Migrant Worker Beats Wife in Public for “Not Listening”

A migrant worker in Zhejiang province of China beating his wife in public for "not listening/obeying".

From ifeng, HSW, Tiexue, & KDS:

Zhejiang: Wife “doesn’t listen/obey”, working man uses violence in public

July 4th noon, Zhejiang province Jinhua City on Hepanqiao Road, a man because of a triviality violently beat his wife. First he used his elbow to down his wife, then he used his palm to repeatedly slap his already fallen wife’s face, continuing on to viciously kick with his foot, and finally pulling his wife’s by her hair several meters, his wife crying fiercely from the beating. This man says they are from Anhui and have come out to work [as migrant workers], that his wife wouldn’t listen, that they only needed one working certificate but his wife insisted on the two of them applying together, so he hit her. Photo is of the husband grabbing his wife’s hair by one hand, and the other hand hitting his wife as she is on the ground.

A Chinese migrant worker beats on his wife in Zhejiang province of China, angry with her "not listening/obeying".

Man uses elbow to knock down his wife.

A Chinese husband presses his wife down onto the ground in public during a physical fight.

Man uses hand to hold down his wife by her back so she cannot get up.

A Chinese migrant worker smacks his wife in public while holding her by her hair.

Man holding down his wife, then using his palm to repeatedly smack his wife across the face as she is on the ground.

An angry Chinese husband dragging his wife by her hair on a public street in Zhejiang province of China.

An angry Chinese husband kicking and pulling his wife's hair on a public street in Zhejiang province of China.

After slapping her across the face, the man seizes his wife by her hair and drags her several meters.

A Chinese migrant worker threatening his wife with further violence if she continues to disobey him.

After his savage act, the man threatened his wife that if she doesn’t listen, the beating will continue. Fear could be seen in the wife’s eyes.

Comments from ifeng:


Beast, only knowing how to hit women, coward.

河南省洛阳市网友 mmn1322kj:

Is the person he’s hitting his wife? Where did the love go? Vicious inhuman bastard, it is a surprise that he was able to get a wife at all.

江西省吉安市网友 菸菟夹道:

Spending all this time taking photographs, this photographer should be beaten.


With this kind of person, why stay with him? Should’ve left/divorced him long ago! If you don’t divorce/leave him, at least give him a green hat to wear [embarrass him by being unfaithful to him]!

四川省成都市网友 翻黄历:

This kind of phenomenon is still a frequent sight in the rural countryside. It’s a lack of education.

浙江省温州市网友 索朗仁青:

When your lives are already so difficult, why do you two as husband and wife still treat each other so viciously? Truly perplexing.


Domestic violence is very common, and this is why girls need to open their eyes wide, and not marry the wrong person.

Comments from KDS:


All good women were beaten into what they are. downloading


Hard disks are always hitting their fathers and mothers and wives after getting drunk on Shaoxing rice wine. Truly courageous and upright men!

梵 天:

So is this behavior of the “real men” that YP are always talking about? downloading


The behavior of the incompetent. downloading


The more uncultured/uncivilized a person is, the more they use violence.


Shanghainese men can only secretly envy [this].
When the wife gets angry, [all Shanghainese men can do is] fantasize a bit.
When replying to a post, [they] can only say the more uncultured/uncivilized a person is, the more they use violence.
[But] look at the bangzi and taibazi when they hold parliament [Korean National Assembly & Legislative Yuan], when have they not fought? Are they uncultured/uncivilized?

Wife doesn’t listen? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Cool Matt

    He beats me because he loves me. He killed me because he loves me…

    • 7DRAGNX

      Lovely. I enjoy it all the time when some Chinese girls encourage their friends: He won’t let you out because he loves you so much. He screams at you because he loves you so much. He fucks other girls because he loves you so much.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        I go out drink ten pints,
        get completely plastered,
        i go home and beat the wife
        cos I’m an English bastard.

  • TIM

    Only happens in China..Chinese men..no wonder all the women are going for foreigners.

    When will the Chinese learn the ways of the white devil?

    I’m UNAWARE /b/ btw

    • 平凡人

      Are you sure there are no home violence in America and Europe? I have read a lot of it in the foreign papers. Look, it happens everywhere just that you are reading one from China. What are the ways of the white devil? Hill billy?

      • Rick in China

        This isn’t home violence, this is in a public place. Growing up, I can’t recall a single time that someone seriously hit their significant other or child in public – I’d imagine if it did happen that the majority of people around would step in and either stop it, contact the police immediately, or do something to try to end this kind of abuse – it’s *absolutely* looked down upon as shameful and despicable behavior.

        That being said, *obviously* it doesn’t happen only in China, and obviously it does happen to some extent in every country, just not nearly as frequently in the open and with no intervention. I’ve no facts to back this up other than my own experiences of course. If you have other experiences that point to other conclusions, feel free…

        • Chad

          I agree. White men are so much better because they beat up their wives INSIDE the house.

          • Sunshine


            Short comments are to the point.

          • Alex

            I don’t think that was the point to Rick’s comment. The point is that I can assure you that this would not happen here (in Canada) because someone would have stepped in and punched that man and the cops would have been there in 3 minutes to arrest this dude. This beating had to be a few minutes long, minimum, and yet I see nobody helping. Actually I think it’s a fake to be honest, because I can’t fathom that some loser would rather start snapping photos instead of helping. Of course abuse happens EVERYWHERE – there are trash men in every single race, culture and religion – but to my knowledge men have no shame at all in the arab world and in asia. I say this with all due respect to all Asian men – that’s why the love of my life is from China.

          • Rick in China

            @AlexExactly right.

            Also, regarding home violence – here the attitude seems to be ignore it, it’s not my/our business….I don’t agree that the majority of people in the west would consider it “not their business”, and would most definitely call the cops when they hear shit get out of hand.

            Chad’s comment is creating a straw man retort, nothing more.

        • I bet the same kind of thing happened in Canada eighty years ago

      • TIM

        Why can’t Chinese men just behave like foreigners? You know, like the ones teaching English in China.

        Bloody Chinese! We all know the white devils way is the correct way.

        Foreign devils don’t beat up on their wife/girlfriends etc. ONLY Chinese men do it.


        • Obvious troll is obvious…

          Y U SO OBVIOUS???

          U Mad bro?

          • Irvin

            don’t feed the troll (troll referring to tim our resident troll).

          • TIM

            …. and Irvin the self hating Chinese Pig.

          • Just John

            TIM, get back in the kitchen before I have to give you another black eye.

          • TIM

            Racist and sexist…Classy brah

        • [email protected]

          Tim, got a durry brah? got fifty cents brah?

          Hey Tim, you seem to really resent foreigners living in your country.
          So it should proper burn you that I married one of your women right brah? and I get along with my Chinese in-laws swimmingly brah. u mad brah? U AWARE brah?

          Hey Tim, no amount of store-bought ballin’ and ebonics 101 will ever save you from yourself.

          We may all be white devils to you, but you are a bottom-feeder to all of us.

          • TIM

            LULZ.. so are your in-laws the average yellow trash cleaning toilets in China?

            Those are your words. Not mine.

            Good luck to you when she leaves you. Nice little green card and half of your English teaching salary. Have you managed to save $100’000 RMB yet? LULZ..

            And is she Chinese Christian? LULZ
            And was she a VIRGIN when she met you? LULZ

            I bet she’s a real stunner! LULZ

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            Can’t find a women to even LOOK at you in Australia? LULZ

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            You mad your children will be MONGRELS? LULZ

          • Alikese

            Watching you two bicker is like jabbing nails into my eyes.

            If I see “brah” or “lulz” one more time I’m going to give you a pair of Irish sunglasses in public.

          • Just John

            What do you tell a TIM with two black eyes?
            Nothing, I already told him twice.

            See Ali, already took care of it.

            Now, get back in the kitchen TIM.

          • Just John

            You know, for all of TIM’s high handedness, I wonder if he realize just how much he insulted the Chinese people:

            LULZ.. so are your in-laws the average yellow trash cleaning toilets in China?
            – So, are you trying to claim that the average Chinese is “Toilet cleaning trash”?

            As you said – Those are your words. Not mine.

