Mistress Publicly Stripped & Humiliated by 4 Women, Reactions

Four Chinese women publicly attack a mistress, stripping her of her clothes and throwing feces on her, while bystanders look on, in Lanzhou, China. The mistress's daughter is crying in front of a security guard.

On 56.com:

Caught on film, in Lanzhou, suspected xiaosan has clothes stripped off and feces thrown on her by 4 women, as bystanders and security guards look on without lifting a finger.

Comments from Liba:


There’s a little girl on the side crying, probably the daughter.


Doing this in front of the child is a little crossing the line.


The little girl crying on the side is crying so pitifully.


Poor child, but the xiaosan and the despicable man deserve to have their clothes stripped off and paraded about since they’re shameless anyway.


This person filming is so gossipy, so gossipy, even stopping the car in order to go film it, ahahahaha.

Can I say the mistress deserved it?


If I saw it, I would definitely have gone up to stop it. This will leave a shadow in the child’s heart [trauma]. The third party deserves to be punished but the man should be punished even more. Heavenly Mother, forgive me.


Poor kid, keeps screaming that she’s my mommy, heartbreaking.
If you were serious, you’d also rip off the clothes off the despicable man in the middle of the street.
Can those women who stripped off her clothes be sued? It’s too lawless.


Excessive, why doesn’t she go throw shit on the man?

Chinese women’s thinking is that when a man has a xiaosan, it’s always the xiaosan who is shameless and cheap, while their own man is innocent.


The dick is on the man’s body… If you’re going to vent resentment, you should be throwing feces on your man…


The fault should primarily be on the husband.

Abroad, when a husband cheats, the wife always confronts the husband.

Only in China do women make things difficult for [blame, confront] women.


This wife is awesome, the xiaosan didn’t get married even after giving birth to a child.


It’s really messed up these days,
being able to bully people like this on the open streets.


A good person wouldn’t have treated a little girl like this. Even though she didn’t hit the girl, but doing this in front of the child is even more vile than hitting the child!


This is definitely going too far. No matter how wrong it is to be a xiaosan, it is still on the level of morality. Moreover, who knows what their dispute is about?
Humiliating a woman in public like this is definitely deserving of being arrested!
Seeing so many people in this post saying the xiaosan deserved it makes me feel quite sad, are xiaosans no longer human in this society, no longer women?!
I also still don’t understand why hate the xiaosan so much. If you’re own man is going to cheat on you, blame your own man, blame yourself for being blind, or did the other person force your husband into it?
Women making things difficult for other women, is it worth it!?
Especially involving the child, that’s way too excessive. This kind of evil woman is this society’s sorrow!

Comments from 56:

o*︶ㄣ楓 [江苏省南京市网友]:

Those who are xiaosan and destroy other people’s families and lives all deserve to die.


Kill these four Lanzhou old whores, this is too inhuman.


Hearing that little child crying like that is truly heartbreaking. No matter what, it shouldn’t be in front of the child. Just think of how much damage the child’s heart will suffer! It is the adults who made the mistake, the child is completely innocent. Those four wives [on the wife’s side] were too excessive. Doing this is also bad for oneself, destroying one’s own image/reputation, and it’s illegal, as well as simply hurting others without benefiting oneself. It might be emotionally satisfying but was the problem solved? No, not at all…


In developed countries with developed legal systems, this is seriously illegal behavior.


Women making things difficult for women, is it really necessary? When it was you who didn’t keep an eye on your own husband, why are you blaming others?


With a bitch like that, if I were a man, I’d probably find a xiaosan as well, hehe.


The poor little girl’s cries. What kind of society is this?


Look at how that little girl is crying and looking to the security guard. It may be that she thinks this security guard is “Uncle Police Officer” and is hoping that someone will do something for her mommy, but look at that security guard’s posture… Maybe you won’t say something, but at that moment, you picking up that little girl that’s crying at you is also something you should’ve done.


If I were there, I think I would also just be standing on the side watching the show. It’s not because I’m apathetic, but when it comes to those people who destroy other people’s families, they’re not worth my sympathy.

What do you think?

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  • Good to see the cops being useful with their imposing “standing around” tactic.

    • TJDubs

      They train, literally, for years to be able to maintain this level of apathy and inaction.

      • Dr Sun

        Their clearly very well trained then.

