Young Couple Die in Accident on Way Home for Spring Festival

The scene of the incident.

From QQ:

Husband & Wife Riding Motorcycle Home Suffer Traffic Accident, 1-Year-Old Child Orphaned

February 3, the 23rd day of the twelfth month of the lunar year, aka “the Little New Year” [the day when Chinese people begin to prepare for the Spring Festival Holiday], a terrible traffic accident happened in Wuzhou of Guangxi province, on the border of the Guangxi and Guangdong provinces. A young couple who were riding a motorcycle on their way home for the Spring Festival Holiday from Guangdong’s Jiangmen to Guangxi’s Pingnan were hit by a dump truck. Both of them died instantly at the scene.

The dead husband's brother and sister-in-law are heartbroken.

At the scene of the incident, the deceased’s brother and sister-in-law collapsed on the flower-bed by the side of the road, the two of them from time to time crying in each other’s arms, raising a cell phone in hand to tell the family back home the bad news, but then putting it down and hanging up just as it was brought close to the ear.

The bodies of the dead couple.

At 9:45am on February 3rd, about 1km away from the Wufeng Level 1 Toll Station, the couple crashed head on with a dump truck heading the other way, dying instantly at the scene. According to Wuzhou police, the location where the incident happened was less than 60m away from the slow zone dedicated to the “motorcycle army” [referring to the large number of motorcycles riding together carrying people on their way back to their hometowns that are commonly seen during this holiday season].

The bodies are being carried away.

The couple who died in the accident had just turned 25 years old this year. The husband’s name was Zhang Yaoliang, the wife’s name was Lu Jinli. At about 4 o’clock in the morning, they got up while it was still dark, started off from Guangzhou Jiangmen, hoping to get back home in Guangxi Pingnan before evening to have dinner with their 1-year-old son, whom they hadn’t seen in 6 months.

The safety helmet scattered on the raod.

But right at the doorsteps of to their home, this hope shattered. Their bodies lay entwined in blood, with broken motorcycle parts scattered all around them. A black single-shoulder bag containing their everyday savings was tossed aside. Also on the roadside was a broken motorcycle, luggage tied to the back seat.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 ﹎深a!祢:

If it weren’t for train tickets being too hard to come by, airline tickets being too expensive, and the high-speed rail not yet open, they wouldn’t have to go home like this.

腾讯北京市网友 雪虎:

So tragic, a tragedy of the nation. The Spring Festival Rush is always a big problem. Renting foreign planes to add flights to the major routes during the Spring Festival Rush would be a cost-efficient solution.

腾讯网友 游侠:

[Drivers of] Dump trucks and large cargo trucks are all maniacs.

腾讯十堰市网友 灵犀:

Truly too tragic, the poor child. Just what kind of police man is that, taking photos with one hand in his pocket, so indifferent to someone’s else’s loss. I hate this world, hate this niu policeman.

腾讯网友 你知道吗?:

Travel safe, I wish the people nationwide a happy and peaceful New Year!

腾讯网友 Cai Chuxing:

What a shame, only 25 years old, both the child and the old will be sad. When riding a motorcycle, one needs to be careful.

腾讯西安市网友 書鄉門弟:

Looks like a traffic accident in the middle of the road. Safety first, safety first, guys. Ignorant people who don’t know traffic rules have learned a lesson at the cost of their lives. Motorcycles are not to be ridden in car lanes. Amen!

腾讯网友 暖霁 ^_^….:

Two lives. Look at that traffic officer’s posture. Please, respect the dead.

腾讯网友 真功夫:

Don’t know what to say after seeing this. It’s really so heart-breaking!!!

Comments from NetEase:

不关闭评论了 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

See the traffic policeman taking photos with his hand in his pants pocket in picture 1? Feels like he’s as calm as if he’s just looking at a dead dog.

