Miss Korea Contestants All Look the Same, Chinese Reactions


Recently, photos of the 20 Korean women who are contestants for the 2013 Miss Korea beauty pageant went viral on the internet.

As the world’s largest internet market and Korea’s neighbor, those photos quickly made their way to China as well, where Chinese netizens are no strangers to South Korea’s reputation for cosmetic plastic surgery.

From NetEase & Sina:

2013 Miss Korea Pageant Candidates Revealed, Accused of Looking All the Same

The 2013 Miss Korea Pageant contestants have been revealed, with many of the beauties looking as if they were the same person, difficult to differentiate, as if they were products from the same plastic surgery assembly line, devoid of individual characteristics.





















Comments from Sina:


[They] should have bar codes printed on their faces, so I can check where they got their plastic surgery.


An integration of Eastern and Western beauty aesthetics, resulting in the world’s most beautiful face, creating a mold for the sculpting and polishing of all the women in the world. Gentlemen, you marry a wife like this, and you’ll have the entire world. This is so inspirational.


You are as blind as a bat, bangzi are made out of plastic surgery, Miss Korea contestants looking neither human nor like ghosts, their faces grotesque, fake, ugly, as if they were all born of the same father, how can they be compared with Miss Hong Kong contestants? Miss HK and Miss Asia contestants win by actual strength, competing with each other in real beauty, in truth, goodness, and beauty, being celebrated for their natural beauty. Every year, the judging for the Miss HK Pageant is very strict; those who have had plastic surgery are all rejected!


Truly the same. I used to only think Africans all look the same, but turns out Koreans all look the same too.


Each and every Korean woman has had cosmetic surgery and facelifts so they all look the same. They look very pretty, but once they are married and have children, [the children] all look very ugly and resembles neither father nor mother, growing up and having to go get plastic surgery again, with one generation after another like this, so men need to be careful when it comes to marrying a pretty sassy lady only to give birth to an ugly duckling.


No kidding! Chinese [women] are natural [beauties], Korean women are manufactured, can the two even be compared!? SB


To tell the truth, no matter how much plastic surgery Chinese [women] go through, they still won’t be as pretty as Koreans.

Cingood[山东青岛] (responding to comment above)

Even foreign shit tastes better than Chinese to you.


I don’t think Korea is suited for hosting this kind of competition.


Attack of the clones…


Bullshit, no matter how tall they are, they’re all ~45kg, how is that possible?


No matter how pretty after cosmetic surgery, genes can’t be changed. Once the child is born, people will know she is a real beauty or not.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:113.105.*.*

In the end all are eliminated, and the surgeon wins…

郭小芋头 [网易北京市网友]:

Typically a country possesses two types of people: men and women. Thailand possesses three types: man, women and ladyboys. Korea has four types: men, women who haven’t had plastic surgery yet, women who have had plastic surgery, and transsexuals.

尽日无人属阿宅 [网易江苏省无锡市网友] (responding to the comment above)

Our dynasty has five types: The rabble diaosi, second generation government official tall rich and handsome, kindergarten kids, black fungus, and apes.

网易山西省晋中市网友 ip:118.75.*.* (responding to the comment above)

Bangzi men get plastic surgery too.

北叔 [网易山西省太原市小店区网友]: (responding to above)

Wrong! Korea has four types: men, women with unsuccessful plastic surgery, women with successful plastic surgery, and transsexuals.

理性思辨 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Surgeries all done by the same surgeon.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:221.122.*.*

[Surgical] techniques have improved, can go into mass production now.

网易湖北省襄阳市手机网友 ip:183.93.*.*

[You] can imagine how ugly Korean women must be without plastic surgery, all unwilling to reveal their real appearances.

被贬下凡的猫 [网易广东省广州市海珠区网友]:

Korea is now already the world’s most famous nation for the mass transformation of humans.

都市狩猎人 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Plastic surgery becoming mass produced, [I] don’t dare to marry Korean women!

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:125.109.*.*

Without plastic surgery, how would bangzi survive?

xxhaha12345 [网易云南省丽江市网友]:

NMD [their] noses are all the same.

网易江西省手机网友 117.136.*.*:

It’s said they’re all very pretty, but after looking at them one time, there isn’t a single face I was able to remember.

网易吉林省长春市网友 ip:122.139.*.*

In the past, I’ve only heard of [contestants] wearing the same outfit, but now I see [contestants] wearing the same face, such an eye opener!

网取认真 [网易重庆市网友]:

Looks like mass-produced, and probably even ISO 9001 and 9002 certified.

Don’t miss the Korean netizen reactions as well as before and after photos of these contestant over at our sister site koreaBANG!

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  • Boris

    Didn’t her husbend just kill her?

    • Johnny

      Hahaha Ineed

    • linette lee

      hahaha… you are funny.

      I like this comment too from the blogger.
      “Attack of the clones”

      This whole culture reminds me of
      “The Stepford Wives” This is becoming their culture.

      • Panda Banana

        are YOU really laughing about this women?

        girl remove this fake ass HK sign, and put your pic back for all to see.

        I must tell it again. The only thing you can work on are internal values, cause your external ones are messed up. But you do a pretty good job messing up whats left of your internal values, in case you have any left to work on.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Firstly you need to value the inside, only later value the outside, the superficial appearance.

          • Panda Banana

            well for one obvious reason i couldn’t care less about her inside, as long as i can use her outside(which in fact is all i want, except certain openings in her body)

            Lets assume you are someone who is looking for a wife or long term relation. If i were you, would still go with the outside first, and when she shows with the time good insides, then even better. But lets assume you first and foremost go via inside and it turns out that she is not your type(what ever that means), you would probably be pissed cause you missed the chance to at least fuck her.

            Nothing is more real and honest then the outside, simply cause you can SEE it. If you are good at reading body language, like i am, then you will more or less already know “some” of her insides. Lets say you are not a skillful body language reader, then how the hell you can rely on ever knowing her insides? Another point is, even you know them today, doesn’t mean you will know them the next day,week, year, decade…people change over time you know?

          • Pickle

            True honest wisdom. That up vote is from me.
            I wish I could read body language well.

    • The Enlightened One

      You fool, you can’t kill us!

      For we are LEGION!

  • Guest

    I feel like I’ve seen those nose and chin implants somewhere recently…

  • 阿Chong


  • Rick in China

    Thought this was proven to be PS’d fake news… days ago.

    • Kai

      Allison’s sources are from the 25th, roughly the same time as when the photos came out everywhere else (remember, cS isn’t a good source for “news”, just for seeing translated reactions and discussion).


      The girls simply did their makeup in similar ways, took their photos in similar lighting conditions, and the photos were touched up by the same person in the same way, so it shouldn’t be strange that they end up looking similar.

      kB showed the before and after images two days ago, which I thought made it pretty clear that the girls are quite different in reality when you don’t have standardized makeup, lightning, liquefy, and blur.

  • jon776

    All Asians do not look the same…!

    … but Koreans do.

    • Bugs Bunny

      hahaha, at least we chinese actress those who did ps in fact above average or very pretty already before ps. so just change partly.still can keep some real part…but korean, sigh! from those photos from north korea, i think women in north korea look better.

      • Kate

        Just shut up already about Koreans. You don’t live in Korea, you don’t know Koreans personally, you are really ignorant and insecure. My daughter is half Korean and to see you drone on about how ugly Koreans are is frankly offensive.

        Korean women are beautiful, most of them get only eyelid surgery and it really doesn’t change their face that much and there are many who are natural and pretty.

        You and Linette are like the two fat girls in the room who bitch about the thin, pretty girls. It only makes your character look ugly. Same shit on repeat. Excuse me while I go bash my head in.

        • vincent

          Any discourse with them is an exercise in futility trust me :| Also deep breaths and count to ten.

          • Wang That!

            LOL, God only knows how many deep breathes I had to take during my countless rants with Linette and the like…

            Kate, sorry to read they got on your nerves…

            Panda, you are spot on with “Who knows where this obsession comes from….its just sad, how less
            attractive women like them, try their best to make themselves also ugly from the inside.”

          • linette lee

            boy, I am so glad non of my real life guy friends are anything like you or vincent. You are reading a pedofile panda comments and loving it. You are one sad soul. You and pedofile panda should really go hang out together. I am sure you two have much in common. ;)

          • vincent

            My comment basically states that it is pointless to try to get you or Bugs Bunny to change your opinions about any matter, in this case it would be in regard to Koreans.
            No surprise you completely took it as an insult because you probably have a chip on your shoulder, so really I could care less what you think of me, you should be so lucky to have a friend like me.
            Kate now lives in Korea and has a mixed child you can hardly fault her for getting emotional because of the uninformed and stereotypical comments on an article that is utter nonsense anyway, someone retard photoshops all these girls and bigger retards eat it up.
            Sometimes when you open up to another country’s culture that you learn more about them and perhaps your POV might change, but if you are too narrow minded I don’t see that happening.

          • linette lee

            uh…you don’t seems to catch on quickly.. Chinese, Japanese, and koreans go to online forums to bash one another. The comments from koreans about chinese and japanese are 10 times worst than ours on forums. The chinese usually just say mean things about japs. It’s high school. The koreans curse out the chinese and japanese. The chinese curse out the japanese and koreans. It’s been like that since there is internet online discussion forum.

            In real life no one gets killed. Only on line south koreans try to instigate war between usa and china. duh….

          • vincent

            Oh thanks for that captain obvious, the difference between other forums and CS for example is that everyone knows who you are and that veil of anonymity is not there, yet that does nothing to dissuade you from making comments that are vitriol.
            Do these comments serve any purpose? Have Koreans or Japanese mistreated you in any way for you to make such comments about them?
            I have every reason to dislike Chinese people but I don’t because from my POV in my whole life I’ll only be able to interact with a minority of the population therefore I have no right to judge them as a whole, you might want to try that.
            Sometimes you do make decent points on certain topics but if you don’t change your attitude I doubt anyone is going to take you seriously.

          • Panda Banana

            nice try vince, but i doubt she will understand. Its kinda telling the 500pound chick that a tanga doesn’t make her more sexy.

            Ever watched this so called “talent” shows,where all this talentless people show up convinced about themselves that they can actually sing?? And when the jurors tell them the truth that they have no talent, they get pissed and tell this professionals to piss off and they have no idea about music and singing?

            Its pathetic, but i think its better to get used to people like Linette. It takes time, probably a bloody nose at one point of their lives, a heavy fall on their butts, to come back to reality and get rid of that reality loss.

            In her case I wouldn’t hold my breath if i were you!

          • nitrostat

            wow.. way to generalize! tea pot calling the kettle black much? aren’t you doing the same thing right now by going around and saying mean things about korean’s? if you truly want it to stop, maybe u should stop with yourself first. PLus if you already understand that this isn’t real life and its on online war.. why are you taking it so seriously?

          • Panda Banana

            this kind of women compensate their frustrations and depressions with obsession about others. Its about avoiding the look in the mirror and to be confronted with her own inner and outer ugliness.

            Results are loss of reality and over estimation of ones own abilities. They are obsessed with both, made up enemies(koreans, even i could bet NONE of them know one personally), and celebrities they obviously worship since they follow crap like, red carpet, interviews, who did what, where, when….its done to avoid the truth about one self. The naked truth everyone of us need to confront in case he/she wants to grow as a human being. Thats the reason so many are losers, cause they just cant jump over their own shadow when required. Shame and self shame plays a huge factor in humans lives. Not many can control or have the ability to control their emotions.

            One can say that they both are just frightened little girls, afraid to grow up, cause the future doesn’t look very promising. So they go the easy way, which is to spit on others, even other peoples babies, which is just tasteless and disguising.

            The internet seems to be their world, and i am sure they participate on a dozen forums at the same time, to avoid living a real life in the real world.

            To prove my theory right, I would say, the fact that BOTH posted their pics, out of their delusion that they look beautiful, is evidence enough that we deal with rational loss and over-self-estimation-value.

          • Panda Banana

            “Who knows where this obsession comes from….its just sad, how less
            attractive women like them, try their best to make themselves also ugly from the inside.”

            i mean at first such things were a mystery to me, (many moons ago), BUT right after i saw in TV a fat ass 500 pound chick with high heels and desous talking about how a sexy tanga makes her look sexy, then i knew how irrational people, especially women can be.

            Fact is, they truly believe in the shit they are saying. I think over the years out of their own frustration and to avoid depressive attacks, they brainwash and talk themselves into believing such crap. I am sure Linette really believes she is beautiful….

            When I was 10, about the time i stopped believing in the supernatural, I realized that there are 2 major deceases in this world people, especially women suffer from. I call them deceases from the century, which are:

            1. loss of reality

            2. sophomoric/exaggerated opinion of oneself

            Linette is just a prime example of such illness/deceases.

            Its sad!

          • redgirls


        • Panda Banana

          its hopeless, you should not waste your time on frustrated, depressive chicks like eattot and Linette.

          One was told in her youth that she is ugly, and has nerves to post a picture of a cute baby and call it ugly, just cause its half korean. But spend her free time at KFC dating midgets from Pakistan.

          The other one(linette) is dumb as fuck, don’t know anything, but talk out of her ass all over again about all the shit she has no idea about. In her screwed mind, people with money are all thieves and women who can afford a nice handbag must be whores.

          You will notice that the mainlander eattot and HongKong hypocrite Linette have certain things in common, which is hate for korean women. Who knows where this obsession comes from….its just sad, how less attractive women like them, try their best to make themselves also ugly from the inside.

          • Bugs Bunny

            your just a mfking wuss.
            no man gives u a shit here, and you only can tease women here. what a fucking looser.
            old man talking nonsense all day long only the thing between your legs, but i am sure you even cant fuck much at all, that’s why only can jerk off online.

          • You obviously haven’t heard of offline porn, try it , you might like it…..

          • linette lee

            bunny, that pedophile panda is still barking? Everyday half a page long of obscene vulgar perverted comments about asian women. The craziest thing is some men here like wang that! or whatever other dude here love reading his molesting comments about asian women. Pedophile panda is trying to turn china smack into a porn site with porn discussions about asian women.

            He is some creepy sexual predator hiding behind the computer. He is a weakling and only prey on women, too weak to prey on men. Don’t bother with this pedophile panda.