            Good luck to you when she leaves you. Nice little green card and half of your English teaching salary. Have you managed to save $100’000 RMB yet? LULZ..
            -So, are you claiming all Chinese are money grubbing whores who only want our green cards?

            As you said – Those are your words. Not mine.

            And is she Chinese Christian? LULZ
            – Given that there are more Christians in China then in the US, not sure what point you are trying to make here.

            And was she a VIRGIN when she met you? LULZ
            – So, are you saying all Chinese women are promiscuous?

            As you said – Those are your words. Not mine.

            I bet she’s a real stunner! LULZ
            – So, given this is apparently sarcasm, are you saying all Chinese are ugly?

            As you said – Those are your words. Not mine.

            Enjoy special sauce on your food? LULZ

            Enjoy people being friendly to you and then talking sht about you behind your back? LULZ

            Can’t find a women to even LOOK at you in Australia? LULZ
            – Question here is, can you?

            Do I hit a nerve with you? LULZ
            -Only proved more of what we already knew about you.

            You mad your children will be MONGRELS? LULZ
            – I guess you consider Tai, Tibeto-Burman, Miao-Yao, Tajik, Mon-khmer, Korean, Turkic, Mongolian, Tungusic, and Indonesian ethno-linguistic groups found within China to be “Mongrels” also? Or is it only if they have offspring with “Han” Chinese that they become mongrels? Sad part is, even the “Han” group is not necessarily “pure” depending on how back you want to trace said ancestry.

          • Jones

            What’s LONG and HARD on Tim?

            First grade.

          • Why did the chicken cross the road?

            What’s black and white and read all over?

            A rabbi, a priest, and a monk walk into a bar

            Knock Knock?

            There once was a man from Nantucket

          • Alikese

            Why did TIM walk in to a bar?

            Because his crippling fear of intimacy, and lonely squalor only allowed him to find solace on the long bar of ChinaSmack, where even though everyone loathed him and found him tedious, he was paid attention to. He had already lost his livelihood, to whoring, gambling, and being an obnoxious fenqing, but in this one place he was able to feel strong. The only time he could feel strength was when he reared back and shouted from the back of his lungs: “What about America?!”

          • Jones

            What is black and orange and looks good on Tim?

            A Doberman Pinchser .

        • bojangles

          I liked the part where you all got trolled.

          • donscarletti

            Yep, but then again, if getting angry and indignant on the internet wasn’t fun, people wouldn’t do it.
            Trolling someone on the internet is like selling a fat man pie, it’s not good for him, he knows he shouldn’t have it but he really wants it. In the end, if the victim flames out at a troll, he feels some guilt and stupidity, but he still enjoys doing it.
            TIM is fun to rip into, who cares if that’s what he wants or not, if it is, then it is a win-win for everyone.

    • Heilongjiang

      Come on Domestic abuse happens in every country.

      One difference that i could say is that in most countries rather than taking pictures with the phones. Most people would intervene and stop the man from beating his wife.

      Here not so much the case, more often the thinking is I don’t know the person so its not my problem

      • ander

        Yep, I was gonna say the same thing, just as one Chinese poster did.
        “Spending all this time taking photographs, this photographer should be beaten.”

      • Maybe it takes place in every country, but you need to realize the level of shock laowai feel when they see this. I hear it happens in south korea also.

        • Heilongjiang

          So what because it’s so common place in Asia that they become desensitized to it, that means its alright to gawk and take photos rather than help out fellow human being.

          Doesn’t matter in what country this happen, South Korea, Canada, Russia. People taking photos of a woman being beat deserve to get their own asses handed to them.

  • niro

    Only in China this happens on the street!!! in western country’s they don’t take pictures…but actually help the poor WOMEN…..

    Very sad…. china has a veryvery long way too go….

    • Honkypong

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGcAzX9E3qU&w=425&h=349%5D

      Only in China.????? Come on. You are blatantly a bigot. Domestic abuse is condemnable , but only the Chinese are guilty…sheez !!!!!

      • Tengu

        My daughter is a Therapist and Professor in the US…her specialties are Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence which would seem to fly in the face of the “Only in China” argument!

      • Just John

        I think niro is trying to say, in western countries, we politely bring women behind closed doors, then beat her, so it is not on the street in view of the public…

  • rubens

    No person around (no wonder, such a secretive people..), just a photographer who perfectly immortalizes everything, closely and with no blur due to motion (a slow-motion fight?)..
    Why everything you publish looks so fake?
    Why this photoset?
    Maybe the authorities want to clamp down upon migrant workers? Something about women’s rights? (naaa)
    Demostrating that if the police beat on them it’s no such a big deal?
    Is there sone issue about working certificates?

    • At first I was wondering why the photos had such good lighting and little to no blurring, but then I got to the end and saw actual emotions on their faces.

      Typical suppressed fear on the woman’s face and typical red, scrunched up face on the man’s face. But really it was the finger pointing at or above eye-level a couple of inches away from her face, that clinched it for me.

      Man, it’s great that no one stepped into the viewfinder otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten these amazing shots that help to define some intangible culture of public beatings without intervention….

      That’ll teach her to learn her place as just a woman good for following orders and making sons only in the glorious paradise that is china….

    • A: “Welcome, Mr.. er-”
      B: “Mr Patsy”
      A: “Ah-yes! Mr Patsy. I have your resume here… I see your work as a Japanese imperialist soldier has come highly recommended”
      B: “Thank you!”
      A: “I’m sure you’ve been briefed as to our photoshoot, but I wanted to reiterate that we’ll be doing a scene where you’ll be pretend beating upon a actress for a set of fake photos for our own nefarious reasons.”
      B: “Your assistent gave me the memo..”
      A: “..So you’re completely fine with showing your face and revealing your complete identity and forever be known as a woman-beater?”
      B: “..Yes.”
      A: “Have you also been briefed that all we can offer in compensation is a sandwich and a kick in the ass?”
      B: “Considering the circumstances and the economy… can you make it a sandwich and two kicks in the ass?”

    • Jones

      Considering the camera used, in bright daylight you can get shots at 1/4000th of a second or more. You can freeze helicopter blades in motion.

      As far as lighting, it’s overly harsh, hard lighting from the sun being directly above the subjects. The faces are illuminated by reflected light.


      • It’s all CGI, everything is artificially constructed, that strange and undefinable quesiness we all feel isn’t from seeing a woman be beaten senselessly but from a result of the uncanny valley.

        Yep, these are shots from the gritty, darker “Matrix” reboot. Migrant man is the new Neo as portrayed by Shia LeBeef (he’ll say the movie sucks, I know); Neo takes the form of a Chinese migrant man who must overcome a meek migrant woman to deliver the third act climax.

  • MrT

    Nice day for it.

  • camlost

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing, you already told her twice.

    OOHHH, I’m gonna go to a special hell for that one.

    • What’s the first thing a woman does after coming home from a domestic abuse support group?

      The dishes, if she knows what’s good for her.

      I think I’ll join you…..

    • Just John

      Why did the woman cross the road

      Who cares, why is she out of the kitchen?

      • Just John

        What do you do if your dishwasher stops working?

        Slap her.

        • TIM

          I just had dinner at your mums house. I slapped her silly.
          In the kitchen and in the bedroom.

          • Your timing is a little off.

          • I can’t bear to keep seeing you live a life without humor, so I will do the charitable thing and turn your comment into a joke.

            Q: What do you call Tim at your mom’s house slapping her silly in the kitchen and bedroom?
            A: Having dinner.

            SEE? 100% improvement! It’s like comedic duct tape! Now, some sharp-eyed nay-sayers will point things out like “If dinner is only comprised of slapping, don’t you get hungry?” and “If Tim is slapping your mom in the kitchen, doesn’t this hinder the preparation of a nice home cooked meal?” Now, you might get discouraged, but don’t fret! Humor is an art, not a science as you learned at your finishing school, so keep up the hard work!

            If I may, let’s tweak your joke around, shall we?

            Q: What do you call a dinner with Tim who is slapping your mom silly around the kitchen and bedroom?
            A: Tim reaching third base in a country that thinks baseball has only one base, and that base all belongs to everyone.

            See? You can get there. That weird, tight constricted feeling in your chest that you want to expell? That’s called a laugh. You’ll be swinging with the big boys in no time flat.

          • Just John

            oOo, nice one TIM.