网易江苏省手机网友 180.99.*.*: (responding to above)

Traffic policemen have seen a lot.

kinderok [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Have they seen as much as doctors? Even a doctor feels sorry [looks pained] when they face patients they weren’t able to save.

网易辽宁省辽阳市网友 ip:113.237.*.*: (responding to 不关闭评论了)

The first commenter, don’t digress too far [drag something distantly related into this].

gaopwsy [网易浙江省丽水市网友]:

So sad, to work hard for a year just to go home.

愤怒的小鸟不愤怒 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

I can only hope that our friends on the road can get home early and smoothly.

chjak9791 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Looking at this is heartbreaking… We can only pray that the deceased rest in peace!!!

星辰诗航 [网易安徽省马鞍山市网友]:

To be safe is a blessing, may the deceased rest in peace!

LyonGT [网易江苏省南通市手机网友]:

I wonder what thoughts the Ministry of Railways people have after seeing this.

网易陕西省手机网友 211.137.*.*: (responding to above)

No thoughts.

吃个饭先 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Last year, the motherfucking Ministry of Railways had standing-room-only tickets 77 yuan more expensive than hard-seat tickets, even saying it’s because the standing room is in the soft-seat train carriages. In this kind of society, the people are powerless, and lives are cheaper than those of dogs!!!

dalecrab [网易上海市网友]:

These past few days, I’ve been watching CCTV News every day: Watching people riding motorcycles back to their hometowns, watching about the left-behind children, “what is the point”? Think about this dead couple, think about the lonely children and old people back in the hometown. Are they on their way home or are they on their way to death? Expensive road tolls and gas money bring up the expenses of construction, train/bus tickets, and commodity prices. People nationwide could’ve benefit, but the blood vessels of the nation have become a money-making machine for the extreme minority of people. May those on their way home have a safe journey.

The bodies of the dead couple.

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    Tragic, of course, but the thing that is even more tragic is the frequency of which this happens and what’s being done (or not done) about it. I believe China has one of the highest road deaths per miles of roads, at least much higher than developed countries. I’m not sure since I don’t live there but I wonder if there are driver education campaigns that have taken root over there. Probably not I’d guess.

    Also don’t care for the pictures of the two deceased people for everyone to ogle at. Seems disrespectful, but then again I realize it’s a different culture so for that I can’t really say too much.

    • Jaded

      It’s insane. I’m living in Henan, and see the results of an accident on the street going up to my house just about once every week. Sometimes two in one day, in the same place no less.

      One would think that would create a push to do something about it.

    • xiaohouzi

      An average of 600 people a day die on Chinese roads which makes it the most dangerous place for road travel. Still, i prefer to cycle or ride a motorbike to work than to stand on a crowded bus every day. I’ve never seen anything that resembles a driver education campaign. Occasionally, you can see a short cartoon on bus TV telling people how to cross the street but a lot more could be done.

      For some strange reason, it’s ok in China to take photos of recently deceased people and spread it all over the internet. I’ve even seen such photos on front pages of Chinese newspapers. I’m not sure that Chinese people get that it’s disrespectful or not. Spitting and smoking anywhere you want is not considered disrespectful in China so maybe these photos fall into the same category. It’s a very different mentality here so life in China is not for everyone.

      • There are many countries where publishing photos of deceased is normal. Its generally not done in the U.S. and I suppose other Western countries, but you can still see it if you watch the news on Univision and Telemundo here.

        • xiaohouzi

          How horrible. Those must be so fucking backward countries.

          • Brett

            Backwards, compared to what?


            Saying a country is “backwards” is offensive and reeks of ethnocentrism. I mean I don’t agree with the publishing of the pics either but I can also see how in Chinese culture it might not be considered offensive like it is in other countries.

        • MonkeyMouth

          in jamaica they take photos of the body in the coffin. seen that m’self

      • guizi

        600*365=220000 and China is the most dangerous place for road travel?

        I dont think so.