        • rareking

          great! I cannot wait to see how the trainers and their bosses perform… should be epic!

    • Chang Liu

      Are they cops though? They look like xiaoqu security guards to me. They get paid to wear a uniform and everybody just ignores them. This is probably the most exciting thing thats ever gonna happen to them in their sad lives.

    • they’re just doormen.

  • cb4242

    Absolutely disgusting! These people are beyond sick, taking this woman’s cloths off! No one cares?!! What about the little girl, they just ignored her. Humiliated the mother, the girl. Another good one China, people wanting to gawk and stare, but don’t want to get involved, nice! I don’t believe in violence or hitting women, but this is one of those rare exceptions where I would consider changing my mind! I would punch each and every one of these spineless cowardly pieces of trash!

    • Quentin

      I bet

  • Perry Mason

    WTF! This ain’t right. Fuck these holier-than-thou types and their rules of morality, ‘s what I say.

  • narsfweasels

    The Xiao San seem to be an ingrained part of the culture, I’ve met so many local women who have declared that once they have birthed, sex is off the table for life. Too much “hot energy” will unbalance the health of the breadwinner.

    Not that adultery is defensible, but then again, neither is denying your husband the fulfilment of his urges. :/

    Someone help me resolve this.

    • TJDubs

      Wait, women don’t put out, once they’ve squeezed a kid out? How is that a good thing for the woman or the man?

      • narsfweasels

        As I am given to understand through my large circle of local friends, it seems to be the prevailing trend. Once the kid is out, the husband has fulfilled a function within the context of the marriage and now has to fulfil the role of ATM.

        • TJDubs

          Wow. This could be a valid reason so many educated Chinese women are reluctant to marry – the expectation that they will not see any action after giving birth.

          I’d guess most Chinese would find the concept of the MILF to be pretty bizarre, then.

          • narsfweasels

            Well, then there’s the other side: women go and get it elsewhere – enter the “Xiao Bai Lian” or “Young White Face” of the younger man doing the wife.

            There are no cut and dried assertions that can be made about any society, China is no different. But these concepts have existed for quite some time here.

          • TJDubs

            That makes more sense. I falsely assumed the man would go out and find a xiaosan or an ernai, while the woman just had to suffer.

            I suppose “good in the sack” is low on the priority list of finding a marriage partner, so maybe they don’t feel any need to engage in any awkward fumbling, beyond what’s required to reproduce.

    • Why? What do you think is their reason to undoing a marriage?

      • narsfweasels

        There are three common reasons a man cheats: he is basically a bastard; the other woman proves an irresistible temptation; his wife is a bitch.

  • Jack Fruit

    How primitive minded can one be, it is obvious that China will never ever become a civilized country…

    • BiggJ

      Well it’s not like this shit don’t happen in western countries. I’ve seen woman get serious hurt over this kind of shit. They just stripped her down, gave her a few kicks. Nothing too serious. Just embarrassing really. I find most chinese woman quite passive. I like woman who resort to violence. :)

      • Rainer

        Sure “this shit don’t happen in western countries”. There they strip themselves on their won free will, like a Rambo.

        • BiggJ

          “Well it’s not like this shit don’t happen in western countries.”

          I’m saying it does happen in western countries. Even more so then china.

          • Dr Sun

            Too true I’ve seen women smashing beer glasses into each others faces in the UK for just :
            “Did you just look at my man, [email protected]!!”

          • Alain

            That wouldnt be Essex,would it?!

          • bert

            Wow! You really get around Mr World Traveler.

          • kronos

            yups, it’s a Jersey thing…

      • Jay K.

        I resort to violence my nigga’s move in silence, new york nigga’s da wildest!

        • BiggJ

          You know who the craziest niggas are? The country niggers. Need to watch out for the boys living deep the woods. :)

    • Rainer

      Agreed. We can never imagine kommissar Hillary would tear off the cloths from darn fattie Lewinsky. That is sure called civilization.

  • Perry Mason

    WTF! This ain’t right. The punishment should fit the crime. And the last time I checked being a mistress is not a crime! Then again, we all have urges. (Like the one I have right now to beat every single one of these other women, the gawking bystanders and the security guards to death.)

    • ddd

      “beat every single one of these other women, the gawking bystanders and the security guards to death”
      You’re no better, in fact, I would say you are worse than them.

