Militaristic Chinese Waitress Group Performance Goes Viral

Chinese waitresses at Dandong Arirang Restuarant in Liaoning province line up for a group activity.

On Sina Weibo:

#Dandong Arirang#

Dandong Arirang Restaurant’s “Show” Attracts Onlookers, So Exaggeratedly Excited As If They Injected Chicken Blood

A video titled “Dandong Arirang Restaurant Training Exercise” has been widely circulated on Sina Weibo. In the video, the excited female waitstaff perform a 15-minute synchronized and exaggerated show. Netizens commented saying: “An army of women that has been completely trained by a militarized management style”, “They are performing with their lives”, “Some people watch and are bowled over by laughter, truly out of the ordinary; Some people see and cry, making money sure isn’t easy”…What do you think?

On leading Chinese video-sharing website Youku, this video accumulated nearly 2 million views in its first day and currently (at time of translation) has nearly 3 million views with over 42k comments spanning over 1400 pages. On leading Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo, the most popular posts about the video have thousands of comments and tens of thousands of reshares each.

Select Comments from Youku:


Taking back the Diaoyu Islands will now depend on this group of girls…


Our hard work today is for the niubi [boasting] our boss did yesterday! Just what did this company feed these children [young women]! Not only can we take back the Diaoyu Islands, we no longer have to fear alien invasions anymore!


Ruling the universe is imminent.

Chinese waitresses at Dandong Arirang Restuarant in Liaoning province participating in a group activity.

From China Daily:

Liaoning Dandong Arirang Restaurant’s Annual “Brainwashing Program” is Uncomfortable to Watch

“They’re performing with their lives! Making money sure isn’t easy!” Recently, on Weibo, a video titled “Restaurant Waitresses’s Extreme Joint Performance Captured” went viral on the internet. The “leading performers” in this video are employees of the Liaoning province Dandong Arirang Restaurant. In the video, the female staff neatly lined up in ranks shout passionate slogans and lines, the atmosphere simply stunning. Yesterday, this microblog post had many netizens commenting and forwarding, with netizens claiming this video shows a brainwashing joint performance, and millions of netizens ridiculing this video as essentially being a drama.

Yesterday, this reporter watched this 15 minute and 45 second long video. “With the person on the right as a marker, face and line up to the right!” Under the commands of a woman dressed in a black business suit, a group of women dressed as restaurant service staff began to line up. After lining up, the woman in black loudly shouted: “Reporting to Manager Wang, request performance.” Then the employees shout slogans, started their “daily morning reading”, with the slogans not only referencing company culture but also “quotes” guiding everyone on how they can become successful such as the woman in black loudly asking: “The fastest way to success is…?” and the other employees loudly shouting: “Following the right people, doing the right things.”… Throughout the entire performance, under the instructions and maneuvering of the woman in black, everyone passionately stamped their feet, moving in unison, and there was even a segment where they “passed through the line of fire”. Even as everyone was jumping and shouting, breathing heavily, everyone “advanced forward bravely”.

Chinese waitresses at Dandong Arirang Restuarant in Liaoning province participating in a group activity.

This video had netizens shocked, with them expressing their various views. Many netizens criticized this kind of company and management style, with netizen “枪与红玫瑰” saying, “At first I thought it was funny at first, but then I felt uncomfortable, like it was a multilevel marketing event. This kind of company is really lousy, not valuing employees’ dignity, and inevitably will not achieve long-term success. Netizen “LoBer-V-E” also said, “This simply cannot be understood using the line of thinking possessed by normal people. Facing this kind of waitstaff will truly make you lose your appetite.”

Yesterday, this reporter called the Liaoning province Dandong Arirang restaurant. A worker of this restaurant told this reporter that the video spreading online is indeed a video of their restaurant employees’ team performance, and is a program for the restaurant’s annual meeting this year. With regards to this, well-known Southwestern psychologist Dr. Chen Zhilin expressed during an interview with this journalist that, with corporate culture that relies long-term on this kind of exaggerated show-like “motivational” activity, employees will not only have conflicts but even more will bring their discontent and resentment to their work, instead lowering work efficiency and service quality.

A Chinese female manager for a restuarant in Dandong, Liaoning province of China lies on the floor after having repeatedly flung herself at a ribbon as part of a motivational group activity and performance.

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  • Brett

    Is it a North Korean style restaurant? Or does “Arirang” (阿里郎) carry a meaning I haven’t heard about in Chinese?… or are they North Korean refugees who thought they could escape the regime and are now dancing slaves?

    • linette lee

      ……………or are they North Korean refugees who thought they could escape the regime and are now dancing slaves?…………….

      OMG… you are so funny..hahaha lol. Maybe they are north korean refugees. So commie. I bet they still get better treatment in China then in south korea. In china they will be another minority groups which make up like 10% of china’s population. In south korea they will be called chinese and be hated. lol….

      • 白鬼子看不懂

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. At all.

        China actually sends NK refugees back “home” as illegal immigrants. God knows what happens to them then. Whereas if they make it to SK they are given 10000 won and resettlement aid.

        • linette lee

          How many did China send back so far through out all these years? Many Chinese choose to look the other way. I really don’t see China gov’t make too much effort in cracking down the illegal north Korean refugees and repatriate them. Yet China is aware of this problem for many years. If they do catch them then just sad. They will be repatriated.

          “In China there are between 20,000−30,000 North Korean refugees. There was a continued decline in the number of North Korean refugees in China, with around 11,000 in the country at year’s end,[when?][8][9] mostly in the northeast, making them the largest population outside of North Korea; these are not typically considered to be members of the ethnic Korean community, and the Chinese census does not count them as such. Some North Korean refugees who are unable to obtain transport to South Koreamarry ethnic Koreans in China and settle there; they blend into the community but are subject to deportation if discovered by the authorities. Those who have found ‘escape brokers’>”

          They say 30,000 but in reality they say it’s a lot more. Every year many escaped through secret underground tunnels and made it to south korea or other countries. If China gov’t really want to catch them. They will be all caught.