        • xiaohouzi

          Is 600 a day not enough? Which country is worse?

          • guizi

            What I want to say is please do not jump to say that China or any country is the worst without searching the fact.

            I dont know which country is worse, but seeing the number above, I think China is not the worst.

          • linette lee

            It must be very scary to drive on a road with vehicles so many different sizes and nobody follow traffic rules.. Big gigantic trucks and tons of little scooters that don’t follow traffic rules all over the place. On top of that you have thousands of jaywalker walking in ever y direction. If I am driving in China, I will be hitting 5 or 6 scooters and 4 or 6 pedestrians a day. I can see why those truck and taxi drivers are so indifferent and cold.

          • tengu

            China – Traffic releted deaths 68,000
            India – Traffic related deaths 133,398
            China – 85 cars per 1,000
            India – 18 cars per 1,000

            Neither country can driver!

          • xiaohouzi

            I hope you’re right. I was only quoting what i read in China Daily a few years ago. It’s difficult to know the real numbers but i’m sure it’s much higher than it needs to be.

        • drdru7029

          There are about 43k traffic-related deaths per year in the US. That’s about 14.7 deaths per 100,000 people per year. If there are 220k traffic deaths in China per year that amounts to about 16.3 deaths per 100,000 people per year. I’d have expected the US to perform much better than China.

          That said, I’m not sure where you’re getting the “600 deaths per day” figure– the recently released figures I’m finding point to about 70k deaths per year, which would come out to about 5.2 deaths per 100k, far lower than that in the US.


            You’re US figures seem about right, although I think they’re under 40,000 for the most recent year. The thing is, China has fewer cars, drivers and miles of roads than the US, at least on a per capita basis, although I know they’re catching up fast. So there are fewer miles driven per capita. Taking that into account, I’d say driving in China is far more dangerous than driving in the US, even though America has their fair share of idiots and assholes on the road.

          • drdru7029

            That’s true. Though I’d still be consoled by the fact that just on a per-population basis I’m less likely to die by traffic accident in China than in the US. If we’re just considering the dangers of driving a car, then as you say one should feel quite a bit safer in the US than in China because of the difference in the number of cars, which basically quadruples the risk in China (less than half the cars with almost twice the number of traffic-related deaths compared to the US).

          • fsck

            I’d have to chime in and say that the only reason the number is so low is because in the places with the most cars (beijing, shanghai, etc), there are so many they just cant get up enough speed to kill anbody. It’s hard to kill some one when your stuck in traffic or going 5mph.

          • drdru7029

            Haha, very true

          • MonkeyMouth

            at the very least, they actually teach you to drive. not long ago, china was giving away licenses with car purchases. and even now, driver training in china in not realistic. all you do is learn handling. not much, if at all about courteous driving, or rules of the road. china has, however really clamped down on rich folks buying their licenses via bribery.

          • thelaowai

            Probably closer to 4 million deaths per year. you know how the they love to make up statistics there


        I have to agree with Giuzi below. 600 deaths a day seems awfully high since I’ve heard a few years ago it was about 100,000 deaths a year, which is still insanely high.

        I guess when in Rome do as the Romans do. I mean it’s not like it’s totally outlandish to take pics of the dead and put them up for all to see. Different culture, different rules. I can’t judge too harshly on that even if I don’t agree.

  • Germandude

    Rest in peace.

    • Bugs Bunny

      your wife is pregnant?
      i see you seem always busy on this site…
      no time or chance for fun?

      • MonkeyMouth

        its cuz he has an internet xiao san named eattot. you know her?

  • fsck

    I wonder which one of these people were driving recklessly, the truck driver or the motorbike driver. In my experience, probably both. The Truck using his “muscle” and the motorbike weaving in and out of several lanes of traffic. A sad story definatly, but also a lesson in why china needs to enforce serious traffic laws

    • Jay K.

      that’s hilarious “enforce serious traffic laws” really China enforcing anything?!

