Miss Japan Beauty Pageant Winner, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Rira Hongo crowed Miss International Japan.
Rira Hongo crowed Miss International Japan.
The three finalists of the 2014 Miss Japan beauty pageant.

From NetEase:

2014 Annual Miss Japan Champion Announced, Is 21-Year-Old Student

2014 January 25 local time, Tokyo, Japan, 21-year-old student Rira Hongo won the 2014 Miss [International] Japan beauty pageant. The 2014 Miss International Beauty Pageant will be held on November 11th.
2014 January 25 local time, Tokyo, Japan, 21-year-old student Rira Hongo won the 2014 Miss [International] Japan beauty pageant. The 2014 Miss International Beauty Pageant will be held on November 11th.


Global Times online report — According to a December 2nd Japanese News Network report, the 13 contestants for the 46th annual “Miss Japan” beauty pageant attended a press meeting in Tokyo on the 2nd. These 13 contestants were selected from 2533 candidates across the nation, with the youngest being 16 years old and the oldest being 23 years old. The finals of the 46th “Miss Japan” competition will be held on 2014 January 27th and the theme for this competition is “the intelligent beauty that takes action”. The one to ultimately win the distinction of being Miss Japan will be among these 13 contestants, a cheerful woman who must not only be rich/colorful inside but also filled with curiosity, possessing the will to act. The youngest among the contestant this time was Sakaguchi Rikako, a high school student who previously won the honor of being 2012 “Miss Teen Japan”.

Comments from NetEase:

正义鹰派 [网易澳门网友]:

Have all the good looking ones gone to film AV [adult videos]?

lxyzero911 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Is there a problem with my sense of aesthetics or a problem with the beauty pageants of the world?

19yd [网易福建省网友]: (responding to above)

You simply haven’t seen the Miss Chongqing and Miss Shandong of the ’12 Miss International Beauty Pageant.

网易上海市松江区网友 ip:116.238.*.*:

Why do I think #21 is better looking than #17?

网易广东省广州市网友 ip:119.130.*.*:

Just passed Zhongshan Avenue, and a Japanese paper car rear-ended a Volvo. The front of the paper car was completely gone, with pieces scattered all over the ground, while the Volvo was indeed sturdy, the rear unbelievably seemingly without a dent (I was also driving and saw this as I passed by slowly). Fuck, “paper car” is truly a well-deserved reputation… true story.

只收三毛 [网易广东省佛山市网友]: (responding to above)

If the front of the car isn’t soft, don’t tell me you’d rather the pedestrian die?

单击开始 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Awaiting new AV.

网易江苏省盐城市网友 [风中落叶已飘零]:

Japan has too many things worth us learning from. Wake up, young people. Sigh.

只收三毛 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

If they wake up, then society won’t be stable anymore.

网易自言自语 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Japanese people’s sense of beauty truly is different from the rest.





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Written by Fauna

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  • thecricketer

    I don’t think she looks that bad, above average probably.

    • plorf

      only slightly… agree with the Chinese comments, all the pretties are already doing AV ;)

      • moeimoei

        LOL, how do you know the AVs have all the pretty ones?!

        • Stefan Xu

          Because I watch it regularly.

          • Irvin

            I have a collection of them, be needing a new hard drive soon. Every single AV girls from my collection looks better than them.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I can’t say about the girls in the beauty pageants but generally the sheer amount of AV actors, there are lookers and average ones amongst them. I guess the really good looking ones make it to the top.

            Then again, I’ve seen girls hotter on the street than the ones in AV or pageants.

          • Irvin

            I’d like to be where ever you are, girls here in guangzhou are butt ugly, really hard to find good looking girls in the south.

          • Bogs_Dollocks

            The first time I visited Guangzhou, I thought it was just bad luck on my part, but repeated visits have confirmed your claim.

            So few that it’s actually a remarkable phenomena.

            I did meet one attractive girl, turns out she was from Hainan.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            I concur.

        • tomoe723

          hahaha.. you boys really love your AV collection.. if you go to Narita airport or Harajuku or maybe just stroll around Shinjuku malls, you’ll see Japanese beauty amongst sales ladies that’s stunningly more elegant and graceful than any of those AV girls.

          • seihanda

            “if you go to Narita airport or Harajuku or maybe just stroll around Shinjuku malls, you’ll see Japanese beauty…”

            that even put this miss japan in worse term

  • North-eastern

    “Is there a problem with my sense of aesthetics or a problem with the beauty pageants of the world?”

