hard as they could.

          as to your story about the girl… i have no idea why boys bully girls when they like them, especially at that age. when i was 13 a kid did that kind of stuff to me. for example, if i wasn’t careful he would wait until my butt just about to sit in the chair,then slide his open palm on the seat, causing me to sit on his hand. then he would squeeze as soon as the impact hit. which would result in me pummeling him on the head.

          after months of torture we made up and had a good moment after being forced to spend an entire day working on the same project at school. so he says, if you give me a kiss on the cheek i’ll leave you alone. so after some convincing i finally agreed…leaned over, and as soon as my lips was about to kiss his cheek he turned his head, so that i accidently kissed him on the lips instead.

          the kid was a total bastard.

          • Germandude

            I would call the kid a smartass.

        • linette

          Little Wolf..you are like a 007. You live a very exciting life.
          My childhood was very boring. No teacher hit me. I was always the nerdy quiet kid. But I wasn’t really smart or anything. I was just kind of boring. And watched a lot of TV.

          • Little Wolf

            Linette: My hometown just had 1 TV channel (2 if you had a good antenna) and no movie theater. This was before cable, satellites and the Web. Still, I was never bored and we had horses, go-carts and mini-bikes and plenty of space to ride. I don’t really feel like I missed out on anything by never having played “Grand Theft Auto” or “Halo”.

    • terroir

      Not going to condone the morality of hitting children (which is the kind of training that made Jackie Chan great by the way), but to say despite whatever Chinese say, China is a land of extremes, not moderation.

      In the field of education, teachers will either not care if you live or die, or go old school-rules UFC (kicked in the throat!) on you if they “are concerned for your future”.

      Nope, the Sinofied version of Good Will Hunting (好意志的狩猎, of course) will feature no heart-warming speeches that encourage a young student to channel his passion to unlock his creativity and fully express the inner thoughts that he desires to set free.

      • Tengu

        Made Sammo Hung great as well…

        I love it when you get all sentimental…

        • Brett Hunan

          the “dream team” is back

        • terroir

          I’d wager heavy, salty chocolate balls made Sammo Hung. More so than a nail in the wall.

          I haven’t been here in a while. What’s everyone been doing, agreeing? Or is it like a football match in which all commenters hold hands with a delightful young child before entering the pitch?

          • mr. wiener

            We’re just waiting for the next story about black people in China to be posted so all hell will break loose.

          • terroir

            As my “Yo’ ancestors are so fat” meme didn’t take to a duck’s back to replace the old “沙发” meme, as neither did my all-purpose “What a dick” meme, I propose a new meme specific to cS that anyone can play:

            a countdown calendar that measures the number of days since the last cS “black people in China” internets cavacade, much like the safety countdown seen in factories and dangerous workplaces – “# of days without a safety infraction”.

            So, I’ll start. Since I don’t know when the last “black people in China” blow-out happened, I’ll just start with today:

            1 day(s) without a story about black people
            Keep up the good work!

          • Nanny Hiccups

            i got dibs on the sofa for that one ;o)

          • Tengu

            Coincidentally , I came back when you did.

            The comedian Patrice O’Neal (RIP) did a great piece on differences in football now versus “then”.

            Now a guy gets a massive hit all the players kneel and pray.

            They’d dance around chanting “He’s paralyzed, he’s paralyzed!”

            You leave Sammo alone…ginger boy. I think he’s a product of the Beijing Opera just like Jackie boy and all those wonderful “Hey, watch me bend this kid in half!” exercises.

            Care to share just how do you know Sammo’s balls are salty? To cycle back, I bet there was some kneeling and praying involved although not necessarily in that order.

  • Ander

    Lovely selection of translated comments.

    Q: Such violence by the teacher will beget more…?
    A: __________________________

    If you answered “violence” instead of “cynicism” then you know what kind of system you have been moulded by. Good luck in the real world.

    • Rutim

      Such violence from the teacher will result in that the one’s who spits at someone else will be punished. Lesson learned. It’s good to know that teachers are there not only to teach the pupils but also teach them how they should act in the society. Don’t protect kids as much as they don’t deserve it as many times they aren’t worse in plotting intrigues than adults. Kids have even more imagination…

      • Somethin Somethin

        The amount of defense for this cocksucker is just amazing. I mean seriously if my old man had found out I was spitting on people he would have beat the shit out of me. If a teacher had done it for him he might have killed that son of bitch. You don’t put your hands on another man’s kid it’s the simplest rule there is. Corporal punishment is a punishment which means it has rules and a lesson. Wolf talks about licking spit and soap in the mouth, but these have objectives with a common purpose, underlying meaning(the soap should “clean” the words from your mouth), etc This guy put a 13 year old kid on his knees and then kicked him the throat. He took a stick and smashed the kid across the face. These are the actions of a person out of control, with no clear purpose. He was simply committing acts of violence on children. China shot a guy for bringing 2 kilos of hash into the country. They should have reserved the bullet for this guy.