      • maja_ldm

        He said he wants to. I think there’s a line between rage and violence and the sooner people learns how to manage their rage the better it will be for everyone.

  • Misiooo

    People are indeed poison containers.

  • BiggJ

    Poor guy has to find another mistress……oh well. The only one who wins here in the guy. In china if you have money your pussy options are pretty vast.

    • linette lee

      hahahahah….agreed. The mistress and the cheating husband deserve each other. The wife should take all his property and his kid and leave him broke with his mistress. Leave him behind and raise your kid properly. Why go beat up the mistress when it’s clearly also your husband’s fault to begin with. He will always go find another mistress bitch. How many mistress can you beat up?

    • Panda Banana

      not sure he will take her back with all the feces on her body:-(

  • Bugs Bunny

    i dislike aged women, if not have to, i do not talk to them.
    a lot of this kinda crazy low class women in china,talk loud,dress ugly…
    also a lot of women,they can not live without men, no matter how shitty that kinda men are…
    an report said white people describe chinese women: love whiting, love fitting, love men…
    how sad it is!

    • linette lee

      you have women like that in every country. Men too. I can’t stand men or women scream when they talk. Also they use so many curse words in one sentence it’s just noise pollution. We have that kind of people in hong kong too. So annoying. No one has more curse words than cantonese language. We are the master of fowl language. We make American feel ashamed in the department of four letter words. Ask stephen chow. He can never say one sentence in cantonese without a curse word. I find him very annoying. I don’t watch any of his movie.

    • I agree and more so say the younger daughters of these women. Look at an old post of the mom trying to sell her daughter by showing her in a bath. The younger generation supposedly have more free will and better education. But I guess it is not quite true by merely she didn’t have an opinion of her own and let her ma decide her future.

    • don mario

      all 3 are sad. but this story is about the wife, she proved herself no better, probably gonna stay with this man and this is how she trys to feel better about the situation. if she had any character the only thing she would need to do is split up with her husband.

  • Rick in China

    Putting aside common questions or comments….

    Where the fuck did 4 old ladies get some poop. Were they carrying a little extra feces in a bag while they were strolling about? Did they shit in their hands during the scuffle?

    The logical answer is there was some shit on the sidewalk already. This ties in with the danish peeing story – yah, they peed, big fucking deal, here – you can readily access poop on sidewalks/roadsides whenever needed for your xiaosan smearing campaigns.

    • fsck

      I love how NONE of the Chinese commenters asked about this part of the story, talk about hypocrasy. Also I’m sure any of these guys would jump straight into bed with a Xiaosan if they were offered

      • TJDubs

        A xiaosan is like a luxury villa or an expensive car. You have to be rich and successful (and married) to have one, and it is a show of face for those who have them, a cause of jealousy/resentment to those who don’t.

        • dave

          My fiancee said that this was one reason she prefers Westerners over Chinese guys.

          “If a Chinese husband becomes rich, all the benefit goes to his mistress, so what is the point in helping him?”

          • Alain

            On the money, add in use of deodorant and decent toothpaste, and aftershave to boot.

          • bert

            So Dave your gf is still out looking around at other western guys?

        • Alain

          Moral and spiritual vacuum?

      • bert

        I think using poop in China is a non-story hence no one bringing it up.

    • slob

      The xiaosan tried pooping on them.

    • Panda Banana

      i doubt they would pick up poop from others. This looked like a well planed action, so i guess that before they caught her they poop at home in some plastic bag or something..and carried that shit…saw similar scenes more then once in china. Police is cool as fuck in china, they must be the most liberal police force in the world, not carrying guns and very often they get spit on and beaten up by others…

      • Rick in China

        Holy SHIT. Lets just take that thought a bit further.

        So, 4 older women planning a poop attack. Lets consider them as mothers. Kids love the internet. Imagine if you were a kid, and some story went viral on weibo or whatever, and kids at school are like “DUDE, THAT’S YOUR MOM!”

        “She’s smearing poop on your dad’s mistress!”


        “She collected her own poop as part of her premeditated strip/smear attack….”


        Yep, that’s normal? Whoa.

    • filabusta

      Always asking the tough questions, Rick.

