Missing Girl Found Drowned With Organs Gone

Missing Girl Found Drowned With Organs Gone
A missing girl has been discovered drowned at a water inlet to a power station in Jialingjiang with her abdominal organs gone. Pengan police originally launched an investigation into missing Tiantian (alias) on August 16, and after a corpse was discovered on the 18th, DNA tests were carried out which confirmed the body to be hers. Police said that no wounds caused prior to death were found, and that injuries to her chest, abdomen and right thigh, as well as the missing organs, were all caused by the propellers of boats traversing the area. One netizen called the propellers, “Specialist kidney removers”.


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  • Gerhana

    I guess they cant use the suicide excuse anymore since people were suspicious.

  • so terrible! omg!
    chinese girls should eat more and do more sports. so that can protect themselves well. or at least carry sth in bag all the time.
    when i walk alone at night or some romote places, i always keep safe distance to guys, or hide up.

    • Joey

      Nice victim blaming

      • filthyswit .

        Not blaming the victim. Just giving advice.

    • LostLaowai

      Eating better and doing more sports does nothing on improving your common sense. Keeping a safe distance or hiding up only proves you are weak and vulnerable, therefore increasing your chances as a potential target. No assailant wants to deal with a loud in your face kind of victim.

    • Andy Mc Crab

      Chinese need to learn 2 things. Common sense and peripheral vision. That should help.

  • David

    Nice to know how easy it is to get away with murder in China. The Keystone cops do better investigations.

  • David

    Actually the show Sherlock is a very popular import to China. I have never watched an actual crime show made in China. In Korea yes, China no.

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