  • red scarf

    Sack him and arrest him, before the Chinese parents get to him. Hmm want let the parents get to him first then sack him and arrest him.

    • hess

      are you kidding me? they wont do shit, its 100% normal here

  • lonetrey

    Hmph, corporal punishment makes for good children? I say it probably only twisted me.

    If things didn’t happen the way they happened, I think… I wouldn’t be making so many people suffer today.

    • Dan

      You were not beaten enough then.

      • mr. wiener

        Careful. Dave will come on and tell you you were abused as a child if you admit to being disiplined.

      • lonetrey

        Hah., don’t think so. If anything, I probably would’ve snapped.

    • whiskersthecat

      When I was bad, my dad would strap me to some mattress springs and electrocute me with a car battery. Sometimes he’d slap me and force my brother and I to play Russian Roulette with him while screaming in Vietnamese. Anyway now I’m a pretty stand-up member of society, so I think overzealous beatings work. A kid isn’t going to learn without having bamboo shoved under his fingernails.

      • mr. wiener

        “Right. I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad and our mother would kill us and dance about on our graves singing Hallelujah.”

        • terroir

          “Oh, but you try and tell that to the young people today.”

          /And now for something completely different.

        • whiskersthecat

          If we broke a tool or something while toiling away in the fields, dad would beat whoever was responsible with a live wire from a downed power line (he’d knock it down himself just for the beating). If we didn’t fess up, he’d take us up in a helicopter about 500 feet up, ask us again, and then start kicking us out until someone admitted to it.

          • Tengu

            I like your dad!

      • lonetrey

        I’d have to disagree. Furthermore, when you’re beaten for the wrong reason, or you perceive that you don’t deserve the beating… it tends to sour relationships between the parent and child. Especially when the kid holds a grudge for all the undeserved beatings.

      • Somethin Somethin

        One time I got an answer wrong in class so the teacher asked a short Vietnamese man to hang me from a chain and apply sponges hooked to electrical wires to my chest. But when the teacher wasn’t looking a wrapped my legs around his neck and snapped it killing him instantly. After I did that they gave me 2 weeks detention.

  • Song of the Article

    Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan Wo
    -from the Japanese movie, Battle Royale


    I am still watching…..

    • redgirl

      Also I would add:

      When my country banned corporal punishment.
      This was 1982 Pink Floyd—The Wall animated fiilm came out.
      I cheered when I saw it.

      From the age of 7 to 8 I went home with 10 of these and if you pulled your hand away it added one extra.

      • redgirl

        I Mean, I went home with 10 of these and more a week.

        • redgirl

          I was punished because my hand writing would not improve.
          I wonder why

          • redgirl

            We called it, The fat end of the ruler

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Happened to me once. I got caught whispering in class. Teacher told me to stick my hand out and make a fist. Then she cracked me over the knuckles with a thick wooden ruler.

          I said to myself… don’t cry, don’t cry… waited until she turned around and went back to her desk, then i put my head down and cried lol

          • redgirl

            \\\\\\\\\\\sweetheart me too :}

      • mr. wiener

        I think they must have done something worse than bad handwriting!
        I wonder why they were being punished by the “the Ideological and Political Education director”?

        • Tengu


        • Ian G

          Maybe they referred to Taiwan as separate country, or mentioned a Free Tibet, or carved 6-4 in their desks? did someone draw graffiti of Mao fucking his dog?

  • Dan

    If you can’t beat the kids, what’s the point of having them?

    • terroir

      Got it. If you can’t beat kids, then beat off.

      • Tengu

        Spare the ginger root spoil the child!

  • Freak on a Mountain

    Pretty violent. But it would be interesting to have a bit more context. I have taught some students that I’d like to give a good smacking to, but never have. Without the context, we can’t be sure of what was really going on.

    I’m a non-violent person, but I believe that in some cases, violence is permissable. Why were these students being kicked? If it’s because they misbehaved in class, cheated on a test or something, then beating them is too far. If they bullied a classmate into suicide, or were caught comitting another serious crime, then smacking them around a bit is not too harsh of a punishment. Context is the most important thing in this kind of story.

    • terroir

      The economy of Chinese of language as well as the reticence of its speakers to blossom opinion into fruition does in a few characters what you take to write a comment (or boil an egg): 不知真实不批评. It’s like the second comment.

      As this is teh Chinois internets, this is the sentiment that you will get from everything that is posted here. Even citing traditional news sources, one can never be fully sure of any information being true or unbiased or fully substantiated by a third party (cause one party is all you needs, amirite?).

      No, we are left to find the truth ourselves. And that leads to the patriotic hand-wringing/flag-waving where shortcuts are made, thus, cross-cultural discussion.

      So, to muddy this up, I’ll offer even more hypotheticals for personal opinionating:
      * this isn’t taken in China
      * this was taken not at a school, but at a jail
      * this is an incident in which a heinous crime was committed, and are trying to extract a confession
      * these are the five guys who, it would be so funny if like right now they raped a member of Tosh. O’s stand-up audience

      Who knows? There is never context in Chinese stories; just the one side of who shouts the loudest and makes it onto the net.