            Yo momma so flat she’s jealous of the wall!

            Yo momma so nasty, that after we had phone sex I got an ear infection!

            Yo momma so slutty, she could suck a golf ball through six feet of garden hose.

            Yo momma wears knee-pads and yells “Curb Service!”

            It took yo momma 10 tries to get her drivers license, she couldn’t get used to the front seat!

            Yo momma so slutty she could suck-start a Harley!

            Yo momma so slutty when she got a new mini skirt, everyone commented on her nice belt!

            Yo momma so slutty that I could’ve been your daddy, but the guy in line behind me had the correct change.

            Yo momma so slutty that when she heard Santa Claus say HO HO HO she thought she was getting it three times.

          • Brakballe

            Ace… Terroir..

    • Rod

      If a tree falls on a woman in the forest…

      What is the forest doing in the kitchen?

  • My guess is that this has happened privately dozens of times and will continue to happen dozens of times more between these two. Poor migrant women don’t exactly have the luxury of leaving a man like this.

  • 老外

    In the last picture, is anyone else reminded of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa? You know… Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat? I just picture him saying “YOUR SOUL IS MINE!”

    What in the fuck is wrong with some people? I wish I could encounter this stupid cunt just so I could put him in a wheelchair, and then give his wife a green card.

    • fenqing

      green card to where? USA? LOL, USA is on the verge of default, sadly no one knows about it.

      • Just John

        Really? Can you please tell me where you got this mind blowing revelation?

        With pictures please, or it didn’t happen.

      • 老外

        You know if the USA defaults on its loans and goes bankrupt, the Chinese economy will be devastated, right? If we’re not buying any more “made in China” goods and not paying our debt, there goes over 50% of the Chinese economy.

        As for the other half, it’s only a matter of time. Without American consumption to keep their economy afloat, the Chinese Job market will implode overnight. Almost everyone will be laid off, and the rest of the Chinese economy will implode. The mainland companies who employ services to Chinese people will also be ruined, because without people working to afford food and goods, the rest of the economy cannot stay alive.

        Say what you want, but an American bankruptcy + avoidance of Chinese goods is China’s worse nightmare. America can recover, but China will have a death toll greater than the population of the United States. Yeah, so if they go down, they’re taking everyone with them. You don’t want that, and neither do I.

        • 老外


          I suck at proof-reading.

          • But you win at character actor name dropping. That guy has been the bad guy in literally hundreds of movies, but you peg him as Shang Tsung… of course, “Mortal Kombat” has been the best videogame to movie translation ever; shape-shifting Shang Tsung will be in his Oscar-winning highlight reel

    • J. Li

      Right, and there is never domestic abuse in the USA of course. The only difference is that white guys beat their wives at home.

  • Mr_Moosta

    nice to see the photographer got some good angles….

    chinese internet culture is getting out of hand, people would rather document an event and get their blog read than lending a helping hand

  • Once she catches a falling baby she’ll become the “world’s most beautiful mommy”, then what’s he going to do? Catch a falling baby too?

    • that didn’t make too much sense.. hm. In more human terms, I mean that catching a falling baby is an extraordinary event that one pretty much never sees, while domestic violence is commonplace and can be found as easily as going home. While it takes a real hero to sacrifice themselves for a better cause, normal people can still do proper if not “heroic” deeds by speaking up about something like this — just open a mouth and out come the feeling of righteousness that resides within every moral person.

      So… failing that, Lady Beat-em up has to do some extraordinary things to get out of her situation (like catch a falling baby) and then be praised for her beauty, to which she can be rescued by some other man with whom she can escape with to a better life. At this point, Mr Shang Tsung needs to catch a falling baby too to keep up with the Jones.

      See? Sense, made.

  • The Watcher

    Asian men, especially Korean and Chinese men have a reputation when it comes to beating their wives. The majority of Chinese men are very lowly creatures. Most of them have everything going against the.

    They have small genitals, they spit in public, they smoke and drink far too much, they are extremely lazy and stupid. They are extremely defensive and nationalistic. Have no common sense, in fact communicating with them can drive you mad… even in Chinese. Foreigners come and are treated better by the government, make more money and “steal” their women. Having a mistress is a symbol of success to them and cheating people for money and lying is all part of just being successful. And still they don’t think they need to change. Keep in mind, I used the word MOST… NOT ALL.

    This is my experience after living here for over 5 years and having been to various different parts of the country. I think China is a beautiful country and ANCIENT Chinese culture is fascinating.

    MOST Chinese men are trash and need to change! Case closed!

    • TIM

      That’s funny cause foreigners of white skin have a reputation when it comes to beating their wives. The majority of foreigners are very lowly creatures. (their women are okay. At least they fk on the first date) Most of them have everything going against the.

      They have small genitals, they spit in public, they smoke and drink far too much, they are extremely lazy and stupid. They are extremely defensive and nationalistic. Have no common sense, in fact communicating with them can drive you mad… even in English. Asians are treated better by the government, make more money and “steal” their white slutty women. Having a mistress is a symbol of success to them (yet they only get 1/10’s) and cheating people for money and lying is all part of just being successful. And still they don’t think they need to change. Keep in mind, I used the word MOST… NOT ALL.

      This is my experience after living here for over 5 years and having been to various different parts of the country. I think China is a beautiful country and ANCIENT Chinese culture is fascinating. Western culture sucks ass. Nothing but raping and stealing.

      All White men are trash and need to change! Case closed!

      • guobao2

        You’re a fucking retard sorry to say. On the other hand you’ve probably heard it plenty before.

    • donscarletti

      Look, I’m going to come out and soak up some serious hate by saying that I 100% support the communist party in abolishing foot binding, polygamy, burying young girls alive with emperors and all the other “ANCIENT Chinese culture” that quite frankly had to go and doing it with the balls that the KMT and warlords never had. Can I have my ¥0.5 now?

      Anyone in China who romanticizes the past is plain stupid, the Qing, Ming, Yuan, Song, Tang, Sui, etc. were each more corrupt and far more despotic than CPC. In those days a man could freely beat his wives and it was codified that if a woman complained about him having too many concubines, it was official grounds for divorce. Not to mention Han women having their tarsals dislocated and bound to make them more sexy.

      Also, plenty of other stuff is bullshit, like claiming “MOST” Chinese men are abusive and unfaithful, which is just inflammatory and untrue. Many Chinese white collar guys I know talk big about banging KTV sluts on the side but in reality, they are more likely to be at their desk working overtime because their wife controls the house.

      • Bruce

        True, but then again the CCP has brought chinese comfort women to Africa to help curb the desires of the local workers. Not sure that supports women’s rights.

      • Anon

        “Anyone in China who romanticizes the past is plain stupid, the Qing, Ming, Yuan, Song, Tang, Sui, etc. were each more corrupt and far more despotic than CPC.”

        Anyone in China is ALOT of people, wait till romance becomes reality and a whole new avenue of abuse opens up for the ‘romantics’ against those who scorn “ANCIENT Chinese culture”.

        Stop stereotyping from stupid romantic to KTV slut bangers or henpecked morons. It happens anywhere and for any reason at any frequency.

        Soak some serious hate? More like re-distribute and add more hate. BTW the KMT and warlords had too much balls, you’re just jealous because YOU don’t have those same balls and like to spew/troll.

        • Bruce

          “wait till romance becomes reality and a whole new avenue of abuse opens up for the ‘romantics’ against those who scorn ‘ANCIENT Chinese culture’.”

          That’s really scary. So you are saying I shouldn’t wear my trucker’s cap depicting Master Kong fellating Master Zhuang as I walk about China? Protests at the embassy, is it? Or just the killing of nuns?

          Isn’t everyone just jealous of “the KMT and warlords'” balls? (sigh……..gentle scratching)

          • Anon

            What can I say?

            Take your pick TSA, or Teabagger? Both equally gentle in scratchworthiness, though I’d watch the sighing, might give either the wrong idea . . .

            Those who mention KMT and warlords balls in vain tend to feel scared. They’re still being prayed to in some places . . .

            Be a patriot, not a hater, and try a cap depicting your 2 fav. Presidents instead. If the cap fits wear it . . . Why protests at embassies and killing of nuns? Have (Masters’ Kong and Zhuang) at you.

