Ministry of Justice: Not Saving Mom Constitutes a Crime

Ministry of Justice Not Saving Mom Constitutes a Crime
China’s Ministry of Justice has published reference answers to this year’s National Judicial Examination via its official website. A scenario from a set of four on question 52 read, “A is faced with a fire and is able to save his mom, but in saving his girlfriend doesn’t. If unjustified, A’s conduct constitutes a ‘non-action’ crime.” The statement was deemed correct, essentially meaning that China demands its citizens to save their mothers over their lovers. Many netizens agreed that mothers should be saved first as we only have one, whereas if we lose our girlfriends/boyfriends we can always get another.

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  • why chinese always care about this kinda nonsense!

  • KamikaziPilot

    “Many netizens agreed that mothers should be saved first as we only have one”

    Ridiculous argument. You’re supposed to judge people individually and by their character, not on their “title”.

  • Michael Garris

    i can assure you if i had a kid who was married with kids and he/she had to choose between me or their lover id tell them to let me die

    • why people must waste time on this kinda nonsense???
      just save whoever is closer or easier to save!

    • Carmen Wakefield

      Me too. I have no doubts about this. They have their whole lives ahead of them and if he is truly in love with her, he would save her first if there comes a situation where it is not easy to decide who is “closer” or “easier to save”. But I guess this is considered Western logic. Most Chinese people who have traditional Chinese ideals have mad respect for their elders even if it goes to levels of manipulation. They become way too obedient even to adulthood.

  • Carmen Wakefield

    I won’t save my mom over my husband because she won’t save me either in a case like this. I would save my husband over my parents, he’s the one I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with. I can give up my life for him. If you believe that “you can just get another partner” (as if the person you are currently with is disposable) then you should never get married. You clearly are not truly in love with him/her. But then again Chinese people value their elders wayyyy too much it’s nuts. It’s a complex. Anything they say goes even if it makes no sense or is pure evil. There’s a lot of mistreatment of daughter-in-law stories that come from China. And most of the time I expect the men to just pretend to be blind and not stand up for their wives.

    This actually happened for real in China. A man had to choose between saving his wife or mother when they were drowning in a river. The man went to his wife first because she was closer then saved his mom too. Both survived, but his dad was enraged that he chose his wife over his mother. Let me ask him this, would HE have saved his wife first if he was in the same situation as his son ???

    • James

      well in those situation here is no good answer, or right or wrong answer, whether to save your wife or your mom.