          • Brett

            Linette, you really don’t know much about the situation. Please stop.

          • Kate

            Oh snap!

          • linette lee

            The situation is China refuse to recognize the defectors as refugees claiming they are only illegal immigrants seeking for work, so when captured they repatriate them. They capture like 20 to 30 defectors crossing over to China. That’s how many? Like 1000 a year out of 30,000 plus(probably a lot more than 30000). Many settle and blend in with the ethnic Koreans in China or make their way to south korea.
            As for south korea the gov’t give them benefits money and aid as soon as they arrive, but many experience difficulties in adjusting and the south koreans are indifference toward them. Most of them live like foreigners in their semi native land. They are at the bottom in the South Korean society with little chance of becoming social or economic equals. They are like second class.

            So what’s the situation?

          • Brett

            I’m sure you did a little research to write that, good for you. But trying to say that South Korea treats N. Koreans poorly does not make what the Chinese do any better. You are worse than Chucky sometimes… Any chance to take a stab at Koreans and you jum right on it.

          • linette lee

            I watched the waitress dance and I thought about chinese commie. You were the one mentioning about north koreans. So I stated my thought about north korean refugees in China and south korea. How is it stabbing at the koreans? The chinese are aware of the north korean refugee problem in China and China spending billions annually on north korea instead on the rural chinese. All this is nothing new. I did say it’s probably better being part of minority community in China than second class citizen in south korea, but that’s my opinion. How is it stabbing?
            Constantly comparing me to chucky insulting me are you talking dumb? Or acting stupid.

          • 2ne2

            Why is it that your post are always filled with such ignorance? What kind of school did you attend? The derrick zoolander school for kids who can’t read good? I mean seriously, sometimes I think you’re just as bad as some of the people posted in these articles…

          • vincent

            Linette having a bit of trouble adjusting is far better than the alternative of being sent to ‘secret work camps’ or being executed which is what happens to those who are repatriated, the only reason China has stop repatriating the NK refugees is that they felt they weren’t consulted or informed when NK made that unsucessful missile launch.
            A better solution would be for the Chinese authorities to send those refugees that they do catch to SK, if they can work something out that way, better than the fate that awaits them in NK.
            So the end result is totally different and I’m pretty sure I can take a wild guess at what most people would choose.

          • linette lee

            Poor China. It’s stuck with this expensive dilemma. You know it’s not possible for China not to repatriate the defectors. China don’t want to antagonize north korea. Refugees don’t come in hundreds. They come in ten of thousands. North korea will soon be half empty and will get very hostile with China for sending all the defectors to south korea. Why would China want to take the blame? South and north korea need to negotiate and work out something. South korea should pick up the whole bill providing for the north korea donating to them food and supply. China shouldn’t have to provide for them. China needs to provide for their own people. USA needs to leave south korea. China will most likely stay out if USA leave and nowhere near China’s border. USA is hostile toward China. But all china really want is to expand its economic growth across the globe. China has a lot to do this coming 30 yrs. I doubt china is interested in war.

          • vincent

            It wouldn’t be a problem for China if they could do the right thing, first of all NK would be the ones trying to keep their relations with China good as they are the ones that are receiving aid, so the whole war scenario is not plasuible.
            China can just allow these poor folk to come to China and live under the radar, they’re only trying to earn a living and I doubt they would want to be involved in activities that could get them into trouble, so the economic drain is not there, after all they are illegals how can they get any support from the government?.
            These refugees can also use China as a midpoint to passing from NK to SK all the government has to do is to actually take some initiative. What you probably didn’t take into consideration is that China is playing on the international scene now and therefore it’s going to want to hold higher regard for human rights so that it’s relations with other countries remains intact.
            I seriously lol’ed when you said that China didn’t want to antagonize NK.

          • linette lee

            Vincent, that is exactly what I am saying. The NK refugees many stay inside china and lay low. They stay under the radar and blend in. Chinese officials catch 20 or 30 a day but they are aware there are a lot more inside China. I mean a lot more…. China is not making too much effort to really want to catch them and repatriate them. but China can if they want to.. The chinese understand the cruelty the Nk refugees will face if they get sent back to nk.

            To maintain good relationship with NK or with other countries like USA. Take a pick. China will have to decide what is better for them.

          • vincent

            Ok I’ll make the points clear so you can see where I am coming from.
            1) China should not repatriate any NK refugees, period and no China can’t repatriate a larger number of people as it would cause a shitstorm that would erode China’s international image.
            2) If they did seriously consider the crulety or knew of the fate of repartiated refugees they would not send any of them back, a human life is a human life.
            3) Why does China even need to maintain good relations with NK? They depend on China for aid and energy, you are getting confused, it is NK that has to listen to China, so if China decided not to repartiate North Korean’s there isn’t shit Pyongyang can do about it. Didn’t you know that NK conducted those missle tests without informing China their ‘ally’, Beijing only made a fuss and that was it, I think it was around that time China decided not to repatriate any more refugees so you see it’s something that was quite easily done, but it required NK to provoke China to take that action.
            4) There is something else you haven’t considered here, why is it so easy for NK refugees to come to China in the first place, it’s because the border security on the NK-China border is lax as compared to the NK-SK border, if they didn’t want people making it to China they would have stationed more troops there.
            Linette I’ll advise you to do a bit more research on this matter and perhaps you’ll better understand the dynamics more, I think you’re taking all this on face value but if you dig deeper you’ll be able to get a greater grasp of the situation.