      • fsck

        Well that’s really the issue isn’t it? Also, looking at one of the pictures I wonder about the quality of the helmet that was worn. Looks structurally destroyed and the second white one doesnt even seem to have been strapped on. My cusion (western) died in a similar road accident, when he wore his helmet but didnt strap (clip) it on.

        • In a way, the helmet may not matter depending on the speed and force of impact.  (See  Even a DOT rated helmet that can do better than 15mph, I would assume that these couples aren’t driving within that speed. So say 50mph for a conservative example and after shaving off 13mph, the impact would still likely kill the rider. Given that the scenario of most of these people cant afford a good helmet(plus the one drop factor which can render the helmet ineffective), the odds are against them.

  • Alphy

    This country seriously need to regulate the traffic better. Everyday people are driving reckless on the road, while police just glare by. They have insane amount of traffic cameras, and traffic lights, none of it will matter if you do not hold people accountable to the law.

    • linette lee

      I tell you why the chinese don’t care. So many crazy drivers on the road in China and not only that, they don’t follow traffic order and jay walking crossing against light. The china police don’t care. IT’s like life is really cheap in China. Nobody cares. Just another way to control population.

  • galap

    Do we need to see the pictures of the dead bodies with the blood?

    • Jahar

      Yes. Yes we do.

      • rusty

        Are you masturbating?

        • Jahar

          Yes. Yes I am.

    • xiaohouzi

      Aparently Chinese need to see the pictures for some unknown reason.

      • rusty

        This is China. Those are their problems to fix. There is no ethical reason for foreigners to be watching too. Unless perhaps if their own countries were clean.

        • xiaohouzi

          Only an observation. I live in China and would love to see things improve. To most people, this kind of behaviour isn’t very civilized.

    • Brett

      We see everything they get to see on the Chinese side. chinaSMACK has been like this for years…

    • Reila90

      What do you mean? This is still SFW for the Chinese.

  • PandaPanda

    I hate traffic in China. I absolutely despise fellow drivers, scooters, cyclists and pedestrians. They just do so many fucking stupid things and you constantly have to be prepared for dumbassery. I’ve been driving my car for a year and a half now and solely because I’m careful and drive defensively I haven’t had an accident yet. This is BY NO MEAN due to the people around me. It’s no mystery at all that between 100K and 150K Chinese die on the roads annually.

    • mr.wiener

      A Chinese guy is giving another Chinese guy a lift home to his village in his truck for Chinese new year and the come across the scene of a terrible accident. There are bits of motorcycle everywhere and the blood and oil are drying out and being driven through by all the other drivers.
      The passenger tut-tuts and says:”Aiya! there are so many maniacs on the road this time of year..”
      The driver agrees:” Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I ran over two of them just yesterday”.

      • Brett

        Do you make these things up, or do you just have a knack for remembering funny shorts? Btw, I feel better today… no outbursts from me.

        • Bolo

          Here’s another “funny short”, One night a female bus driver was driving a full load of passengers between 2 mountain towns and was pulled over by thieves. They beat her badly and stole the takings, only one man out of the full complement of passengers tried to get them off her, he was beaten too.

          A while later the bus got under way again with the injured driver at the wheel. She halted the bus and ordered the man off. Then drove it over a cliff with everyone else on board.

      • Dr Sun

        haha lmao

    • linette lee

      They keep this up and they won’t be needing the one child policy anymore.

    • BigCAD

      All about the master plan, piss poor traffic regulations goes hand in hand with the one child regulation and fog of death, best way to reduce numbers and keep the population nice and manageable. Stupidity on this scale can only of been intended.

    • Daniel Tynan

      you drive defensively in China? That’s like queuing in line for a bus here. you’ll never get there.

  • slob

    Looks like they were on the right side of the road. Where’s the dump truck?