    Yes, definitely sir, there is, indeed a problem with your sense of whatever sense you got, if any.

  • lacompacida

    Only pageants in China picks girls by looks only.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Beauty pageants. I repeat, B E A U T Y pageant.

      • Irvin

        “Many things may capture your eyes, but pursuit only those that captures your heart”

        • YourSupremeCommander

          Those shows don’t pick the best soulmate for you, they pick the best on they eyes.

          • Irvin

            Not necessary true, though it may calls itself “beauty pageant”, these kinds of show got more to do with trying to give the audience the illusion of an ideal mate than eye candy for men.

    • mr.wiener
    • redwhitedude

      Not they pick them by who can bribe the most and sleeping with the “right” people.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    A V E R A G E

  • Brad pitt

    Pretty ugly…

    • Zappa Frank

      well, you are brad pitt, your standards are a bit too high…

      • Brad pitt

        Lol.. well I am banging Angelina Jolie ;)

        • 小刀刀

          And your ex is Jennifer Aniston…

          • Zappa Frank

            i prefer Angelina…

  • Freddi BuBu

    Perhaps their umm “oral skills” took precedence over aesthetics….

  • markus peg

    Quote from Bambi movie “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

    [silence from me…..]

    • No.

      LMAO @ the pic.

  • moeimoei

    Man, people are so mean! But I certainly hope that she didn’t get any eye surgery…..that always puts Asian people to shame I think…

    • Stefan Xu

      Most Asians got double eyelids, the ones with mono eyelids just want to look like the rest of Asians…

      • nqk123

        not true about most Asians have double eyelids. i founded that southern china and southeast Asia tend to have more natural double eyelids than northern areas.

        • Stefan Xu

          For instance almost all the girls shown above have double eyelids.

          • nqk123

            i been up and down Asia and that what i noticed.

          • Stefan Xu

            Doubly eyelids doesn’t have to be so pronounced, sometimes you can barely see it but when blinking you can see it.

          • nqk123

            ok, if you says so.

      • Zappa Frank

        yes, asians are very conformist…

  • moeimoei

    UGH, love the kimonos! :)

  • Ruaraidh

    Ultimately they’re not beauty pageants, they’re vanity pageants. Just look at the sort of people who represent the UK in these things; I see better looking girls every day, but they’d never dream of putting themselves forwards for a pageant, enter your classic (not classy) Essex lass on the other hand….

    • Brad pitt

      Essex girls <3

    • MonkeyMouth

      Q: What does an Essex girl use for protection?
      A: A bus shelter

      • mr.wiener

        How do you know when a Essex girl has had an orgasm?
        She’s dropped her chips.

        • MonkeyMouth

          haha….right… ! there a bunch of jokes like this, but i cant think of any more… Sharon, Cheryl…what did they do next, Weiner?

  • Daniel

    Pretty average, at best!! I myself dont like big cheek-boned girls.

    • Honibaz

      In Chinese culture people with cheek bones that are too prominent are said to be control freaks. The fact that she’s the WINNER of the pageant blows my mind.

  • biggj

    This must be an inner beauty pageant.

    • bprichard


  • nqk123

    too pretty, must be plastic. too average/ugly, system must have been rigged. too many complainers

  • Nick in Beijing

    She’s not ugly. Not BEAUTIFUL, but also not ugly.

    They did say that there were key characteristics that were being screened for.

    Beyond that: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    Besides that, outward appearance isn’t the only measure of beauty.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Kinda defeats the purpose of a BEAUTY pageant then.

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    The girl on the left in the last picture looks prettier than the rest (to me).

  • The complete antithesis of the Korean pageant

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    The very last photo. The one on the left. I would have preferred her. Her expression just doesn’t look quite as plastic as the others.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I agree with you.

      Personally, the winner isn’t the best looking chick there is. But what are the critrea for the winner? Beauty pagents are kinda lame anyway. They’re pretty much for us to oogle at the girls (but there isn’t much to oogle at here).

  • Surfeit

    Makes me think of Jack…

  • Cameron

    Hah. At least you can tell them apart unlike the Korean cosmetic surgery pageant. Now that was scary!

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      That is certainly true. I don’t know about Japan and how their level of Plastic surgery compares to Korea, but I am sure all those in the Korean one have gotten surgery done.

    • Sillian

      It was debunked long time ago but people see what they want to see.


      • chucky3176

        I swear to god, Koreans are their worst enemy. Why Koreans do this (publish the fake pictures to Ilbe.com, when knowing full well the stereotype of Korean women are pushed all over Japan and China, to put down Koreans, is beyond me.