          • linette lee

            vincent. forget it. I am just saying I understand why China is doing what they are doing. They must keep their border neighbor NK “friendly” and avoid tension with NK. China don’t want the border between NK and China turn into a red zone. They don’t need that. Keep the border neighbors friendly will be better for China.

            I don’t want to see any human die or torture neither. It’s horrific. And I wish the Sk can really step it up and put in a lot more effort negotiating with NK about refugees and the relationship between them. Let SK find a way to get the food and supplies to the NK people so China don’t have to get involve. I don’t know how but SK needs to figure out. Sooner or later they need to merge. This is a battle/struggle between NK and SK, not china.

          • vincent

            I have a hypothesis as to why NK doesn’t really want their people heading to SK and that is probably for security reasons, so unless there is a total breakdown of the ‘government’ in NK or they decide to end the conflict completely there will be no midway solution.
            As to SK negotiating with NK I don’t know about the mental stability of the current dictator Kim Jung-Un but the previous one was a lunatic so negotiations might be a little tricky.

            I won’t try to explain the NK-China relation thing again because I don’t seem to be getting through, so let’s drop that, but the above points I made might shed some light as to why NK-SK are having a tough time making peace.

          • hardyandtiny

            What is China taking the blame for? China supported North Korea in its attempt to take control of Korea during the Korean War. The United States is an ally of South Korea. South Korea wants North Korea to opens its borders and establish a reasonable market trade.
            Everyone is interested in war, it’s human nature.

          • El Puma R.

            Better second class than no class

          • hardyandtiny

            I think in general the situation is North Korean citizens can not move freely in and out of their country.
            I think you would have a hard time convincing anyone in South Korea that people of Korean descent from China are somehow lower on the social ladder than other immigrants from other parts of the Asian region, for example; immigrants from Bangladesh.

          • Charles

            @ LInette – I live in Dandong and have heard many stories of Koreans being sent back to North Korea. This is particularly the case outside the cities where it is easier to cross the border. People sometimes get caught and sent back only to return several times.

            Its hard to get any accurate number of how many refugees there really are and I suspect that you may be right in saying that there are many more than officials admit.

            However, though I can see NK from my bedroom window and literally live on the border, I have only met one person who claimed to be an illegal immigrant from the DPRK. I have seen lots of Chinese people swim across the river, but never seen one Korean swim even out into the middle of the river. There are guard stations all along the border.

            Also, border security has become much more intense over the past few years. It used to be extremely easy to cross the border – at least on the Chinese side. Now there is barbed wire and their are cameras and much higher fences. (though in many places it would be extremely easy to cross from the Chinese side)

          • Rebuild the great wall and extend it to korea

          • Nick in Beijing

            Linette – I used to have a student from Dan Dong whose father was a police officer.

            He told me a story about his father having to take a North Korean escapee to the boarder to be taken back into DPRK custody. He related a very bloody story that involved hooks and chains as soon as the man was on the NK side of the boarder.

            He told me he was learning English to stay in Beijing to be as far away from he NK/China boarder as possible, and didn’t want to be like his father, who grew so jaded by being a boarder officer for so long that seeing people be tortured right in his view on the immediate NK side of the boarder didn’t bother him anymore. That is what is sanctioned by the Chinese boarder patrol. The boarder officers and probably their superiors know what will happen to people when they send them back, but just don’t care.
            As to the people who “look the other way”. Of course they would. An NK refugee probably works for a fistful of kuai, a squalid apartment shared with a number of other refugees, and a little food. That is probably better than they had it back home though if they were desperate enough to risk escape. No different from companies who hire illegal immigrants from Mexico. That is how the world works unfortunately. If those refugees were caught by the authorities though they would likely face a similar fate to the man in my student’s story.

          • linette lee

            of course I know. The NK gov’t do horrific things to these Nk refugees when they get back.
            NK has powerful army. China don’t want tension. That is not their war.

          • vincent

            China and Russia helped NK during the Korean War thus effectively helping creating the rouge state of NK as well as sustaining them, so they have quite some responsibilty in this as well, Linette please seriously research this topic thoroughly before commenting anymore, this will be my last comment on this topic.

          • linette lee

            China got involved because USA got involved. Usa entered the war on SK side pushing NK invasion back into Nk getting close to China’s border. China warned USA not to get close to china’s border yalu river or they will enter war on NK side. USa didn’t listen and continue heading close to china’s border. Chinese troops swarmed across the border driving the Americans back in disarray all the way back to the original border between north and south with great loss of life to the American.

            Usa is just as responsible for China’s involvement. And even now today they are still stationed in SK and they are not friendly to China. China is protecting their own country and economy.

            USa needs to leave sk. China shouldn’t antagonize NK. SK and NK needs to work out something on their own and try to merge. It’s their war/struggle and not USA and CHina’s war.

          • vincent

            Sigh I thought this was over but apparently not, you are aware that this decision to ignore China’s terms was done by a single man and not the Government when that person was explicitly given orders and he chose to disobey them, in any case China supports NK for only one reason and that is to prevent the balance of power shifting into US favor, do you really think it is in China’s best interests to have NK reunify with SK?
            The only way for true reunification is if China and the US decide what happens in the aftermath of a reunification, both countries would have to do as follows China would have to stop funding North Korea and the US would have to pull out of SK then let SK and NK fight it out or just agree to reunify and see what happens,so plainly put it is still China’s and US’ war, ok now this is seriously the last comment (hopefully).
            Oh and in my opinion it was a bad decision for China to get involved, so many dead…soldiers being treated as cannon fodder, terrible.

          • hardyandtiny

            Wait a second…What about the Japanese Empire? How do you think the USA ended up in a war in Korea?