  • fsck

    The story is being reported wrong, these women are trying to clean up China. Where do you think they go the poop from? Obviously they got it from the screaming little girl – her mummy was helping her to go to the toilet. After reading about the Danish dudes, these women felt that they couldn’t handle the shame of Chinese acting like foreigners and decided to take matters into their own hands when they saw a woman helping her child to go to the toilet on the road.

    On a side note, if you’re going to record stuff like this atleast have the decency to get upclose and personal about it. This video was so hard to watch.

    • TJDubs

      They were just following the recently implemented “Pick up your kid’s shit from the sidewalk and smear it on the nearest xiaosan” campaign, is that right?

  • Mr Nightcat

    I might have missed something having not read through the whole Chinese page, and couldn’t hear too much from the video, but this girl is apparently a mistress…based on what exactly? The video uploader presumed so? Someone heard their argument? Seems to me that one uploader says she might be a mistress and suddenly to everyone she absolutely is a mistress and people are making judgement on whether or not she deserved the humiliation, which she most certainly did not.

    • Jahar

      facts, reason, and logic have no place here.

  • As some chinese commenteres pointed it out…

    I dont really see how the mistress is at fault, when the husband is cheating on her. Maybe the mistress is just a prostitute or “escort”-lady, just doing her job. The fault lies at the husband…

    • donscarletti

      Fault lies with the wife. If this woman was giving her husband even mediocre sex then he wouldn’t spend that much money to keep a mistress.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        It’s not that simple. In mainland China, sex is not always the primary reason for this “cultural difference”. Rather, it is often a status and/or self-empowerment thing. Go figure…

      • linette lee


        You have two hands and free porn internet. Feel free to use them.

        • donscarletti

          I need two hands?

          Linette, you flatter me too much, but I appreciate it all the same.

      • bert

        hear hear!

  • MeiDaxia

    I don’t know, I think the girls get blamed a lot in the US, too? Why get mad at the stranger who might not even know what they’re involved in, when instead you can easily divorce the guy and take him for all he’s worth? Wouldn’t that “soften the blow” in the long run?

    That said, this is pretty high school to me…

    • linette lee

      I think in China is different. China don’t have law protecting the wife and the children. The wife and the kid can always end up on the street homeless after divorce because some of these women don’t even have job after marriage. They just be house wives and raise kid and take care of husband(they are like full time maid at home for their husband and kids). That is why country like that all women need to sign prenuptial agreement before she signs a marriage paper. It’s the only way to protect herself, and more importantly protect her kids.

    • PixelPulse

      Usually in the US when a guys been cheating, the girlfriend smash his car up or stuff like that and the girl is usually called a slut/whore with sometimes a fight breaking out. I guess in China the wife’s go straight to beating up the chicks.

      • A guy

        In the US is varies by region, ethnic background, rural vs urban vs suburban, social status etc…. You see all kinds of reactions to infidelity and all of them are ugly. What these ladies did is inhuman, but that inhumanity can be found everywhere.

        • bert

          In the US women wake up and for no good reason want a divorce, take the house, the kids and half his paycheck each month. Let them smear poop on each other any day.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i am afraid i am just this kinda woman as you mentioned,,,

          • Alain

            who would have figured?

  • Chinkicide

    My attitude slowly changes. I start to like chinese.
    First that clubbing, then the beggar, now this. My, my.
    (lol @ the whining zhungko ren)

  • Germandude

    Don’t worry! We all know why you clicked on that video… ;-)

    Having said that: shame on the camera man/woman!

    • La Mano Gaucha

      Shame on every single one of them — mistress, attackers, “security”, gawkers, camera person… All of them. The only one that might be off the hook is the little girl. I swear, when I first came to China back in the summer of ’02, things were much better all around, even if they were still fucked up relative to international standards. China has become a real cesspool over the last decade. Shameful, shameless damned place…

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Yet another proud display of “5000 years of civilization” and all that jazz. Bravo!

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Here, here.

    • BiggJ

      I’m usually the first to say some shit about china, but this happens more in western countries then in china. i think…:) Maybe not exactly like how this went down, I think more crazy actually.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Sure… with the “cops/security” just checking out the action and all. That’s what’s crazy, imo.
        If the shit in this video were to happen in a so-called western country (and it does happen, but I’m not so sure if it’s more often than in the PRC, as you speculate), several cops would have been on the scene in less time than it took us to watch the thing, and those women would have been arrested in even less time, charged with assault and battery, and a few other things, and subsequently fined and sent to prison for at least a year. That doesn’t even include the civil suit that would almost certainly follow.

