Middle School Teacher Requires Students to Write 250,000 Characters

Middle School Teacher Requires Students to Write 250,000 Characters

A middle school teacher in Xi’an assigned students homework for the “5-1” Holiday based on their test scores. The assignment was to copy passages from a supplementary book. The number of times the students were required to copy the passage, which is about 8000 characters long, depended on their score on a test they had recently taken. The students with the lowest scores were assigned to copy the passage 20 times, which totals over 250,000 characters. Students were overwhelmed, and some said they did nothing but eat, sleep, and write, but were still unable to complete the ridiculous assignment.

Source: Netease

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  • loki

  • vonskippy

    Maybe the article writer needs to take math over again. 8000 characters written 20 times is 160,000 characters NOT 250,000. Geesh, get a calculator already.

    • Vance

      No calculator even needed. 8 x 2 and then put the total 0’s in front of that answer.

    • Jahar

      Pfft. Chinese people are better at math than foreigners. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Kokainum11c

      Don’t hate Chinese math. How do you think something worth 10,000 RMB can be bought for 10 million RMB from an official’s relative’s business?

      • Vance

        China wouldn’t be the first or only place where that kind of math is practiced. Here in America the story of the $600 toilet seats, etc. is well known. And they are accountable to the vote here.

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  • DD Bear!

    someone never can finishe homework just passes by!

  • hyuugasaki

    Another thing I don’t quite understand. there’s also a test where you have to remember all the passages with the exact same wordings, commas etc. and write it down.

    If I want to learn something from the passage, I’d be better off try to understand what it says. It won’t be exactly like how it was written in the passage, but I get what it says based on my understanding.

    If I have to remember exactly as the passage written. I will try to use a different method, I can remember exactly like it is, but it doesn’t mean I get what it says. and I’ll probably forget about it soon.

    Like robot, it can copy tons of things, but it doesn’t understand what it copies.

    • Jahar

      Training them to do mindless work with no questions.

    • Vance

      It sounds like this was the middle school academic equivalent of a coach making team members run extra laps around the track because he didn’t like the way they practiced.

  • Foreign Devil

    Preparing for a very in demand career as human photocopier.

  • WghUk

    Just use a computer.