Minivan Hits Bentley, Compensation Sought

Minivan Hits Bentley, Compensation Sought
Another case of a minivan hitting a luxury car has emerged. Recently a Rolls-Royce Ghost in Zhengzhou was dented to the tune of 800,000 RMB, but compensation was waived. Now reports have come out of a minivan hitting a Bentley Mulsanne, also in Zhengzhou. The Bentley was driving straight along a road when it was hit in the side by the minivan which was turning left into the Bentley’s lane, severely denting it. A car dealership has estimated the repair cost to be 100,000 RMB, with the minivan driver bearing the cost this time. Netizens agreed with the payout, believing that reckless drivers need to be woken up.

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  • Loopins

    They need to change the car insurance system in China…make it so whatever you hit your insurance covers this is the way it is in the UK. Sure it will put the prices up for insurance but its ridiculous the way it is.

  • Amused

    I’d say its a 100 grand worth of lessons to not be a shitty driver, but let’s face it, this is China we’re talking about, and the rich guy is going to be right in court regardless of who made the mistake on the road.

  • The Donald

    well it seems like something is not fair about subjecting other drivers to the risk of having to pay out such an exorbitant amount of fees from a mere fender bender accident. It’s like driving around an unstable bomb that is waiting to go off or going into public with a contagious disease.

  • David Fieldman

    Who are these rich guys in Zhengzhou who an afford these astronomically-priced cars?

  • Poodle Tooth

    Driving a fantastically expensive car on roads full of poor people is a dick move for this reason.

    There should be liability limits…if it’s more expensive than the median car, fuck you, buddy.

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