    • Shawn Wilkes

      I’ll have to agree with the Watcher on this one. I have also been in China for more than 5 years, and coming from America (from a family with domestic abuse), I can say domestic abuse is much worse here. Worse yet, there is little help or support for the women outside of Shanghai, whereas help and support is available almost every where in America, and most people would step in to stop it, not just take photos or ignore it.

      Also, Tim doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sure, some Chinese women will REFUSE to date any foreign man, but those women refuse based on a perceived cultural difficulty or family pressure. For the women who have tried dating foreigners, the majority of them I have met will typically only date foreigners again, or Chinese men with foreign education. This includes my ex-wife, who is Chinese. We are still good friends, and we have dinner often. She dated a Chinese men after our divorce, and she said it was horrible. Now, she is married to a French man.

      • gervong

        The Watcher and Shawn Wilkes… Wow… Such strong statement coming from American and foreigner, I’m very suprised… I’ve been in China for over 10 years, travel everywhere for business and am married to a chinese woman (I’m French). I’m sorry, but when you said that most chinese are lazy, stupid and trash, these comments are really racist and completely WRONG…
        I think that you are still misunderstanding a lot the chinese cultures and mentality. And if you really think this way, why are you still staying in China? You should go back to your country…

      • Joe

        >domestic abuse
        There’s your problem. It’s the western influence.

        Every colonial building in Shanghai and all of China should be torn down.

      • Chad

        It is truly ironic for a white American to stereotype the Chinese are worse domestic abusers. What next… they can’t dance and like to molest little boys?

      • Strangerland

        Eh, your observation differ with mine. Currently, it seems that being white is not that great of advantage anymore in China, or in Asia to be exact. The rose-tinted glasses are not exactly working anymore, especially when it comes to highly-educated and/or smart Asian women. Usually they are high-achievers, better educated, comes from big cities, knows how to dress, behave, and can think freely with their own brains just like western feminists of previous generations(Aka the first feminists in white societies).
        I guess Asia is changing slowly, and yes these women are few in number now but all movements start from somewhere like that.

        As for these girls, I observe that generally they tend to choose their own men- especially if the men are highly educated or high achievers themselves. If there are two men of similar dispositions vying for the same girl, one white one same race with said Asian girl, they tend to choose the same race guy. Maybe it’s about cultural issues just like how some of you already pointed out. But from what some of them told me I can see that these girls already took off their rose-tinted glasses, they’re not as naive as the majority of Asian girls who seem to think that all western guys are perfect Adonises. They can see that the world consisted of good people and bad people, winner and loser, hero and villain…..they simply aware that there are these kind of men everywhere, so when they get two guys with similar level the guy with same race has advantage of birth race. It’s unfair, but I guess this is how it is for white women too.
        In the end, some people say we live in Asian century now. I guess as Asian countries continue to develop rapidly, their people would become less and less influenced by the rose-tinted glasses toward other countries they deem “superior”. Maybe equality like that is not so bad for the world.

    • Chad

      Why don’t you take a look at the crime statistics in your home country and let me know who’s committing the most sexual crimes and domestic abuse crimes. It sure as hell ain’t asians.

      I decided to check out your claims to see if they had merit actually since I’ve never heard of asians having a reputation for domestic abuse, but then again I’ve heard many supposedly common (negative) stereotypes of asians and chinese on this site from white supremacist males. Anyway, in the study, Domestic Violence Across Race and Ethnicity, it said asians make up 1% of the domestic violence data despite making up 2.8% of the population in the US, blacks 25.8% despite being 15.1% of the population and whites 62.3% of the poulation despite being 73.8% of the population. You’d think with all these asian immigrants there would be a heck of a lot of domesitc abuse amongst them. Nope.

      Try again.

      • Shawn Wilkes

        Statistics of Asians in America cannot apply to Asians outside of America. The type of Chinese who can go, or wants to go, to America may not be representative of the average Chinese. How many migrant workers can afford to go to America? Are the Chinese who go to America traditionalists or not? Does their concept of abuse coincide with ours?

        Try again.

        Also, it has nothing to do with “supremacy” or any nonsense like that. I was actually quite positive about China when I first came here, and was excited about the experience. However, after seeing the things I have seen… Prejudging is racist, judging isn’t. I’ve seen numerous female students come in with bruises from fathers/boyfriends/husbands. I always encourage them to get help, but they are generally afraid it will make their family lose face.

        As for the lazy and stupid comment. Stupid? No. Lazy? Yes. When you ask people to do something here, they will do the minimum amount of work possible to get the money. Power outlets are installed crookedly, paint thrown on the wall sloppily, etc. A little pride in your work goes a long way.

        Also, keep in mind that the Watcher said ‘most’, not ‘all’. From what I have seen, with my own eyes, I still have to agree. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have good experiences here, good on you and your positivity. However, keep in mind that some of us have had an abundance of negative experiences, and have seen things that are less than savory.

        • Cornelis

          I think “most” chinese are quite hard working, well not so sure about the main cities but in the outskirts there are alot of hard workers, am in the ornamental nursery business. And ofcourse there are alot of people who do the minimum to get paid, do any more and you should be paid more, no? ofcourse the minmum has to be satisfactory.

        • Bruce

          Yes, I had to break up 4 public beat-downs of girls by their husbands, some of whom were my neighbors (saw two other, milder ones, including one which was observed by the girl’s parents, but shamefully failed to intervene–her mom scared the shit out of me), in just a couple years in China. It is remarkably commonplace. The fact that we bump into it more than once on a typical street in Beijing, Shanghai, whereever, says everything that needs to be said. I think a lot of us came to China not knowing what to expect, but generally positive. It always amazes me when apologists think the answer to all criticism is, “go to China and see for yourself.”

          I think you are being too generous to Chad, however. You might also note the possibility that Asian American women allow their abuse to go unreported…as is so very common in China. When the PRC first opened up hotlines for domestic abuse, officials were shocked by the wave of abuse that suddenly appeared from nowhere! Unfortunately, it was there all along, and most of it continues to go unreported, as you point out.

          • Shawn Wilkes

            Thank you for saying that, Bruce. Indeed, many of us do come here expecting a positive experience, and excited by the opportunity.

            You are probably right when you say a lot of Asian-American women don’t report abuse. Though, I would probably say Chinese-American, as I have no experience with the other Asian countries. The traditional culture in China expects women to shut up and suffer silently. Is it changing now? Yes. However, the majority still adhere to suffering in silence. That is their “harmony”.

        • Chad

          I wasn’t responding to you Shawn. I was responding to watcher: “Asian men, especially Korean and Chinese men have a reputation when it comes to beating their wives.” Asians have no such reputation, and for good reason as the statistics show. But I guess the argument applies to you as well.

          If he can generalize that Asian men are wife beaters, then he should be able to explain why Asian-American men are strangely less likely to be wife beaters than white Americans and especially black Americans. I could bring up Chinese domestic abuse rates but you’d chalk it up to “saving face” or CCP statistical wizardy. I’m sure you or some other twat around here would claim that Asian-American women just don’t report their domestic abuse or some other argument that could never be substantiated because that’s the only thing you have.

          You’re saying Chinese-american immigrants may not be representative of the average Chinese so they can’t represent to Chinese in China, yet your “numerous” female students and their boyfriends apparently can represent the average Chinese? Are you kidding me? And how many American households have you visited? How many shirts have you lifted on American women to see their bruises? Not a lot I bet.

          And I just read your latest comment. Chinese-American women just don’t report domestic abuse because they’re so traditional. Good grief. Weren’t you just questioning whether these immigrants are traditionalists after I brought up their domestic abuse rates? Now that Bruce brought up another theory on why the stats don’t match up with your generalizations, you completely flip flop. There must be SOME reason about how crappy Chinese mentality causes their diaspora to have lower domestic abuse rates whether it because the diaspora are less traditional or just as traditional. Hahaha.

          And I brought up supremacy because your comment reeked of the all too typical god-complex foreigner type around here that we’ve all seen here and on expat forums. Ranting about how Chinese men are wife beaters, how your exwife hated the Chinese man she dated after she divorced you, how some Chinese women refuse to date foreign men but only because of their families and cultural difficulities (Hahal?- yeah, it’s not you, it’s them). Yeah, I’m pretty sure we can all recognize the Chinese-women-want-our-glorious-white-selves speeches before. You just spiced it up a bit by prefacing it with your Chinese-men-are-wife-beaters rant. Oh and apparently they are lazy too.