          • hess

            “Every year many escaped through secret underground tunnels”

            ” secret underground tunnels”

            Really? I’ve always thought they used the river..

          • hardyandtiny

            China and Russia (Soviet Union) have offered alternatives for North Koreans for many years.

        • vincent

          Two outcomes for the poor souls that get sent back either forced labor or execution, talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      • hardyandtiny

        It was a good joke and South Korea was not a part of the joke. You’re right, there’s nothing in South Korea that compares to the second home North Koreans have found in China, but contrasting life in China and South Korea doesn’t diminish the underlying value of the humor.

    • xiaopengyou

      Given that it’s in Dandong, I would think so.. 阿里郎 is a Korean folk song and dance. Some people translate it as “beautiful dear”.

      Word to the wise, if you click on the “Meet beautiful chinese girls” link and catch the yellow fever, just keep this video in mind ;-) .

      • Brett

        I know what “Arirang” is, I was wondering if there was a meaning in Chinese. I also assumed that it was a North Korean themed restaurant. Thanks for trying, but you didn’t answer any of my questions.

        • Charles

          I have been to the place a few times. The staff is Chinese, at least primarily. There are probably Korean-nationality Chinese working there, but I doubt that there are many (if any) North Koreans. In Dandong the DPRK opens it’s own restaurants which are run and staffed by NKs. This isn’t one of those places.

  • jlion1786

    How is the opening of Joy World not on here yet! Chinasmack has been really slow to the gate as of late.

  • Money

    Hey, i’ve been to this restaurant last June!

  • Super Bunny

    i believe guys stood there watching and wanted to laugh to death or kick their ass.

    i am glad i have such a strong ego, no one can make me behave like their toy…

    no one,,,

    • linette lee

      I bet you will laugh to death also while they are dancing in front of you. You are just not afraid to show it. I bet I am more shy than you. hahaha…

  • mr.wiener

    “I don’t know but I’ve been told!!”………….


      O-BA-MA is an ugly toad.

      • maybeabanana

        I like what you are saying dude.

      • Your mothers an ugly toad prick

    • El Puma R.

      take me home country road

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I have seen similar morning exercises, on the street in front of a restaurant one day in freezing Beijing. Its weird, what’s the purpose? Motivation? Just give them more $$ and save the hassle. Try this in the US and they will be like, go f yourself. LOL.

  • iwantbeoneofthem

    Honestly I think it’s quite good. Everybody seem to see brainwashing where there’s more like a dance show with quite well trained performers. How many waitress can say “I’m a waitress… but I can perfom a 15 min exhausting show synchronized with my 20 other collegues”. Looks like their manager brought them to the olympic level. I will apply for a job.

  • linette lee

    That is so retarded. lol

  • vincent

    Ok a PSA for those of you who eat shark fin soup, you probably should stop doing so because it will end up killing you, I’m posting links to articles from both local and foreign publications and

    • Germandude

      Dude, you probably know the movie “The cove”!? Dolphins are highly toxicated because they eat small fish. A lot of poisonus stuff goes into the Oceans. Fish consume this through their food. A big fish that eats other fish (like dolphins and sharks) eat more of the poison and so, get highly toxicated.
      If the brutal method of cutting fins off of sharks is not reason enough NOT to eat shark fin soup, then at least do it for your own health.
      I ate it once when invited to a dinner without knowing it. After the host told me that it was shark fin soup, I yelled at him. Needless to say that he didn’t get my meaning off “I despise how these animals are cut off their fins and then thrown back to the water”. His answer was sth like “but the soup was expensive”…

      • El Puma R.

        The only movie that ever made me cry

        • Germandude

          It didn’t make me cry, but I was extremely depressed and angry about this shit happening.

          • El Puma R.

            Angry is the word. I met some Japanese people a couple of days before I saw the film… a bunch of snobs… I was probably unlucky, I think.

          • linette lee

            I love dolphins. They are my favorite animal. They are very intelligent.

      • vincent

        Yeah bro I saw the movie, very depressing and I guess that people just don’t care enough to change until what they do comes back to bite them in the ass which is what I hope happens to those folk that allow the indicriminate killing of an animal that is not only intelligent but shouldn’t even be consumed in the first place.
        Same thing goes for the Sharks as well, the fins only provide the “texture” and none of the flavor and it’s so moronic that these apex predators should be killed in such a cruel way, it’s akin to someone having their arms and legs removed and then being asked to swim.
        The same thing happened to me too when I first came to China, had no idea the soup was Shark Fin soup and from then on made it a point to make sure I knew what I was eating, and I’ve also told those around me about the methods they use as well as the pointlessness of even consuming the soup itself, hopefully they change their minds.
        I hope this comes as a huge blow for this particular industry, and that it dies a quick death.

  • Klambo

    For some reason…

  • White Bear

    I’d still rather go to Hooters.

  • dim mak

    dem koreans

  • Aaaaaaaaaah, this is madness! I love it!

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I wonder if any of them crossed the line of ‘cleanliness’ into the bathroom to wash their hands after that addled team building parade.

  • TheOne

    Is this really necessary?

  • Wu Qinghua

    The Red Detachment of Waitresses.

  • Awful.

  • stevelaudig

    The floor show is nice. Drinks are cheap. How’s the food?

  • Irvin

    I think it works better with gangnam style

  • Jeff

    I have a feeling if I ever eat in this restaurant I won’t be slapping these waitresses on the ass as they walk by…

  • Jeff

    I think they all happily drank the Jim Jones brand Kool Aid at the end…

  • Jeff

    Did they leave out the hot coal walk part?

