Miss Puff Series Episode 1: “Miss Puff’s Hourglass”

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass",

When chinaSMACK first translated the animated short film “Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl” a year ago, it was a part of a sponsorship to promote young talent. Now, “Miss Puff” has become its own phenomenon and online series with regularly released episodes. At this time, nine episodes have been released so far, with a combined total of nearly 20 million views. The first episode, “Miss Puff’s Hourglass”, has over 3 million views by itself. Screened exclusively on Youku as a Youku Original, Miss Puff also serves as a figure in many of the commercials on the site.

While the theme of existentialism isn’t explored as much now until further in the series, several key elements still remain in these new Miss Puff “webisodes”. Smoking and drinking are still featured by the characters as well as scenes of titillation, and the key theme of finding love in the modern world. Miss Puff is a technologically savvy citizen of the modern age who uses social networking, micro-blogging, texting and online chatting as a method to extend and maintain her relationships. She lives in a society that is bombarded by commercialism, just we are hit with product placements just from watching this. This self-contradiction goes even further in the film as Miss Puff goes on Youku to watch online videos, a meta-awareness seemed to be aimed at a post-modern audience trying to sympathize with a cartoon character that lives in our reality.

A copy on YouTube (with our translated captions):

Can’t see the above video?

Translated transcript of dialogue and subtitles:

[Youku online video title] “I Have Something to Say”

April Fools’ Day. Every April Fools’ Day, someone has to play a trick on me. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel right.

MISS PUFF (updating her RenRen social network page):
Today is April Fools’ Day, [and I will] give you an opportunity to tell the truth!

[Title Card] Miss Puff’s Hourglass

[Opening Credits]

[Title Card] Not long ago…

Rules for the “Hourglass Friendship Meeting”
Every participant has an opportunity to talk with every member of the opposite sex also participating in the activity.
The duration for each meeting is one turn of the hourglass.

[At speed dating event]

GUY #1:
Th–this is my first time… Is-is this your first time too?

GUY #2 (resembling Ge You‘s character in the movie “If You Are The One“):
The moment I saw you, it was love at first sight.

GUY #3:
Hey, girl, I have here an outstanding product I’d like to introduce to you.

GUY #4 (resembling and singing the song “忘情水” popularized by Hong Kong Cantopop celebrity Andy Lau):
Give me a cup of love-forgetting water…

BOY (folding his arms self-confidently):
Actually, there’s nothing much to say/talk about.
It’s all about the same.

BOY (as time winds down without the two talking):
I think…

BOY (getting up as time ends):
I hope to be able to meet you again.
Really/I’m serious.
Can you tell me your name?


MISS PUFF (typed on her RenRen profile page):
Today is April Fools’ Day, [and I will] give you an opportunity to tell the truth!

[Miss Puff notices a new friend request]

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MISS PUFF (typing):
So, you actually managed to find me.

BOY (typing):
Haha, for someone like me it’s really easy!

[Shows the boy searching for “Miss Puff” in Google]

Actually, I was a bit tired that day. Really. [because] I had met/talked with too many girls.

How about now?

Oh, now? Right now I’m not bad/doing good.

[smiley face emoticon]

Really, I’m telling the truth!

Do you usually chat on the internet?

Very seldom, there’s no point online, it’s all fake.

Then why are you always talking with me?

You, you’re different. Really.

Do you have a boyfriend?


I don’t have a girlfriend either. Really.

How many girlfriends have you had in the past?

Hehe, in that case, I’ve had plenty, perhaps fourteen or fifteen.

[In movie theater watching the ending of “The Truman Show“]

Listen to me, Truman, there’s no more truth out there than there is in the world that I created for you. The same lies, the same deceit.

Looking for me?

Nothing really…
just that…
I like you.

[Lights in theater turn on]

I want to meet you, really.


Yes, each word I say comes from the bottom of my heart!

[Smiley face emoticon]

Really, what I’m saying is the truth!

Hm, in that case let’s play a game.
You tell the truth, and I’ll do a dare. If you lie, you can never see me ever again.


Let the game begin. You first.

[Title Card] Stage 01

[Three different stereotypical audiences are shown, a zhai nan (“otaku”) in his room, a husband and wife (possibly Shanghainese) around their computer, and a nonchalant worldly young man at an internet bar. Each of them are following the conversation on the social network.]

Go outside and kiss…

[Miss Puff going recording herself with her iPhone leaving her house and kissing a pot-bellied man in the elevator.]



[glares at husband]

Qie! [Unimpressed “hmph!”]

Very simple, next time try a little harder.

How many girlfriends have you had in the past?

So difficult!

One, just one.

Just twenty-five. A number doesn’t mean anything.