          • Panda Banana

            why you are so obsessed with pedophile???:-)))

            I just post about my experiences and real events. It has nothing to do with asian women. The shit i do is universal and works everywhere.

            Why YOU suddenly care about ASIAN women?? Everyone is very well aware of your opinion about chinese mainland women (you call whores,cause they carry handbags you can’t afford), and korean women, you said the most disgusting things about.

            Why all the anger baby? Does your looks really makes you so upset so you need to dish out in such a way, attacking people and countries you don’t even know??

            Is it really so hard to walk positive through life? Obviously it is for you!

            I told you before, don’t be jealous of other women. You should use the anger you carry and transform it into hard work, then one day you will have enough money to buy yourself a LV bag. Accept the fact that no man will ever be dumb enough to buy you this sorts of shit. You just don’t posses the looks, game, intelligence, and other skills which could move a man to the point to treat you well. I can imagine that are hard facts to deal with, but its better to accept the truth, rather then lying to yourself. You just delay the problem, but you must confront it to make a change.

            I hope you see that i, and many others here, still like to help you out of your misery. I am sure you have a hard time in the US trying to convince americans that you are not chinese, and that HK chinese like you are different. But baby, you can’t have it both ways, and you just hurt yourself wanting to be chinese without being chinese.

            Stop calling people names. Your foul language could be excused in case you have good looks, but thats not the case. And it gets even worse, cause you seem to be rotten from the inside too!

            Please do us all, but mainly yourself a favor and work on yourself. I hope you can see that you have friends here!

          • Panda Banana

            well, since you dont know me personally, you can just assume the shit you write.

            Fact is i am not even 40 and what you describe as nonsense can be backed up with evidence. Videos, Photos, and so on,…what evidence do you have which support your ridiculous claims? let me guess: none!

            I have women begging me for more cock, and i have dozens which i brought to the point begging to be one of my whores and sluts, in WRITTEN form! I receive resumes style letters, cause i ask for them, starting with PLEASE and ending with PLEASE!

            You might no like it, but it’s the way it is….i like them down and dirty!

            If you don’t believe me, i can show it to you.

          • The Enlightened One

            Panda, what sort of business are you into?

            I am into software & design, mainly mobile applications at the moment (which is probably the hottest market in the world right now besides cloud software).

          • Panda Banana

            actually none at the moment. I officially retired since january this year and just work as a consultant for the companies i was one of the main share holders.

            I was actually hired 8 years ago by the chinese gov. in a joint venture program and technology transfer, cause i patented several cement mixtures and ways of nano coating and binding. After a few months i was asked to work in a smaller group of people to plan the possible mass manufacturing of components and materials of biological and chemical nature. So i broke ties with germany and the institutes,made myself independent, sold the patents to the chinese and in return received a fixed share of the turnover and a director position. I did that for 4 years, then was approached by some HK investors to help them get into the market in china, we invested together, built a good bunch of factories and set up companies and offices on the mainland and HK. I still work as a technical advisor for the chinese gov and give lectures about bio chemistry. Was invited by last november by the Australian gov. foreign affairs and trade in Canberra to teach seminars and talk about my experiences to students and circles of business people. Even i would prefer to talk about pussies….which i did in fact, late night at the bar with a few chosen ones!

            So yeah, its bio chemistry.

          • Panda Banana

            again “old man”????

            hey, tell the truth baby. You posted your pictures cause you were convinced that you look beautiful, and after some here brought you back to planet earth, you asked for the picture to be removed again.

            See, Linette too put back her Hypocritical HK flag, cause maybe by now she finally realized that she is not attractive.

            It took some time, but you two did the right thing after all!

          • Pickle

            I do agree with you on some things. But I disagree with you on linette and bunny. I think theyre both cute. I wish I could have seen those pics too. Bunny even said she is fat and I happen to adore curvy and chubby Asian women. IMMENSELY!

        • linette lee

          Kate, are you talking about yourself? Would you like me to go to japan crush or Kbang to copy and paste the hundred posts you talk shit about korean women getting tons of plastic surgeries just to look white? Talk bout being a phony.

          You know what you are? You are a phony. I don’t like girl who are not genuine and a complete phony. You are not a girlfriend any girl can trust.

          I lost respect for you long time ago seeing you kissing asses of men on these sites and then turn around and talk shit about other women.

          On top of being a phony you have a serious jealousy problem. When you see other asian women get compliments from non asian men you start saying how they want to be white and try to dress like white. With make up trying to look white. Or plasty trying to look white.

          And the only reason why you love south korea is because they worship white folks. You basically can’t go through any one of your post without telling how korean worship you and claim how beautiful you are, and you look like ann hathaway. lol. You sure is one attention seeking xxx.
          I get compliments from men daily about my look and gets ask out at least once a day. Do you see me coming to these site and talk about myself all day long? Talk about my life? I never talk about myself.

          Stop being so phony and be more sincere would you.

          • Kate

            And you still don’t get it. I’m not the first to ever say this to you, hell I’m not even the ficking 20th, and I won’t be the last.

            Don’t you ever just stop and actually think about what you’re saying? Try to actually evolve past this weird, jealous obession you have about Koreans?

            Ill be the first to admit, in the past I’ve said some pretty overly generalized and wrong statements about Koreans within the context of PS and I was wrong to do so. But I try to learn other POVs, hear other peoples opinions, experience the culture, talk to Koreans about the topic and try to be More informed and less judgemental.

            You don’t. You don’t have to write your opinion about Koreans anymore, everyone knows a 1000x over. And so you’re always in arguments over it with other people who try to tell you that you need to tone down, self reflect, and actually become more informed. And everytime you take it as an attack and never think “geeee the 20th person is telling me that My korean bashing is extreme and offensive, maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t them but me and I should reflect on my current Opinion and research and experience Korean culture more”

            I’m not attacking you as a person, Linette. And I’m not saying everything you write is bad, it isn’t. When you make thoughtful comments, they’re interesting and I like reading them. And I don’t like personal Linette bashing that I’ve seen others direct at you because that’s mean and cruel too.

            Look you can take my post however you want, you can spin it and see it as a further attack on yourself but it isn’t. I just wish you’d see how the korean hatred you have warps you from an intelligent, interesting POV to a hateful, insecure, close minded POV.

            And I’m not going to respond to the personal lashes at me, because frankly, its immature and its not the direction of the discussion I want to go in. Personal attacks on this forum, against anyone, is just stupid. None of us know iteach other in real life or who we really are outside our online persona. I’m sure you, like me and everyone else, are very different IRL.

          • linette lee

            From what I remember I only curse out koreans when those koreans chuck dude and big85 cursed out chinese. So my statements about koreans were defense against those pigs.

            And plastic surgery is a popular topic among koreans. It’s not a topic I invented. If you go to those asian forums that talk about fashion and make up from taiwan, hk, japan, china, korea…you will see how koreans talk about plastic surgeries all day long. It’s part of their culture in their society.

            And I criticized mostly about their plastic surgery culture. It’s the culture in their society that I don’t like. Not really korean women. Korean men do as many ps, not just their women. It’s their culture starting at a young age.

            You on the other hand attack only the korean women on every post. Saying they try to look white. Apparently you have no problem with their ps culture and their men, but just the korean women. So tell me who has jealousy issue. lol.

            And………I didn’t need to pay for my double eyelids, oval face, small nose, light skin, and my boobs. I am doing fine. Don’t worry about me. lol….

          • Bugs Bunny

            right,a person no any standpoint…

          • Kate

            And just to tell you, I meant the comment about your height as a joke. I’ve joked similarly with my short friends in real life just like they poke fun at my extreme pale skin and ghost babies. I wasn’t trying to come across as making fun of you for being short. I’m not tall ether. And I apologize that my joke was bad and you took it like that. I really wasn’t trying to be a “bitch”.

          • Bugs Bunny

            haha,your telling the truth now!
            i never faltter any white. i have white black arab girl friends,i treat them all the same, all share the bill. never change.
            about my guy, normally he talks good to me…

          • nitrostat

            wait… so chinese women don’t worship white males? this only happens in korea ? GASP… didn’t i see a story a while back on Csmack on laowai and chinese women (i think there might have been two)? what, you think Korea is the only one kissing white peoples asses? why do you think Korea is the only asian country doing this? if you actually got out of your little fantasy world, you would realize that Chinese, HK, Taiwanese, JApanese and Koreans.. are all the same. stop being so delusional and prejudiced. if your going to talk smack to kate.. leave your prejudiced views out of it, cuz shit.. anybody and everyone has shit on someone else already.

        • Bugs Bunny

          yes,they are beautiful as fuck…
          oh, i wanna puke!

          • Panda Banana

            yeah baby, keep on, tell us how you really feel! every 20 minutes a reply to one post! 3 so far!:-))

            I also like how you say “hubby”, damn, is he some sort of “cleaner” if you know what i mean?

            You know, cuckold hubby filming….you in action…and then he has to clean up the mess:-(???

        • Bugs Bunny

          yes, so great.
          if a white woman married an asian man for a chance to get rid of jobless in own state and hopeless or even had to pay for loan for study,what i would say???then of course, have to always say asian men are cute this and that.

          at least i do not talk against my will, my guy is white from us, we do not talk about politics, and i will never flatter how great usa is.
          a country is famous for ps, then now, not will change their ugly faces and looks because of your several words.
          yes, i am fat, i love food, but i can change easily,but ugly looks only can relay on ps.
          do not talk like a saint, your not , and just be ture. if a country even the leader wanted to do ps.what i can say?

          • Pickle

            I remember seeing your pic when you called yourself eattot. You are quite pretty. Didn’t think you would go for a white man though.
            It’s amusing to see pretty women arguing on the Internet.

        • Bugs Bunny

          and i tell you a truth:
          my friend went to a big wedding,same table with two korean girls,so,to keep be polite,they chatted a while.my friend told them she knew some korean girls too, and they two bitches said they must be north korean.so my friend did not carry on again,because they are totally bitches.and when the dishes served, the two bitches occupied almost all dishes at once,always like this every dish.my friend was so disgusted, just as two angry dogs never ate anything good for long time.
          after this wedding,my friend dislikes any korean, any!her hubby worked in korea, but after she said she dislikes korean, her hubby stopped talking about korea.

          • vincent

            Oh we’re telling stories now, I have two good ones, Chinese friend A is a male and is currently still married and is known to be a horny fellow but he came to visit me in Zhuhai and while his pregnant wife was waiting for him in the hotel he and another mutual friend decide to find some whores, very classy but I don’t judge because frankly I don’t care cause that’s his business.
            Friend B is another male Chinese friend of mine, we were really good friends for 5 years and then he just decides to cheat me out of a paltry sum of money, I guess that’s how much our friendship was worth, but unlike you and your friend these experiences did not define my views about Chinese people in general but did make me more wary about who I deal with.
            If your friend found that one incident to dislike Koreans it only says more about yourself since you are defined by the company you keep, if she was so against Koreans she should have asked her hubby to quit his job that would have definitely shown those Koreans! Try to open your mind and not be so judgmental.

          • the ace of books

            “after this wedding,my friend dislikes any korean,”

            1) one instance makes her hate all people from one country? Really? Really?

            2) somehow I doubt it’s that incident – she just uses that incident as an excuse. “Gosh lookit how awful Koreans are! This one time…”

        • Germandude

          Bravo Kate. I applaud you! The way eattot and linette talk about other girls and women is amazing, especially when they post pictures of women they consider to be beautiful. Another thing I find funny is the general statement like “Malaysian girls are pretty” as if it was a standard. Personally I like pretty girls, no matter the nationality. That increases the draft pool ;-). I am not a fan of plastic surgeries but to each their own. Who am I to judge? In the case of eattot, it would probably be a last resort.

          • linette lee

            cheap shot. lol.

          • Germandude

            Call it cheap shot then. Read your own posts in this thread and show me that I am wrong. You are generalizing and stereotyping like no other does. This has not always been the case with you but increased a lot as of late. I am wondering why that is.

      • BiggJ

        They all look the same and there is no way to tell the average japanese, korean , chinese girl apart. As long as they keep their mouth shut you can’t tell the difference. I don’t care who you are you can’t tell the difference. I can tell by maybe the clothes they wear..makeup styles…but on average…you can’t tell the difference. Put 10 of each girl naked and try to tell the difference…you might get some right….but not because you are 100% sure.

        It’s like arguing which monkey came from which part of the same jungle….you don’t fucking know.

        • The Enlightened One

          I have an instant technique regardless of clothes or languages or telling the Koreans from the Chinese here in China.

          When you walking down the street and see Asian people looking to cross that said street…

          If they walk into the traffic and cross the street without any care, they are most likely Chinese.

          If they wait and look fearful to cross the road through the busy traffic, probably Korean. Maybe Japanese.

          Japanese usually ALWAYS cross as the crosswalk and don’t try to rush onto the lanes like they are stealing a base like Chinese do.

          These are some quick indicators I picked up.

          • ex-expat

            lol stealing a base

          • jon776

            Indeed. The Japanese are the most civilized of the Asians.

          • BiggJ

            Yep for sure. I love japan. Most civilized and the best culture in east asia.

          • I must get over there to make comparisons, this all sounds very interesting indeed.

          • BiggJ

            See but those are actions. I talking just looks. But yeah those are good points you made.

          • James

            well one of my favorite tw traits is when they get to a red light at a crossroads on their scooter, they often turn right into the road bang a u turn then turn right again continuing on their way.
            Oh and driving scooters w no headlights at night….. to save gas

          • aadfasds

            new yorkers are like that XD (rushing across streets even at a green light).

          • mr.wiener

            Chines might also stop in the middle of the intersection to hawk up a loogie.

        • ex-expat

          I agree but man I was in Cambodia and the guy taking me around was able to point people out from Vietnam, China, Japan, it didn’t matter. He said it had to do with skin color and facial bone structure.

          • BiggJ

            Maybe, but that’s not a sure indicator. When me and wife go to Japan they can’t tell she chinese. Everyone we met has spoke to her like she was japanese….assuming she is my japanese wife since I’m white,they don’t know the difference.