    • Tengu

      Your logic regarding “permissible violence” is quite baffling for a non-violent person, the corner you painted yourself into is a virtual Mobius strip convolution.

      So your contention is that:
      “Sometimes it’s okay for a grown man to stomp a kid in the face while said kid is lying on the ground…he might have had it coming.”

      As long as it suits some sort of contextual algorithm you have it would seem you’re a pro-violence, non-violent person…when the mood suits you.

      Pick a side, you can’t be both!

      Why did we shoot the bank bank guard? We were simply trying to extract money through a unique withdrawal system of our own design and he was in the way when we attempted to leave.

      • Freak on a Mountain

        ‘Pick a side, you can’t be both!’

        I disagree. There is such a thing as moral ambiguity. As you get older, you understand it more and more. I’m not sure about your age, but that statement above seems to suggest you are in your twenties. At that time in my life, I would have agreed with you. Things are black and white. Now that I’m older, I have had a lot of experiences that have convinced me that most of the world is grey.

        I’ll give you an easy example re: the violence thing. You are a pacifist. Someone is trying to rape your wife. There is a large knife near to hand. Is violence permissable? Sure, ‘Pick one!’ and hate yourself for doing it, whichever option you choose. That’s called being an adult. That’s called critical analysis. That’s called life.

        Either you will betray your noble ideals, or you will betray the people who depend on you. Pick one.

        • Tengu

          Great call on the age…thank you very, very much. I’ll tell my grandson, he’ll be amused!

          The issue you raised, in case you don’t remember, was not “moral ambiguity” which would be an entire issue entirely, but your need for a viable context that would somehow justify a grown man kicking a downed kid in the face.

          Your contention was there actually could be a “context” would make you on board with stomping the kid in the head…there is no reason for kicking a kid in the face while he’s down when you’re a grown man…none end of story.

          Now let me ask you this question…do you actually have any experience with rape, violence against you, violence you have perpetrated against others for whatever reason?

          I am guessing you have not had much experience; when you have get back to me. I don’t mean the schoolyard bully pushing you around the dumpster either. I mean have you ever had anyone else’s platelets sprayed in your face, ever feel a hot piece of metal embedding itself in you, have you ever smelled death around you or smelled that funny sweet smell of a body on fire and felt guilty because sometimes it makes you hungry?

          Trust me we all dwell in the gray areas, that’s where life happens…”The Middle Road.”

          But you’re off track because your argument had to do with “context”…with regard to this singular video…I stand by it, pick a side, you’re either for it or against it…there is nothing ambiguous about it.

          Now we know you’re the type of man who would kick a young boy in the face while he’s on the ground curled up in a fetal position…if you felt “contextually comfortable” about it.

          Let me ask you this…if you have the nerve to stomp him in the head, would you put one in his brain pan given the opportunity?

          You see that’s the prime issue with people who make arguments like you. You have no idea how close that line is drawn, you’ve never been close to it and for your sake I hope you never get near if…

          • Chef Rocco

            Intriguing debate.

            Tried not to butt in, but was baffled at why I agree with both of you, and sadly couldn’t “pick” one…

            Seemingly the debate has to be perused philosophically, Ying and Yang, black and white, right and wrong, moral absolutism and relativism…

            In a nut shell, FOAM was talking about violence in a conceptual term, while Tengu focuses on “the” violence. I am in concurrence with FOAM on his “grey” theory, i.e. moral ambiguity should be applied on “abstract violence” while I am sided firmly with Tengu on his moral judgment on the specific event, this is the area where moral universalism should be applied.

    • Tengu

      Freaky Deaky Mountain Man,

      Just wanted to address something which I noticed after Iron Chef Rococo posted.

      I unambiguously support your concept of “moral ambiguity” and the example you gave of knife and wife is perfect for a debate on that very theme.

      There is an old post out here about a man who hid in his closet while his wife was being raped. Check out the comments on that one.

      My argument regarding black and white are strictly within the confines of the video…personally, I think it’s sadistic the way he treated the kid…

      Just wanted to clarify so we don’t lock horns on something that’s off topic.

      BTW – the knife/wife (any woman)/rape, I would plaster the walls with hemoglobin. I’m a fan of arterial spray and I wouldn’t hate myself for doing it, but that’s a whole other issue.

      Oddly enough, I’m a Buddhist…try reconciling that one, let me know how you do, I could use a hand. According to Buddhist Canon. I’m probably going to hell after this cycle, so I need to build up all the good karma I can as a cushion. Hopefully in a few cycles I can come back as a parakeet or some damn thing…buy a bag of thistle, have it handy, I may fly in your window someday.

      I prefer a karambit…

  • korea21

    they do this in korea..

