Migrant Worker Beats Wife in Public for “Not Listening”

A migrant worker in Zhejiang province of China beating his wife in public for "not listening/obeying".

A migrant worker in Zhejiang province of China beating his wife in public for "not listening/obeying".

From ifeng, HSW, Tiexue, & KDS:

Zhejiang: Wife “doesn’t listen/obey”, working man uses violence in public

July 4th noon, Zhejiang province Jinhua City on Hepanqiao Road, a man because of a triviality violently beat his wife. First he used his elbow to down his wife, then he used his palm to repeatedly slap his already fallen wife’s face, continuing on to viciously kick with his foot, and finally pulling his wife’s by her hair several meters, his wife crying fiercely from the beating. This man says they are from Anhui and have come out to work [as migrant workers], that his wife wouldn’t listen, that they only needed one working certificate but his wife insisted on the two of them applying together, so he hit her. Photo is of the husband grabbing his wife’s hair by one hand, and the other hand hitting his wife as she is on the ground.

A Chinese migrant worker beats on his wife in Zhejiang province of China, angry with her "not listening/obeying".

Man uses elbow to knock down his wife.

A Chinese husband presses his wife down onto the ground in public during a physical fight.

Man uses hand to hold down his wife by her back so she cannot get up.

A Chinese migrant worker smacks his wife in public while holding her by her hair.

Man holding down his wife, then using his palm to repeatedly smack his wife across the face as she is on the ground.

An angry Chinese husband dragging his wife by her hair on a public street in Zhejiang province of China.

An angry Chinese husband kicking and pulling his wife's hair on a public street in Zhejiang province of China.

After slapping her across the face, the man seizes his wife by her hair and drags her several meters.

A Chinese migrant worker threatening his wife with further violence if she continues to disobey him.

After his savage act, the man threatened his wife that if she doesn’t listen, the beating will continue. Fear could be seen in the wife’s eyes.

Comments from ifeng:


Beast, only knowing how to hit women, coward.

河南省洛阳市网友 mmn1322kj:

Is the person he’s hitting his wife? Where did the love go? Vicious inhuman bastard, it is a surprise that he was able to get a wife at all.

江西省吉安市网友 菸菟夹道:

Spending all this time taking photographs, this photographer should be beaten.


With this kind of person, why stay with him? Should’ve left/divorced him long ago! If you don’t divorce/leave him, at least give him a green hat to wear [embarrass him by being unfaithful to him]!

四川省成都市网友 翻黄历:

This kind of phenomenon is still a frequent sight in the rural countryside. It’s a lack of education.

浙江省温州市网友 索朗仁青:

When your lives are already so difficult, why do you two as husband and wife still treat each other so viciously? Truly perplexing.


Domestic violence is very common, and this is why girls need to open their eyes wide, and not marry the wrong person.

Comments from KDS:


All good women were beaten into what they are. downloading


Hard disks are always hitting their fathers and mothers and wives after getting drunk on Shaoxing rice wine. Truly courageous and upright men!

梵 天:

So is this behavior of the “real men” that YP are always talking about? downloading


The behavior of the incompetent. downloading


The more uncultured/uncivilized a person is, the more they use violence.


Shanghainese men can only secretly envy [this].
When the wife gets angry, [all Shanghainese men can do is] fantasize a bit.
When replying to a post, [they] can only say the more uncultured/uncivilized a person is, the more they use violence.
[But] look at the bangzi and taibazi when they hold parliament [Korean National Assembly & Legislative Yuan], when have they not fought? Are they uncultured/uncivilized?

Wife doesn’t listen? Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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