        And why am I not surprised at this? Japanese, yet once again.

        “According to Kotaku, this is what happened. A Japanese blog called kaikaihanno, which specializes in translating Korean news, was the first to upload the images above. By the time those images made their way to Reddit and went viral, they were called “Miss Korea 2013 contestants”. “

      • nqk123

        statistically, over 70% of Korean (both male & female) have some kind cosmetic surgery. but who care, it’s their body. i am pretty sure most are small surgeries like eyes and/or nose.

        • trufax

          actually, even things like mole removal and skin care are considered “cosmetic surgery” procedures in korea and those two are the most common ones. A nose jobs is considered to be a pretty big surgery so people often get nose injections instead (wich fade with time). Also, besides young women, old men often get their double eye lids done because the skin above their eye lids start to sag as they age and it blocks their sight.
          I understand why korea is famous for its plastic surgery but it’s often exaggerated on the interwebs

          • nqk123

            no need for explanation. people have a right to do what they want with their body. as long as they are happy about.

          • trufax

            I was just clarifying that
            But I agree with you about people having the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies

        • Sillian


          Which statistics? You should also specify the age group. Whenever the number is estimated abnormally high, without an exception, the term ‘cosmetic surgery’ also includes all types of dermatological treatment. It’s been proven that plastic surgery articles sell and there is a good amount of yellow journalism about this topic.

          • nqk123


            ok, if you says so about yellow journalism. i don’t really care much about beauty subject.

          • Sillian

            Where does it say it’s 70%?

          • nqk123

            my bad, must have picked it from another commentator. you must be Korean. sorry if i offended you and/or Korean people

          • Sillian

            I know you had no bad intention. I just wonder how random claims keep floating around because they sound very unrealistic to me. Cosmetic surgery is popular in Korea but it’s not like that. xD

        • hyunsuk

          Don’t pull statistic out of your butt…

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        Oh, wow…I thought the ones above (Japan) were bad. These ones are….well, not what I would call beauties…

    • Guest

      People are still repeating this?
      I think you should have seen them without make up on

    • Brad pitt

      Korean girls > Japanese girls.

  • MonkeyMouth

    the ensuing fantasy after reading the comment about the miss chongqing pageant gave me a semi

  • Markoff

    the first comment is the most accurate, truly I can find in Japanese porn in one minute dozen of better looking girls in one minute

    and it was same actually with chinese beauty pageants, always ugly girls while I could find on street/market/mall within 5-10mins dozen of better looking

  • Straelbora

    She’s dopey looking. And stop using ‘hating on,’ unless you’re a 14 year old girl.

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    Anyone know the critrea these women were marked on? I know being beautiful is one thing, but there are aother things they are marked on or score points on, right?

  • Hang Em Man

    She is a very beautiful girl. Meow… Meow….

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I see you have low standards.

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        You are mistaken, he has not standards.

  • Guest

    the only thing she has going on is her eyes

  • No.

    Whatever floats their boat. I actually find some of them to be pretty cute, in a weird way. At least they don’t all look alike like the Korean pageants…lol

  • linette lee

    I don’t find them gorgeous but I think most of them are nice looking. You don’t need to look like doll to be considered pretty. Pretty not necessary need to be oval face, big eyes, and super skinny. Women have body curves and they are in square or round faces small eyes also. They are pretty like that too.

  • bang2tang


  • awyeah

    suddenly remembered rio mori

  • whuddyasack

    That’s 11 years… 11 years too old to be rating, ranking and pigeonholing women into stereotypes. Chris, it doesn’t matter how sure or convinced you are, neither Japanese nor Chinese women are throwing themselves at such a shriveled up, sexist SWAM loser. For all your stereotyping, you come across as a real piece of work and completely repulsive inside.

  • whuddyasack

    Perhaps it is just me, but I find criticizing a woman’s appearance a very rude and ugly practice. On the internet, everyone becomes Don Juan and thus worthy of insulting someone’s looks. Remember, if you have nothing good to say, then shut your mouth.

  • Korean1Wizard1

    Clearly shows China 1.4 billion people live under China Communist Party……….

  • Michael

    gimme a threesome with Angie and Jen .. anyday

  • helsic

    one thing is for sure, she doesn’t have tons of plastic surgery. So for me it’s better a more natural girl as representation of a entire country than a fake face which was created by a surgeon who is not an accurate representation of the real beauty of the country.