  • Nanny Hiccups

    if he had even raised his hands to one of my sons he would be on the floor with his guts out. my boys don’t mess around like that. if you don’t hit them they wont hit you.

    • Tengu

      Wasn’t that your theory about Piranhas?

  • whiskersthecat

    Glorious people of the People’s Republic of China! Do you see what these intellectuals do to Our China?! Look back to the glorious people’s policemen, who selflessly toss themselves in front of (and also leap in front of) coming trains to save the proletariat.

  • Capt. WED

    sometimes teachers get beat the fuck up.

  • [email protected]

    Reading those comments by the Chinese netizens, amazing. Many of which seem to have no problem with what this video shows, some even support it and agree with it. Wow. Just Wow.

    Right, well..hmm, OK, everyone, Let’s beat the kids, educate through violence, perpetuate thuggery, promote social cowardice, condone child abuse, demonstrate evil as opposed to encouraging good. Yep, that’s the China I know alright.

    The China that is the worst and most absolutely nationwide retarded country in existence.

    Kudos for always proving my beliefs to be correct, Chinese.

    • Capt. WED

      LOL you are ethocentric. 2nd they werent hit hard at all. 3rd sometimes kids need to be taught a thing or two.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        get real. the teacher kicked him in the face

        • terroir

          And you know how much “giving face” is important to Chinese..

          • Brett Hunan

            If only giving the gift of “head” was valued more than giving the gift of “face”.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            oh that’s done under the table lol

          • terroir

            Yes, but then that shows that “losing face” is considered worse that “pulling out while you’re ahead”, and explains why spitting in China isn’t considered rude.

          • terroir

            @afghanny yi cup, er girls

            No, “lending a hand” is usually done underneath a table.

          • Brett Hunan


        • Capt. WED

          yeah well that’s Chinese hick behavior but still it light kick. When I was in China I remember the teacher would kick me in the ass like I was a soccer ball. LOL.




          I don’t understand why all the hate. It’s food that gets cooked. It’s dead basically. it appears to breath because involuntary muscle movement. It’s dead. Either way how long do you have to wait after it’s dead to eat it? Is it 5 min? 10 min? 20 min? One day? As for the oh it’s suffering inhumanely I call bullshit. By what criteria do you define suffering inhumanely? More ethnocentrism.

          • Capt. WED

            see how quick people are to say all Chinese people needs to die!

            LOL. All often do you see Chinese netizens say that type of shit? Never. Only on western sites like youtube

          • Nanny Hiccups

            only idiots are on youtube. i used to argue nonstop on that site lol. about everything. on my other account some of them used to go to my videos and talk crap on those.

          • moop

            lets see how fast this one devolves into schizo-babble.

            i swear you’re more schizophrenic than john nash in a hall of mirrors

          • terroir

            Now me:

            I bet you’re more schizophrenic than a mustard stain on a yellow paint home renovation color scale in a kaleidoscope store along the route of a yellow ticker tape parade.

          • Anon

            see how quick people are to say all Chinese people needs to die!

            LOL. All often do you see Chinese netizens say that type of shit? Never. Only on western sites like youtube
            You don’t spend actually spend much time on the Chinese internet do you.

          • Capt. WED

            we butt buddies 4 life MOOP & TERRIOR.

          • mr. wiener

            Never mind Capt. I’ll be your friend…Now if we can just discuss a payment plan….

          • terroir

            You’re more schizophrenic (and a self-loathing homophobic) than a gay Siamese fighting fish placed in front of a mirror, in which the Siamese fighting fish is made out of a whole bag of dicks, which can’t ejaculate due to performance anxiety, of all things.

          • Capt. WED

            Oh noes not from Terroior who makes 1.5 billion witty chinabashing posts on CHinasmack for every Chinese to read cos he’s just so damn witty! Seriously I’m glad my skizzoness and self-loathing got you off that OCD train. At least I didn’t lose my legs lol. Move on man, I prefer it when you were just being witty cos then I can just completely ignore you. Serious question who the hell read Terrorior’s shit? You people read mine obviously.

          • terroir

            @Cat Wet
            Well, if you’re going to compare my comments with yours, I think the difference would be that when people read yours they let out a disappointed sigh, draw a breath, and then go, “But….”

            Is this the #1 first impression you give people in real life too? Have you tried mouthwash?

          • whiskersthecat

            Capt. Cock telling someone to move on…hilarious.

  • linette

    I don’t believe using any form of physical violent on students by the teachers. There are always other ways to punish the students. Let the kids can spanking by their own parents. Not by the teachers. Remember that crazy teacher who beat up and threw a 11 yr old girl out of the window and she died. If you allow hitting and think it’s acceptable in the education system, it’s a matter of time something crazy like that will happen. Absolutely no hitting at all.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      i remember that teacher. did he get the death penalty?