  • Super Bunny

    they do not feel like a fool?

    also quite some stores, like barbershops like to do this kinda nonsense in the morning in street.

    if i had to behave like that, i would leave in one minute.
    totally insane.
    women are so easy to be fooled.they dare to ask a guy to do the same thing?
    especially those make-up street sales girls,i do not know what they get so that they can always stand in street, talk to every single girl,try to hoop them up…what a life!

    • El Puma R.

      I don’t think it’s about women being easy to fool (that’s a little chauvinist from you I have to say, even though you are right when it comes to most Chinese women) I think it’s about people not being educated to have a sense of self-criticism, or introspection , as Confucius talked about. I’ve seen both boys and girls parading at the door of the KTVs where they work and it makes me really sad for them. Plus, they have no other ways to make any money, and the employers take advantage of that.

      • YahLey

        Wrong. The Chinese gov’ institutionalized self-criticism.

        “as Confucius talked about.”


        • El Puma R.

          ? Confucius did talk about introspection (something nobody does in China since they’re so fucking selfish) Keep watching CCTV man, and hiding your name.

      • YahLey

        That’s ignorant to say most Chinese women are easy to fool. Like most of your other baseless generalizations.

        Do you have ample experience fooling people? If this is true would you consider yourself an immoral person? You’ve obviously strolled down from your moral high ground at some point to fool one into becoming your wife, one which you are adamant to hide behind.

        • El Puma R.

          You’re Jennster, right? I knew it was you ! 10 years later and Chinese still shit on the street.. yeah, the 60% who don’t live on the cities. And I’m not allowed to take pictures of it. I won’t waste my time with you anymore, I could go on for hours about this but I’d rather talk to the cool people around here. Before I go I’ll tell you a little story of mine:

          A week ago a waitress asked me which country was better, China or Argentina. She obviously assumed I would say “China, of course”, but since I’m exhausted of hearing the same question again and again, I decided to tell her the truth; “It’s simple” I said. “Foreigners who come to China, they all leave. Foreigners who go to my country, they never want to leave”. She didn’t say anything, just smiled and carried on with her job.

          “Respect is collected, so check it” – Biggie

    • YahLey

      You are not real.

    • ScottLoar

      Super Bunny, I’m sure those girls feel no differently than you or I or almost anybody else: the exercises, slogans, “team work” are silly, but part of the price of employment until something better comes along. Perhaps you have a choice; obviously they do not.

  • kung

    I get the feeling that Chinasmack is back.

    • carmouflagger

      All we need is Eattot & we’re back!

  • the ace of books

    Red Dances … for a restaurant? No wonder it makes people uncomfortable.

  • MonkeyMouth

    The days of finger-banging little Mary Rottencrotch are over

  • Laoshu

    Wow wow wow, give me 15 minutes with those girls..

  • El Puma R.

    4’20” you can hear them gasping.

    This is a jewel of Chinese education! You can’t tell me this isn’t what most people is taught to do in China. Follow and repeat. Worker rights, dignifying working conditions, etc… those are concepts hard to achieve around here. So who are we judging? I Curse with indifference both employer and employees for pulling such disturbing performance, product of oppression.

    • YahLey

      This is not a jewel. This is the gilding of a dull core.

      This is side effect of communism, enforcing the idea that every individual is another cog in a 1.3 billion cog machine. Do your part, get by, grind.

      (I don’t mean to get into a communism vs capitalism condo here, just giving context)

      I think we agree this culture exists, but I’ve seen your point frequently and I feel it is contrived.You apply this paradigm of drones onto Chinese people and yet every oppressed individual shouts back while you point your finger at government policies, muttering to yourself “drones… drones…”

      Changing conditions in every place in China would be hard if the timeframe you’re giving China is RIGHT NOW! Look at where the west is! China should be here! Mao died in 1976.

      China’s economy is evolving faster than its people. Unfortunately you can’t throw money at cultural and societal issues for a quick fix.

      • El Puma R.

        I still think it’s a Jewel on the eyes of those who are making all the money.I really glad to know you’ve taken the time to read my thoughts, I might be a little extreme sometimes, but I still do believe in people, hence my anger towards drone-behavior, plus.. tell me what isn’t contrived. I know the west had to go through a lot of change, I do hear my grandpa’s stories, you know… The problem I see so far is most people in China (most of it because I talk to the locals a lot) are open to economical change, but not to political, human or ideological change… which is what has got the west ahead in these kind of matters. Makes me sad to see so many people so afraid to stand up for themselves… some of the people I know they see me leaving my parents house when I was 17 as an awesome achievement they could never “afford”.

        You know, my wife isn’t the prettiest nor the smartest Chinese who has ever take interest in me in the 5 years I’ve been living here, but of all the people I’ve met, among the few who have been able to see things from a different perspective, she’s the smartest and prettiest. =)

        • YahLey

          Yes, they are China’s emerging 1%. Yes, there is a huge income disparity but the population below the poverty line is decreasing every year.


          Chinese people being “open” to economic change is moot. It is in the best interest of those running the country to make beneficial economic changes. A richer country means richer rulers.

          I take issue with the way you phrase “Chinese people are not OPEN to political human or ideological change.”

          I’m sure each cringing waitress seen here is quite open to the idea of not grueling in this pageantry. I’m know the bloggers took issue with the un-empathetic arrowing of those Roosters.

          To say these people are not open to change is to ignore the very open-mindedness of your wife. I couldn’t care less about your personal relationships but I’m glad you’ve found happiness together.

          • YahLey

            Some more stuff.

            Chinese people are FOR THE MOST PART content with their government. The major factor is almost certainly the economic boon of the past few decades. So, for every perceived moral offense committed by the Chinese government is a move netting positive aggregate utility for the nation. People are too happy enjoying their brand new stuff!

