“Milk Tea Girl” Admitted To Prestigious Tsinghua University

Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian admitted to China's prestigious Tsinghua University.

Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian admitted to China's prestigious Tsinghua University.

We first reported about minor Chinese internet celebrity “Milk Tea Girl” almost exactly one year ago in our post “Milk Tea Girl & Pen Bag Boy“. What’s new for her? Let’s see…

From QQ & MSN YNet:

“Milk Tea MM” Zhang Zetian confirmed to be recommended for admission to Tsinghua University

Zhang Zetian has received early admittance to Tsinghua University! These past few days, popular internet girl and Nanjing Foreign Language School school beauty “Milk Tea MM” Zhang Zetian has once again become a person of interest on the internet. This reporter yesterday confirmed with Tsinghua University that Zhang Zetian has indeed already been admitted as a recommended student to Tsinghua University, and will probably enter the humanities for study. This low-key girl known for having refused to be a “[Zhang Yimou] Mou Girl”, maintaining her middle school character, and diligently carrying out her studies, now ultimately has gotten admissions to the country’s first rate university, and has quite a lot of “fans” on the internet.

Comments from QQ:


Luckily [she] hasn’t been on Zhang Yimou’s “casting couch”.


Little sister, study well. You must learn to protect yourself. Society these days~ sigh.


Tsinghua is truly disgusting. The people it trains are all basically mental retards. The students it enrolls too. The truly talented ones they can’t get so the ones they enroll are all those with undeserved reputations in various fields and roles, like those who are good at acting, good at sports, or are simply pretty, but not a single one with a big brain!


Work hard to make money, to make her a mistress in five years.


So pretty, so capable, and most importantly very low-key. Very hard to come by, very rare!


I understand. After graduating, [she] will be matched to some official. Ordinary common people, save your energy.


Don’t pay to much attention [to this], comrades. Good children do not want to be given attention/should not be given too much attention. It will ruin them!!!!  wonder how many people are covetously eying her.


I like Milk Tea Girl, really like her! If all the girls in the world were like Milk Tea MM, this world would be much cleaner.


An intelligent and beautiful girl, and I trust her life will become even more beautiful because of her intelligence. I wish you the best.


Looks like Tsinghua really is going to the dumps, drifting, using famous names to hype itself and get publicity, they should also recruit Furong Jiejie, Sister Feng, Brother Sharp, all of them.
Tsinghua University, once China’s pride! Now its luster is no longer, it’s all over.

More photos of Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian can be seen here.

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