          • anon

            Many of the comments made by The Watcher and Shawn Wilkes are in very poor taste if not outright offensive. Sometimes they are intended to be such. Other times, they’re just oblivious. However, I will say that there is indeed a stereotype amongst many foreigners that Asian men beat their wives. It’s borne in part from stereotypes of patriarchy and submissive women, from societies that haven’t gone through “feminist revolutions”. Like many stereotypes, they do come from somewhere, but like stereotypes in general, people predisposed to certain prejudices overweight them for personal benefit.

            The thing is, domestic violence or husbands beating wives has been and remains a problem throughout history in just about every society and country. It’s simply an extension of a male dominated society, wherever there are men who would resort to using their physiological advantages over women. People seek to control their environments with what they have at their disposal. Furthermore, domestic violence is underreported in general everywhere and often for the same reasons or extensions of the same reasons, such as fear, embarrassment, blaming themselves, etc. There are no lack of studies on such topics. Reporting increases when negative stigmas are removed. It would be stupid to not acknowledge what stigmas may be prevalent in what societies or social circles, just as it is stupid to sabotage your own credibility by saying “most” of any one people are “trash”.

            Be careful when you get into an argument over statistics. Remember that often it is a cover for trying to argue that one race or people are more likely to do or embody something (usually something regarded as negative) than another. It’s a penis comparison. How very male. The Watcher even starts with “small genitals”.

            More importantly, it doesn’t address the root of the matter, which is that domestic violence is something most of us agree on as being undesirable. Instead, its an attempt to shift attention. Instead of denouncing the tendency of men to beat their wives, some people want to point fingers, associating this with that so it isn’t associated with themselves. It’s self-preservation of one’s ego. It’s offense as defense. It’s “Chinese” men who do this, not “us”, not “me”. This sort of juvenile mentality dominates human behavior. We see something we don’t like and we want don’t want to be a part of it, so we proactively paint it as being a part of something different and separate from us. When we generalize in these instances, we betray not our observations but rather what we want to be true. For The Watcher, he wants it to be true that most Chinese men are trash because if it is true, it makes him feel better about himself in comparison, and that’s ultimately what matters for all of us.

          • Chad

            Really? Outside of this site, I’ve NEVER heard of the “stereotype” that Asian men beat their wives- not even on the internet. Maybe this is an expat thing because this stereotype sure as hell doesn’t exist in the US or Canada. And saying that stereotypes must come from somewhere is kind of funny because again I’ve never heard of this stereotype before this site and this is true for many other negative stereotypes I’ve heard here. Many stereotypes do not have basis… like that only black people like watermelon despite it only being relevant during the slavery era. And I mean “Chinese are lazy” is apparently a stereotype here but everywhere else Chinese are said to be hardworking.

            I only brought up the stats because everytime I see someone generalizing the Chinese here on this site and they’re convinced they’re right, the stats often really paint a different picture.

        • J. Li

          So you think domestic abuse is a Chinese-specialty now? No other nation does it more than China you think? What about Muslims? Women aren’t even allowed to drive (which means they cant go out without their husbands) in Saudi Arabia, and are liable to get beatings if they dont wear their hijab. Even Japan, which most whites like you tout as being so much more civilized than China, have a serious rape/harassment problem
          ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTxZXKsJdGU)

          If you hate China and Chinese men so much you can leave, no Chinese man need your self-righteous bias in this country anyway. Chinese men have built China since the Qin Dynasty: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Grand Canal, Zheng He’s Treasure Fleet, and many more). We are not lazy, we have been working hard since your ancestors were in caves. Chinese men still work hard today, its the labor of Chinese men that made all of modern China’s infrastructure possible today.

          • sigh…

            Just because other countries have domestic abuse problems doesn’t mean we can ignore the problems we have here.

            Just because Chinese men work hard, doesn’t excuse abuse.

            Just because China has a great history doesn’t mean we can ignore the fact that there is an abuse problem

            We should focus on the fact that it does happen here with some regularity (often accepted and unreported) rather than look for ways to attack people who suggest it happens here with some regularity

          • Tengu

            I believe the Muslims have it down to a science, bless their crazy little hearts, there is an “acceptable” size of stick you can use to beat your wife. Also fine to rape her is she’s not putting out when you want.

            Spousal abuse is pretty much going sky high throughout the world.

            Are the numbers actually increasing or are women finally reporting it more, they’re simply coming out of the dark? Who knows.

            Same thing with rape. What was kept in the dark is now being dragged into the light.

            Having said that, the novelist Tristane Banon, who is now pursuing Strauss-Kahn for a past sexual assault was initially dissuaded by French police….”It’s a French thing” was a the excuse…

  • Songlist of the Article:

    “Falling Away From Me” by Korn

    “… Beating me down, beating me, beating me, down, down, into the ground…. screaming some sound, beating me down, beating me, beating me, down, down, into the ground…”

    Then there’s the pleading of:

    “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed

    Anyone who’s been the victim of domestic abuse of a physical, mental or sexual kind from husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, etc. will know what I’m talking about.

    Brings me to the next one:

    “Daddy” by Korn

    Either that or the following depending on how each person deals with it:

    “Tearjerker” by Korn

    And for those who survive their trial by fire and emerge through to the other side there’s finally:

    “Indestructible” by Disturbed

    “… I’ll have you know, that I’ve become Indestructible! Determination that is incorruptible! …”

    • Matt smith

      Please learn about other kinds of music. I’m not trying to say that Slipknot, Korn and Disturbed are bad, I’m just saying that you tried to song the article and you didn’t even include “Killing me softly”, so it seems like you need to widen your musical view.

      • Jon

        I’m going to go ahead and say that Slipknot, Korn, and Disturbed are bad. Not that I didn’t enjoy them when I was 15, but tastes mature and there is far better music out there.

        • 1) I don’t listen to nor have I have listened to Slipknot…. Where did you get that or are you just using a straw man argument?

          2) It’s amazing how much you can know about me from a single comment. Are you psychic or just used to making unfounded assumptions? If you must know, some of my favourite artists are Led Zeppelin, Eminem, Muse, Shakira, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Bob Marley, etc. etc.

          3) Considering that this article is about some pretty severe abuse and all the pain it causes, I think that the songs provided are extremely apt. Especially considering that they directly and explicitly talk about abuse.

          4) Try to remember that art is the most subjective topic in the world and what you consider to be good or bad doesn’t mean shit to anyone else. So try not to be a complete arse to people you don’t know anything about, especially about something so subjective.

          Lastly, Roberta Flack is NOT appropriate for this subject despite the fact that she metaphorically talks about someone killing her slowly with his song. It’s a love-ballad that talks about a boy you manages to communicate so clearly to her through his song and manages to touch her on an intimate level of understanding. I have her grouped with Chris De Burgh (and his phenomenal “Spanish Train and Other Stories” album) .


          • Ray

            Eminem, Linkin Park + Evanescence…….

            Why don’t you just name all the good artists!

          • Matt smith

            Ok, firstly, apologies for inserting Slipknot in there, I got carried away. And I just thought of a better song: Respect. “Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me….”

          • Just John

            Ahh, you missed one very vital song then from your list since you listen to Eminem then Elijah:


            First off you don’t know Marshall, at all so don’t grow partial
            That’s ammo for my arsenal, i’ll slap you off that barstool
            There goes another lawsuit, leave handprints all across you
            Good Lordy whoadie, you must be gone off that water bottle
            You want what you can’t have, ooh girl that’s too damn bad
            Don’t touch what you can’t grab, end up with two backhands
            Put anthrax on a tampax, and slap you till you can’t stand
            Girl you just blew your chance, don’t mean to ruin your plans…

            Also, Otep is another good one that talks about abuse, be it physical, sexual, or emotional. Very primal, filled with raw emotion. But don’t listen if you don’t like heavier tastes.

            As for you “Jon”, who are you to judge about “grown up tastes”? I do happen to like Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, etc. Who are you to judge maturity based on musical tastes?

            I also like Britney “Hit me baby one more time”, so suck it.

          • @ Ray: I guess you didn’t get the memo about music being among the most subjective topics in the world….. Also good job on ignoring the others as well as the “etc. etc.” which implies that there are many more….