            Westerns see an oppressive government destroying innocent farmers houses. However, every dilapidated house that is “immorally” demolished yields positive aggregate utility. You’re gonna have one angry farmer but on the other hand you get a road that doesn’t have to run around this farmer’s house. Another example would be a giant profitable skyscraper replacing farmers homes in downtown metropolis.

            Chinese people couldn’t care less about human rights issues when they’re still shitting in a hole in the ground running around on dirt roads.

            Yes I agree with the immorality of shitty property rights policies but in terms of running a nation go right ahead bro. Build that skyscraper and put a nice hotel in it for me to stay in. The observers can feel morally righteous all they want.

            It’s just a matter of time before the elite of China move away from indulging in material luxuries and start indulging in being “more educated and cultured” than their poor counterparts.

          • El Puma R.

            I couldn’t agree with you more. Though seeing them doing that makes me think after years of school and unnecessary studying they still can’t change. I live in dongbei and over here it’s very very traditional and probably one of the most xenophobic ultranationalist anti-japanese close-minded places I’ve been in China… so I assume if you’re in the south you might see a lot of different people… living here somehow affects my perspective, I know it’s not the same in other provinces. My wife is fine, thank you man, what I meant was people actually changing, not just opened to change. They all are open to change, no matter what, which is the main issue here I think.. they just want the cash! Which has lead to cultural deprivation and educational black holes.

            Wifey has chosen not to put up with shit like this anymore, and I call it change. I think China in general can generate endless discussions among the foreigners who have lived here. Somehow I think we love China more than Chinese.

          • YahLey

            You say you’re agreeing with me but you’re not. Embrace your opinions. I’ve decided to hold reservations with this kind of meek prod.

            This is a doozy because you’re stupendous.

            First off we hold two different frameworks. My perspective on China is changing. I say that China is at a particular stage of nation development. I try to see shifting parts. Deep down I have a hope that China will change for the better.

            You, on the other hand, contrive your framework of Chinese society so that it is stagnant somehow, some frankenstein of whatever negative trait you see. You merely “observe” and feel good about yourself while you attach all of western ideals to your being as a foreigner. This is especially effective when you move to shitty Dong Bei. Deep down you are most content to see China not change.

            Now onto your response:

            “Though seeing them doing that makes me think after years of school and unnecessary studying they still can’t change.”

            “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

            No, you couldn’t disagree with me more.

            I know what Dong Bei is like thanks. If you think Dongbei is representative of China you make a shitty point and have no idea how vast China is.

            “what I meant was people actually changing, not just opened to change.”

            No bro, you meant exactly what you said, open. Regardless, if you don’t think China is changing you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. If you don’t think the entirety of ones life changes when they move from a shoddy brick shack in bumfuk nowhere into a city condo, you are extremely pessimistic. My grandparents used to live in a hu tong getting water from a well. Now they walk to the nearby supermarket. This was 10+ years ago.

            Like I said, the economy is changing faster than society.

            “they just want the cash! Which has lead to cultural deprivation and educational black holes.”

            Again we couldn’t disagree more. This is a grand bit of prose but ultimately hollow. You’ve revealed yourself a moron.

            Also seriously lay off on hiding behind your wife like it makes you less prejudice. It’s pathetic.

            “Somehow I think we love China more than Chinese.” ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • ScottLoar

            Not even”Guest’s” trenchant commentary, long overdue here, can relieve people like El Puma R of their studied ignorance about the China they presume to know and claim to love. Typical, too, that almost to a man these guys bring up their Chinese wives as example of how open-minded they are, and do so without any sense of irony.

          • El Puma R.

            So as I see you’re just some dude that picks up each word I write and puts it against each other just because he can speak some engish (oooh, I am so scared, you went to uni and your parents have paid for everything you own) and he(just like most chinese people) thinks he’s always right and China is the best country in the world just because his parents don’t have to shit in the streets anymore.

            I’ve been all around China and most people is the same.. fuck you and your condescending tone, I ain’t your bro. I do speak chinese and for what? to answer the same questions every day. You’re not open to nothing either, all you’ve done is attack me when all I’ve done is listening to your shit. Fuck you man, you’re the same as any other retarded moron I see every day.

            I’d rather shitty dongbei better than violent and full of liars and bad food southern china.

            Recycled oil + being spoiled by people who used to shit in the streets + been to the US to eat artifical burgers and learn how to be even more stubborn and ignorant = you

            now go ask your parents to find you a job and a wife.. you cunts keep making me look like an hypocrite. you’re not the first morons in this site who think they’re smarter than anyone else.

          • ScottLoar

            Again, El Puma R. makes the silliest assumptions about posters’ background, nationality, education, competency in Chinese – just fill in whatever pops into his head, even marital status – then goes on to excoriate the same person for what he thinks about them. And it gets even sillier when he adds (tough style, as if he’s done hard time), “I ain’t your bro'”; I never assumed so and never invited you either.

            El Puma R, you don’t read what is put in front of your very nose, you don’t see what is right before your face every day, and you have as much introspection as that half-dead Chinese carp in the marketplace. Now you’re brought up short by at least two persons sick of your unfounded opinions and your reply: “now go ask your parents to find you a job and a wife”. Can’t you see how ridiculous you really are, El Puma R?

          • YahLey

            Couldn’t have said it better

          • El Puma R.

            BTW I come here to have fun and respect what other people have to say, not like you, you learned the dumbest language in the world (english) and think you’re better than everyone else… you’re by far the most stubborn and moronic person I’ve talked with on this site. Ohh you have a 6 in your IELTS ooohh you are a bad-ass let’s go shopping now! China has market now ! ooohhh yeaaah starbucksss mcdonaldss ooohh we have toilet and iphone now China the best in the world !