    • MonkeyMouth

      look at the direction of the cars in the last picture and then the directions of the bodies. then scroll up to the other pics and you can see that the motorbikes are going the wrong way. dude probably tried to overtake his fellow hell’s angels, and that was his costly mistake.

  • DragonEggOmlette

    Hard to say without having seen the situation but as people exercise absolutely not common sense on the roads… could be any combo of issues. HOWEVER…Chinese DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS have a special place reserved in hell for them, and I would not be surprised if I send at least one of them there before I leave this country. I have never seen such flagrant disrespect for the size, or weight of the machine being wielded around much smaller more delicate vehicles. They truly don’t give a fuck.

    • christina

      I totally agree with this. makes my blood boil to see truck drivers carelessly weaving in and out and driving at speeds that turn their vehicles into killing machines.

      • K

        I have been on a tour bus and those drivers are just as reckless. I don’t blame any of them -all Chinese people drive recklessly because they have to. Their country does not enforce strict traffic laws.

        If in America, the traffic light is broken, people take turns crossing. IN China, you’d be stuck for a good hour because everyone is trying to cross at the same time and honking at each other,

  • vincent

    A truly sad event, common sense should dictate that the drivers of large vehicles should be wary of the smaller mopeds at this time of the year, a child orphaned at what should have been a time of reunion, heartbreaking. RIP

  • rusty

    People despise onlookers who never do anything to help. Chinasmack just watches the onlookers. How to define that? Do you feel proud Fauna? Displaying your country’s blood like this? I suggest you even start translating in more languages. Maybe directly email pictures to people.

    • xiaohouzi

      I think because Chinese are typically reactionary, they tend to comment a lot on sites when such graphic images are posted. Otherwise, to them it’s not as interesting. Sort of like newspapers selling because of the front page photo. Once they realize it isn’t civilized behavior, they may stop doing it but then again, money seems as if it’s worth more in China.

      • rusty

        This is not the problem. People are reactionary everywhere. The problem is this site. CS’s specialty is to collect the pictures that sells from its own profit. This is nothing but spraying the blood a little further to catch the extra vultures.

        • MonkeyMouth

          then why did YOU look? then why do YOU visit the site?

          • rusty

            Start the fire and burn this website to the ground. And the people who down-vote me are the very parasite population of China that the Chinese complain about. Get out, and Fauna with them. Go gossip about the free world.


            I also gossip about the free world.


          • rusty

            You made your point. Now we’ll just have to see how the sources of your “original content” feel about all this.

      • rusty

        for its own profit*

    • Brett

      Oh I get it! You are calling Fauna a “blood traitor” for translating popular Chinese news. Makes sense, dude!!

      • rusty

        Doesn’t make sense to you. Go back to your room now.

    • chris

      indeed most of the news about china here are negative, but you know, people like to read bad news, makes them feel better, and hell those medias know it very well…

      • rusty

        Chinasmack is not a media. It is not even a website. The concept is basically eavesdropping on others’ conversations and call it a service. The images are uploaded as news by the Chinese, but are shared by Fauna’s team of geniuses as pure gossip. This is unbelievably disrespectful.

  • I drive motorbikes myself here in Germany and I also have to say there are a lot of reckless drivers. I know of one who almost lost his life by driving it, because he wanted to drive 180km/h where you are only allowed to drive 100km/h. He drove into a car and was lucky to survive it.

    After he recovered he instantly bought a new one and is still driving recklessly because to him, as he said it, driving fast is the feeling of freedom or such shit. I always wonder why some of my fellow bikers are that stupid. I like to drive about 70km/h and feel the wind in my face and just like the feeling of driving but as soon as you hit 120km/h you can feel that the motorbike doesnt drive that stable anymore… I always wonder what the fun is in driving that fast and even endangering other people by that.

