Migrant Worker Dies After Lying on Street for Over 20 Days

The overpass under which the migrant worker died.

The overpass under which the migrant worker died.

From Sina:

Zhengzhou Health Bureau Responds to Migrant Worker Dying on the Street: He Refused Medical Treatment

According to a Henan Business Daily report on December 1, at noon on November 30, a migrant worker died after lying under the Zhengbian Road Overpass on Zhengzhou City Zhongzhou Avenue for over 20 days. During which time, people from 120 Emergency Services came and then left again unwilling to receive him. 120 claims, if the patient is unwilling to go to the hospital or does not need emergency help, they will not drag them away.

In December 2 morning, the Zhengzhou Health Bureau sent a statement to this website explaining the situation, detailing the emergency responses between 2012 October 1 to November 30, with the original text of the statement below.

2012 December 1, after certain media reported the “Zhengzhou Migrant Worker Dies after Lying Under Overpass for Over 20 Days, 120 Emergency Services Saw Without Helping” matter, the Zhengzhou City Health Bureau Party Committee attached high importance to the issue, with the bureau leader personally delegating and instructing the Zhengzhou City Emergency Medical Rescue Center to earnestly investigate and handle the matter. The preliminary investigation results are as follows:

It is understood that, between 2012 October 1 and December 30, there were two emergency rescue records regarding the overpass between Zhengbian Road and Zhongzhou Avenue:

2012 November 22 6:59pm, Zhengzhou City Emergency Medical Rescue Center Command & Dispatch Hall received an emergency call, with the caller claiming: A migrant worker under the overpass between Zhengbian Road and Zhongzhou Avenue was in need of emergency treatment. The nearest Zhengzhou No.1 People’s Hospital First-Aid Station was dispatched. The first-aid personnel arrived at the scene at 7:11pm, and through questioning the patient himself, the patient said his name was Liu Hongwei, was 38-years-old, began experiencing fatigue an hour earlier due to not having eaten normally over the past two days, and told the first-aid doctor that he had no previous history of disease or drug allergies. Through an examination on the scene: The patient was conscious, blood pressure and other vital signs were normal, blood glucose levels were normal. The first-aid doctor asked the patient to go to the hospital for further examination and treatment, and the patient declined. Then the first-aid doctor took out the only 5 yuan he had in his uniform and gave it to the patient’s co-workers beside him to buy food for the patient. The first-aid doctor informed the patient himself and the person who made the emergency call of the patient’s current condition, and then left with their consent, informing the patient and the caller to immediately call 120 if the patient should feel unwell.

2012 November 30 12:31pm, Zhengzhou City Emergency Medical Rescue Center Command & Dispatch Hall received an emergency call claiming: A migrant worker that has been lying several days under the overpass at Zhengbian Road and Zhongzhou Avenue has been discovered to be no longer responding to calls. The City Emergency Medical Rescue Center immediately dispatched the nearest Zhengzhou No.1 People’s Hospital First-Aid Station for the emergency. The first-aid personnel arrived at the scene at 12:42pm, and upon examination, the patient was unconscious and unresponsive, without vital signs, arms and legs cold and slightly stiff, and the electrocardiogram a straight line with the patient being declared dead at 2012 November 30 12:47pm. Because death occurred before the rescue, the cause of death is temporarily unable to be determined, the first-aid personnel informed the police of the patient’s condition, handed the body over to the police for processing, and left.

We hereby explain the situation and also express our deep condolences to the unfortunately deceased migrant worker.

Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [天津]:

When Mao Zedong was still alive, the medical personnel of hospitals would help the dying and heal the injured. Nowadays, hospitals will not help if they see the patient is without money. Where did the humanity of socialism go? The tragedy of China…

光速云端 [辽宁沈阳]:

Harmonious society! Bullshit! The people are speechless…

bleeldf [广东中山]:

Even if this man refused medical help, it doesn’t mean he wanted to die. He simply couldn’t afford the medical treatment, and could only afford to die. This is the new age version of The Little Match Girl.


You hospitals only know money. Without money, you guys won’t save people.


The dead cannot talk. With today’s “angels in white” [doctors and nurses], no money means no medical treatment, which is simply devils amongst angels!


If you told him it was free, would he have refused [medical treatment]?


Why did the migrant worker refuse medical treatment? Have you ever thought about it?


Why would a normal person not have the desire to survive? You clearly knew his refusal of medical treatment was equivalent to a slow suicide, yet you still didn’t help him. What kind of aid is that?

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Nowadays, hospitals and doctors are all inhumane beasts. To peasants, they are not angels in white, but demons instead.

江炽名 [福建厦门]:

A tragedy of society.


The biggest reason is that he didn’t have money.


Fuck, if you treat him for free, would he not accept it? If you really wanted to help, could he want be treated?

手机用户 [贵州贵阳]:

While the officials wine and dine, the poor die of cold by the roadside.


It’s simple, he didn’t have money for medical treatment.


Refused medical treatment, just how much courage did it take the Zhengzhou Health Bureau to say such a thing!

jun000586 [江苏盐城]:

Pitiful migrant worker, frightening society, loathsome government officials.

手机用户 [江苏无锡]:

To die in a strange land is so sad. Where have the Party and the government’s warmth gone?

作业本N [北京]:

A joke, a lie, he himself didn’t want to live, but to die?

QQ-11 [河南周口]:

May I ask the people who live in our country, that when someone dies by the road, is there no one who is supposed to be responsible for the death of this life? Is this society not responsible? The Old Society was just like this, so is the New Society no different?


The migrant worker refused medical treatment, why?! Is it possible??!! Now that he’s dead, you go ahead and say whatever nonsense you want. This incident reveals the problems of China’s medical system.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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