            There is a boat that goes from shanghai to osaka. Most passengers are chinese or japanese. We stayed in room with 4 beds…kind of like the first class sleeper trains in china but bigger. So we go drop our bags off we saw the other couple in the room we shared. We never spoke to them just said Hi dropped out bags off and walked out to the deck. So me and wife got talking and she said they were chinese, I said they were Japanese…so we talk a bit about it….15 mins later we go back to the room and I asked them in english where they were from…..they said vietnam…..so we were both wrong.. it’s hard to tell the difference.

          • James

            I remember a TW guy years back telling me you can tell koreans from chinese, koreans had flatter faces.
            There is a large genetic difference between the N & S of China though. S Chinese are essentially SE Asian.

        • jon776

          It’s not always impossible. There are some traits unique to Japanese people. Koreans and Northern Chinese are very similar. Southern Chinese are very different though.

          Here’s a composite of several Korean, Japanese and Chinese faces. Spotting the Japanese here is pretty simple but spotting the other two is pretty hard.

          • BiggJ

            I’ve seen all 3 of these girl living in same apartment building as me. lol

          • Pickle

            The third pic is Japanese?

          • jon776


          • Bugs Bunny

            this is totally shit, i guess made by korean too, they average level is worse than this far.

          • First one looks like southern chinese, second northern chinese? You are right on about the northern chinese/korean look

          • asfd

            neat. people can’t tell where i’m from. i’ve had people ask if i were japanese, chinese, thai, korean, viet…..

          • ScottLoar

            East Asians can be differentiated by their looks but not always; the body language, the clothes – especially shoes – and color combinations, jewelry, the posture, gestures, even the way they walk down the street are good indicators. Smell, too. But not always. My wife is from Taiwan yet some Chinese and many Koreans think she is Korean, the Chinese complimenting her Mandarin (she’s a native speaker of Mandarin) and the Koreans in the supermarket, airport, or dry cleaners speaking to her in Korean then get upset because they think my wife pretends not to understand. So I’ve got an angry wife, an angry check-out girl, and a growing crowd of angry housewives. All I wanted was some kimchee.

          • Pickle

            Someone gave you a down vote so I gave you an up vote. I seen a similar thing happen many times before.

          • ScottLoar

            Thank you. I note at least one person follows what I say by always giving me a down vote on every comment. Me? I’ve never given anyone a vote up or down, thinking it silly but, again, thank you.

          • Pickle

            Another up vote from me! I notice stuff like that too. These people are upset with your anecdotes and hate that they are true.

          • linette lee

            I agreed. I never use the vote button. It’s so retarded. People think it’s a popularity contest or something. This is a discussion forum. Not running for gov’t or idol music award show for vote. Reminds me of those crazy girl fans stay up all night to vote for their idol to get a piece of plastic award on stage. So stupid.

          • helloyup

            you are blind

          • jon776


        • MonkeyMouth

          which part am i from?

      • Everyone on ChinaSmack

        Stupid cunt

    • the ace of books

      Your moms all look the same to me.

  • DavidisDawei

    The Chinese sure do love that all girl Korean singing/dancing/Pop group (girls generation?)…
    I see them on big screens everywhere in China

    • Bugs Bunny

      no!not at all!
      we do not care, just korean like to make electronic dancing music, always sexy fake faced girls sing and dance, it’s good for public places to kill time guess. but i do not see them often.

      • James

        & their breath smells like kim chee too!


      • Panda Banana

        who the fuck is “WE” ???

        all the chinese man i know, are obsessed with japanese and korean women.

        • Bugs Bunny

          really? all????
          hahaha!make your dream!

          • Panda Banana

            wow, first time you reply to me without saying i should go to die! maybe finally you realized that even after the 27th time i am still alive and that it doesn’t make sense?

            however, I said all I know, and they are quite a lot chinese i know after 7 years. Its true! They always say, chinese man follow 3 dreams: a german car, american house, and japanese/korean wife! At least they admit that the 3rd dream is nearly impossible to achieve, so they concentrate on the car and house and try to get a decent chinese wife. I am cool with that, its honest.

            Even in HongKong, all my HK friends want to have a japanese or korean GF., but just one was successful so far.:-)

            Another point about chinese man. They ALL go to whores from time to time, even they have wives at home waiting. I can just talk from conversations with my staff. Even the machine workers with small salaries, go out to fuck a hooker from time to time. I was surprised to hear that there are girls on the street offering a BJ/Fuck for just 50RMB??? But what disgust me the most was that the man insist to fuck without condom. When i ask them how it comes they are not afraid to catch a decease, since they are most likely not the only one she serves during the night. They answer: well, as soon as i come home i wash my small brother with water.!!!

            I also never understood why all of them had just one pair of shoes, you know this dirty ass cheap black chinese fake leather shoes. A pair of sneakers or a second pair of shoes cost at the night market around the same price as the 50rmb hooker, but i guess thats how they set their priorities.

            I remember that after my chinese partners refused to buy real working shoes for the machine shop workers. I bought hundreds pairs of shoes for all of them out of my own pocket. I even chose the “luxury” version, for 250 a pair…guess what, out of hundreds of people not more then a handful (4 to be precise) actually wear them later on, the rest of them complained that they are not comfortable enough, too heavy. Fuck, i wear them myself and they felt nice and comfortable. After that incident, i understood why chinese people treat other chinese people like shit…

            But anyway, take care what your “hubby” is doing…sex is cheap in china, and its FAST! Dont like to know how many of them carry deceases back home to their wives and kids…

    • vincent

      Gangnam style is more popular here than it is in Korea hahaha, check this story out http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/23/chinese-workers-gangnam-style-protest

      • DavidisDawei

        Thanks Vincent
        I was in Korea when that song caught fire. I had never heard of it and this Korean Doll sat next to me on the train from Busan to Seoul and told me all about it and showed me video…
        I heard the Chinese version is quite “sexy”?

  • Scatterbrain

    I was translating something about cloning. After seing these products, I can tell what they were talking about.

  • Bugs Bunny

    ps is ps, still none of them look so good as fan…
    i love you fanbingbing…

    • the ace of books

      Fan Bingbing is best in that Nokia ad. super 帅!

    • Panda Banana

      yeah, i am sure she loves you too! shouldn’t you be out of the age of worshipping celebrities?

      nice bitch BTW, I like the whorish look!

  • bb

    Personality, people!

  • James

    wait,I thought they wore numbers?

  • the ace of books

    When I saw the splash picture with all twenty of them, I thought it was 20 pictures of the same woman in different poses…

  • BiggJ

    The clone wars have begun………..

  • ElfenLiedy

    You don’t have rules against plastic surgery in beauty contests.

    It’s common practice to put all these women in the hands of doctors, long before any make-up artist gets their hands on their faces.

    Having them go trough plastic surgery is a dumb idea when you are trying to pick “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

    Btw here’s the women up for Miss USA 2013



    You see they all look like the same person

    • James

      thanks for the airbrushed pics

      • Guest

        the pics of the korean beauty contestants are also all extremely airbrushed.

    • Bugs Bunny

      they do not look the same, just one or two are quite similar.
      the blonde group, the 4th one is the best, first one looks like a man, 2nd one face too wide,3rd one eyes not at the right place, a bit too up and she even made the distance between her eyebrow and eye narrower,she should not use that eye makeup already.hair also the worst.
      the next group, 1st is worst, no need to explain. 2nd one good, but her nose from up to down all the same, very strange. 3rd one the best, no any weakness on her face . 4th, same level as the other group 4th one.but blonde one has better eyes color.and more shining.

    • the ace of books

      I do have to agree with the bit about them all looking the same. This pouty, tousled look has never been a favorite of mine, and yet you see it in practically every display of “beauty” in the Western world nowadays. Lookit magazine covers, ads, movies, etc – they’re all making either 1) that vaguely-discontented, possibly herniated expression that brunettes 1 and 2 are making, or 2) a sultry come-get-me look that blondes 1, 3, and 4 and brunettes 3 and 4 are making.

      Gimme a happy look anyday. Blonde 2 is the only one in that group who looks unabashedly happy.

      • She kind of looks like The Joker’s long lost sister.

        • the ace of books

          Wanna hear how I got these scars?

          • mr.wiener

            Does it involve a nun’s outfit, a latex glove, a manikin’s hand and some lightbulbs coated in vasoline?

          • That is an interesting imagination you have there my dear lad.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Hey Tony, How’s ya get that scar? From eatin’ p—y?
            “Joo tink I gah dis scar frome eatin’ p—y? Say hello to my leetle fraind”

    • lol, you fail at trying to show that the contestants for Miss USA “looks the same.”

      Unlike Korea, the contestants for Miss USA are very diverse. It’s not just white blonde girls that’s competing for it, there’s also white girls who are brunettes, and then there’s African Americans and Asians.

      They all don’t look the same whatsoever

      • Rick in China

        *Those are photoshopped photos, NOT the actual contestants*.

        The contestants all actualy look very different, and most of them aren’t really that good looking.

  • slob

    They look similar, not the same at all. If you take the make-up off then you could probably tell them apart really easy.
    Anyway, fact is that any man would gladly bang each and every one of them.

  • markus peg

    The real competition is to see what plastic surgeon is the most talented.

  • BrandeX

    It’s a photoshop hoax reetod Chinamen, the truth was out last week already,

  • Joe

    Plastic. Korean bitches all smell like a mix of kimchi & vinegar.

    • ff55828

      die painfully retard

    • Wang That!

      more like your upper lip!


  • elzach

    The Korean female mentality is to “look the same”, it is and has been…frankly, many Korean men also try to “look the same”.

    Having said that, most Chinese women would love to look Korean…and so would their boyfriends and husbands. Wanna invest in the industry of the future in China? “plastic surgery”.

    • Monoculture.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization


    • kelli321

      Technically Chinese women don’t want to look Korean, they want to look like Korean women after surgery/Photoshop. Considering what these contestants looked like in their “before” photos on Koreabang I can guarantee no Chinese girl would pay to look like that.

      The standard ideal look is a pointed sharp chin, huge eyes and narrow high pointed noses. If taken too literally…

      • Guest

        “The standard ideal look is a pointed sharp chin, huge eyes and narrow high pointed noses.” You mean this:

        • Stunning!

          • The Enlightened One

            This is VERY creepy. I don’t find it cute in the least…. this is the stuff nightmares of made of…. don’t look directly into its eyes! Don’t do it Jimmy!

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            That is totally scary. Why would a young girl want to do that to herself?
            I HOPE that it’s a photo shop job.
            IF someone really did the surgery, he should be executed by a firing squad. I thought that Josef Mengele was dead!
            Do Korean Drs. take the Hippocratic Oath “To do no harm”?
            If THAT isn’t harm I don’t know what IS!

          • linette lee

            hahah….lol You are so bad..

            Everybody want that Fan bing bing look. Huge eyes, pointy nose, pointy face, and geishs skin color. I don’t get it.


          • Bugs Bunny

            when men look at you their eyes get bigger,and the whole body gets soft only one place gets hard, then you will understand.
            sorry for my rude…hahaha!

          • linette lee

            okay, from looking at Fan bing bing childhood photos, she does look natural. These are her natural look.Huge eyes, pointy nose and face. But it’s just too much for me. I prefer less pointy. So china chinese all want to look like her. Very soon you will have a nation of fan bing bing clones walking around. Fan bing bing needs to collect copy rights for her look. hahaha lol.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i can tell you,some girls coped her face at ps, still not so good as her. all about match and at the same time nature.fake eyes have scar,fake nose will move…and also height and skin and hair,ps can not help a girl to be super beauty some even make them look worse.

          • linette lee

            I heard about the fake nose moved after while. If you visit those asian fashion make up forum you will hear how those korean girls talking about “maintenance” and reconstruction. They also have to be careful when playing intensive sport with their nose. And they can’t press their nose down to make funny face like normal people can. I can imagine michael jackson can’t press his nose down neither.

            And those american women in other forum will talk about maintenance on breast implants. After a while it has to be reconstruct. It’s just life time of money for maintenance with plastic surgeries. Now you know why those girls all want to marry to rich men.

          • Bugs Bunny

            who do not wanna marry rich? if there is a chance can choose???

          • linette lee

            oh yes, having money is a good thing. I am pretty sure people do not mind having money. Nobody will complain about being rich. :)

          • Bugs Bunny

            i will not write here any more.
            since now i am very dizzy and sleepy everyday, i can not write here any more.
            so i come to say goodbye to you.and i will move soon follow my guy,move to another asian country.
            i try to talk to him about run a bar in china,he is not interested,he has no interest in this kinda things…so i have to go with him.
            if one day i went to his hometown, i will let you know maybe we can meet,good luck! your a good girl,at least better than me.
            good luck!

          • Panda Banana

            eattot, we will all miss you. Hope you made the right decision to go with this old loser to his hometown. The idea with the bar was good in my opinion, there are lots of old losers hanging around in china, and a good bunch of Pakistani old loser midgets which wouldn’t mind to pass buy for a drink after chicken and fries.

          • hahaha, love it, you are a creative writing genius

          • linette lee

            good luck bunny. I am so glad to see you happy with your man and things in your life. Best wishes with your beautiful baby. Whatever business or company you do open I hope you success. Don’t pay attention to other people trying to put you down in life. They are nothing not important and don’t count. You know your own worth. Don’t ever lose sight of your goals just keep straight, work hard, and you will achieve. Take care. Do drop a line here and there sometime. :)

          • Panda Banana

            “I am so glad to see you happy with your man and things in your life.”

            maybe i missed something and you saw something i didn’t.
            Where in hell did you read that she is happy?

            she just wrote that she is tired everyday, cant write anymore, comes to say bye-bye. She is following her “guy”(old loser?), wanted to open a bar but he didn’t agree, so she has to follow him.

            She even admitted that she is no good at the end of her post!

            How the fuck does that make her happy? sounds pretty much frustrated to me. And again, at which point of her post you came to this intelligent conclusion to reply:

            “I am so glad to see you happy with your man and things in your life.”???

            I know: pedophile panda, blablabla….and after you done with the same senseless insult for the 20th time, let us know about this brain fart you just released. I am curious!