    To this story:

    Sad, but when I was in China I also wanted to drive a motorbike. I drove it once, then never again. The cars do not care for you, the other bikers do not care for you and the trucks just try to overtake you by 5m…
    It was more like a dangerous rollercoaster ride than having any fun. Though you must say even after such an accident the helmet, as one pointed out here, should not even look like that.
    And you can see the bikers did not even wear any protective gear.
    I have to say RIP, but if you wanna drive a motorbike, you should at least wear protective gear and a good helmet.

    • xiaohouzi

      I feel like the helmets most people buy here in China are not of the same quality standard as in western countries.

      • MonkeyMouth

        motorbike driver vs dump truck (no helmet or bad helmet)= dead
        Motorbike driver vs dump truck(awesome helmet with american flag decals emblazened allllllll over it)= dead

        • It is not just the helmet. They didnt even wear any protective gear. Come on. If you drive a motorbike, dont just drive with your everyday clothes. If you fall at just 50km/h (and I did before) just a protective jacket, some good shoes and of course a good helmet can make a big difference.

          I do not know how the two people fell down, but I am sure if they would at least wear a good helmet besides a good protective jacket, they could still be alive.

          Motorbiking is not a cheap hobby and if you wanna “survive” it, in case of an accident, just protect yourself and do not wear your everyday clothes…

  • B*tches, Leave

    Reckless driving in China annoys the hell out of me. I don’t drive here. I don’t need the headaches! But even as a pedestrian or cyclist, it’s very frustrating. The stupidity and ignorance just awes me everytime. One of my darkest secrets is that I enjoy watching videos of traffic accidents, where those drivers and especially mopeds and cyclist get what they deserve.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Sad…. Just sad.

  • Chinese roadways are insane. It is literally like giving licenses to millions of 10 year olds.


      Ever been to India? I haven’t but I heard it’s even worse there than China. Maybe one of the few countries that are.

    • tengu

      You’re exactly right, 10 years ago they were riding bicycles!

    • K

      Because of it, Chinese have grown some indifference to death. My friend from Malaysia said they had the same problem – she knew five of her friends from high school who died of some traffic accident.

  • dim mak

    I don’t see how this is anything more than a regular traffic accident

    C’mon Chinasmack, get good

    • rusty

      Because this one has been caught on picture. This is fresh blood served to you by Fauna. Come on, enjoy it.

  • curl of the burl

    Those scenes are so tragic. Reminds me of the last scene of easy rider.

    So many good quotes from that movie.

    George: You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it.
    Billy: Huh. Man, everybody got chicken, that’s what happened, man. Hey, we can’t even get into like, uh, second-rate hotel, I mean, a second-rate motel. You dig? They think we’re gonna cut their throat or something, man. They’re scared, man.
    George: Oh, they’re not scared of you. They’re scared of what you represent to ’em.
    Billy: Hey man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody needs a haircut.
    George: Oh no. What you represent to them is freedom.
    Billy: What the hell’s wrong with freedom, man? That’s what it’s all about.
    George: Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s what it’s all about, all right. But talkin’ about it and bein’ it – that’s two different things. I mean, it’s real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. ‘Course, don’t ever tell anybody that they’re not free ’cause then they’re gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that they are. Oh yeah, they’re gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom, but they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em.
    Billy: Mmmm, well, that don’t make ’em runnin’ scared.
    George: No, it makes ’em dangerous. Nik, nik, nik, nik, nik, nik, nik, nik – Swamp.

  • Kate

    Poor baby without parents now….but I hope it isn’t really orphaned, they had someone taking care of it while they were gone so it has to have someone there.

  • All day every day

  • DavidisDawei

    China’s #1 rule of the road…
    the bigger vehicle wins…
    so even if the other guy is wrong, he walks away if he has the bigger vehicle…

    Driving in China Reminds me of this Poem (Author Unknown)
    “Here Lies the Body of William Jay,
    Who Died because He Failed to Yield the Right of Way,
    He was Right – Dead Right,
    But he’s Just as Dead as if he was Wrong”

    Wishing Everyone a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday!

