Mistress Exposes Henan People’s Congress Representative

Mistress Li Shanshan in bed with Liu Zhiyuan, a Henan People's Congress representative.

Mistress Li Shanshan in bed with Liu Zhiyuan, a Henan People's Congress representative.

From NetEase:

Henan People’s Congress Representative Denounced By Mistress, Exposes “Bed Photo”

Summary: Recently, netizen Li Shanshan posted with her real name, denouncing Henan province People’s Congress Representative Lu Zhiyuan for keeping a mistress, abandoning his own daughter, and using connections to become a People’s Congress representative. Li Shanshan claims to be Luo Zhiyuan’s mistress, that they two have had a falling out over child support payments, making public in her post such things as photos of her and Luo Zhiyuan in bed.

The Beijing News report — Recently, netizen Li Shanshan made a post on her verified Weibo account, denouncing Henan province 12th People’s Congress Representative Luo Zhiyuan for keeping a mistress, abandoning his own biological daughter, and using connections to become a People’s Congress representative.

Yesterday, Li Shanshan told this Beijing News reporter that the internet post was indeed posted by her, with her claiming to be Luo Zhiyuan’s lover, that she has a daughter with him, that they’ve had a falling out because of child support payments, and has appealed to the courts. After multiple unsuccessful efforts to communicate with him, she has decided to make an internet post under her real name to denounce him [expose him to authorities].

Li Shanshan posted multiple photographs in her denunciation post, including her lying with Luo Zhiyuan in bed together, as well as a photograph of the two of them holding their infant daughter. She claims she was kept [financially provided for] by Luo Zhiyuan, and also publicly invites Luo Zhiyuan to come out and respond.


When Luo Zhiyuan accepted an interview with this Beijing News reporter, he claimed Li maliciously slandering him. Luo claims to be abroad at the moment, and will have his lawyer provide a complete response after returning to the country. Luo Zhiyuan’s representing attorney Zhou Guoxin indicates that he has handled child support payment dispute cases before.

According to the materials made public, Luo Zhiyuan currently holds the position of chairman for the Henan Zhiyuan Foodstuffs Group Ltd, and has previously been awarded “National Labor Model”, “Henan Province Outstanding CPPCC Member Industrialist”, and other titles, and was a Henan province 11th and 12th People’s Congress representative.


Focal point

Denies relying on connections to become People’s Congress representative

Among the screenshots of text messages that Li Shanshan posted, the screenshot of the message with “the number of connections I had to lubricate in order to be selected to become a People’s Congress representative, if it is taken away from me, you just wait and see what will happen to you!” drew the most attention.

This reporter asked Liu Zhiyuan to confirm the content of the screenshots which he flatly denied. “I’ve never sent this kind of text message, she is trying to use this kind of method to extort me and my company,” Luo Zhiyuan said.

A worker on duty for the Henan province People’s Congress claims they have not yet received any information related to the denunciation, and because it was the weekend, someone will be tasked with launching an investigation into this matter after work recommences today [Monday].

As of submission time, no relevant government department has made a response to this matter.

“27 million in funds” is from who?

Among the screenshots posted by Li Shanshan, there were also two photographs that attracted the attention of netizens. One photograph was of an Industrial and Commercial Bank of China debit card with 0319 as the last numbers, while the other was a screenshot of a text message sent by ICBC customer service showing that the current balance on the debit card ending in 0319 was 27,008,999 yuan [RMB]. Netizens left comments questioning the source of the funds in the card, “were they given by Luo Zhiyuan when he kept her as a mistress?”

Two days ago, Li Shanshan replied on her post that the card was hers, that the money is also hers, and with regards to where the money comes from, she said “it isn’t convenient to make public my own company”.

Last night, Luo Zhiyuan said to this Beijing News reporter that he has never given 27 million yuan. Li Shanshan for her part says this screenshot has is actually not connected with her denouncing Luo Zhiyuan, subsequently deleting it and no longer responding to this reporter’s questions.

Comments from NetEase:

小禅师 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

I thank the mistress for contributing to anti-corruption efforts. I’m however confused, the “representative” in “People’s Congress representative”, just who exactly are they representing?
PS: Those who think 小禅师 is disgusting, ding this! (Recently the lives of the wumao have not been going well, so I want to make them happy for a bit)

网易湖南省长沙市手机网友 ip:118.250.*.*:

Mistresses are the best weapons in the fight against corruption.

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:211.140.*.*:

After Valentine’s Day, she’s seen her unsatisfactory lover more clearly [perhaps because he did not meet her expectations for Valentine’s Day], so she might as well fight corruption.

kokia0209 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

I salute the xiaosan fighting on the front lines of the war against corruption!

网易秘鲁手机网友 ip:190.222.*.*:

Take a look, everyone, why doesn’t “Central Shit” [pun for CCTV] report this, doesn’t secretly investigate/undercover report this? Because they are in collusion with them, and believe what they do is correct/appropriate.


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