          • The Enlightened One


            You probably already know, but I should confirm it anyways. A lot of Chinese will fight to the death before admitting they are wrong to others but in their heart they know it. The are really good at hiding their emotions but break down badly when drunk or under the influence of something.

            eattot, is one of these such Chinese girls but every now and then they let out cracks of vulnerability and insecurity. This post was obviously one of them.

            There is a reason why the suicide rate here is so high.

          • Highest female suicide rate in the world indeed.

          • i am very dizzy and sleepy everyday,

            Oh the pain of touching virtual keys on your ipad ,,,,,the absolute horror!!!! what can be done for poor old eattot…..bring out the violins……

          • not in asia, no

          • golddiggers , that is who, it makes you less classy

          • nitrostat

            wait… you actually think fan bing bing is natural? LOL ! take a good look at her nose… she also got the double eyelid surgery.. but then again.. this is what the world has come to.. striving for that “perfect” look. Everyone is just delusional

          • linette lee

            no.. She didn’t do her eyes. Go look at her childhood photos. Many chinese have really big eyes and heavy eyelids.

            She was also very “pointy” as a child. I notice something about asians. Usually those have very pointy face structure, also have pointy nose too. sometimes they even have hooked nose. Like bird. They are just naturally pointy. lol.


          • Pickle

            I think the make up brings out those features more. What does she look like without make up?
            You have a nice face yourself. And nice boobs too. ;)

          • linekk

            time to get a life you nerd

          • Pickle

            It’s easy to respond to this. Doesn’t take too much time. But looking up my comment would be time consuming. That speaks volumes for itself. Unless you are linette herself and too cowardly to respond. How else could /would you respond to this?

          • Probotector

            Linette showed her boobs? Where?!

          • Pickle

            No. Just cleavage in a tasteful manner with class.

          • But not when they look at you my dear girl, that one place may well shrivel….sorry for my rude, now am I right or am I right, hahahaha

          • Bugs Bunny

            i do not wanna reply to you, it’s the last reply for u.
            i dislike old looser. go away!

          • You don’t even know me, and I,at least have an avatar unlike you afraid to show herself. You don’t know me my dear girl and always post the old “looser”, loser, line. Learn well my lass

          • Bugs Bunny

            what you want then?
            date me?impossible. insult me online,fuck off! tease me to be your online lover, run away early better.

          • None of those things you mentioned, I merely want to uinderstand your prejudice against the old. Do tell, but I bet you cannot my dear girl.

          • Bugs Bunny

            fuck off!

          • not very educated words, your english is still terrible, as is your lack of etiquette. Grow up some !

          • Probotector

            I don’t know why she comments on here so much, when most people can’t figure out what she’s even on about.

          • Panda Banana

            what is an ‘online lover’ ??

            to my excuse i must admit that this is the one and only online forum i have ever visited, so i am not aware of the slangs at such places.

            BTW, i just asked a question, please try not to reply with ‘old loser’ or ‘pedophile’ like Linette is doing it…

          • helloyup

            shut up you idiot

          • mr.wiener

            Lordy, another Identity.

          • I am peter cushings agent, his successor, and who pray are you my lad?!

          • mr.wiener

            A reluctant fan.

          • A reluctant fan is always a welcome fan, I do hope you are doing well my dear lad.

          • Probotector

            It’s spelled ‘loser’, you moron.

          • James

            She’s not a native English speaker, so cut her some slack.

          • Probotector

            Chinese wouldn’t cut foreigners some slack if our Chinese sucks; they just laugh at us and call us 傻屄.

          • The Enlightened One

            That is true.

            Most of the time they don’t either bother correcting you…

            They just assume that if you made one mistake then all of the sudden you are a complete fool and can not learn Chinese.

            Family and friends are more lenient of course (even though many times they still don’t even correct me), but in public… most Chinese won’t want to communicate with you at all if you make a mistake.

          • donscarletti

            Most are very patient, the first year I was in china, I felt like you, but in reality, you learn a vastly different foreign language for a few months, then you’re going to be pretty bad at it, mostly recreational communication at this point is purely for your own benefit, it will bring no joy to simply have a chat with you in that situation, so those willing to do it are doing you a favour.

          • Probotector

            Fair enough, but I’m not talking about ‘recreational communication’. Frankly I don’t ever do that, normally Chinese want to do it with me on order to ‘practice their English’, which I always refuse.

            In my experience at least, I find Chinese people always assume that you can’t understand the language, and then are often flabbergasted when they find out that you know 你好. I’ve also found them to get utterly frustrated and irritated when you can’t understand or they just laugh at you.

          • maja

            can ask you when and where did you arrive in China?

          • Pickle

            That’s true. And they don’t even like to teach their language either. They are not as lenient as Americans when it comes to teaching either. If you don’t say it exactly or don’t have the right accent YOU FAIL! But then they speak English and practically rape it with the only consequence is their accent or saying lice instead of rice and get made fun of yet still get jobs in the USA.

          • Probotector

            “But then they speak English and practically rape it”

            Which is why I’ve never given a student a grade higher than 69%.

          • I have to cringe when some chinese girls talk in that dragged out american accent that they memorized from watching Courtney (?) Cox or the other actress who played Pheobe (?) in friends downloaded off the net or on pirated dvds. Yeah, because EVERY girl in the west speaks like that….at times like those I want to gouge my eardrums out ffs:(:(

          • ScottLoar

            I won’t let this one pass. No, Chinese do not call foreigners 傻屄, they use other epithets, and if you knew so you would know what those words are. This 傻屄 is overly used by foreigners to show they have some smattering of Chinese; this compound is sometimes used in internet forums but used a lot by foreigners. I’ve never heard Chinese use it on each other, and when cussing out a young woman the compound is usually 小屄, especially among northern Chinese. This 傻屄 (stupid cunt) is a loan word/expression from English.

          • Probotector

            This has happened to me and several other expats I’ve known in my time here. You can choose not to believe it if you wish, but it doesn’t stop it from being true.

          • ScottLoar

            See the exchange between ScottLoar and Donscarletti on this and other compounds immediately above your comment. He and I both agree 傻逼 is not used to describe persons who cannot speak the language properly. It is used to describe persons who are willfully stupid like, as example, yourself.

          • Probotector

            Why insult me because of a disagreement, particularly one as trivial as this? I would agree that your knowledge of the language is better than mine, and I’d agree that it is not common to call a foreigner this; but to make me out to be stupid because I said it nevertheless has happened is frankly pathetic. Now I’ve crossed swords with you before on CS and I know you are a patronising, liberal China apologist who hates other expats if they dare disagree with you, but come on, surely you you have better things to do than troll me?

          • ScottLoar

            You’re right, my insult to you was wrong and misplaced. I regret it. No, I don’t know what a liberal China apologist is, but understand you use it with intent. Trolling you? Your comment prompted mine, and it is only about the language; hell, there are very, very few monikers I recall dealing with here and you, please understand, are not memorable. Yes, I am short-tempered. No, I am not unreasonable and will accept correction. I don’t hear Chinese saying 傻逼 and I’ve never heard it applied to me.

          • donscarletti

            Dude, 傻逼 doesn’t mean you’re thick, it means that you’re acting like a dickhead. As soon as you take the criticism and stop acting like that, they’ll stop calling you that.

          • Probotector

            Has it occurred to you someone might call a person that simply because they don’t like them? You think all Chinese are innocent, and if they use that phrase then the laowai must be at fault?

          • donscarletti

            No, plenty of Chinese arseholes about. If it’s a one off, it would be my assumption that it’s the guy making the comment that’s got the problem.

            But you’re making it sound like it’s a common occurrence, which is different.

          • donscarletti

            傻逼 is the go to pejorative for saying people are useless, you basically hear it every day about idiotic coworkers, idiotic drivers, etc. It is not a loanword from English either, since it is from the general Chinese pattern of 装逼, 骚逼, 穷逼, etc. Also, 99% you will see the character 逼, rather than 屄, because Chinese don’t learn the latter character in school and it can be censored on the character level.

            小逼 is not a common insult, the only time I’ve ever heard it is something that girls call their vaginas when they’re trying to be cute in bed. What you actually misheard was saobi (骚屄) which means “slut”.

            Anyway, you’re right in that 傻逼 is never ever used to mean someone who can’t speak a language properly, it tends to be used when people are willfully stupid. This has nothing to do with the “逼“ bit, but to do with the differences between 傻, 笨, 蠢, etc. Screwing up language is 笨 but not 傻.

          • ScottLoar

            We disagree.

            騷 is first tone and, yes, a common adjective for a woman who is flirty but not yet cheaply sluttish – I’ve heard a mature woman from Taiwan describe her own way of dressing as 騷 .

            逼 or 屄 depends on where you’ve learned Mandarin, Taiwan or mainland China. I learned 小屄 decades ago. I did not mistake either the tone or characters.

            There are further differences between mainland China’s usages and elsewhere. In mainland China calling a waitress 小姐 is considered insulting; elsewhere it is a polite and common form of address. Mainland Chinese refer to their spouses as 我的愛人; that phrase alone elsewhere causes Chinese to gag.

            The compound’s pattern (adjective-noun) is not the argument between us; I still maintain the compound 傻逼seems to come from English because it is a new arrival, I don’t see it used before the last decade or so but welcome references.

          • donscarletti

            I asked around the office, many people had never heard the term 小屄, but those who use it say it apparently is applied to men more often than women, saying that they’re unimportant, that they’re the speaker’s younger brother, unimpressive and weak. Anyway, I’m happy that I learned a new term.

            I happened to also learn the character 屄 before 逼 before I came to China, because I had a Chinese coworker that liked to teach me naughty words (corpse 尸 + cave 穴 = wicked crevice). Despite that, if you look at any of the stories on this site, they always use 逼, 比 or B. Just like nobody writes 肏, always 操.

          • ScottLoar

            I don’t disagree. I do know my Mandarin dates from a different social context and time than modern mainland Chinese Mandarin. But if we want to talk filth – I know I have your attention – we should look to Hong Kong Cantonese, like the graphic character 舌 placed inside the character 乃. I’ve never seen this character elsewhere but keep it in my vocabulary, almost affectionately I may add.

          • maja

            I hear it one million times a day, I live in Beijing

          • SuperHappyCow

            My name is probopoopter, My butt really hurts. Also, I am not a racist.

          • Panda Banana

            why is it when you and Linette dislike something/someone, you always call them “old” or “pedophile”?

            Maybe i see things to rational, and rational thought is obviously not he strongest virtue of you 2 ladies, but nether the less….what is this all about?

            I mean, you can’t really know how old someone is, so why not just “looser”?

            how was your weekend BTW, whats going on at KFC? Are the Paki and Arab midgets still keeping it real?

          • Well said, not rational thinking. Loving the midgets, they keep it real for eattot, yo!

          • Boris

            That’s remarkable. I was composing a response in my head which was almost word for word identical with yours. You’ve just saved me a sentence. And on a side note, I’ve always preferred you to Christopher Lee.

          • Pickle

            I thought she said she didn’t get plastic surgery and had proof. Or is that some other woman.

          • Korean1Wizard1

            She looks Korean…..

          • Probotector

            Ew! Reminds me of the Face Boss in Castlevania II on the NES.

      • wang

        haha.. we should invest in “proper plastic surgery.”

  • anon101

    I dont think they looks the same, there are some I would talk to if we were at a bar and others I wouldnt. perhaps they all looks the same to chinese people because they are smiling, and this is different as they are used to frowns, little frowns, bigger frowns and frowns that have blood splatters.

  • Kate

    This shit again? Days on Reddit, days on Kbang, DM, YouTube, and now Csmack. Let the Korean bashing begin.


    If anyone cares, that site shows the girls as they normally are. They all look alike due to same thick makeup and heavy photoshopping. Their normal pics, they do look different.

    But of course this won’t matter to some Csmackers because they practically have an orgasm at the chance to bash Koreans. I can hear the fapping now.

    I’m done.

    • The Enlightened One

      If that’s the case then 14 or 16 should win the REAL beauty contest as far as those normal pics go. Am I right or am I right?

    • vincent

      14 for sure, but I wonder what number 2 looks like with her hair tied back or something, she looks rather unique.

      • The Enlightened One

        Hmm… you may be right… 6-7 aren’t too bad either.

    • carmouflagger

      Im so sick of this and that Boston shii :|

    • the ace of books

      Thanks for the link, Kate. Can’t see the Youtubes, but having it be a photoshop issue rather than a strived-for-imitation makes it better (a little).

    • BiggJ

      It’s already a full time job hatin chinese….I can’t fit koreans into my schedule….maybe next week. lol

    • Kai

      Aw come on, Kate, I don’t think that’s fair. kB showed the before and after images and we at cS went out of our way to mention and link to it. The story was big in China too, so that’s why Allison translated it.

      You know our sites well enough to know we don’t post stuff with the intent for people to bash anyone.

      You and like one or two, maybe three commenters (Linette…who else?) have some weird ongoing grudge match on jC and kB, but I’m not sure you can really call them “Csmackers” as the generalization of the commenters on cS is that they have an orgasm at the chance to bash the Chinese and are usually holding up the Japanese and Koreans as model Asians. I don’t think you can really make “site gangs” out of the commenters. There aren’t gangs of commenters who call each site their home turf going around to each of the sister sites flashing site gang signs representin’ “Kbang” or “Csmack” or whatever. Therefore, not much sense making it out to be like that. You have beef with a few people, don’t generalize them onto the rest of cS.

      • The Enlightened One

        Kai’s right, you shouldn’t take it personal. A lot of people just hate on everyone, even their own people.

        It’s just people venting, it doesn’t really even mean anything. Just a form of therapy for the masses. Vent all your anger on Koreans today but travel there tomorrow and say Seoul was an awesome city.

        People are people, what do you want?

      • BiggJ

        She went full Korean…….never go full Korean.

    • BiggJ

      Why defend korea so much? People are always going to talk shit about everything. You seem to take it really personal. Just because you live in korea and have a korean husband and a kid, who cares what people on the internet say about some korean girls looking the same? I have a chinese wife and have a place in china….but i could 2 fucks about the place. Just relax. :)

      • SuperHappyCow

        because people dont like to cater to stupid ideas that it would seem, spread like some fucking conflaguration

    • don mario

      isnt it something like 75% of korean women that get plastic surgery….so they can all look……. LIKE THIS. but yea, i guess this is just bullshit right? you are full of shit. even if they only had make up and no surgery(which obviously didnt happen), they are still being made up to look EXACTLY THE SAME which is fucked up in itself.