      • linette

        I don’t know. I think he claimed insanity. Bullshxt right. So ridiculous. The rest of the kids didn’t try to stop him while he was hitting her with a metal stick. The school never do anything. So that is telling you the culture is that it is acceptable for teachers to hit students. If they do that in USA or Hk, the teacher will have their license revoked and go straight to jail.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          see the prosecutors in the usa would prove his isn’t crazy, but a homicidal maniac. i can n ever look at the story about the 11 year old again. that one was sad.

  • eattot

    have to admit some boys are realy hateful. beat others, insult teachers…some bitchy girls also hateful, when i was in middle school, a bitchy girl wrote bad words on one female teacher’s book,that young lady kicked her out, latter this bitch took her parents to class, that shitty father even tried to beat our teacher…everybody hated her.
    really should give those bad kids some lessons.

    • linette

      There are other ways to punish students other than hitting.

      • moop

        yeah, i know, if they really want to punish these kids, stick them in a women’s studies course

    • Joe

      Back when I was a teacher, my second grade class had a few very unruly students. The headmaster was a psychology graduate student with no teaching experience, who told us that we should pay special attention to and reward the poorest behaving students. Thank God my TAs had no problem whacking the kids in the head (which was the only effective means of discipline for some of the students.)

      • eattot
        • Nanny Hiccups

          ke ai means cute right? (or can-love literally) ANd i’m going guess the other words is monkey. wish i could see the video.

          • linette

            yes. ke ai 可愛 means cute or adorable. Or literally means can-love.

          • Scott

            可愛 literally means “loveable”, or that which can be loved or induces love, not “can love”. For example, I can love but you are loveable; not the same.

          • jin

            可= can
            爱= love
            if you translate them seperatedly.
            可爱 = cute/ dorable

          • linette

            可愛 Kě’ài literally translate into can + love, meaning lovable, cute, or adorable.
            他 Tā = He
            很 hěn = very
            可愛 Kě’ài = cute
            他 很 可愛 = He is very cute. No need grammar. Just put the words together.

            可行 Kě xíng literally translate into can + walk, meaning feasible or doable.
            Add 嗎 ma and ? at the end of any sentence and you will turn it into a question.

            可 行 嗎? Feasible?

            Students of china smack. Repeat after me.

          • Scott

            Yes, to translate into English it’s all in the ending, isn’t it? Which is “-able” or that which can be done, not “can-love” which is Chinglish.

            But many Chinese arrogate to themselves how to translate their mother tongue into a foreign language so we get “dorable” (misspellings are common, like “lovable”), “can-love” and other excretions of Chinglish. Go to a Chinese translation website, look at how standard Chinese is translated by the members into English, and almost always the Chinglish version is preferred over standard English. I’ve given up, but to let “can-love” pass it just too much.

            Understand the word literally means “loveable” then synonyms may be used as fits the context so, yes, “cute” sometimes works, so does “adorable”.

            Chinese students of English repeat after me, “I shall avoid misspelling, use proper punctuation, and not insist on Chinglish.”

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Scott, I guess when i saw the word, I thought of Ke meaning can and Ai meaning love and thought “can love” but I know that it means ‘cute’ (or i guess lovable). But no, i know I would not think of it as “can-love”. So let’s not get our knickers in a twister there buddy :o) thanks by the way.

            No one has ever answered my question about a phrase i heard. i actually looked for it and found it in a video, at approximately the 9:00 minute mark, where the teacher is telling the class to be quiet and he says (can’t spell pinyin words) but the phonetic spelling sounds like Bu You Toh but I’m sure he’s not saying that. Can you look at this video 9 minutes exactly and tell me what the exact words are and the translation? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj9R8Y94qN4

            [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj9R8Y94qN4&w=420&h=315%5D

          • linette

            uh….Scott. The reason why us Chinese give you a word for word translation is because 可 = can and 愛 = love. Each word can be used separately. So you know anytime you see the word 可 it means can or able. When you see the word 愛 means love.

            When I write
            我= I 愛 = love 你= you
            我愛你 Wǒ ài nǐ = I love you

            我 = I 可= can 走 = run or leave 嗎 = ?
            我可以走嗎? Wǒ kěyǐ zǒu ma
            You know I am asking “Can I leave?”

            Of course we know “can love” in English does not mean adorable or cute. Just like can walk doesn’t mean feasible.

            Why would a none native speaker like you criticize the native Chinese speakers?

          • Scott

            “Why would a non-native speaker like you criticize the (sic) native Chinese speakers?” Because, fool, you are trying to translate your mother tongue, Mandarin, into a foreign language, English, and you really believe you have the competency, the breadth of vocabulary, and experience to do so when the contrary is painfully obvious. You seemingly cannot understand even half of what I’ve written.

            Linette, like most Chinese your experience of translation is limited to explaining some very basic stuff to persons wholly ignorant of even the basics of Chinese (look at your own juvenile explanations) yet come to the conclusion that you have some innate skill at translation and understanding of foreign culture. So, to you “can-love” seems an apt translation even as I explained “可愛 literally means ‘loveable’, or that which can be loved or induces love” . And you still argue, so I ask, “why would a non-native speaker like you criticize the translation of (a) native speaker?” You think the character compound 可愛 is that profound, so difficult that it needs your authority to be made clear? “Can-love”, right?