[squeals in shock]

[shakes head in disapproval]

Qie! That’s nothing.

[Title Card] Stage 02

Then, do a handstand, until the sand [in the hourglass] runs out!

[Miss Puff performs a handstand, her skirt slowly lowering to show her thighs. The various male audience watch with anticipation only to be bitterly disappointed when time runs out before her skirt lowers any further revealing more.]

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C’mon, that was too easy.

MISS PUFF (typing):
Can you satisfy your girlfriends?

Of course I can.

[Title Card: “Stage 3”]

C’mon, think hard. Can you make this one a little harder?

Shout out “I love you” one hundred times.

Jump off a building!!!

Give me a kiss: I live at Silver Peak Family Garden, Building C, Room 402.

Walk the Long March.

Sing the song “The Rising Moon” until your voice goes hoarse.

Shave your head bald! Haha!

Cry for me to watch.


Go streaking, right this instant!

[Again recorded herself with her iPhone, Miss Puff slowly undresses as goes streaking. The audience watches her recording as uploaded on Youku.]

[Boy is sufficiently impressed, gets up and stretches.]

If your girlfriend betrayed you, what would you do?

[Boy has flashback of when an ex-girlfriend cheated on him.]

Actually, I knew right from the beginning that you had no way of winning this competition. Because I knew that everything you had said, they were all lies.

[Shows previous chat conversations. In the first chat conversation, Miss Puff asks Boy if he is at home alone. He says a girl has invited him out to eat although he is really at home alone eating instant noodles. In the second chat conversation, Miss Puff asks if he has every seriously liked/loved a girl. He says that girl is her, “really”, while he holds a photograph of an ex-girlfriend he can’t forget.]

Perhaps I have lied before, but this time I’m for real/being sincere, I want to see you. Give me one more chance.


Miss Puff knows that many true lies is faked happiness and many false truths cannot be helped.

April Fools’ Day is not actually a holiday for fools but an opportunity for liars to speak the truth. Let’s play the very last round.

You must [choose/seek] happiness [above all else]!

Will she really go [see him again]?

[meekly to wife] They will certainly be as happy as we are.

[Boy is waiting for Miss Puff.]

No one knows whether he was able to speak the truth in the end, nor does anyone know whether Miss Puff was able to do the very last dare.

Miss Puff’s hourglass, waiting for a liar to speak one truth.

[End credits]

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass",

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass",

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Note: The poster on the wall in the background behind the boy at his computer is of “暴学校” (“Exploded School”), a well-known and ultra-violent Chinese online cartoon made by Kuanger (website currently down, here is his Sina blog) featuring themes critical of the experiences children and youth suffer in Chinese society and the Chinese education system. There are a few more other references throughout Miss Puff.

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Comments from Youku:


Wow! Very good! Extremely creative~ I’m telling the truth!


There’s a lot of product placements.


Alright, I admit, I’m shallow, I didn’t understand [the video], someone please explain.


Women these days love fantasizing too much.


The writer must be post-80s generation!


How come there’s no goldfish and fishbowl?


Not as good as the first one汗


Better than the first one.


Very beautiful, I would fall in love with Puff, really, I’m telling the truth!


To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand [the video].

孤影不随风: (responding to 不能停止的风)

I’m post-90s generation, and I too understood [the film]. State of mind has nothing to do with age.

愤怒の花生: (responding to those who say they didn’t understand the message of the film)

If you understand the lies in the truth and the truth in the lies then that’s enough!


Why is there an inharmonious pipe?


汗汗汗 An advertisement for Weibo and Xiaonei?


Way too much product placement for a short 12 minute short film.


Smoking is unhealthy, don’t use smoking to create a mood… [don’t glorify smoking].


What is this?! I completely don’t understand…


Is the game “Truth or Dare” for real??? I want to play it too…


What kind of garbage is this? After watching, I just want to puke.


It looks like its getting more and more forced as it goes along.


I don’t get why this short film is so popular…… Looks like I’ve fallen behind the times.


An overly perfect woman; [she] can’t be hurt/handled.


[Miss] Puff has guts/spunk! A unique girl!


Miss Puff is like Faye Wong~~ that song is even like the song Faye Wong sings~~~


Me: Handsome fellow — why are you so good-looking? Answer: I’m good-looking because you flatter me [as being good-looking]. I then ask: Then am I pretty? The handsome fellow replies: You are already very pretty, so I won’t flatter you anymore. I was so happy I covered my face and ran away@!@@@


There’s something about Miss Puff that city women especially have.


Puff is my idea of a carefree girl. Actually, I think every girl has that sort of impulsive desire to be just like her, hehe.