  • Bolo

    The powers that be view the masses as ‘just there’, whatever safety ads there are on tv are always childish animations, so naturally nothing is taken seriously. China’s roads are a real game of Russian roulette.

  • Erick

    I suppose this is inevitable, even if you’re being super careful.

    There will be accidents when thousands, no millions, of people are on the road at this time of year.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    why don’t they put up some sort of barrier, or cover to keep the gruesome scene out of people’s eyes passing by 10 feet away?

  • thmswhnr

    I guess the facts that it’s nearly spring festival, and that they were so young and going to see their yearling son all make it easier for people to identify with, but I’d say a traffic death in China, or ten thousand of them, is a non-story.

    From a Western point of view, I’d say that people generally don’t give a shit about safety. No one wears a seat belt because it’s uncomfortable, totally ignorant of the fact that their chances of surviving an accident increase dramatically when wearing it. Tailgating and cutting people off are considered proper driving, as is cutting a queue by driving on the sidewalk or into oncoming traffic to get around cars, since it’s so much faster than waiting for the cars ahead of you to go. Outside of driving, the lax attitude about personal safety is also thriving (see CCTV fireworks debacle or visit a Chinese construction site or factory).

    If people want these accidents to happen less, their habits have to change, either through law/enforcement or being more risk averse when piloting their mobile machine/coffin.

  • Reila90

    So unprofessional. They should cover it up with curtain or something.

    • MonkeyMouth

      think the cops were using them as an example to the motorcycle army. dontcha think?

  • Probably was too much of an accident to save them, but I wonder if they had their helmets securely strapped on? I would bet not.

  • mynameiswah?

    how did they not see a dump truck ? headon ? i think there’s more to it than that..i mean chinese guys can return a ping pong smash blind folded…the story is not right imo..there’s something funny

  • christina

    this is so sad and chances are both the dump truck and the motorcycle were at fault. nobody follows the rules and this is the result. such a shame.

  • Righteous American

    Don’t buy a shanzhai helmet.

  • Daniel Tynan

    If China enforced traffic and safety laws with the same vigor they apply to enforcing censorship and one party system, then China would have the safest roads in the world !!

    • Guesst

      The re-training of the police force would be immense. I have two extended family members in China who work for different departments of the police (one of them traffic), and their knowledge of the law is quite limited.

      China actually has quite extensive driving laws. I actually have a link to them somewhere in my bookmarks…

      It’s a sad story that I think anyone who has ever been to China has witnessed first hand. The law book of China is fiction, and is the cause of many deaths in China.

      • Paul Schoe

        Your post is from a long time ago, but still want to thank you for your link :-)

  • thelaowai

    I would see this a couple times a week on the river road in Mianyang. no room for motorcycles and cars are not patient for them. the cops would just throw a tarp over the body and a couple a cones and wouldn’t even wait for the meat wagon. The cars would never stop.

  • So…whose fault was it ?….Probably the motorcyclists AND the truck driver…I’m surprised accidents like this don’t happen more often in China.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    In the end it doesn’t matter if we are talking about India, China or an US road, traffic is a horrible thing, and cars only became weapons in the hand of unresponsible people.

    The result is always like this; sad, tragic and bloody. we need less cars,traffic and roads in this world.

  • Mixylodian

    I’m sure a lot of people know the train is much safer, but likely didn’t have the option.
    *anecdote warning*…When planning a trip to Harbin (10+hrs) my friend’s mother refused to let us go by sleeper bus which would have been much more convenient and comfortable. She would only let her only precious daughter go by train or nothing (hard seat too, which left at like 2 or 3am.) I didn’t understand then what the big deal was and was admittedly annoyed but I realized why after hearing endless stories of traffic accidents and witnessing reckless driving, I thanked her for it.

  • Crazycook

    never ends to surprise what happens here in china.

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