            Like most mainland Chinese in China or abroad you have very little or no experience of foreigners knowing Mandarin other than 大山 whom we consider little more than a caricature of competency in Chinese.

            If you must reply please read with understanding what I’ve written here.

          • Scott

            Nanny Hiccups,

            The words spoken at the nine-minute mark are 不要吵 (bu yao chao) which in American colloquial English is “don’t make a racket”, repeated three times, but more interestingly followed by his comment 混帐东西 (hun zhang dong xi) at the 9:03 mark meaning “bastard thing” or more colloquially “son-of-a-bitch”.

          • Scott

            Nanny Hiccups;

            In this context “don’t raise a ruckus” is probably most apt.

          • linette


            你能翻譯中文成英文比我更好嗎? 你認為你能比我更了解中文字嗎?你學過多久中文字呢?看你只能使用簡單的中文字已經告訴我你不知道的太多了。
            我敢打賭,我會講英語比你能講中文。而我只花了幾年來學習英語。你多花十餘年你的中文也不及我三年學習的英語好. 誰像豬的愚蠢? 你吧!

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Scott, they use another insult in that movie, that sounds like “joo toh” (zhū tóu). The mother refers to the naughty son as this way all the time. I always think it sounds like she is saying pig head. Another scene, a man says the same thing.

            Does that sound like Pig head to me. Is that a common insult or am I mistaken?

          • Brett Hunan

            nanny- zhutou is pighead. its an insult ad can be used like “idiot”.

          • Scott



            “You can translate Chinese into English better than me? You think you know Chinese characters better than me? How long have you studied Chinese characters? That you can use simple Chinese characters already tells me that you don’t know too much.

            “I dare to make a bet, I speak better English than you are able to speak Chinese.(sic) And I’ve only spent a few years learning English. If you spend more than ten years of your Chinese it will still not be as good as my three years studying English. Who is more stupid than a pig? You!

            “If you have a brain, please use Chinese to reply.”


          • Scott


            讀完女士的一篇私憤, 我嘆息不已﹐妳滿嘴亂罵噴糞﹐雖然承認自己讀了三年多的英語而已﹐但是誇張自己為中英翻譯魁首﹐實在太過分吧!真是馬不知臉長!我該花多少心血糾正開竅呢﹖孤陋寡聞的妳﹐寧願妳繼續生活在幻想中﹐讓妳一個人抬杠吧!

          • Chef Rocco

            Scott, excellent Chinese, 靠谱!

            她是自取其辱, 哈哈。。

          • Scott

            Chef Rocco;

            Linette 為純朴小女﹐不懂事﹐她與成人打交道不知何去何從﹐顯得自高自大﹐在論壇上表達方式也幼稚又愚蠢﹐容易可憐她﹐但極為難教養她。

          • Chef Rocco

            Scott, 留点面子给她吧。


          • Nanny Hiccups

            Scott, while I feel like you are very helpful to me, I felt you attacked Linette with your comment. It’s always a better way to convey the same message. Her English is not bad at all for only three years.

            Now if you want to laugh, you should see me try to speak mandarin and butcher the language. When I am brave, I will share my youtube with you. You can tell me where I am screwing up lol

          • Scott

            愛護 Linette 網友;


          • linette

            Chef Rocco and Scott 愚蠢可憐是你們吧. 誰是馬面請你們把你倆個的照片放在avatar看看. 讓我看看照片你倆個有多愚蠢. 你倆不敢放照片就別滿嘴亂罵. Scott你誇張自己為中英翻譯魁首﹐你也實在太過分吧. 我也不喜歡和瘋子對話. Chef rocco你是不是吃太多狗肉腦殼進了水? 吃太多狗肉恐怕你樣子也像狗吧.

          • Scott


            And, Linette, since you claim your translation is so good then, please, translate any of the comments I’ve written about you.

          • Scott

            Most Recent Words of Wisdom from Linette:

            “Chef Rocco and Scott, the stupid and pathetic are you two. To see who has a horse’s face you two need to place your photos on an avatar (sic) and look; let me see the photos and how stupid you both are. If you don’t dare to put up photos then don’t “fill your mouth with abuse” (a phrase I used in a comment to her). Scott, you brag that you are among the best and brightest in Chinese-English translation (I never claimed so) , and I don’t care to have a dialogue with an idiot. Chef Rocco, you get water on the brain from eating too much dog meat? Eating too much dog meat I’m afraid you will come to look like a dog.”

            Well, so much for trying to approach Linette with reason and maturity, and all begun because she arrogantly assumed my level of Chinese would be laughably elementary and dared me reply in Chinese. Anyone knowing both languages can compare from these comments and judge for themselves.