Puff? Isn’t that a kind of pastry? With cream on the inside? How could a [creme] puff be connected with a young lady? So strange, and actually quite weird.

What do you think? Did you like this Miss Puff episode? Did you understand the message of the story? Do you agree with it?

Screenshots from the Miss Puff Youku series, episode one: "Miss Puff's Hourglass"

Not a fan of speed dating? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Terroir is a gentle soul who doesn't enjoy sunsets but does like the company of those who do. He says no to Tia Carrera, yes to Bruce Lee, and walks the thin line between the top of a still, calm lake and below it, where it looks even calmer.

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  • Interesting video, actually creative.

    Just needed a little more “zhen de”s……

    Really, it’s true….

    Sex, Lies and Videotape…

  • deputamadre

    “Is the game “Truth or Dare” for real??? I want to play it too…”

    Chinese don’t play this? There’s a few great iPhone apps..sexy truth or dare…

    • It is an actual game. It used to be very popular when I was growing up, 1990’s. I have no idea if it is still so popular, as most games are just drinking games at this age haha!

  • Confucius says

    Only episode 1?

    Where’s the rest? Don’t leave us hanging…

    • Margie

      You could probably find it easily on Youku.com

    • The episodes actually get more interesting as they move along, and actually it gets back to its existential roots by the time they get to “Miss Puff’s Fern” or whatever by Ep. 4 or 5.

      “One” is a pretty good number to start with, and I wanted to gauge how people thought about this before trying out any of the others (up to Ep 8 by now, 9 by the end of this week) since many thought “miss puff’s goldfish bowl” was crap and a blatant commercial (like this one?). The writing in this series is quite sharp; the second one uses a few neat techniques (miss puff’s remote control… seriously… it’s quite cool and racist, actually)

      I don’t imagine there are English subtitles floating around for this like “goldfish bowl” did, so if you guys are interested in having more of these webisodes, just say so. I mean, what’s wrong with more Faye Wong-esque cartoon titilation?

      • Confucius says

        I’m interested!

        I already went to youku, ended up like an idiot.
        I can’t understand without subs, the website is also slow as hell.

        Gimme more please.

        • sooo.. should I do the chinaSMACK thing and completely generalize an entire demographic based upon one person?

          I think it’s worth it to show a little more of Puff to show that she’s more rounded at not so superficial. Also, more skin: in China we’ll take it however we can, animated or silicone.

          • WuLiao

            I can translate some of the episodes.

            I would e-mail you guys directly but the form is blocked because my computer is “part of a spamming network”. Is this because I am writing from China?

          • Chris

            I’d like to see more episodes as well. Been a while since I lived in China, so without subtitles, it’s hard to catch what they say sometimes.

            Much appreciated.

          • @WuLiao: I had the same problems when I signed up; if you don’t want to put your email in the comment (no, don’t), I think Fauna will catch wind of this and mail you back on your comment-supplied email addy when she gets a chance.
            Thanks for expressing interest in helping out chinaSMACK.

      • JT

        I thought the English subtitles were great and helped me out. Thanks for the effort, and I hope you can translate more!

        • You guys are awesome and polite. Really!

          I had asked because I just wanted to know if this was interesting to folks who come here, or if people wanted to read more stories about “suicide, sex and death” (thanks Nathan!). Personally, I will choose stories that interest me (the sex doll story was all in the name of science) and so that’s why I picked this one (again), because I felt this really represented Chinese culture well, right down to a T. Really!

          That said, how do you guys watch and read it? The Youtube one with chinaSMACK homegrown subs? If it’s the Youku one, do you make a twin window and then watch the video on one and scroll through the text on the other? I suppose we could upload a chinaSMACK vid to Youku with our own subs, but then you wouldn’t have the stage directions and links and explanations. It’s a bit of a hassle. Really!

  • Comrade Confucius!

    Seek and you shall find!

    search for the episodes on,

    and my favorite

    I make 1.5rmb for this comment!



  • donscarletti

    The moral to this story is he would have gotten carnal knowledge if he had managed to not insistently stutter “真的!” at the end of his sentences.

    • Marsvin

      It’s a bit of a giveaway isn’t it?

    • So, right before putting it in does that mean the correct response to “You may put it wherever you want,” isn’t an emphatic “REALLY?”

      I usually like to put my kneaded dough on the windowsill to rise, by the way.

      • donscarletti

        In my experience, the correct response to such offers is never to ask for confirmation as that implies enough uncertainty to allow the other partner to reconsider.

        Best of luck with your baking by the way, though the dirty air of Beijing may not always suit your style.

        • Gotcha. “What’s that behind you? Right there… on the headboard! I’ve never seen something like that before…”

          Re: baking – I have the knead, and so must rise

  • FYIADragoon

    How cute, the Chinese know how to milk something to death too.