  • Ruaraidh

    Only try-hards enter beauty contests anyway. If not this, what exactly would everyone expect pageant entrees to be like?

  • ex-expat

    I don’t care how much plastic surgery they’ve had.


    • Panda Banana

      its true! at least from my experience. I was several times in korea and had really a hard time to score. The thing about koreans is that you can even have a good korean friend, and you can ask him to help you introduce you to a girl. He will have no problems doing that, BUT you can bet your ass that he will do everything necessary so you can’t fuck her.

      China is probably the easiest country i asia to find something to fuck, followed by HK. Even i would say that HKese lack even more hygiene then women from the mainland, probably due to that most of them live in fucking mouseholes they call apartments. Many HK girls have really bad looking skin. HK milfs on the other side, especially the ones with a great job and enough money, look very attractive and care about themselves.

      I guess HK girls save money for a handbag rather then spend some of it for soap or parfume. But HK or mainland women, 95% of them still walk around with a bush!, fucking disgusting!

      • jon776

        It’s not that hard if you know where to look. Many Korean girls love foreigners, especially white guys. The majority of them don’t, but there’s still lots of them.

        • Panda Banana

          well, i am not the bar type foreigner. I prefer conservative looking girls/women. I am not into sluts and whores, simply cause they look unreal and are not much of a challenge to me. I am a hunter, i like to conquer. What makes me excited is not the possible fuck itself, but the play and the way towards her cunt, and the surprise how dirty she will get later on. There is nothing exciting about a sluttish looking girl/women who later on behaves sluttish in bed trying her best. I like the lady with taste and style who behaves lady like in public, but like a whore in bed, and in case she is not a whore in bed, I will make her one.

          I was 7 years in china, and NEVER went to these bars where other foreigners meet, drink beer and pick up sluts. I was a couple of times in high class karaoke clubs with my chinese partners, spending 10s of thousands for a couple of hours. The girls where included, which means you could bring them into your room and fuck them if you want. Some very nice looking ones amongst them, and even then i just dipped a bit on the overpriced cognac and went back to my room alone or in the sauna…

          I am a man of strong principles and think business wise, and paying for something i can get for free in a much more exciting way, wouldn’t make sense. I live a good life and like style and taste, a slut would just blur that life. I like to make sluts out of women, not sluts out of sluts.

          • jon776

            Well, if you’ve got thousands to blow and can’t figure out how to get the more convervative girls I don’t know how to help you. I’ve had no problems with “conservative” Korean girls. But you will have to endure the slow process of dating a few times before anything fun happens.

          • Panda Banana

            thats my point, I have no problems getting conservative girls all over the world to do nasty shit. I keep tons of video recordings, pics, phone calls, messages, letters, in my data base for fun.

            Problem is, every time i went to korea(3-4 times so far) it was just for a couple of days, weekends and so on where i had business shit to do, so not so much time for hunting. And i guess you are right, when it comes to korean chicks one has to invest a bit more time. I was just one time successful, and it was out of pure luck. Picked up a business lady from Seoul at the lobby. She was just checking in, i jumped into the same elevator, blablabla, invitation for a drink at the bar before sleep, and thats it. She was a good fuck BTW. Was hoping to keep her as one of my steady hobby-whores cause she matched all the attributes i favor in a women, married with children, intelligent, stylish…and knows how to appreciate a nice cock. We chatted back and forth afterwards, met her a second time when she came over to HK, and after that she moved with her family to another city in korea…sad story, such a nice pussy.

          • Brett

            Coala banana, are you back, you bastard?

          • Panda Banana

            after tomorrow i am out of here, back to business, so don’t worry my friend. And i guess it will take some months before i come back again. New adventures are waiting for the banana man and lots of new pussies.

            So after tomorrow its again business as usual for you guys, so you can keep on with:

            lol, i like you,lol, how was your day, lol, virtual hug, hmmmm, lol, nice day, lol, virtual coffee, lol, LV, lol, mainland, lol, Gucci, lol, handbag, lol, korea, japan, lol, PS, lol, nose job,…and so on….

            LOL !

          • mr.wiener

            Drop by for some Slivovitsa if you ever come to taiwan.

          • Panda Banana

            sure i will my friend…right now in Thailand till 1st may, then back home to HK.

            The music business is waiting for the banana man. I am totally excited to try something new, different from what i did until now. I will conquer, be ruthless and unforgiving! Even i am not into blackmailing ladies for pussy, I cant wait to see how much effort some of the “talents” are willing to put in, for a chance to get famous.

            Thats my big talent, i use and abuse, but i do it in such a way that they come back for more. :-)

          • Brett

            Haha, I knew you’d be back. Out of the mainland for good, then?

          • Panda Banana

            not really Brett. HK to be precise, seems i somehow like to be close to the action, but still away enough to be on the safer side when shit hits the fan. Right now in Bangkok taking care of business. I could even imagine living here, but the fucking traffic sucks and the weather, 38C at night is no joke! Of course there are much nicer people here then in HK or China, but i still prefer the chaos around me just chinese can offer me.

          • vincent

            Hey Brett long time, how’s the baby? :)

          • Brett

            Hey Vincent, things are well. The baby is starting her 7th month and she’s bigger every day.

            Tell you the truth, I wanted to have a son first, but nothing beats waking up to a smiling baby girl.

          • The Enlightened One

            Wow, they grow up fast. Seven months already?

          • Brett

            I know, right? I still remember making the announcement here back in October.

            She was born 3.7kg, now she’s 8.7. Crazy fast

          • Rick in China

            Not sure if this was mentioned Panda, but Korea has an unusually strong Christian ethic compared to most other nations around this area – and friends who lived in Korea say that’s one oft he bigger reasons the girls are much less likely to be easy lays in general compared to other places.

          • Panda Banana

            i know, heard that too…comparable to christian nut heads in the US. The only difference, the christians in the US are hypocrites and fuck around like crazy. I guess the koreans still keep it real.

      • KaiXuan

        Do you even know why pubic hair even exists?

        • Panda Banana

          let me tell you a story i experienced more then once in china:

          take a girl home, discover the bush between her legs, bring her to the bathroom, let her sit on the toilette seat, take out the razor and foam, spread her legs, and start to shave her.

          Some start to cry, others laugh, and some don’t even know what is happening.

          Lets take the ones who cry. I asked them why they cry,(thinking it might be out of shame), they ALL said they are afraid that they will get sick now and maybe even die!..and i am not making this up…when i ask them where they got this from, they told me from their mothers and grandmothers. Kinda like the kids who are born in some fucked up christian family where parents tell their children they will get blind when masturbating.

          My point is not about why it exists, its about what THEY believe it, and WHY they keep it!!!

          You know, you no longer live centuries ago, where people have limited access to water and soap. A women or men now a days can very well take care about their own hygiene and change their underwear everyday!

          Apparently you are a bush keeper? All power to you, in case you dont wash and shower on a daily basis and need your bush to collect bacteria and dirt on it and you think that this way it prevents entering your vagina. You might also think that it serves you as an air conditioner keeping your pussy cool on hot days, I couldn’t care less.

          Fact of the matter is, either you like to collect bacteria and germs, or think it serves you as an air pocket, or cause it makes your hubby hot, or you believe in grandmas gossips developed out of endless winter nights sitting at a campfire in a cave, its still: SICK!

          • random guest

            Hi, completely random guy here.

            I’m French, I’ve lived in China, and now I’m living in Spain. I’d say 90% of all the women I’ve seen naked in front of me (a large majority European) have a bush, and a clean bush for that matter.

            My question is: why is the argument “we’re not in the middle ages any more, and we have access to proper hygiene and soap” valid for “you don’t have to have pubic hair to protect your genitalia”, and not valid for “you can have all the pubic hair you want, because you’ll be able to clean it quite nicely every day!” ?

            If the problem is Asia/China (due to somewhat lower hygine conditions), then the same would apply to hair. Back in the days, shaving your head bald was the proper way to avoid bacteria, dirt and lice. Lice are still around, so I guess the next recommendation would be that every mand and women should shave their own heads?

            Best regards,
            Random dude

          • KaiXuan

            Horribly reasoned. Just say you prefer the bald pussy look and be done with it….

          • Rick in China

            I don’t think it’s a bad reason at all.

            I don’t mind hair on top – but hair around the lips is funky – at least if you are a guy and enjoy or don’t mind giving oral. I don’t know any dude who likes hair jutting off pussy lips while they’re licking their woman, getting lodged in their teeth – or just loosely falling off into their mouths.. maybe those exist, I don’t think it’s the majority.

            Hair up top doesn’t matter. It’s out of the way. It can look nice, especially if trimmed. Hair on the lips, however, is absolutely disgusting and needs to be kept neat.

            It’s the equivalent of say, if guys had hairs sticking off the bottom rim of their dick head. You think girls would want to suck that “natural” form?

          • Panda Banana

            you brought up a good point Rick!

            I too think that hair on top is still acceptable.

            I love to go down and lick a fine piece of pussy when the coats is clear. Its heart breaking to see a beautiful girl with a nice face, but between her legs pure nightmare. They should all keep the top hair at a reasonable length, but around both holes i want it clean and polished.

            All the girls i shaved and which cried like babies, were later thankful for teaching them how to keep their cunts attractive.

            I think its to a major part chinese males fault. In their culture a women which shaves her pussy must be a whore. At least i heard so from some of them….

          • KaiXuan

            Ahhhhh! Teaching the ignorant native savages about proper hygiene!! Ahhh the White Man’s Burden!

          • Panda Banana

            no, i don’t teach anyone anything I just say i will not fuck or lick a chick with a bush around her hole. In case i like to fuck or lick her and she HAS a bush, the bush has to come off immediately.

            No reason to start to get offensive. No one said”ignorant native savages” and you dont know if i am “white” or not.

            Who is replying anyway?

            The soul brother, or the Chinese “building cultural bridges” girl demonstrating that multi culture works?

          • KaiXuan

            Bad analogy…..again if you like trimmed, good for you. If he likes em bald, good for him. Just don’t slam people who don’t and justify it with your world views..

          • SuperHappyCow

            I don’t fucking understand why girls keep it on the lips, it baffles me. Hair is fine, even unkempt hair around the pubic bone area, but the “Venus Fly Trap” look is not appealing at all.

          • donscarletti

            Dude, if she’s crying, whatever the reason, don’t you think you should stop? I mean, nobody’s forcing you to fuck her and even if they were, pubic hairs won’t kill you.

        • mr.wiener

          To hide their teeth?

          • the ace of books

            As a downstairs beard?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Bro, I don’t even get this one. Dentata?

      • taikongren

        “95% of them still walk around with a bush!, fucking disgusting!”

        You are a fag.

        • Panda Banana

          why its disgusting? and how is that making me a fag?

        • cb4242

          What’s wrong with a hairy bush? Again, each to his own, I personally, don’t like the military look, but that is me! If God didn’t want hair there, he would not have put it there. If you don’t like it, shave, if you do, leave it as it is, it’s no one else’s business. I think nowadays there is too much pressure on women that shaving is the only way to go and that is BS, do what you like. I think it is sexy, some people don’t. Natural is always the best. Maybe for me, it makes a woman look like a woman and not like a kid.

          • hun

            “If God didn’t want hair there, he would not have put it there”


            Not sure if sarcasm but here goes nothing.


            You believe in a book that was written by people who believed earth was flat at the time. The end.

          • Probotector

            …and you believe in nothing. The end.

          • cb4242

            Yup, the end.

      • mr.wiener

        I like things hairy on the prairie.

      • jeffli

        Bush is good! ;-) (not the presidents)

        • Panda Banana

          good in case you are a pervert who likes to lick bacteria and rests of dried urine off hairy cunts. Obviously the soul brother she is with doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

          However, i heard there are man willing to pay for used underwear so they can sniff on them, preferably several weeks old. As stronger the smell the more they pay.

          For me a womens cunt has to be clean and ready at any given day. I am unpredictable and like to lick and fuck my bitches wherever and whenever my dick tells me to do so, and that is quite often! Thats the reason its so much easier to deal with milfs and mature women, they usually know this shit already and are prepared!

          • KaiXuan

            If you lick any pussy, with or without hair, that has not been cleaned before you start, you are always going to be ingesting some amount of “dried urine”…..

          • SuperHappyCow

            my name is coala banana i am absolutely enamored by black people and mention them whenever i can nice to meet you

      • Alphy

        Dude you are coming off as a jerk.

        • Panda Banana

          i have no doubts about that! and i can’t deny that most probably see me as just that, judging by the posts and not knowing me personally, thats just common sense.

          But let me tell you a secret, i am not behind the ones who can’t see, and couldn’t care less what they think about me. I prefer the company of the very few, the ones who understand, the ones who can read between the lines, and the ones with experience…I am open minded to learn.

          And having said that, i wasn’t able to learn anything new from YOU, I didn’t know before.:-), but you on the other end, received so much knowledge and wisdom from me, and the only thing you can come up with is: “Dude you are coming off as a jerk”….you are just not ready, just not ready!

          • Alphy

            I am just saying if you want to share your experience, do it in a way that find it less offensive, like avoid talking about women as if they are just things you could have your ways with.

            Let’s say you don’t like the hair down there for hygienic purpose (I agree with you btw), you should just state your reason instead of calling it f-ing disgusting. Anyways I am sure you will just ignore what I say and continue how you write, but I am just trying to give some friendly advice.

          • SuperHappyCow

            He only talks about Asian women like that. To him, they’re just walking fleshlights.

          • bo

            ‘95% of them still walk around with a bush!, fucking disgusting!’ You can’t be open-minded and you can’t learn a fuck!

          • nitrostat

            “judging by the posts and not knowing me pseronally”… uhh.. your posts make you who you are…

            ” the ones who understand” are all retarded too
            ” the ones who can read between the lines, and the ones with experience… I am open minded to learn” … LOL, so delusional in your own little world. you’re open minded? go look at your previous post regarding how you generalize chinese women and korean women by their hygeine… i believe it speaks volumes!!!!