          • linette

            Still no photo yet on your avatar? What are you hiding? How can I take you seriously? You try to portray yourself as a scholar. A man of high intelligence and a good level of maturity in front of me, but in reality you are probably just a creepy looking faggot. As a matter of fact, you actually behave like a really old man who gets angry easily at everything. I only suggested that I am a native speaker so I should probably have more knowledge than a non native speaker in Chinese like you. You then went on and on like hours trying to prove me wrong. Get a life you poor thing. Don’t waste too much energy and hours on translating my reply.

            By the way, your translation is as good as google translate. I suggest you to use a better translation program.

          • Brett Hunan

            Maybe this can help everyone


          • linette

            hahaha…is that easy huh? Yo..I can teach. I am gonna sign up so I can teach Chinese 101. I wonder how much they will pay me. I can do it as a side job. hahhhha.

          • linette

            Most Recent Words of Wisdom from Scott:

            “Hola, mi nombre es Scott. Yo uso el nombre de Scott en el foro de computadora, pero en realidad estoy realmente una vieja con dentadura positiza. La cosa más importantes en mi vida es pasar todo el día transduciendo insultos la gente escribe sobre mí. No tengo otra cosa que hacer. Me gusta esconderse detrás de la computadora y escribir sin sentido, porque nadie me escuchaba en la vida real. No quiero poner mi foto en el avatar, porque soy muy fea.”

            Scott said 哎呀 哎呀 哎呀 como la vieja.
            Scott now translate this. hahaha…

          • Scott


            You really are a fool. I not only write my own, I studied Spanish (accento Castellano; perhaps you know what that means and implies? Your Spanish friend will know) for three years in high school, the first but surely worst of my foreign languages:

            “Hello, my name is Scott. I use the screen name “Scott” but in reality I am really an oldie with dentures (postiza, not “positiza”). The most important things (sic) in my life is to pass the whole day trading insults with people who write about me. I have nothing else to do. I like to skulk (a new word for you, Linette) behind the computer and write meaningless (things) because I have nothing real in my life to write about. I don’t want to post my photo in avatar because I’m ugly.’

            I can’t comment on my looks, but women do say my wife (and girlfriends) are gorgeous (艷麗, yet another new vocabulary word for you; you are most welcome).

          • Scott



            No, I very much doubt you are qualified to teach Mandarin. By example, one of my teachers was secretary to the Qing dynasty yamen; by comparison little one, you are nothing.

        • Joe

          I got to play with a baby monkey at a zoo in Shandong once. Every bit as cute as that monkey.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            what’s ever bit as cute as a monkey? I love watching them at the zoo, but the smell… oh the horror :o)

          • Joe

            Back in the old days when Chinese zoos were still awesome (but totally did not protect the animals from the droves of assholes that went there), there was a monkey cage you could go inside (Phoenix, AZ has one too, but there are zoo workers every 2 feet) and a baby monkey you could play with (Safari Park in Ji’Nan).

        • Capt. WED


          Gordan Liu! Yeah just typical day in China for 4 me. I do this shit everyday.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I love Gordon Liu but I am more of a Hsiao Hou fan. He was excellent. Wish he did more movies. I have all of the ones he was in. I also have a lot of the ones with Gordon Liu. Loved him in heroes of the east.

    • American, Patrick Henry

      Why do you have to use foul language to express yourself? It is like you pour excrement on us.

  • Foreign Devil

    the Ideological and Political Education director is just giving him an early ideological and Political education on how things work in China.

  • Jay K.

    IF the truth is these shitheads were spitting at others from up top, then beat the shit out of the kids.

    seriously american education needs to go back to demeaning tactics on idiots in schools. theres too many kids in american schools slacking or being absolute assholes/idiots.

    do the dunce cap, a nice smack to the face with a ruler, not this “johny is going to get detention for 45 minutes straight after school. it only works so much before no one cares about it.

    and yes I am a product of the american education system, no i wasnt some deranged/lonely/emo kid i was a regular student who played JV/V sports, and was in various school clubs (i feel old reminiscing about something 10-15 yrs ago), no one bullied me really, but i felt bad just for the teachers and other classmates of mine from the stupidity the people would do in school

    • Nanny Hiccups

      when my kids were in grade school if they acted out, the kids were taken to the “peace room”, which was an all white room with a desk where the student could be alone. the unruly ones would scream and kick as they were dragged down the hall to the peace room “I don’t wannna go to the peace room waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”. My kids got a big kick out of that. One of my sons used to get in trouble on purpose so he could go to the peace room for a bit of quiet. he also got to each his lunch there without the bother of other students.

  • Dan

    People seem to forget that kids don’t count as people. Nor should they. Strongly support beating the crap out of them till they wise up.

    • Me

      1-UP for Dan. I could only be a teacher in a society where beating the shit out of students was not only legal but encouraged.

      I would show up for class at 9:00. Then we would sing the national anthem of this wonderful country wherever it is and whatever it is named in which I have the opportunity to beat the shit out of a few loud mouthed little punks.