            @ Matt Smith: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin (the Queen of Soul) would definitely put a more positive spin on it and empower the abused women. Good choice. However I’m not sure if it also applies as much to abused men.

            @ Just John: Hit Me Baby One More Time is one of the first music videos I “popped my cork” on another being “Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira………………. Adolescence was truly awful, but at least the Music Videos were ok. hahahahaha

          • Ray

            Lol Sorry, I should’ve just said “Hey I like those artists too!” to avoid confusion.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      “When a Womans Fed Up” and “A Woman’s Threat by R. Kelly.
      Hope that the lady can escape the senseless beatings, and get far away from her abusive husband.

    • The Real Song of the Article



      • Foreign Devil

        C’mon guys how can you miss this! The song of the article should be by Prodigy:

        “CHange my picture, smack my bitch up”

      • Just John

        Yes, but how would that fit?

        The name seems nice, but when you get to the lyrics, it just doesn’t fit.

        “I, hurt myself today, to see if I still feel
        I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real”

        It is about self inflicted hurt, so obviously does not fit, unless this lady is going to cut herself and shoot some heroine once she gets home.

  • florencee

    For the english translation of YP and 硬盘,to my knowledge, YP=硬盘, the word for migrants in Shanghai

  • Irvin

    You can beat them, just don’t cheat on them or they’ll cut off your penis. lol

    Violent husband? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

    • TIM

      nah…yours are too small to cut off. Most likely a shaver is needed.

      • donscarletti

        I notice you use a plural there to describe penises, I know you admire Irvin, but overstating his masculinity by implying he has more than one penis does not sound as cool as you intended.

        Also, good tip about shaving one’s dick to make it look bigger, but once again, saying that Irvin’s shaven member would seem so huge it will need to be cut off half way as to not scare women is also a little bit of a badly phrased compliment.

        Next time you want to praise Irvin, just say: “Nice line man! By the way, my mother says you fuck like a stud!”

        • penii*

          Just as: cacti, waitrii, toothbrii, and skeletii.

          • donscarletti

            According to Oxford Dictionary, “penises” and “penes” are both correct plurals, “penii” is not.

            Anyway, I was referring to his use of the plural verb “are”, rather than the singular “is”.

          • Ray

            When using words like “you” or “your” it is correct to use “are” instead of “is”.. right?

      • Just John

        One evening this drunk walks into a bar, sits down, and happens to notice a 12″ tall man standing on the bar. Astonished, the man asks TIM, “What the hell is that?” TIM replies “He’s a pianist!”, to which the drunk replied “Horse shit, your pulling my leg” So TIM picks up the 12″ man , grabs some books, and props the little man up to the piano. Sure enough, this little man started hammering out all the favorite tunes of the bars’ patrons. Stunned, the drunk asks “That little guy is cool, where the hell did you get him”? TIM told the drunk how he had found a genie bottle out in the alley, rubbed it til a genie appeared, and was granted one wish. All of a sudden the drunk hauls ass out the back door, finds the bottle, and starts rubbing it: when all of a sudden a genie pops out and grants him one wish. In a slur, the drunk asks “I wish for a million bucks”. All of a sudden, the sky turns black and overhead a million ducks come flying overhead shittin all over him. Angrily, the drunk runs back inside, slams the door and begins cursing “You son of a bitch, I found that genie bottle and wished for a million bucks and all of a sudden there are a million ducks shitting all over my new suit.” TIM started laughing and wildly exclaimed “You don’t really think I wished for a 12″ pianist do you?”

  • Asakura

    If I were there I would beat this photographer an this “man” into hospital, those gutless wimps!

    • Ray

      If I was there I would’ve taken photos of the photographer then post a new post right after his with the title “Photographer taking photos of violet beating instead of helping out”

      • hanyucha

        Then I would have taken a photo set called, “Foreigner takes photos of Chinese guy taking photos of man beating his wife instead of helping out.”

        • ….and THEN the song of the article would be:

          “(I’ve Been) Waiting for a Girl Like You”
          – Foreigner

  • gungun

    The photos are very good, though I would never be able to stand still and take them. In that moment I would be able to use a bat and a tazer..

  • Rod

    Yeah, great photos. I guess the photographer was “staying out of it” and “documenting”.

    Isn’t there a story about a photographer documenting a small african child starving to death and then getting eaten by vultures And then he killed himself a couple years later?

    Or was that a movie?

    • Matt smith

      Sounds like something that should have been added to Babel. Maybe that part of the story was cut?

    • aspeenat

      Yes, the starving baby was in Sudan and the photographer who committed suicided was a South African named Kevin Carter. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

  • Jeff

    I think the general public at this instance was gutless.
    What happened to the real Chinese men of chivalry.

    Watching a woman get beaten like that! At least someone could have said something! Let alone do something to stop that mans torture of his wife.

    I know of a few males I would call real men around here but definitely not many.

  • Bill Stickers

    …why did someone take detailed photographs of this but not step in to help her?

  • Dynasty

    What kind of man beats his wife in public and thinks nothing of it?

    A Chinese man.

  • what kind of man is this? O.o

    • Carly O

      “what kind of man is this? O.o” LOL ‘man’, you must choose your words wisely next time. He isn’t a man, he’s a piece of walking trash. Any “male” that hits a woman is only worthy of being dehumanised as rubbish, on the other hand, women that violently abuse men shouldn’t go dismissed either. Mutual respect seems to be declining super fast in China…hm, and the world at large since some really screwed up things also happen outside of China. SIGH.

  • Carly O

    TMD, Who is so heartless to just photograph this and not do something about it?! Sometimes, Chinese people SICKEN me, they only know how to watch someone suffer but never have the HEART TO HELP. WTF.

    • oh hai u shuld chek out teh story b4 this one bout a Chinse hero mom who saved a falling bb liek for realz she didno watch sm1 suffer + have heart to help liek opposite this story go go go

      FTW! generalizing is sooooo liek hickish it donta match with an aware modern citizen of todays yo

      • Shawn Wilkes

        Yet talking like a hybrid of a wannabe white rapper, valley girl and Jar-Jar Binks is representative of a modern citizen? Damn… wtf has happened to America in the 5 years I’ve been away? Here I am teaching English in China, while people from the West (if you are) are forgetting how to form sentences.

        Back on the topic. I agree with Carly about the photographer, but this kind of “stand by, do nothing, see how you can gain” behavior is common nowadays. People either don’t care, or they are afraid to help because they might be sued (happens a lot in China). Here, if you risk helping someone, they might turn around and say you were the cause just to get cash from you… Is it right to not help because you are afraid of what might happen? No. But, there it is.

        • oh hai point u no get? missd “generalization” froo froo, also: hero mom falling bb story go go go, lotz of “generalization” for you to say Chinse no help not ever– x-cpt in story in frnt of iballs

          Photogs? how know photogs Chinse? not B any other hooman? hai yr paint brush super terrificly wide

          • Shawn Wilkes

            Well, I am relieved to know you really don’t talk like that. I was worried about the state of America. XD

            Back on topic, yes, I generalize. A generalization is not absolute. Or has the world become so PC that we have to preclude what we say with, “This amount of people… It’s more common, but not always true that… etc.”? Everyone uses generalizations, for better or for worse. However, most people generally get that the speaker isn’t talking about EVERY person.

            As for the story in front of my ‘iballs’, I am not merely basing it on that. I base it largely on my experience of having lived in China for numerous years. The stories are sometimes just a good summary of the typical state of things.

            Also, let’s get more specific on what I said. In my response above, I used “might” and “a lot”. Thus, it was not an absolute generalization. I have a wide brush when it comes to China, but it doesn’t cover the entire canvas.

          • “Well, I am relieved to know you really don’t talk like that. I was worried about the state of America. XD”

            oh hai yupyup u no be generalizing i b america yupyup y bcuz illicit kokaine uze me teh jersee sure teevee me runge ruvers wit bigbig slurpeee me the industo milli-tree compex me terroir i represent the state of America (52 flavrs) yur 1st instinct ssssooooo true yue-es-say yue-es-say yue-es-say

            y still no go go go to storee b4 this one can uze yr anti-generalz to keeperz yr old statas crow wurld few

        • Anon

          IMHO Jar-Jar Binks is a very racist representation of a fusion of a Black (from his attitude and movement manner) and also Latino because hes an ‘alien’. Not funny at all though the subtle commentary is lost on the kids who’d probably easiest follow the simple bowdlerised script and clownish acting. If USA were an empire . . . you can guess the rest.