          • linette lee

            Don’t bother wasting your time with pedophile panda.
            He spends half a day here daily typing half a page posts no normal human would read. Without reading and by just a glimpse you would see his posts are filled with these words…Asian, women, China, hong kong, fxck..sex… And basically that’s about it in all his posts. He is so desperate wanting sex with china and hong kong girls but couldn’t get laid in real life, that is why he spends so much time here typing out his imagination and fantasy. Hey… he probably couldn’t get laid in a whore house even if he pays for it in china. lol. He is mental. I can only imagine if he does get lucky in real life all he gets are the susan boyle type chinese women. That is why all he can do is come here daily to type his fantasy. He is all over the place.

          • SpeakDaTruth

            im sure Panda Banana can sleep with you if he wants too. All he need to do is flash you with some LV bag or his expensive car. You and BB will be wet. Coz youre both shallow retard.

          • linette lee

            it’s okay. You can go sleep with him. Go help yourself and don’t be shy. I won’t judge you. ;)

            Another thing is that, most likely the only thing he has is a laptop and his dirty underwear and his big belly sitting jobless in some basement masturbating on internet photos of asian women.

          • Panda Banana

            well i have physical evidence to prove you wrong and to support my claims. What do you have to support yours? Your imagination only and assumptions?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Pedo panda. I like that.

          • Panda Banana

            you dont need to like that.

            First, you must learn to like yourself!

            And i bet, AFTER you’ve learned THAT(to like yourself), it will become very unlikely that you would like and write again:

            “Pedo panda. I like that.”

            the fact that you like such things has to do with yourself more then with anyone or anything else! I don’t even play a role in that, at least not a major one. The only role i play is, that i passed by(by pure chance) and out of your own convenience and insecurity, you chose to use me as an example.

            Nothing wrong with that,and that doesn’t make you necessarily a bad person. It just makes you a weak person…having said THAT, i would suggest you to work on yourself! I know its hard to do, especially when someone is not gifted with something to start with. But we all did start somewhere….

          • SuperHappyCow

            Didn’t we have a 2 o’clock appointment to poop in eachother’s butts?

          • LMAO!!! The flame wars in here are SOOOOOO got damn ENTERTAINING!!!! Panda’s a mixed bag for me….he seems to spout some know it all wisdom….but comes off as a racist sexist douche bag as well…but still funny!

          • linette lee

            you think? Nothing wrong with flame war. People come here to talk shxt about China. This is china smack. Not hustlet porn chat site on chinese women.

          • Panda Banana

            why you mention Susan Boyle?

            She obviously is not a good example of an attractive women(at least not from the outside), BUT why you always need to bring up names and post pictures of “ugly” looking people, to prove a point?

            Can’t you see how ridiculous that is, especially when coming from someone who too isn’t attractive?

            Can’t you see how weak and simple minded that is?

            An unattractive person is looking out for examples for even lesser attraction and more ugliness the she carries with herself?

            Do you really have no idea what you are talking about?

            You just said that Susan Boyle, a talented and gifted person(unlike you), could just get someone desperate, someone who couldn’t even get laid in a whore house willing to pay for it, someone mental?! Why you talk down on other women like that?

            By now you should have learned a thing or two in life, sadly (for you) thats not the case:-(

          • SuperHappyCow

            Boo, you SUCK!


        • KaiXuan

          He is one. He isn’t shy about that at all. He probably had a coming out party a long time ago to celebrate it, I probably missed it or he is a new account for one of the old jerks I don’t see anymore on here.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Coala Banana. Only talks about his dick and how he exists to have sex with non-discriminating Chinese women. Also, he absolutely loves talking about black people. It would seem like I’m making that last one up, though, wouldn’t it?

            He’s kind of a twat.

          • linette lee

            oh…I see. The problem is that china smack can’t get rid of a cyber sex addict like pedophile panda or coala banana or whatever other user names he used …hiding in the basement jobless masturbating on internet photos of asian women, Using China smack to get attention from chinese women.
            Typing half page long posts about the same thing daily.

            He is turning China smack into a porno sex discussion site about asian women. I just don’t know what fauna’s going to do with this problem. She can’t get rid of him.

      • Probotector

        You know, I shaved my GF’s pussy tonight. Seriously. I’d been pestering her for weeks to commence deforestation. Can’t stand that shit.

        • Panda Banana

          you did the right thing brother! Hope you know that you did gods work?? Yeah, thats my man!

      • Given the number of stores like Watsons and Boots and Mannings and so on there, I find that really surprising. Given that I doubt most Chinese females don’t even use underarm rollon, usual stupid health excuses, I find it harder to believe about HK girls, but thanks for keeping me in the know, always interesting to hear other views.

        • Panda Banana

          HK girls, dress nicer then mainland girls, but bellow the clothes they are less hygienic. I think this has to do that they work harder and longer then mainlanders. HK is an expensive city, housing prices extremely high, not much money left for other things. Go during lunch time out and look at the line ups in front of cheap noodle restaurants (18HK$ the bowl), all man and women in official clothing which crawl out from the office towers.

          Its true, they work hard and they are under constant pressure. I myself had hundreds of such “slaves”, and let them work overtime everyday. They have to do it, cause their counterparts on the mainland are NOT willing to work overtime, even they do it, they are much less productive and its common that they sabotage and destroy things to pay you back the mistreatment. The ordinary HK hypocritical fuck wouldn’t dare to behave in the same way, cause jobs are hard to get in HK, especially well paid ones.

          However, good you mention Watsons, Mannings, 7/11, Sasa and others…..cause they were some of my clients at one point in my career, and i know all the CEOs personally. Don’t think that there best sellers are “condoms and wet tissues” so that HKes can protect themselves and clean there genitals, thats wrong. HK Canton people are amongst the dirtiest in whole china(i exclude grown successful women from that), but let me tell you that 95% of all people you see at ANY given day and time in ANY of this stores, are tourists, foreigners and mainlanders. HKes dont have the time and dont have the money to buy some extra shit. I mean they have the money, they could buy some wet tissue by example, but its not on top of their priority list, they must save and save and save(and trust me, in a city like HK its hard to save money), to be able one day, in around 250 years to buy an apartment.

          HK girls lack hygiene compared to mainland girls! Fact! Mainland girls got lots of time on their hands, and the good looking ones don’t even need to work at all. Mainlanders(girls and women) are VERY WELL aware of the hygienic situation around them, the streets, dirty males with rotten teeth, the environment in general, and the fact that they dont like to get sick(cause it costs money and it could be a huge set back having caught Hepatitis C and HiV), they usually care more about their personal hygiene, then someone who lives in a “cleaner” environment, where its common that people shake hands and wash them.

          Mainland males are dirtier then HK males, but HK females are dirtier then mainland females.

          Either way, most of them (HK or Mainlanders) could use some hair trimming around their genitals.

          • Interesting, I liked the wet wipes from watsons, very refreshing in summer, small world that you have dealt with them in business. They also sell my favourite english biscuits, hob nobs, hard to find elsewhere, another plus.

      • nitrostat

        way to generalize women by their ethnicity smart ass. i don’t think its about Korean girls being stuck up, they just probably realize that your not good enough for them? hey if the mainlanders are sleeping with you without thinking much of their hygiene.. i wonder how much they care about you ?

        • Panda Banana

          maybe your mindset is a bit twisted my friend:-), you are upset cause so far I couldn’t get as much korean pussy as i though i could?? and i though this would be a compliment for korean women:-(??

          And not THE mainlanders are sleeping with me(i am good, not not THAT good), just a small portion.

          In fact to make my reply more educational, so even you are upset with me, you can still learn something from my post:

          I am well organized in everything i am doing, and i well aware of the strength of my troops of women. I wouldn’t go so far to say i had a full ‘legion’ of women i had sex with, cause that would indicate that the number is up to 6000, which is not the case, BUT I definitely had a full ‘cohort'(to spare your time looking what that means, its around 500).

          The problem which comes into play is not the amount of women who had the pleasure to widen their sexual horizon, its about how to organize that amount. Its obvious that just a few can become part in the elite troop called ‘cohort1’. These are the best of the best, and they will have the privilege of getting the banana mans cock more then once.

          You see there is lots of things to be learned from history. The old romans had cohorts 1-10 (I-X), and organized the soldiers into 10 different categories, from elite to “no special designation”. And believe it or not, thats exactly the way i explain it to all the ladies worldwide. And to be honest, most of the time i get ill laughter as a response to that. But again believe it or not, a high percentage of the ones laughing about it, fuck with me anyway, AND in addition to that, later on, even write resumes to be accepted in ‘cohort I’ in case i demand that.

          Truth is, just veeeery few can make it into cohort I. Most end into up into ‘cohort III’ which is the “no special designation unit”, BUT some are useful to become members of ‘cohort VII'(and lets NOT underestimate this cohort), cause under the romans ‘cohort VII’ was the place to find trainees and raw recruits with potential to make it one day into the higher ranks!

          I know for most all this sounds like disrespectful against women. I for one don’t think i am disrespectful. Its true i can just respect a women(or any other man) if this person shows some self respect first, then i will respect her. I have 3 real girlfriends i have long time relations with 3-8 years, one french(3 years), one chinese(6 years) and my japanese GF(over 8 years). All this girls have shown endurance, discipline, self love and self respect, and its hard to resist that sort of person. I NEVER had any sorts of misunderstanding over all the years with anyone of them. So the results and my theory speaks for itself.

          However, its NOT about ethnicity, its about self respect, fact is most women lack self respect big time. And even then I still treat them with respect, at least until i am done with them. I am not the post sex hugging and kissing type of man. After the job is done, the bitch has to go, and i said it before:

          there is no rational reason to share a fine glass of Chateau Mouton and J.S.Bach coming through my B&W Nautilus speakers with a bitch who a few moments ago had her mouthful and jizz all over her face.

          As dirty as i am during sex, there is still something like style and etiquette after the dirt is washed away and i slip into my Burberry Pijama to enjoy the moments after!

          • Panda Banana

            BTW, by around 500 i mean in asia alone of course…over a period of 8 years

          • SuperHappyCow

            God, SHUT UP.

          • Panda Banana

            dont read it if you cant stand the truth. But we both know that you read it all and loved each and every word of it, until you realized that and felt shame, and now act in this aggressive manner frustrated about yourself.

            how is life treating you anyway? still pissed about the white mans 500 years of oppression against your brothers and sisters? or are you on the way to get a real life!?

          • SuperHappyCow

            I actually read a quarter until I remembered what a dufus you are. :>

          • The Enlightened One


            I don’t get why people are even responding to you with all this hate. You already mentioned you would be gone in a few days. I guess people just need to get their therapy session.

            You should charge forums for trolling people and raking up the posts. You could make a killing and that’s not a bad thing either.

    • carmouflagger

      Challenge accepted.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Hehe… Is that you, Kraft Mac man?

    • LMBAO!!!! You win the internet!!!!

  • Panda Banana

    they all look good, no question. My favorites:

    1. number 7 in the pinky dress

    2. number 13 in black

    3. number 10 in red

    don’t know why people post that they all look the same. All different in my opinion.

    • Panda Banana

      4. 16 in white, looks also good!

    • yeah, they is enough variation that they don’t look the same. go to the koreabang site and check the before and after photos and it is obvious they don’t look the same. they’re pretty much all run of the mill girls bar one or two

    • MonkeyMouth

      3…. i am a man of unique tastes is guess….

  • There’s a subtlety in plastic surgery that is necessary to keep things looking natural and not like fragile Michael Jackson-like monstrosities. A good example would be people who have plastic surgery/reconstructive surgery because of accidents and trauma rather than for cosmetics. My mom was in a car accident in her university years, back before shoulder seat belts were common, and smashed her nose on the dash of the car. You would never know she had plastic surgery to fix her nose unless you looked at her photos from before that. Interestingly enough, they got rid of the aquiline nose we’re all blessed with and given a more average-of-every-kind-of-white-persons-nose approach. They did a great job, and this was a back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. You look at some of these girls (not the ones here, these girls all look like the same hot girl) and wonder why they paid to have these deformities sawed and chiseled onto their faces.

  • Genghis

    Pot calling the kettle black.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      I was gonna say… the so-called “Chinese beauties” all look like this too. When i go out by the seaside where the multitudes of production-line grooms and brides have wedding photoshoots, they all look the same. Scary.

      • don mario

        its true, this is the type that they like.

  • I like the hair color.

  • Emilio Pucci

    And guess what? They all want a good 9 inches up their twats. Plus some – check this Korean chick out:


    • mr.wiener

      We don’t post porn on here Nimrod.

  • TheDon

    My korean Girl is all natural, and i love the way she is…she tells me how korean girls at the clubs all look the same, so guys next time u go there rely on their clothes to identify them otherwise you’ll end up kissing someone else’s girl.

    • don mario

      thats pretty scary. i have seen a couple of korean fitness models with a typical asian small eyes look that are completely stunning… just think about all the wasted women that are making themselves look just like everyone else..

  • Daniel

    My chinese girlfriend is more beautiful than any of these korean “beauty” girls.

    • photo please

      • Daniel

        Only photo on my phone but I think you get the picture.

        • Daniel

          By the way, what you see is without makeup or Photoshop.

          • Bugs Bunny

            you gf looks very neat,not bad!
            but i do not think she is so great in china.
            this is my niece, even such a pretty girl can not be her class flower, because i saw her classmates,another girl really looks better than her.taller and whiter and more perfect.
            when i was in school, every class has a super pretty girl at least.

          • so tall and white is “more perfect”? Inner beauty and confidence my dear gal….and an adventurous spirit, you need to learn haha

          • Gerousia

            Why is it ok for people to have beauty standards which explicitly emphasize blackness, but the moment anyone says anything positive about pale skin/whiteness or, god forbid, white features, people like you reflexively try to thought-police them?

            “Black is beautiful”? But not white?

          • Not at all,

            I am just prodding fun at her, there is white worship in asia….you cant deny that alas.

          • POS

            You need to understand why Asians value white skin in the first place, nothing to do with Euro-worship, everything to do with class and hierarchy; the dark sunburnt peasants toil in the fields, the shaded aristocracy in their towers.