            Fuck you and every other Chinese who thinks he’s better ’cause they have a market in the neighborhood now. You said that.. didn’t you? how happy your parents are…. probably they are the only people close to you, and you are relating china’s economical success (for some) with your old man not having to shit in the corner anymore… just like most Chinese, thinking you’re the best country in the world.. you see, I was right all along, that’s how narrow-minded you are. You think you’re cool ’cause you can play with words in a language that doesn’t require many skills.

            you write LMAO but you’re not laughing… what an imbecile.

          • ScottLoar

            Maybe you “come here to have fun” (venting frustration through ridicule is not the normal idea of “fun” but, well, that’s El Puma R) but you surely do not respect what other people have to say.

            And, English is “the dumbest language in the world”? Sad comment when English is the most widespread language and the only international language: sorry, but outside Central and Latin America, and Spain, Spanish is not widely spoken nor referenced, no matter what is approved by the United Nations.Still, maybe you’d like to explain how you came to conclude English is “the dumbest language in the world”? By reason of its syntax? Vocabulary? Literary accomplishments? Euphony? Ability to express complex thought? Go ahead, explain how English is “dumb”.

          • El Puma R.

            That’s why it’s the most widespread language in the world, it’s the easiest… DUH ! and because british used to be pirates who looted and raped countless cultures. Before English it used to be French.. and before that It was Latin… did you know that? People used to be smarter! … English is not only a very young language forged by countless invasions for more than 10 centuries or so, it doesn’t require much skills to manage it, therefore it’s linguistics for dummies at a large scale.

            your shit-on-the-corner parents payed a lot of money so you could just use some fancy words, that’s all you can do… Trust me I’ve seen a lot like you… all that money so you could pretend to be smarter than other people… just pretend… you’re no different than those girls on the video. Remember, I am a certified teacher, you’re just some patriotic kid who missed his shit-on-the-corner polluted home when he was abroad in a land far more full of interesting people. Momma is cooking the food now be a good baby and prepare the lajiao for them. I bet your buy-a-big-car-cause-I-have-a-little-dick ass you could ever get to speak the languages I speak or know the things I know. I let you to it now, throw me some more of those fantastic words you know, college boy. Your degree is worth shit compared to your parent’s guanxi.

            PS: many parents in China still have to shit on the streets, I’d say the vast majority.. so don’t come to me with your CCTV 1 7pm news speech ever again. Be a good kid and let the grownups talk.

          • El Puma R.

            and your words aren’t that fancy either. Remember… I teach little cunts like you every day

          • YahLey

            “You think ur so smart with those fancy words.”
            “They’re not even fancy.”

            A kindergarten teacher is also a teacher. A PhD professor is also a teacher. You don’t get to choose what you are. Everyone knows what you are, whether you do yourself or not.

          • ScottLoar

            As I look at how you choose to ridicule others here the normal stages of human life – financial independence, marriage, accepting responsibilities – seem like major accomplishments for you. No one but you is so preoccupied assuming others desperately need parents to help them out: that says a lot about you, El Puma R.

            That I’m a native speaker of English has passed right by you; once again, you are dumb to what is in front of your face. Fancy words for you maybe, but just apt for others, and I guarantee none of my teachers in any subject – not even gym teachers – were anything like you El Puma R.

          • ScottLoar

            Who rates English as the easiest language? Linguists? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as the most difficult (e.g. languages like Navajo are a 10) you rate English as a 1, but linguists rate Mandarin, English and
            Russian the same 7. Spanish? No, you do your own homework on this topic.

          • YahLey

            Thanks for letting me see what it’s like in the dimmest places of human consciousness.
            I realize now it is no longer worth the effort to continue interacting with you. Best of luck to you.

          • I gotta say… your claims about the ease of English are not exactly true. English is a pretty tough language, especially in Asia. While grammar is incredibly flexible, it is still difficult to master even for native speakers. Inflection, verb tenses, etc… English is pretty tough for most second language learners.

            English speakers are not exactly uniquely blameworthy for the atrocities that established it as the langua franca either… virtually every major language in the world is so because at one time their speakers were good at killing other people. Archeological records and historical documents show this in many regions of the world. You point out a few above. (One well known example is Basque, the only Western European language that is not descended from the proto-Indo European language all the others are.) English just happens to be the latest linguistic take over, and not necessarily the last.

          • El Puma R.

            There’s a very good documentary the BBC made about it… I think it’s called “The origins of the English language” or something like that. It’s very interesting and yes, English might not be the last. I was reading the other day, I think since the 1900s there are around 1000 and something new words in English.

          • “ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” yes, we chinese love our country so much, thats why we piss everywhere, throw trash on the streets, in our parks, and on the grounds of our most cherished relics, and rest on our 2000 year old laurels when confronted with the slightest criticism of our culture of piracy and repudiation of what was once great ingenuity.

          • YahLey

            You obviously chose to actively ignore everything I’ve said thus far, in this post and previous ones. You are just playing a fool and feeling good about it. Come on mate.

            I have nearly an essay here and you choose to ignore it all and hone in on me laughing at the irony I noticed in El Puma’s post. Do you honestly agree with his opinion?

            Do you honestly think he loves China more than me? (You’re going to have to put in some effort and actually read our dialogue). Please contribute to our current discussion. You do realize you are playing a fool when you ignore relevant topics and come in with new sweeping absolute statements?

            Also China did not “repudiate” (deny the truth of) historical ingenuities. If anything they do the opposite and embellish history.

            I will address your flight of fancy in a few moments.

          • YahLey

            “we chinese love our country so much, thats why we piss everywhere, throw trash on the streets, in our parks, and on the grounds of our most cherished relics”

            The nth time I’ve seen this idiocy. You ignore everything said previously, then attach a new sweeping statement and place an onus on me to justify it. This is why I mention I’m nearly done with you.