        • BiggJ

          Oh for sure, the cops would have stopped that shit right away. Then again most of time when this happens is after the bar at 3a.m in western countries. I’ve seen girls fight over this things 3 times in my life. And all 3 times they were arrested lol. I don’t know what they were charged with. The best one was 2 black girls. The girl was outside the bar and she punched her boy friend right in the face pretty hard. His lip was bloodied. the guy kept his cool though. Then she went after the girl. It was not a regular girl fight with hair pulling and shit. It was a man fight. lol Both were good fighters. It was about a draw, Then after about 3 mins the bouncers broke it up when they saw the fight. And then the police they left with them. It was good fight though. Head slams on the pavement and everything lol.

          Yeah the cops in this video looked like they had no clue what to do. Chinese police are pretty lame when it comes to certain things…most things….Imagine if this was 3 white girls beating a chinese girl….well china would be shut right down for at least a month. LOL

          • La Mano Gaucha

            Yeah, I’ve seen a few times some pretty funky stuff in Australia, Europe and (in particular) North America, and like you said, it does tend to happen late at night. It also seems to happen more often in less affluent places.

            On the other hand, I see insane stuff like this in China on a regular basis, pretty much everywhere (almost completely regardless of economic strata), and at any time of the day or night. The result is always the same: people just watch, take pictures and/or videos, and cops don’t show up at all. On the rare instances that cops do show up, the whole thing becomes a kind of “negotiation” with a crowd surrounding the scene. It’s ridiculous and hardly “civilized”.

            Anyway, the wu mao appear to be trolling heavily tonight… or maybe it’s just someone with multiple accounts. My right thumb might end up having an orgasm if it keeps getting licked and sucked…

          • BiggJ

            You mean the up vote and down vote thing? I just posted that like 5 mins ago and already 4 votes. same with you. Something is going on.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            My posts were normal just a few minutes ago, but suddenly I have a huge number of right-thumb licks. That’s pretty much irrelevant to me, actually, but it does seem odd, given the general trends on this site.

    • 5000 years of SMACK

  • Simon


  • Rainer

    Oh my. Poor girl.

  • Red Scarf

    Slap happy comes to China?

  • FORT

    Such a sad place…why is it 4 against one can u not fight your own battles? and whats the point of having uniforms there if all they do is look like dumb ox.and why dont your chop of your husbands penis for he is the one who cheated on you?

    • Fman

      on the mainland anyway, it is normal, the locals are ONLY tough in numbers, NEVER one on one, especially if it is Chinese and foreigner… I’ve never seen a local, man up one on one, never…


    • linette lee

      hahahahahah…..yes yes yes.

    • slob


    • Jelly Splingar ah coming soon to cctv.

      • linette lee

        hahahah…..Jelly see finger coming to cctv. I am sorry. I have to throw this one in….. Some of us do talk with a Chinese accent. I have some chinese accent too sometimes when I talk. I don’t sound 100% like a local american. hahahhaha…..lol. English is my second language.

        I love russian or european speaking english with slight accent. Antonio banderas sounds very sexy.

        • Linette, you are consistently awesome. <3

          • MrT

            She is.

          • linette lee

            You and Mr. T are too cute. ;)

        • MrT

          Whats your first language?

          • linette lee

            Cantonese. And you?

          • MrT


            ah Cuntonese!
            Singy Songy.
            Take away chat.

  • Mingtb

    So-called 5,000 years and still uncivilized.

    This is done in the US by certain minorities but what can you expect from them. It’s still uncivilized.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      You mean the white minority? ;-)
      But seriously, the “minority” thing was just uncalled for. Boo-hoooo!

    • hedhtr

      No this is not done in the US. In the US it would be the man who would be humiliated- appropriately.

    • PixelPulse

      You obviously never watched Jerry Springer.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    How appropriate, the sign in the back in big azz lettering: 春色

  • jeffli

    just idiots!
    Its more fun watching monkeys

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      I always like to watch monkeys. Maybe that’s why i enjoy these videos.