          • Fair enough, is it not then quite similar to the caste system in India then?!

          • SuperHappyCow

            Because the idea of something being black is constantly looked down upon and attacked by people all over to such an extent that it alters historical facts, like ancient Egyptians being dark skinned. They were called as much by the people who lived around them, but today, it’s such a novel idea that they could have been dark. I mean, FFS, Egypt is an African country, unless we’re referring to ancient Egypt where they made pretty cool shit, then they’re all white, or tan.

            I’m even reading a book called “The Name of The Wind”, which is fine and dandy, despite every other page, something about blackness or darkness is used to illustrate how something is evil or suspicious. Mind you, there’s a group of people in the book called Caelds that have no negative stereotypes.

            The idea that blackness is equivocated with something anywhere near beauty by anyone that isn’t black is a joke. Hatred for the idea “black” is pretty ingrained in western culture.

            By the way, it’s a pretty goddamn good book.

          • James

            Well one reason may be the whiter they are the less likely they are to have blue butt

          • don mario

            adventurous, and confident girls are destined to become leftover women in china.

          • Terrik

            Looks good to me! I feel the same about my girlfriend. At the very least, I know what I’m seeing is real.

          • Daniel

            You are absolutely right.

          • SuperHappyCow


        • She’s pretty. She does look about 14 though.

          • Daniel

            I guess that’s a good thing. She is 23 so maybe when she is 40 she will look like 20. I will not mind.

    • MeCampbell30

      Real girls only Mante Teo.

    • Pickle

      Going by that pic, you aren’t lying.

      • Daniel

        Thanks! Her personality is even more beautiful.

        • Pickle

          Then you are even luckier than I thought. That picture is hazy but despite that I can tell how pretty she is so I can imagine a clearer one how she’d shine. Nice thick hair and good skin tone. And you say her personality better. Marry her quickly.

          • Daniel

            Yes, she is a beauty on both inside and outside and we are marrying this July.

          • Pickle


  • Bolo

    )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )(

  • breed11

    The bigger issue is the inferiority complex that makes Asians hate their natural features and want Western ones, double eye lids, straighter noses, etc. it’s a shame and sad. Also, don’t get the Chinese reactions, most people think they look the same.

    • don mario

      there is gonna be a lot of sour people when the day comes that ‘single eye lids’ come into fashion..

      watch it happen.

    • Pickle

      Do you seriously think any of these women look more white? We all know western means white.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty bush
    and it lubricates

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      I don’t know what you’re all looking at… all i see is meat.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    I want to see a Plastic Surgery Free Beauty Contest. I hate seeing all the Fake shit. They are just as beautiful with out the nose job, Chin job , and any other job that they do these days. NATURAL IS ALWAYS BETTER!

  • Alphy

    They don’t look at the same, I think its the airbrush photos. Many Korean do indeed get cosmetic surgery, but most are minor like eye lid line.

  • Self hate so sad !

  • My GF keeps asking me to get her eyes done , I refuse because being a person of color I find it to be a form of self hate, on the level of Micheal Jackson. She is a pretty Chinese woman to me , humble and kind. I don’t know about this generation of Asian woman who dislike their looks so much and not realizing that nothing they do will change their DNA. This is like a Sci-Fi movie gone bad

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Don’t you think saying you are “a person of color” is also… a form of self hate?

      • POS

        Its America’s most retarded politically correct export. There is no such thing as a “person of color”, fuck what a passe 20th century concept.

    • Panda Banana

      why is she asking you? Her eyes belong to her and when she is unsatisfied with the way she looks, then you should support her.

      I have the feeling that you carry more problems with you then she does.

      And regarding your DNA point, you should see things from another perspective. You can have “bad” DNA by looking “bad”, or you can have “bad” DNA by looking good and feel good about yourself.

      She just want her eyes done, whats the big deal? Are you afraid that she will look better then before and will most likely attract other man? Damn, you guys should not see your women as your property….

    • don mario

      just leave her dude, one of my ex;s got it. she looks like a freak now, glad im no longer with such a shallow minded person. cut your loses.

    • POS

      Whats a “person of color”? There is no such thing. Trying telling a Korean that they are the same as Africans because they’re not Caucasian.

  • alchymyst

    Still trying to figure out how spending thousands of dollars on braces to
    attain perfect teeth is any different than spending thousands of dollars
    wanting to attain a symmetrical nose, or jaw. The health benefits aren’t really
    that great for someone who already has decent teeth, but people still want them
    perfectly straight anyway. Why? Because it looks good and makes us feel more
    confident about ourselves.

    No one would think twice about someone with slightly crooked teeth that wanted
    to get them straightened up. Nor would we say someone should embrace the
    “uniqueness” of their vampire, gapped snaggleteeth. When it comes to
    other facial features, however, it’s suddenly a lot more controversial. Why?
    Because plastic surgery and altering facial features other than the teeth, is a
    relatively new concept. Braces long ago received the official stamp of societal
    approval. Face lifts, nose jobs, etc., are basically just a different form of
    braces that not many people fully accept yet. Give it another 20 to 30+ years,
    and it will be just as common.

    Fact is, we all appreciate and still like unique looking individuals. They’re
    what keep things interesting. In the end, however, it’s the girls with faces
    like the ones in this article that we’d all rather sleep with. They know this

    • I agree with you completely, but one could argue that having straight teeth has health benefits on top of aesthetic benefits…

      • Panda Banana

        you are right, but when you take INTENTIONS into account, why people do it, then i doubt you will find a majority on the side of “oh i like to make it cause of my general health”…the INTENTION of the majority is and will always be, to look good! health is just a nice side effect for the weak used for justification out of weakness. Truth is they look ugly and want to look beautiful.

        • breast reduction surgery to reduce chronic back pain, anyone? :P

          but i’d still say you’re quite correct. Personally, i don’t think of opting for PS to be a sign of weakness… speaking with my friends who have had PS done, it definitely takes a bigger pair to go under the knife and suffer the short-to-long term side effects after…

          • don mario

            rubbish. of course it stems from some weakness in their self image (which may or may not be improved after the surgery)

          • but it takes bravery and sacrifice to take the PS route… i suppose the Valium route is just as viable…

          • don mario

            no it doesnt, it takes desperation. and sometimes foolishness, for example, the morons who get the bones in their legs broken and pulled apart so that they will grown back together and they will end up taller.

            what kind of fool would put themselves through that sort of barbaric torture just for the sake of vanity, so they can get a few more cms of height ?

            brave would be the people who go against this shit and stay natural. when everyone else around them is doing it.

          • Some people are more susceptible to mental stress than physical stress. They choose to make physical sacrifices. It’s a matter of identifying a perceived problem and dealing with it. Some people choose narcotics, some choose prescription drugs and many choose alcohol. Or you can just avoid everyone and stay home. Depends on whether you want a short, intense solution or a long, drawn-out one.

          • don mario

            exactly what a said… a weakness in their self image. nothing brave about it.

            a better option would be to face the issues you have with your self image and improve them, because many people feel no better after they have had the surgery.

        • don mario

          changing teeth alignment is not really changing teeth. getting bigger eyes, a taller nose and sawing your jaw bone off to make your face smaller IS changing how your face looks. they both for aesthetic reasons but they are FAR from the same thing.

          this was a shitty comparism to begin with.

          • “changing teeth alignment” may sometimes include jaw re-alignment for over/under-bite correction, teeth removal and even open surgery in some cases. Let’s not forget tooth implants either. Operations can be just as invasive as PS.

          • don mario

            thats going for the same RESULT. even though the surgery maybe more invasive, thats beside the point i was making. the result is still to align your teeth, either teeth next to each other, or teeth above and below each other. the result is not to change the appearence of your teeth to something that was totally different to what you were born with, example vampire teeth or some shite like that.

            on the other side of things, these people are not getting their FACE realigned either. if they were using PS to get a crooked nose or uneven eyebrow straightened, nobody would give a hoot, because the intention is completely different.

          • Teeth undergo similar operations to achieve the desired proportions and symmetry. There are also whitening operations to change the color. Tooth implants change what you were born with.

            Why is it ok to change your vampire teeth? How is the intention to change your look through your teeth different than changing your look through your eyes? Getting eyelid surgery is just an incision and some stitches and getting braces is just some shaving and some metal to hold them in place.

          • don mario

            your not getting what i am saying. i said if you changed your teeth to vampire teeth, that would be comparable to this plastic surgery. nobody is changing the shape of their teeth! nobody is getting double fang teeth surgery. they are just aligning what is already there, to how it should be anyway.

            i already said that is comparable to a crooked nose being straightened. it is NOT comparable to getting another fold in your eyes to make them look less asian.

          • alchymyst

            Again, you are taking extreme cases here. The majority of people who get cosmetic surgery aren’t sawing their faces off to be replaced, they’re slightly adjusting a feature or two.

            And changing teeth alignment does affect how people perceive your smile. Last time I checked, a persons smile also counted towards individual look and overall attractiveness.

          • don mario

            its not really extreme, plenty of asian girls get it. aligning your teeth is not CHANGING your teeth. is it such a hard thing to understand? making your eyes bigger and giving your self a nose bridge, 2 things that are changing your face to something that is not even common in your RACE is not something i can call ‘adjusting’ its totaly changing your face to look like something that isnt even asian anymore.

            double eyelid fold is pretty minor, but the reasoning behind it is still pretty retarded and self hating.

    • don mario

      you got it confused. cosmetic surgery and braces are not the same thing.

      if someone were to get their teeth changed to fangs, or changed to long and thin pointy teeth or something like that, because that looked more appealing then you could have a case, but nobody does that.

      if anyone thinks girls with plastic surgery are more fuckable they simply need to educate their eyes. lots of horny teenage kids think big fake boobs are hot to. doesnt mean the majority of people think that, it just means you have very bad taste and you cannot yet tell the difference between real and fake.

      • alchymyst

        So what you’re saying is that you’d find a girl with natural A size breasts as more attractive than a girl with upgraded C size breasts (assuming their other features were similar)? I don’t buy it. I hope you realize that the majority of girls who do get boob jobs is because their breasts were naturally smaller relative to their body size. It’s like being a tall, burly muscular guy, but your penis is only a few inches long. And it’s on your forehead where everyone can see, not hiding in your pants. I have no issue with girls that do it for this particular reason.

        Plus, a nose or boob job done right is completely undetectable. The only reason plastic surgery recieves such a bad rap is because of people who overdo it. A significant portion of Hollywood actors have undergone some type of cosmetic surgery (even guys), and the majority of them you can’t even tell.

        • don mario

          if that girl with A cups had a nice ass, yes i would prefer her hands down to one with fake tits.

          fake tits look bad. and that is a ridiculous thing to say that they are not in proportion. we are already in proportion when we are born, when you stick fake things on to that, you change how everything else looks, and it looks WRONG. for example, go and look up fake ass surgery and you will find not one that looks good. because to naturally have a big booty, you are gonna need a matching pair of legs to SUPPORT it. you cant just tack on a big booty and expect it to look right. same for boobs. same for your face.

          the majority of cosmetic surgery you can tell, there are websites devoted showing off which new celeb got a nose job or some new fish lips. why? because you can tell! its obvious and it just looks wrong.

          if you have a dick growing out of your forehead by all means, get plastic surgury. those poor people are the ones it was invented for in the first place. i dont understand why being a muscular guy makes any difference, thats not normal for anybody.

          • alchymyst

            When directly looking at before and after pictures, sure you might be able to see the difference. But for a lot of people whom you’ve never met before who have done plastic surgery, it’s impossible to tell. I know people who have gotten nose jobs before, and I would have never guessed. It’s not obvious at all, and it doesn’t look wrong.

            There are tons and tons of pictures of people overdoing it. Naturally, there aren’t going to be pictures of people with more subtle nose and boob jobs posted on the internet because they look completely normal. That’s the whole point. You’re assuming that everyone that gets plastic surgery wants to look like a porn star, or will look like the people you see on the internet after you google “fake ass plastic surgery”, which just isn’t true.

            And have you even been with a girl that’s gotten a boob job before? Because I have, and I can tell you right now they feel just as great as the real things. And truthfully, that’s all that really matters.

          • don mario

            if you have a good eye for whats natural, yes it is obvious. i am not talking about over done or porn star surgery. again you are missing my whole point that getting surgery to change and add stuff on, or take away from your face or body is not natural and just does not look right. i have made plenty of calls about people i have seen in real life who i thought had surgery and i was right about it.

            some people obviously have worse eye’s for it and worse taste than others. no i would never go near a fake titted girl. i cant think of a bigger turn off. and there is no way that can feel real..because it isnt. and they certainly dont look real.

            i told you to google fake booty surgery because thats the most obvious example i can think of that just doesnt look right. another one would be fake 6 pack liposuction. take a look at that, just as bad.

  • Fairytale

    This is not shocking for some reason. It appears good actually. But why do they do so much plastic surgery?? Some of the beautiful women i’ve seen had small eyes, lips and ears. Oh well. If it makes them happy, i guess i don’t have much say except it should not be encouraged as it can have horrific consequences.

    • cb4242

      it’s about sub-concious, self-hate, pure and simple. Yes, many of them want to get eye surgery to change their eyelids, but 100 years ago, there was no surgery and still the women looked great, but now it is available and the women are taking every opportunity. I live in Japan and the Japanese don’t do PS as much as the Koreans or Chinese. personally, I hate the look, but I think each to his own, but most Japanese accept their features and how they look. this is how God made you, but Koreans don’t think like that.

      • Panda Banana

        but you do realize that god didn’t made us,…. we evolved!

        BTW, south korea is a christian country or not? seems they don’t share your view on this subject.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          No matter if we’re talking about God, Zeus or Fuxi/Nuwa, the important part is left over; where are the respect for your ancestors?? I’m sure the King of Joseon didnt went into a plastical surgery, neither the Koryo court…

        • cb4242

          Well, if you believe that, then fine. You are entitled to believe what you want. I believe in God, if you don’t that is your choice, the point is whether they are a Christian nation or not, they lack self-confidence mostly, if they think in order to look pretty, they need to emulate or have Caucasian features. They look fine the way they are, it is just ignorance and I am glad at least in Japan this has not and will not take off at least to the level that the Koreans are doing it. Personally, I am happy with the way God made me.