            According to your statement, the Chinese people that litter are also the ones that pick it up and the ones that run cleaning companies and the ones that are millionaires, all whom DO NOT LOVE CHINA BECAUSE THEY LITTER.

            “rest on our 2000 year old laurels when confronted with the slightest criticism of our culture of piracy”

            LOL WHAT? AM I HIGH? single dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

          • Yahley, your posts are nonsense… you don’t make claims, give examples, evidence, conceptual framework… nothing. Instead, your posts are full of invectives, derision, and provocation.

            I responded to your “rolling on the floor laughing my ass off off off off off off off off off off off off off off” comment as a blanket response to the body of garbage typified by similar comments you have contributed to these forums.

            You’re a troll, and I think before long you’ll get bored with chinasmack and move on to another site.

            My use of the word “repudiation” is correct. It is also used to mean give up, reject, disavow. Thanks for schooling me on your second language.

          • YahLey

            Do you truly not get it or are you sticking with this facade of idiocy?

            “You obviously chose to actively ignore everything I’ve said thus far, in this post and previous ones. You are just playing a fool and feeling good about it.”

            This is still true.

            You still have yet to justify anything you’ve said thus far (which is not an ad hominem or gross presumption). All you’ve done is bring in new blanket statements to justify yourself.

            Do you not see the irony when you yourself make blanket statements and point your finger at me while I am quite literally dumbing things down for most people here? You STILL have yet to DIRECTLY address any particular points I’ve made.

            At this point I basically can’t organize my posts in any more of a simple fashion for you to understand. Cry out “nonsense!” as much as you want but christ, if you don’t get what I’m saying when I lay it out like this I’m not going to further coddle you.

            I’m especially not waste my time explaining to you why a statement like “rest on our 2000 year old laurels when confronted with the slightest criticism of our culture of piracy” is absurd.

          • linette lee

            I thought you say you are moving out of China in December. Why are you still in China? Why live inside China when you can live in the western cities? For westerner you folks can never get used to the life style in China. The people and the culture. It’s very difficult. And forget about raising your kids inside China. I can’t imagine. Your wife is chinese or non chinese?

          • El Puma R.

            By the way I just finished watching the video withm y girl and we not only laughed a lot but we also realized it’s fucking insane. Only in Dongbei !

  • Charles

    Awesome – My city made to Chinasmack! And this time it wasn’t for a brutal murder! This is strange stuff indeed!

    • Charles

      made it to – made it on… grrrr… typed to fast.

    • Oh, come on…. you’re on CCTV all the time…

      PORT…. OF DAN! DONG!

      • charles

        Yeah, I forgot about that…. “Port of Dandong!” – meanwhile the port is actually 45 minutes away in a shitty little town called Donggang, but don’t let reality ruin that awesome commercial!

        • donscarletti

          If I had millions of dollars in merchandise in some container terminal, I would be happier to know it’s another 45 minutes away from the scariest fucking country on earth. I wonder why they don’t mention that in the ad.

          • Brilliant. :-D

          • Charles

            It’s actually not 45 minutes from the DPRK – the border runs along the Yalu River – basically all the way to the sea (aside from a Kl or two of land-border fences), So the port, itself, is practically on the border.

      • Justin

        New Shipping Hub in NORTH EAST Asia! Reaching The World From NORTH EAST China! I always do an impersonation of the voice when I hear the commercial, which for some odd reason my girlfriend finds sexy.

  • Charles

    Having read many of the disparaging comments below, I just want to point out that many Chinese also think this is extremely nutty stuff! In fact, I am a resident of Dandong and only reason I saw this video was because all of my coworkers were laughing at the strangeness together.

  • no more lyrics translation? I kinda like learning those phrase to say it to my friend…

  • elizabeth

    …3 million views with over 42k comments spanning over 1400 pages…that’s a lot of free publicity for the restaurant.

  • [email protected]

    Didn’t bother to watch the video, ultimately I have seen similar things with my own eyes. The funny thing for me is the effort spent on these routines, and then the actual energy spent on serving the customer. VERY different the two are. Try to train servers to smile, to care, to listen, to understand, to value, to empathize. Not train them to goosestep and synchronize so much. We don’t go to your establishment for the routine, we go for the dining experience. In fact we don’t give a damn about these routines. Focus EXCLUSIVELY on your service please. Oh well.

  • Me

    I wish the Chinese girls I’ve met can translate half the effort and energy seen in the video into the bedroom….

  • its a bit scary isnt it?

    • Button

      Yes, I think they are mentally disabled!

  • jtsp

    i wouldn’t dare to complain about the food…

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  • Shade

    This is just crazy and demeaning. Shameful for China.

  • Justin

    At about 7:00 in is the worst limbo competition I’ve ever seen.

  • Joe

    I’ve seen this so many times before… Why is this just now going viral??

  • button

    They dance some dance and feel so brave and talking about D Island. Maybe they should learn how to stand up on street thieves and help victims, instead just watching the victims who are being beaten.

  • Dr Sun


  • Dr Sun

    AHHH…… the old China smack is back.

    Love this kind of stuff

  • Are there robots or humanbeing there ??? …. I will never go to this restaunrant for seeing parade of military !!! …Dreadfull !!!!

  • Jamie

    It looks like a North-Korean military training. I believe their BOSS is a North-Korean.

  • katie k

    This is the most Chinese thing I’ve ever seen.

  • hardyandtiny

    I guess in some way we all do this. It’s a condensed version of life as a worker in the world. It’s very funny what we do, all of us.

  • 亚当

    How about just get the food to the table in one hit? Somthing I have never seen in China

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