  • commander

    I’m curious about the response by the unfaithful man whose mistress was openly humiliated. Will he push his violent wife in favor of his flame? Or the mortified woman might want to dump her guy, afraid of another shit bomb dropped on her face.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If I was him, I would ditch the wife, cause you never know when the crazy bitch will pick up a knife in the middle of the night… a GUARANTEED disaster waiting to happen.

  • linette lee

    “Poor child, but the xiaosan and the despicable man deserve to have their clothes stripped off and paraded about since they’re shameless anyway”

    Reading comments like this from china chinese is the reason Hkese still have no faith in China people. China is still a third world country. with third world mentality.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I have to disagree with you here. The HK people who still think they are superior to Mainland people deserve to be smacked on the side of their heads. They / their parents are originally from where again? Without $$ from Mainland, what kind of shit hole their economy would be in right now again?

      • linette lee

        Under the hk gov’t, nobody will strip you naked in the middle of the street with the hK police staring. Being civilized has nothing to do with being rich. It’s just how the people under that gov’t respect human rights.

        You don’t know much about HK do you. HK has always been the leading financial trading center in asia even when it was under British. You think China built up HK? The Cantonese entrepreneurs built up HK.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          If it wasn’t for the tourist dollars pouring in from mainland, HK would not have survived the the past decade, especially not the financial meltdown or SARS, look it up if you need to see facts that you are ignoring. And where are all the HK companies and business owners and entertainers go to make real money? Exactly!

          Don’t bite the hand that feeds you that what I am saying. And Midniteowl, you are so dumb you make me not able to laugh at you.

          • Tourist dollars pour into Hong Kong because mainland Chinese don’t trust their local products. Despite the money that’s in China, there are also many fundamental problems. Hong Kong has its own set of problems, but at least they are resolved in a (somewhat) civilized manner.

        • Dr Sun

          I don’t know Linette the Triads and the bankers have been stripping HK naked since the Brits left.


            Whew! For a moment there I thought you were going to say you wanted to see Linette striped naked.

          • linette lee

            hahahah..you are funny. strip tease on my face book maybe. hahahah ..lol

          • Dr Sun

            “start your engines !”

          • MrT

            yea but the Brits let them all in to do so… in fact…

          • Dr Sun

            really, I thought the emperors mother did.

        • Panda Banana

          HK did pretty well, even before the unification. Unfortunately, at present, its true that HK today every much depends on mainland and the CCP. We might not like it, but it is what it is…

        • Alain

          Agreed, but under a laissez faire capitalist system, with a lot of socialist city planning and welfare thrown in by the brits before they packed up and left.

      • MidniteOwl

        Argument fail.

        Round 1 goes to @cf27739e313d1b16d749ebdf96ee7d2a:disqus
        I believe that was a KO via bitch slap.

      • Butsu

        Dude why does it matter where they originally come from? And how does money from the mainland justify stuff like shitting, pissing, littering wherever you feel like? Being rude? Being a total douche?


      Agree that HK is more developed than the mainland and on the surface more “civilized” but just to let you know, if you have a Chinese face the rest of the world all sees you as Chinese, whether you’re from the mainland, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Canada, etc. SO in a way you are criticizing your “own people”, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • I disagree. People are developing different expectations based on the culture you grew up in. I’ve had very positive experiences living in both Korea and Japan as a Chinese-born Canadian. My parents are from Hong Kong.

        • linette lee

          You either live in vancouver or toronto. :) Vancouver is very pretty. Many HKese moved there and built up the city. Vancouver has a nick name called Hongouver.

          • that’s right :P i’m from vancouver originally!


          Well maybe since the world is becoming more interconnected every day people are starting to become more educated. But whenever I meet Chinese or other Asian people I’m considered more Japanese than American. In America I also notice this to some degree but not as much.

      • linette lee

        I criticize anything I see as wrong. Don’t matter what race or country. We are all chinese but we do have slightly different culture and common practice. We all have our own gov’t system living in a slightly environment.

    • ‘Muricans say dumb shit too sometimes.

  • hedhtr

    Such a sad, sad senario for a country so rich in history. I wonder if China will ever be able to step up to a civilized first world type society.

    • TJDubs

      This could be a sign that China is moving into the first world. If the US is any example of a first world country, we’ve got shit like this (and much weirder) happening every day.