      After the National anthem is finished we do roll call where I only call the names of the shithead students, who mouthed off the day before, as they line up one by one facing me. The good students have a few minutes break while I proceed head but each student standing before me all the way down the line.

      This is the only way to teach the stupid little retards.

      Fuck you child loving perverts. This teacher is a Chinese hero. They should build a crappy fake stone statue of him down there in Hainan.

      • linette

        @Me I am sure you set a good example for the teaching professionals.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      This is stupid since they are young and are just learning for the first time. you actually have to teach them so they can actually learn something.

  • Dr SUN

    Terrible teacher, just like my junior school teachers in the UK in the 1970’s , that beat us with rulers and electric shock machines.

    • linette

      electric shock machines…..


      • jin

        eletric chair? taser? lighter eletrical generator?

  • elizabeth

    Verbal abuse does more harm than physical punishment. Back in school, if anyone did not bring her book or pay attention in class, she would be told to stand for the rest of the lesson. The shame was enough as a deterrent.

    My dad would hit the table or chair with a cane when we were naughty and that was enough to frighten us. He never had to hit us. We learned to be good and did well in our studies.

    But, when a moody pregnant teacher called me stupid because I did not revise before attending her French class, that was the greatest damage inflicted on my morale. I went from loving to hating French lessons.

    • Me

      Electric shock machines? Oh man I was born too late. If only I could employ those in my class. I could just connect every chair to a circuit and zap away every time one of those knuckle heads made a peep.

  • mr. mike

    If this is some sort of punishment, it’s pretty spastic; he and the other guy just don’t punch/kick the kids a few times quickly – he strikes, walks away, comes back, strikes again. It looks more like angry men hitting disobedient children in a fits of rage than prescribed punishment.

  • Charles

    Scott – 你真他妈的可爱!用点儿中文回答吧!

    • Scott


  • North East Lao Why

    I wish I could do that to quite a number of cupid stunts I’ve met here in Chiner !

  • American, Patrick Henry

    Looks like he wants to go back the days of Mao. Maybe he misses it. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – Jesus Christ

    • Scott

      己所不欲勿施于人: “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you” – The Analects

      Such principle is universal to all cultures.

  • Dave

    The Chinese Netizens who appear to think that there’s nothing wrong with such actions – sadly this doesn’t surprise me. Chinese culture is unempathetic, soul-less, bullying. Abuse is written off as “teaching discipline”. Toddlers are run over and passers by couldn’t care less. Animals, disabled, everyday workers are treated like complete crap.

    It’s all the fault of Confucianism say the fanboys. Whatever.

    What a disgusting culture.

  • Why didn’t the students just gang up on the stupid teacher? They didn’t even throw a punch. As unkind as it might be to say, I blame the victims for allowing this to continue. Who the fuck sits there and lets someone kick them in the head??? If it were me, I would have beat the teacher to death.

  • I Speak The Truth

    I just think that discipline is definitely necessary in a school however, discipline does not equal to physical violence. This was more than just “a hit”, this was a harsh beating. If that teacher were to do that to an adult man on the streets (in public) the police would definitely come to arrest him for assult. It is not right. And for those who think it’s right; it isn’t. People can still learn how to be a rightful person without any beatings. Some even say, “This is nothing. I grew up like this too” BUT…I’m pretty sure when you were beaten up, you didn’t like it and it was painful. So if it was painful and you KNOW IT then you should look down at this kind of activity but instead, all you do is 讲风凉话. You have experience this before then you should hope this happen to others but the favt that you think they deserve it makes you a 变态.

  • I Speak The Truth

    I just think that discipline is definitely necessary in a school however, discipline does not equal to physical violence. This was more than just “a hit”, this was a harsh beating. If that teacher were to do that to an adult on the streets (in public) the police would definitely come to arrest him for assult. It is not right. And for those who think it’s right; it isn’t. People can still learn how to be a rightful person without any beatings. Some even say, “This is nothing. I grew up like this too” BUT…I’m pretty sure when you were beaten up, you didn’t like it and it was painful. So if it was painful and you KNOW IT then you should look down at this kind of activity but instead, all you do is 讲风凉话. You have experienced this before then you should hope this doesnt happen to others but the fact that you think they deserve it makes you a 变态.

  • Jay

    Come one man! Kicking a student in the throat is un cause for no matter what the student does. Its just excessive and how can you say that it is reasonable! what is wrong with you!!

  • pongpong

    Can anyone tell me is that an act of human???? bastard these chines are all same….China sucksssss

    • Hongwu Emperor

      It’s the act of a human, but a rather cruel and evil one.

      Similarly to the school shootouts that pops up here and there in the US, and bullying/school violence around the world.

  • Yes!

    >>Ideological and Political Education Departments<<

    This is exactly the problem with China's educational system.

  • happygal74

    Try doing all this rubbish in my hometown, parents will storm to the school immediately