          • Panda Banana

            God made you?

            It might come as a surprise to you, and i hate to be the one to tell you this, but:

            1. You have a mother
            2. she fucked with a man(preferably your current dad)
            3. 9 months later you crawled out of her vagina

            I know this sounds disgusting, and it very well might be that the “child created by love from parents”, was made during a party, drunk night, on the back seat of the car having wild sex, pulling hair, calling names…..might be.

            not sure where a god fits this picture?


          • cb4242

            Well, you are partially right, but that I came out healthy was through his grace and mercy, some people may not have been so lucky.
            Why you have to be so vulgar astounds me, but usually people with a lack of human intellect and decency usually talk like that. I understand, you can’t help it. It is who you are as a person. May the good Lord show you the way.

          • opinionator

            since when did you become all righteous and god-loving? past comments from you have been filled with hatred, bullishness, ignorance, vulgarity and a total disrespect to others yet here you are preaching with a holier than thou attitude. you reap what you sow, grace and mercy my arse, take it on the chin and swallow a fuck off tablet.

          • Panda Banana

            “filled with hatred, bullishness, ignorance, vulgarity and a total disrespect to others yet here you are preaching with a holier than thou attitude”

            they all have it in common, BUT god loves THEM!

            This arrogance alone makes me wanna puke. The arrogance to believe that a god personally take care about you as an already privilegued person, about your health and to maintain your social status, being born in the right country cause of a will of a higher power, WHILE at the very same time somewhere else children die to the thousands cause of hunger?

            This is what makes this stupid fucks so sick, the believe that its gods work and gods work should not be questioned under any circumstances. When things turn out good, its god’s will, if not then he works in mysterious ways. The suffering of the weakest is just ignored and explained with the suffering of jesus on the cross.

            I still can’t believe that people worship mother theresa who willingly let people suffer just to prove her sick point of the comparison with the suffering of jesus:

            “yes, they are in deep pain, but so was jesus, he lives in them and he is with them in the moment the pain becomes unbearable”,

            real medication is denied, cause suffering based on the assumption that we are all sinners who are unworthy and must therefor suffer like jesus did, was accepted just like that, even she has received millions and million in donations, gave most of it to the vatican, and built with the rest fucked up places where the sick could come to die, dumb cunt!

          • Jehovah loves you and hopes you keep it zipped up away from eattot, I shall pray for you tonight *sarcasm filter optional* :)

          • cb4242

            I believe that, yes and you can’t change my opinion as I can’t change yours and I don’t mind, I accept you as you are.

          • cb4242

            You have too much anger, ask God to take your pain away. With God, all things are possible.

          • cb4242

            Excuse me, my post comments were NEVER filled with hatred, but with facts. I have never disrespected anyone, if you are referring to me using profanity, I do when the occasion arises, however, if you think that I have beeb putting people down, then you are an idiot with all due respect. Giving facts doesn’t mean that I am better, you might think so, but you don’t know me to say that, but whatever, if you don’t like my comments, don’t read them, simple as that and if you don’t like it, well, you know where you can stick it, but I don’t think you can perform a sexual act upon yourself. ;-)

          • Panda Banana

            “SOME” people may not have been so lucky????

            you religious freaks really got balls!!! SOME????

            and you talk about and have nerves to mention human intellect??

            May the Lord my ass MFer!! fuck him and fuck you too MFer! and your baby jesus along the way. You christian freaks talk about grace and mercy and thank god that you came out healthy but somehow along your delusion you seem to forget about the not so lucky ones your god had obviously no time to deal with cause he was busy getting sure that you fucks who have it good already come out healthy!

            tell this crap to the parents of the 15 million children who die every year cause of hunger, 19 thousands a day, 800 every hour and 13 in this minute while i write this reply MFer! All happens while you fucks pray for all sorts of senseless shit everyone can accomplish without prayers on his own.

            Tell this to the 3 BILLION people who struggle to survive forced to live from US$2 a day.

            But yeah, its gods plan i guess! Stupid ass MFer! have nerves to talk about being privilegued and telling others to lack human intellect.

          • Panda Banana

            just to be clear: I dont give a fuck about all of them dying cause of hunger and i dont give a fuck about the poor fucks who must live from US$2 a day, but at least i am honest about it, and dont spit on them claiming that a god made me, and he is responsible that i came out healthy.MFer!

          • cb4242

            See, usually people like you prove to me that I am right. Because if I were not, I would not get under your skin. You throw around profanity because you lack the intellect to converse in a logical dialogue.

            God is always there and around us. As to why we are born poor or bad that is not for us to judge. I pray for these people every day.

            I think the stupid one is you, for being rude, obnoxious and fearful it seems because you are quite defensive. I will pray for you that the lord will guide you and keep you. You are still my brother in faith.

          • Panda Banana

            next time you pray to your god, tell him Panda Banana said he should go fuck hisself.

          • cb4242

            I will pray for you, you need help

          • Terrik

            Geez, Who peed in your cheerios?

          • linette lee

            God can not help pedophile panda. Lack of human intellect can’t be fixed. On top of that he is mental and delusional coming here to type pages of fantasy in his head.

            I mean look at him…..


          • Panda Banana

            i applaud you for your extra time and extra effort you seem to put in about someone who obviously lacks intellect, is mental and delusional. You will miss me baby, trust me, they all do.

            BTW, why you chose THIS picture,and what makes you think that the person in the picture stands for the attributes you just posted? Just cause he looks happy and doesn’t seem to have a problems showing off his huge belly? He obviously has no inferiority problem like you two chicks.

            It could very well be that he combines all attributes you just stamp on him without knowing him, but it could also be the completely opposite from what you assume.

            Judging people just cause of seeing one picture of them doesn’t make sense to me.

            You and eattot on the other side posted pictures of yourselves AND wrote enough shit for everyone to form a negative opinion about you.

          • linette lee

            …………You will miss me baby, trust me, they all do…………blablabla….half page. Whatever.

            You are scaring me.

          • Panda Banana

            Don’t be scared honey. If it makes you wet, it’s good!

            Nothing to worry about!

        • don mario

          if u wanna try to be clever, a religious person could just reply with – good made evoloution. religious arguments, for or against, are the stupidest.

  • kimmykds

    Koreans looks ugly. IF you do not let them do ..the plastic surgery,you are so cruel

  • jones
  • Korean plastic surgery always brings up controversy, but few people realize the underlying issues :/ Unequal opportunities for women, a culture very focused on outer appearances and a fiercely competitive society form the driving force of plastic surgery…

    • ScottLoar

      And Venezuela? And Brazil? It is an obsession with beauty driven by women that funds this industry in countries, not necessity, not inequality, just the desire to be beautiful – pouty lips, wide eyes, whitened skin, leggy, thin, curvy body save the big tits and pert ass, and “the look” heightened by clothes and fashion accessories. The fashion streets of Seoul are mobbed by young women who’d rather be dead than unfashionable, just as in Tokyo and Shanghai, grounds zero for East Asian fashion Nazis. The most beautiful in Delhi and especially Mumbai are the same with a -0 dress size and long, long legs. This “look” transcends culture and ethnicity, and is the same everywhere; just look at the fashionistas, the habitues of clubs and karaokes, the strollers through fashionable streets checking each other out. These fashion Nazis are not looking at guys, they’re measuring up other girls. There’s no deep social philosophy behind this, no “underlying issues”, just an obsession with don’t-I-look-great “me”.

      • Panda Banana

        I am right now in Bangkok, trust me all the countries and cities you guys mention don’t have shit on Bangkok regarding beauty and cosmetic and plastic surgery and so on. Its on every corner here…I bet there is more PS going on here then in all the places you mentioned combined!

        • ScottLoar

          No, I was very particular in choosing Venezuela, Brazil where beautifying is a subsidized medical expense, and Korea as places with the most extensive and common plastic surgery. Bangkok is famous for transsexual surgery but, no, it is not a plastic surgery kingdom. Moreover, Thai girls are sexy, they know what they’ve got, but they are not beauties in general. Bangkok gained its reputation from the 70’s onward after German sex bombers flew in and the place became popularized in videos, but easy access to cheap sex does not make the women beautiful.

        • definitely. doesn’t Thailand have a huge PS black market as well? those ops don’t go into the statistics…

        • POS

          Yea even (especially) the country girls there are getting freaking nose jobs!

      • i can’t speak for specifically for Brazil, but self-confidence is a key issue for any woman considering plastic surgery… and that “obsession with beauty” is not a gender-specific trait

        • ScottLoar

          Look to the average white American male and tell me he is obsessed with looking good himself as he stands hunched like a Neanderthal, backpack or fanny pack on, in T-shirt, sneakers and jeans, slack-jawed and dulled. Look to the average white American female waddling down the street, legs like sausages, butt and gut wiggling, messy hair, with more than a hint of facial hair. Both genders haven’t the foggiest idea about personal grooming because it’s cultural.

          Some societies, some groups are obsessed with beauty, with looking better than well-groomed, they want to be beautiful, ergo Japan, Korea, large cities like Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai, Caracas and especially Rio de Janeiro. And women are especially adherents to the cult of beauty. And gay guys, who measure themselves and others by attractiveness.

          • Pickle

            That’s not what the average white American man and woman looks like. What the hell are you talking about? You been eying that Internet meme of the USA fat, Canada slim pic too much?
            One might argue that those who are naturally beautiful aren’t as obsessed with glamour as those who possess less beauty.
            One example is African American’s obsession of straightening their hair spending thousands on wigs and weaves buying long black naturally straight hair from China and especially India whose hair is sold at a premium. For the Indian women, they aren’t as preoccupied with their beauty(these individuals that is) because this innate beauty flows so easily from them like leaves on a tree there’s no need to pursue it.
            There are Asians with large eyes not just mixed ones. If they really wanted westernized looks they’d introduce more white genetics into their gene pool. But they don’t because they don’t want that.

          • ScottLoar

            What the hell am I talking about? My description should be quite familiar to any American (yes, I’m one) who lives in a city, town or the countryside. You don’t even have to be in America; look to Americans overseas like – well, right here in Shanghai – and you’ll see plenty of slack-jawed young in sneakers, jeans and T-shirts, slope-shouldered and postures than couldn’t stand up to a strong wind. Or, go to the airports, to the gate areas for US airliners returning to the US and take a gander at most of the white American passengers. You can see, yes? No?

          • Pickle

            I’m not saying many Americans don’t fit the description but you make it seem like most are. It’s getting there I’ll grant you that. And that’s the only point I’ll concede.
            On Indian women, there are many who are actually very attractive. But on what I was talking about was their hair. You might think many or most ugly but they do have nice hair and this part is fact: In the USA, it is heavily purchased for wigs and weaves. So, many recognize this by that fa ct alone.

          • ScottLoar

            I never claimed or implied that there are not many attractive Indian women. My own daughter was mistaken for a Miss India when visiting Beijing; she rightly took it as a compliment even while denying in Mandarin that she was not Indian. To no effect.

            I think Indian women the most “womanly” of all, not feminine which is a different quality, nor the most graceful or sexy or beautiful, but those who most have the quality of being a woman. Hard to express but immediately recognizable in a woman.

          • Pickle

            Ok. Your answer was vague to me but this clears things up a boy. Still don’t know what the ” defines pixillated” means. No big deal tho’.

          • POS

            “And women are especially adherents to the cult of beauty. And gay guys, who measure themselves and others by attractiveness.”

            Scott seems to be in the second category, nothing more insecure than a wumao douche (except a gay wumao douche?).

          • ScottLoar

            I don’t know how I’ve merited the attention but any woman on this forum can tell I’m not gay. Any gay guy can tell I’m not gay. Any Chinese speaker can tell my English is too good not to be a native speaker.

            You? You fail to see anything clearly.

      • robertkk58


    • linette lee

      Blame their culture. Their culture in their society pressure their people to get ps in order to compete for jobs and spouse. It’s not healthy mentally.

      In other countries or cities like Hk and usa, they don’t have this kind of culture. You will have access to ps in cosmetic clinics but still not as widely common among the people. It’s different culture.

      • that’s the thing… PS is mostly to compete for a spouse rather than a job because of gender inequalities in the workplace… hk and usa may not have the best opportunities for women, but it’s certainly better than korea

  • Pickle

    Some people keep commenting about how these women get surgery to look westernized. All that plastic surgery and none of them look remotely white. Does anyone actually think they have Caucasian features now?
    It’s like calling Michael Jackson white after all the surgeries he had. White people don’t look like that.

    • It’s not actually about looking Caucasian; the ideal of big eyes and milky skin has long been present in East Asia. Big eyes can be seen as symbolizing innocence (child-like appearance).

      • Pickle

        I knew about the skin but not the eyes. I’ve seen Asians with eyes that are naturally very large but looked smaller because of the dark eye color.

  • My mindbleach (beer) addled mind does not like the animated .gif at that top, thank goodness for adblock plus element hider in mozillaFF….what is it with asian sites and flash these days/!?

  • Mikey

    The difference between a Chinese girl/boy who get plastic surgery versus Korean girl/boy who get plastic surgery:

    1. Koreans after plastic surgery looks fantastic, gorgeous.

    2. Chinese on the other hand….. plastic surgery doesn’t seem to help at all, if not, they’re worse looking… lol…

    • Pickle

      Them being Asian, they aren’t too different to make that comparison.

    • Smarterthanyou

      Koreans… Look ugly and puny either way

  • POS

    If plastic surgery ages anything like a tattoo does then Korea is going to be a scary place in 20-30 years! Anyways this is a common scene in Korean subways; before and after PS photos to shock the whole family!

  • Duch

    These girls didn’t get any plastic surgery. The pictures were just photoshopped enhancements. The real pictures of these girls were shown after the photoshopped pictures were published.


  • Crazycook

    so who is the winner.?? who cares they are all the same right?

  • bcn55


  • Hui hao

    So… I guess all yellow people look alike… to yellow people.

  • Judy

    It’s pretty sad how these women have been treated by posting their computer doctored pictures then making all kinds of rude and horrible comments on their looks once they posted their real faces on the internet.

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