    • Sooo not fair. China’s raw milk industry has gone through some stringent overhauls of late.

  • I wasn’t able to find the Chinese comment that says, “Paralell-running industrial piping, the most evil invention on Earth after mosaics.”

    • Marsvin

      Not literally, but “Why is there an inharmonious pipe?” was pretty close no?

      • Bruce

        All pipes are inharmonious. This abstract question is the natural result of the collusion between apophasis and guazilian. Whether it meets terrior’s criteria, I cannot say.

        terroir: What have you got against tesserae?

        • @Bruce: geez, don’t be a square

          • Bruce

            Sorry, man. I’ve just always thought the absolute coolest nickname in the world was Pantokrator. Plus, if you touch any tessera on a mosaic long enough, they all start to wiggle. Must be where Apple got the idea.

            Out of curiousity, what makes you think Miss Puff is more rounded?

          • @Bruce: her hips

      • I thought it was some esoteric drug parphenalia reference.

  • Bruce

    I see a girl of the belief that she can delicately maintain a moral position while attempting to trade bronze for gold. An definite advance in consciousness.

  • Anonanon

    I’m calling it now: the girl’s a feminist and the underklying implication is that all males are selfish and cowardly liars.

    I hope the rest of you aren’t going to stand and just take this.

    • actually not just all men, but all people are lowly in this manner. The people who are considered good are the people who transcend this lowly form of life.

  • Master Huang

    those plagiarized tunes reminded me of the games I played when I was a young boy

  • Ray

    Is this actually a post popular in chinese forums or are these just “popular” video clips because it has high click counts on the video? Like is this an actual post in multiple chinese forums all with high amount of replies?

  • roger dodger

    very interesting… a bit pervy… but it could do with some work on the script

  • Karla

    Who sings the last song in Miss Puff Hourglass? Could someone share the song title also? Thanks!

    • Chris

      Think I would like to second this. Anyone got any ideas?

  • anon

    The internet bar guy’s reaction to the guy’s number was hilarious.

    I laughed out loud.

    In fact, the portrayal of those three were the highlight of the video as far as making an interesting if comical observation of different segments of Chinese society (granted, there are more than 3, but it was funny if you know of people just like those 3).

    I don’t like Miss Puff, but I don’t like girls like Faye Wong either. There’s something incredibly obnoxious and pretentious about them.

    Great work on the translated subtitles.

  • bunny99

    Interesting – she just does whatever some dull random stranger tells her to do over the internet.

    All the stuff about lies and truth is her delusion to help justify her subservient behavior to herself.

    Sad really.

  • Bouz

    Really interesting, would love a couple more episodes translated!

  • Toujour

    What is the connection between Puff and Faye Wong? I don’t get it.

    • Honestly? Haircut. I think there’s some kind of impish-moxy free spirit thing going on, but I think it’s the hair.

  • Canadian_Skies

    3 million views over the course of a year on youku?
    If you ask me, the show was a failure.

    • Yes. You know what they say: the better course of a year on Youku is worth a month of “Fridays” on Youtube.

  • Shanghairen

    I liked the Miss Puff’s Goldfish video, but I didn’t understand this one.

  • Doesn’t Miss Puff remind Amelie?


    • GentleGiant

      Crystal, your website has been unavailable to me for 2 days, is there a problem at my end, or yours??

      • Haha – that’s funny to use ChinaSmack as PM service.
        No… the problems are on my end – something with server.
        And since I am heading to China for few weeks – possibly I won’t be able to revive it until coming back (in the very end of July).
        But don’t worry – once I am back – I will e-mail to all forum members – including you, of course :-)

        • GentleGiant

          Thanks for the info. Where in China are you heading?? I will be in Guangzhou on the 14th/15th and then heading to Nanning for about 4 months :-0

          • Call of Booty, Asiatic Edition. Personals @ chinaSMACK

          • donscarletti

            Optimistic on so many levels. I count four levels myself, though more existentially gifted folks could count more.

            The most interesting level is assuming that Crystal’s husband either does not read that particular forum and/or is certifiably crazy enough to let her meet anyone else who reads it. Otherwise she would probably be posting from some creep’s basement.

    • Not really, but since we’re on the topic: doesn’t 花姐姐 from 花花世界花家姐 remind you of Amelie? A retarded Amelie?

      And to take it full circle: no, I don’t think Faye Wong reminds me of a retarded Amelie.

  • Capt. WED

    what the fuck did I just watch. Totally a chick cartoon, had to turn it off half way thru. Some boring ass shit.

  • I think this just went over my head. Interesting, but not easily understood. Am I the only one?

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