          • oh hai wuz usin txt spek notta racist Jr-Jr here b sum racist Jr-Jr 4U:

            “Me so saaw-ly, Master! Baby be falling, me no catch-a-wah! No, puh-weaz Master! No be beating Jar-Jar in public! Chinese no intervention, fotoes on internet, Westerners despise! Puh-weaz Master! No you be like Uncle Naan, internet hottie?”

            Geez, if that wasn’t annoying to read, it was certainly annoying to write.

        • Carly O

          I know that just by commenting here doesn’t change anything and even if someone were to intervene with such an event it still wouldn’t change anything. @Terrior I don’t think I blindly generalized that Chinese people just watch people suffer, it’s just a way of life in China, I lived there for a year and wherever I went when there was conflict, nobody helped. This is perhaps my own personal bias…and I am aware that there are people out there that do help at their own costs and perhaps what I am trying to get across here is that those kind of altruistic people are extremely rare in Chinese society. Maybe people do wish to help but in the end, they only stand there and do nothing, this sickens me, if instinctively you know what is happening is wrong but you do not do anything about it…is essentially really cruel. I don’t know if you agree with me on this one but no one trusts each other on the streets of China, everyone is suspicious of the people around them, if any, I did pick that up when I lived there, even the locals often tell me how they just cannot entrust anyone fully. For example, you tell someone to look after your baggage while you go toilet, upon your return your belonging have have disappeared or tampered with.

    • aspeenat

      It’s not just China. It happens everywhere. People just freeze and don’t know what to do. It’s a common human response to spontaneous violence.

      • Anon

        For the less developed, it’s the issue of fate and privacy. Altruism damns freedom, puts one at the mercy of the receiver. Then again, zero sum games at the socio-psychic level are are killer of red-ocean societies. Someone has to be the adult so you can choose to remain a child or grow up. A matter of principle.

  • lao bai gan

    chinese women’s paradise is Chongqing.
    here you see wives beating up husbands all the time. TRUE!

  • Kyle

    I would like to give this piece of crap a good beating!

    • guobao2

      I bet Tim would love to give you a good pounding.

  • Po Han

    What do you say to a wife with two black eyes? Nothing! You’ve already told her twice.

  • Regina

    The last picture is hilarious. If I had a dollar for every time I see a Chinese man standing like that, pointing….

    Whenever there’s a confrontation of some sort, you can bet that some guy is gonna step back on his heels and put his finger in your face. It happens every time without fail.

  • Ray

    Haha I personally think that this is another stunt lolz.

    Pro camera man captures perfect still shots of the attacks, multiple close ups and even closer at the end when hes pointing at her. Everything he did was clearly shown towards the camera which had been from the same direction as well.

  • Jones

    Boom boom shakalaka boom

  • China Cat

    Why did nobody in the street intervene?! This is shocking act but watching it and taking photos is an equally shocking act!!

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  • roger dodger

    omg the poor woman, what a..hole. did passers by not do anything even call the police

  • LOL

    All good women were beaten into what they are.

  • Anonanon

    A lot of you aren’t gauging the situation.
    Public DV is very delicate.

    Intervene and the wife gets 3x the beating at home
    Call the cops and he gets thrown in jail or cops a fine, and the wife and her children will have no-one to support them.

    There’s no real solution to this, and Chinese courts aren’t very kind to this sort of thing. By not doing anything, you’re taking the lesser of two evils.

    • Kong

      Oops, I didn’t see this. Damn a lot of posts were made while I was away.

      • Anonanon

        It’s okay, it’s just people aren’t thinking this through.
        Because if you’re putting yourself in there, no-one’s going to be helping YOU if things go south.
        I have confidence in myself to be able to take him down and hold him there, but the next guy who doesn’t do martial arts or work out and wants to be a hero might not be so lucky.

        • Kong

          I do not know how Chinese law would look at someone starting a fight with a guy because he was beating his wife. They might well be the ones who end up in jail. Even beyond that, while making the situation about them by involving themselves, they are still ignoring what happens when they aren’t there but happens BECAUSE they were there.

  • Jay K.

    sometimes, a woman needs to be put in place as the ladies man Leon once said, slap her a few times, then do her in the butt…aww yeah!

    • Just John

      What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
      Nothing, it’s apparent she doesn’t listen.

    • Hey white collar expat desk jockeys: your self-entitlement is showing. It looks like underwear but it’s your arrogance caked on instead.

  • Kong

    I do not suppose that any of the angry commentators here who claim they would go and stop the guy have considered how they would do it. By talking to him? Would you resort to physical violence to do so? What happens when the couple get home? Does he magically stop beating her? Will he beat her even worse because some 老外 bystander or even Chinese bystander stopped him and made him lose face?

    Question: if the guy beat her even worse at home because he lost face to you on the street, is it not your problem? Did you not cause it? Or maybe because it isn’t near you and you don’t see it, it’s not a problem. I suppose beating the guy can make you feel better, but does it change anything for the woman?

    Unless she has some sort of justice system to protect her 24/7, nothing changes, and you confronting her husband may well make her angry as well.

    I do not know what I would do, so I’m not trying to construct a soap box; it’s just some food for thought.

    • “the guy beat her even worse at home because he lost face to you on the street”

      China’s 1.5 billion yuan question: which is better, do you make more problems trying to solve a problem or do you ignore it all and call it “harmony”?

      Better or not, the answer has always been number two; in fact, the only two words you need to know to act Chinese is “算了”

      • Just John

        Yes, I agree with you Terroir. Inaction solves nothing. As it has always been said, it can only get worse before it gets better.

        If everyone would quit excusing inaction, just as Kong does in his example, then yes, it may get worse, for a while. Ultimately though it will get better if we all start trying to stop this shit and not stand by letting this happen to preserve “Harmony”, then soon “Harmony” might just become, gasp, not doing things like this.

        If however we turn blind eyes to behavior like this to preserve immediate “harmony”, then nothing is changed, because this must be the proper way since it preserves “harmony”.

        For Kong, you realize that not upsetting the status quo means the it remains the status quo, and nothing will change, thereby allowing this kind of behavior to continue unabated right? You also realize that many domestically abusive men kill their wives because they went too far one time, right?

        • Anonanon

          You two are out of your mind if you think beating the husband in public or calling the cops on him is going to solve anything.

          Sure, you might stop the husband from beating his wife in public, but when they get home, it’ll be three times worse. It’s not an end-all solution.

        • anon

          I think you’re mistaking Kong’s point, which is to get people to think about the potential consequences of their actions and what they’re willing to accept.

          For example, do you think the overall benefits of you speaking out and taking action outweigh the possible immediate consequences for the woman herself? I’m going to oversimplify and this may be a bit abstract but say you speaking out will help lessen domestic violence for the surrounding community a wee little bit. You’ve made a positive influence. But say the byproduct of you taking action was to enrage the man further, because he felt he was embarrassed or whatever, and he then goes on to beat his wife more viciously, taking it out on her obviously, when you’re not around… are you willing to sacrifice her for the greater good?

          That’s the food for thought, the consideration. This is why people often die for greater causes and for greater changes. This is why we say there is a price for everything, for things like “freedom”. Who are you willing to sacrifice, what immediate consequences, what immediate pain and suffering, are you willing to tolerate for uncertain broader social changes?

          Everyone has a line somewhere in this equation. For example, Chai Ling was willing to sacrifice the student demonstrators in 1989 for her goals of political reform, let them be killed, let the blood run, so that their blood will awaken others and help solidify support for her movement. I think many people can understand both sides of such considerations. I think that’s what Kong’s bringing up.

        • Kong

          I suppose the saying “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” applies here.

          Let’s stop pointing fingers here like that Chinese guy and realize that the world is not “black and white” or “right vs. wrong”. It’s as Anon implies, how many people are you willing to hurt for your faith that your actions help anyone?