      • hedhtr

        No TJDubs we don’t have shit like this happening in the US. First of all, people wouldn’t just stand around and watch four women assaulting one woman and more importantly American women wouldn’t waste their time with the mistress. They would go after the man who is truly the one at fault.

        • TJDubs
        • TJDubs

          I’ll admit there is a difference in perception of gender, in that Western women would be less likely to indemnify the man (for whatever reason), but don’t pretend like Americans are any better about getting violent over relationships or standing idly by while an assault happens.;

  • coldraindrops

    Chinese security guards never fail to amaze me…

  • Xiao Hei

    It would be fun to have a opinion poll on this site something along these lines.
    1. ‘I hate China but I still want to live in it’
    2. ‘I don’t live in China but here just because I hate it’
    3. ‘I am Chinese and I don’t have any other options really except debating with the foreigners’.


    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      4. I love China and want to see it change for the better.

    • Nilerafter24

      5. I love forum chaos !!

  • Washington Bullets

    Honestly? More standing around? People just love watching people air their dirty laundry. These women should sign up to be Chengguan.

    It’s clearly the guy’s fault though. Why attack the woman if she’s not the one who committed to the marriage? What if she didn’t know? There are >50 million men in China who will never have a wife and this guy wanted an extra. He should be thankful. then again, maybe his wife is a crazy bitch, this video is a good example of that. Huh, funny how these things work.

  • don mario

    not even gonna watch this video if nobody does anything to stop it. depressing show of humanity, as usual, tired of seeing it.

  • +1 to the guy who just starts smoking. If I were a smoker, I would’ve done the exact same thing.

  • aadfasd

    harassment and aggravated assault anyone?


    I don’t know whose side to take or who is worse. To me they’re all trash.

  • anon101

    oooh man, hearing that kid scream mama.. I cant deal with that.. I have a daughter whos 2 years old.. so prob around the same age… these 4 women.. scum…the xiaosan was at fault but not nearly as much as the man, she didnt marry any of those hold hags, the man did. I suspect they are very much chinese, picking on the weaker party to take revenge as they cant do it to the guy or they would get demolished. basturds, complete and utter basturds… I hope I see one of these things some day soon so I can walk in there, punch the bitches and walk off… not like the security guards will do a damn thing.. or perhaps they will as im white.

  • Zappa Frank

    5000years of civilization!

  • christina

    now that homewrecker has felt just a fraction of the humiliation the wife did. doing it in front of the kid wasn’t so great but that aside- karma is a bitch and classless women sleeping with men for money should remember that.

    • Dr Sun

      so not blame, no karma for the husband then ?

      • christina

        oh no, you guys misunderstand me.
        the sleazy husband deserves twice as bad as his mistress got cuz he’s the one who made the vows when he got married.

        • perhaps the problem is not with the husband or the xiaosan, but the wife herself. Most women who cheated had a bad husband, or have fallen in love with another man after marriage. This could be the same for the husband, perhaps the wife is no good, or he has fallen in love with another woman… You cannot blame the women when they cheated, you also cannot blame the men when they cheated… can you?

          • BiggJ

            One thing I notice about some woman too….This is not all woman but some. They blame everyone but the man for cheating. I’ve seen some woman blame the woman, her parents, her friends, Everyone but the guy. Even pissed more at his friend for not telling her then the guy himself. And then the woman starts blaming herself for him cheating. It’s a shame really. It’s always the guys fault. If he’s cheating, then its his fault. Not hers or the mistress…the guy. But usually the guy can get the girl back if the woman loves him. And will continue to cheat. Once a cheater….always a cheater.

          • sayonara

            Not entirely true. Some woman around me blames the guy first when cheating or flirtings happened and the words of the guy’s bad deeds will quickly spread around and the guy quickly branded and stamped as cheater forever. There was this one case where one popular girl broke up with her boyfriend for an alleged cheating and quickly spread the words of how bad her boyfriend is to anyone she can get to. She wouldn’t listen to any explanation of her boyfriend. Her love turns into extreme hatred. Of course all her friends believe in her and the guy was deemed as a devil amongst her large group of female friends and ostracized and badmouthed by them.

