Ministry of Transport Says Many Agree With Road Tolls

Ministry of Transport Says Many Agree With Road Tolls
The Ministry of Transport has published via its website public opinion regarding new road toll and management regulations, saying that a “considerable portion” of those who voiced their opinions approve of paying tolls for road subsidizing purposes. The “conclusion” comes from a total of 221 feedback letters received by the department, in which 189 points were expressed concerning the code. The MoT is currently still in the process of collating all the data, and intends to take on board all rational opinions with the aim of drawing up a reasonable road toll policy. Many netizens felt misrepresented.


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  • mr.wiener

    Democracy in action…with Chinese characteristics.

  • donscarletti

    If one drives often then one would rather road infrastructure be paid through another form of taxation unrelated to driving. If one doesn’t drive often, one would rather the people who use the roads paid for them. This is the normal debate around user-pays vs state-pays systems, you get the same talking about education and healthcare. It is very rare to see anything but self-interest come out from either commentators or voters in this matter.

    However, road tolls suck, you have to stop at the toll plaza and either get your wallet out or keep your tag topped up. One sees roads who’s on and off ramps are built around making it hard to avoid the toll, even if doing so makes it miss an important interchange. Also, we should be encouraging people to use these high-capacity roads and stay off the back-streets unless necessary, it is better for the environment and safer for society for them to be there, why penalize drivers for it?

    What I am in favour of is paying for road infrastructure through higher fuel taxes. Don’t get me wrong, I drive a full-sized sedan with a non-hybrid V6 petrol burning engine, but money needs to come from somewhere and I think this is a good place. Using more fuel is wasteful and unless your Russian or Arab, extremely unpatriotic. Since fuel is already expensive, paying a bit more is fairly convenient. Not only will it raise revenue for better roads, it will suddenly make alternative fuel technology more competitive and will reduce military expenditure since less money spent on fuel means less airstrikes blowing up whatever that money was used to buy.