Minivan Hits Rolls-Royce, No Compensation Sought

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A minivan driver in Zhengzhou who ran into the side of a Rolls-Royce Ghost worth over 4 million RMB has been spared from being landed with huge repair bill after its owner decided to bear the cost instead. An eyewitness said that the minivan driver swerved to avoid another fast-moving vehicle, but ended up hitting the luxury saloon, denting it severely. After considering the cost of the damage, which an insurance company estimated to be around 800,000 RMB, as well as the minivan driver’s financial situation, the Rolls-Royce owner decided to pay himself. Netizens were astounded at the astronomical repair cost.

Source: qq

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  • ok, good!
    same as my cousin. a poor man ran onto his father, so my uncle broke his ass bones. he paid around 100000rmb for my uncle, and did not charge that poor man.

    • KamikaziPilot

      “so my uncle broke his ass bones”

      God damn that sounds horrible. Did his ass bones heal?

      • replaced by fake bones. it’s very good. but he can not stand up now. my cousin pays for a live-in nanny to take care of him everyday.

  • bob

    why is there a completely irrelevant picture of some japanese TV program?

  • KamikaziPilot

    Anybody know how car insurance differs in China from the US? I know in the US I’ve been told to get as much liability insurance as possible, within reason of course. I currently have $1 million liability coverage for situations like this.

    • hypebeast88

      In China there system is really weird, I was in an accident one time there and after we sorted information we went to an insurance center were insurance inspector asses the damage and then writes you a check based on what he decide needs to be fixed. But to answer your original question there system is a bit backwards and they (insurance company) can do whatever they want

      • KamikaziPilot

        So basically you buy insurance but when it comes time to collect the insurance companies just do what they want? Ex. You could have liability insurance but there’s no guarantee that it’ll cover you if you do have to pay one day. I just wonder about all these stories of people hitting expensive cars and then facing financial ruin.

        • hypebeast88

          Okay, so in china, the basic comprehensive insurance only covers to a certain amount, I remember my friend telling me like but i was definitely under 100K usd. If the person choose they can buy extra insurance to go above that.(Its nothing like the way its in the west where its so easy and black and white) But most people in china will just get the cheapest. and yeah the insurance system is really messed up there, but then again its all owned by the government in one way or another. Companies that people think are corporate owned are low key owned by he cccp through key members or through subsidiary companies etc.