            However a year later she found out that her boyfriend never cheated on her in the first place, and the xiaosan was the one with an unrequited love and was actively pursuing her boyfriend. Too bad that by that time the boyfriend although still single has stopped harboring feelings for her after how her friends and her badmouthed and spread malicious gossips on him. Meanwhile the xiaosan has hooked up happily with another guy.

        • don mario

          and how about the wife? who got revenge by acting like a subhuman, and then no doubt stayed with the cheating husband. all she needed to do was leave him and she would be clear, but by doing this she is no better than either of them.

    • consider the difficulties of a single mother in China…

    • Nilerafter24

      The husband has 50% blame. Why not beat him up too? Home wrecking is a two player game.

      • christina

        He’s got more than 50% of the blame and def. deserves a sound round of karma.

        • bert

          Karma is over rated.

    • Rick in China

      That’s mad presumption.

      Is it possible the “xiaosan” in the story didn’t know the guy was married, was being told they’re getting a divorce or are separated, or wasn’t even the right woman?

      Blame “the homewrecker” – sure, and let her kid witness a public stripping/physical abuse and shit being smeared on her mom on the street, based on……….

      Seems you have a bone to pick with someone, hopefully you don’t carry poop in a baggy in your purse.

      • christina

        it’s also very presumptuous of you to assume that she is absolutely the innocent party. I have no bones to pick with anyone- I’m 21 and unmarried- I just think people who do bad things should be punished.

        • Perry Mason

          And who decides what’s bad, how bad behavior “should be punished” or what punishment fits what instance of bad behavior? You, these women, some random judgmental schmuck on the street, on the Internet? You’re 21 and unmarried? It shows.

          • christina

            I like how you’re calling me judgmental, pot.

    • Perry Mason

      “now that homewrecker has felt just a fraction of the humiliation the wife did.” Erm…then would stoning her be enough, more than match the “humiliation” the wife’s going through, you reckon?

    • Panada Banana

      huh, i feel there is a story behind your post….you mind telling us about what happened to you?

      • christina

        Oh nothing happened to me personally. it was my friend, whose dad had an affair. we were only in high school at the time and it nearly destroyed their family. very sad and very hard to watch- even though I was just on the sidelines.

  • I have an idea, why not create mirror sites for the Indo, Russo, Korea, Japan, and China sites where they read what the “foreigners” are saying about what they said about various topics.

    Then post those comments back here, and on and on it goes.


      That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time. I guess it entails too much work. Also stuff will get lost in translation. But it would be interesting. To me, in general, the comments on CS are just as ignorant, bigoted and hatred filled as the Chinese ones.

  • PixelPulse

    The cops should have stop this, this went way to far. I can understand being upset by a cheating husband and the mistress but stripping her clothes off in front of her kid in public is crossing the line.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Those are not cops, they are the local neighborhood security detail. Who have ZERO weapon for self protection and no radio to call for a SWAT team backup.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        So basically they get paid to dress up, stand around and do nothing but gawk. Another great government job brought to you by the Chinese tax payer.

      • BiggJ

        They only have to stop 3 woman…..Chinese need a weapon to do that?

        • Dr Sun

          biggJ if my wife (all 100 lb of Chinese girl) opened a can of whoopie ass on you, you’d need the entire 82nd airborne, plus gun ship back up to protect you.

  • Duke

    This is yet another example of why China loses every war it has ever fought. A bunch of dudes standing around too scared to jump in and help a woman in distress. They won’t even defend her against other women! How many places could this happen without anyone helping? The apathy and lack of chivalry in China is revolting. No one knows how to raise gentlemen here, just a bunch of pussies who like to stand around and watch women get beat up.

  • cc

    They should sack the film producer, not one decent tit shot or view of the snatch

  • wafflestomp

    Thumbs up if you think the 4 women will escape punishment

  • vengeance

    Bitch deserved it.

  • Fman

    Chinese security/Police… useless as tits on a bull… Poor girl… Was that her daughter watching?? I am witness to 5000 years of culture.. Inspiring…

  • Billy

    Fucking animals, doing that in front of her wee daughter – were they cops standing by doing nothing? The fucking cunts – leaders of the 21st century my arse.

  • sick of them

    nice. assertive people exercising their rights…

  • MrT

    The rich husband of course got away with , because well hes rich!
    Chinese women are mental.


    I read 春色.

  • ChinaPrat

    Why doesn’t the bitch fight back?

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