          Just because “inaction” may be sometimes more appropriate does not excuse every instance of inaction okay. Not everyone thinks about the consequences of their actions as Anonanon and I have suggested, but rather think selfishly about not making waves. I agree that this attitude harms progress, but this attitude does not equate to “inaction”.

          • Anonanon

            We got your back, bro.
            And for those who think the photographer isn’t doing anything: aside from the fact that he’s better off not doing anything like directly intervening, he’s bringing this shit to light, bringing it to our attention.
            That is something.
            It’s very something.

    • anon

      Good food for thought and the answer for normative changes in society comes from the aggregate actions of all its individuals. We influence each other, even imperceptibly even when it doesn’t result in immediate or obvious changes in action or attitudes. If we want to be realistic, speaking out against domestic violence may not help the woman who is being beaten before your eyes. Yes, it may even result in her getting it worse later, but maybe you doing so lent just a bit more weight towards increasing the awareness of domestic violence as a problem for those who were there to witness you speaking out. They, in turn, may have their own attitudes modified, or their proclivity to likewise speak out increased. Down the line, the social norm may change. It could start with you, but it’ll never end with you. This is how human society has always evolved. The mistake is in thinking we can isolate changes and actions into vacuums, especially for selfish convenience.

      • It’s not like things don’t happen in China; they do, and when they do they always seems to happen with on the impetous of alacrity. The issue should be “what should happen when they do”, and that requires thinking, and thinking happens when you ask questions, which is what Kong (whose king was killed by beauty) is doing. I’m not really disagreeing with him, just urging towards one way.

        No, just talking isn’t going to save that poor woman. But asking questions is to examine the social fabric and delve into the factors that cause this (poverty, patriarchy and family education, education, an economy that exploits migrants blah blah), but as I said, who is willing to suffer more problems by trying to solve one (tiny) one?

        People thought I was nuts to suggest that the concept of “face” was a factor in that 11 year-old boy getting strangled, and that “face” is the very worst problem facing modern China; yet here we are talking about trying to help a woman being publicly beaten in the street but caught in the dilemma that confronting the man and telling him he is wrong (with words or with the smackdown wire-fu other commenters have threatened him with) will actually cause more problems.

        The Great Wall of China kept out hordes of Yao Ming’s who played a different type of basketball; the Great FireWall of China keeps out Rebecca Black and others who would sully China’s culture; and the Great Veil of China keeps out any possibility of change by covering the “face” that is more important than anything, even the suffering of one woman that is public for everyone to see.

        Comment too long! Must get back to quipping and frivolity!

    • Anon

      Here’s some food for thought too. The comment above is a fence sitting if not display of ‘weak’ psyche or sense of ‘the righteous’ if not a lacking of the physique to back up outrage to prevent. Intelligence and a philosophical outlook are only useful if you have the strength of conviction to apply them.

  • John Wayne

    Let me have first dibs at choking the life out of this POS and then I would marry this beautiful girl.

    • GodsHammer

      You probably get all your pets from the SPCA as well right?

    • I love your movies; too bad about the Genghis Khan one, I think most of the radiation has worn off by now. Heroism runs strong in you: say, is your younger brother named Bruce?

  • lgs

    Next time she won’t burn the rice.

  • Dan Danger

    And of course this man was never arrested nor had complaints filed against him since this is only a “family matter.”

    I recently read some report from a Chinese university about the horrible human rights record of the US and one section talked about domestic violence against women in the US (which btw is not a human rights violation as so govt can guarantee its citizens will not victims of crimes from other citizens). I guess in a country like the US where a man can be arrested for yelling at his wife and making her nervous the arrest rate for DV will appear much higher than a country like this where a goon like this can beat his wife in public and receive no punishment whatsoever.

    And on that I will say I have not seen so many women before walking around with black eyes as I have in China.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    There’s that finger raised above eye level again, that someone was talking about in the bikini contest article.

    • Yes. I think the kung fu displayed in these pictures is more genuine than the kung fu displayed by “#5” in that video.

      Chinese migrant gets dumped on all his life, everyday, his yali (pressure) building and building, so who does he vent on?

      Whoever is next in line below him. And because he’s Chinese and society is a gridded-out hierarchy of status and roles, he knows who that is. And she knows who that is. And everybody knows who that is.

  • aok

    This is nothing to do with Chinese.

    This happens all the time in places with people of poverty.
    Poor education. poor manors, poor behavior. Low internal strength. tons of unbridled emotions running loose.

    Although this is tragic, and this guy deserves a blanket party, this kind of thing is far less sinister in public than the guys who wait, and take the abuse indoors. It shows they do have control, but because of being soulless, act out later anyways.

    Physical and Mental abuses are widespread all over the world. In fact, my father(s), terrorized me & my brother, beat us, & beat my mother… when I was growing up. And yeah, that was indoors, in usa.

    One of the assholes made friends and flirted with the neighbors, so nobody would suspect him. Ive contemplated several times, of beating the life nearly out of him for what he did in the past.

    • Brakballe

      I know the feeling. Anyway, best thing is to just try rise above such life and not carry the torch further…

  • Realistic Racheal

    What a great credit to their race..
    As if it’s not bad enough, Most non-chinese women find chinese men repulsive. Matter of Fact, Some Chinese women won’t even date their own kind. I think I see why…


    • Kong

      And yet racism is still such a turn-on.

  • Brakballe

    If I ever see this behavior on street in front of me I will beat the shit out of that “so called man” and challenge him to try beat a other man, not a physically weaker person.
    If he is out of words try achieve whatever he want, then he is also out of reason. Such behavior make me furious! I guarantee 110% i would have beat the shit out of that ape and teach him behave.
    Greetings from Norway!

  • snow

    where are the police?
    why isn’t anyone stopping this?

    I saw some bystanders in the picture.

    • Realistic Racheal

      What else to expect from the chinese?
      They always keep out of others business even If they saw the person being stabbed to death.

      • Just John

        Note to For realz my Racheals:

        How is this different from other countries?

        Do we need to dredge up older situations which created the theory known as “Bystander Effect” which includes notable occurrences like:
        Kitty Genovese (USA)
        New York’s Central Park Parade (USA)
        Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax (USA)
        Simone Back (UK)

        and also carries with it many other topics directly linked that are used to explain said behavior in pretty much ever country in the world:
        Collective action
        Diffusion of responsibility
        Duty to rescue
        Empathy-altruism hypothesis
        Good Samaritan law
        Herd behavior
        Hive mind
        Moral hazard
        Norm (sociology)
        Not in my backyard
        Social alienation
        Social influence
        Somebody Else’s Problem

        Plueeeeeze. Go away with your realz self.

        U AWARE? U MAD? (Couldn’t resist)

  • Nearly KO’ed but not quite.

  • “Man caught wanking off giant cockroach”

    Nice photos btw.

  • Anon

    江西省吉安市网友 菸菟夹道:

    Spending all this time taking photographs, this photographer should be beaten.

    Reminds me of a scene where a Malaysian protestor was dragged off by police and all the photographers who probably outnumbered the police did was take photos.

    You tell em’ (the media) !

  • mao420

    I hear so many chinese girls complain about their men. All because of these things Chinese girls are flocking away to Foreigners. And its not really about the Penis size.
    You boys should really learn to behave or one day there will be no girls left for you.

    • Kong

      And yet, I know so many Chinese girls who want their man to give his whole life, possessions, and time to share with her. To suggest that some Chinese guys become like this on their own is to ignore the fact that there are many Chinese girls who WANT a needy masochistic guy. What she wants, she gets, and if she doesn’t get one thing, the shit will fly. I’m not surprised that guy snap.

      This isn’t to say that this guy was justified. That doesn’t make it any simpler a problem.

  • KopyKatKiller

    I stumbled upon such a seen once. I got in between the man and his wife, and guess what, the wife started beating me! “Well fuck you then!” I told the woman and left her to be beat some more.

    • Rod

      I ran into that one time. Wasn’t in China, but they were Asian – it was in CZ. Dude was being rough with his GF so I stepped in and asked the girl what was going on.

      She started taunting the guy and laughing at him and completely ignored me.

      I’ve never stepped in since.

  • Bu yao

    Typical Chinese, just stand around and pretend nothing is going on instead of helping her.

    • Realistic Racheal

      You can’t be surprised….

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    them bitches deserve it..

  • jaycee

    It happens in every country

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