Mistress Publicly Stripped & Humiliated by 4 Women, Reactions

Four Chinese women publicly attack a mistress, stripping her of her clothes and throwing feces on her, while bystanders look on, in Lanzhou, China.

Four Chinese women publicly attack a mistress, stripping her of her clothes and throwing feces on her, while bystanders look on, in Lanzhou, China. The mistress's daughter is crying in front of a security guard.


Caught on film, in Lanzhou, suspected xiaosan has clothes stripped off and feces thrown on her by 4 women, as bystanders and security guards look on without lifting a finger.

Comments from Liba:


There’s a little girl on the side crying, probably the daughter.


Doing this in front of the child is a little crossing the line.


The little girl crying on the side is crying so pitifully.


Poor child, but the xiaosan and the despicable man deserve to have their clothes stripped off and paraded about since they’re shameless anyway.


This person filming is so gossipy, so gossipy, even stopping the car in order to go film it, ahahahaha.

Can I say the mistress deserved it?


If I saw it, I would definitely have gone up to stop it. This will leave a shadow in the child’s heart [trauma]. The third party deserves to be punished but the man should be punished even more. Heavenly Mother, forgive me.


Poor kid, keeps screaming that she’s my mommy, heartbreaking.
If you were serious, you’d also rip off the clothes off the despicable man in the middle of the street.
Can those women who stripped off her clothes be sued? It’s too lawless.


Excessive, why doesn’t she go throw shit on the man?

Chinese women’s thinking is that when a man has a xiaosan, it’s always the xiaosan who is shameless and cheap, while their own man is innocent.


The dick is on the man’s body… If you’re going to vent resentment, you should be throwing feces on your man…


The fault should primarily be on the husband.

Abroad, when a husband cheats, the wife always confronts the husband.

Only in China do women make things difficult for [blame, confront] women.


This wife is awesome, the xiaosan didn’t get married even after giving birth to a child.


It’s really messed up these days,
being able to bully people like this on the open streets.


A good person wouldn’t have treated a little girl like this. Even though she didn’t hit the girl, but doing this in front of the child is even more vile than hitting the child!


This is definitely going too far. No matter how wrong it is to be a xiaosan, it is still on the level of morality. Moreover, who knows what their dispute is about?
Humiliating a woman in public like this is definitely deserving of being arrested!
Seeing so many people in this post saying the xiaosan deserved it makes me feel quite sad, are xiaosans no longer human in this society, no longer women?!
I also still don’t understand why hate the xiaosan so much. If you’re own man is going to cheat on you, blame your own man, blame yourself for being blind, or did the other person force your husband into it?
Women making things difficult for other women, is it worth it!?
Especially involving the child, that’s way too excessive. This kind of evil woman is this society’s sorrow!

Comments from 56:

o*︶ㄣ楓 [江苏省南京市网友]:

Those who are xiaosan and destroy other people’s families and lives all deserve to die.


Kill these four Lanzhou old whores, this is too inhuman.


Hearing that little child crying like that is truly heartbreaking. No matter what, it shouldn’t be in front of the child. Just think of how much damage the child’s heart will suffer! It is the adults who made the mistake, the child is completely innocent. Those four wives [on the wife’s side] were too excessive. Doing this is also bad for oneself, destroying one’s own image/reputation, and it’s illegal, as well as simply hurting others without benefiting oneself. It might be emotionally satisfying but was the problem solved? No, not at all…


In developed countries with developed legal systems, this is seriously illegal behavior.


Women making things difficult for women, is it really necessary? When it was you who didn’t keep an eye on your own husband, why are you blaming others?


With a bitch like that, if I were a man, I’d probably find a xiaosan as well, hehe.


The poor little girl’s cries. What kind of society is this?


Look at how that little girl is crying and looking to the security guard. It may be that she thinks this security guard is “Uncle Police Officer” and is hoping that someone will do something for her mommy, but look at that security guard’s posture… Maybe you won’t say something, but at that moment, you picking up that little girl that’s crying at you is also something you should’ve done.


If I were there, I think I would also just be standing on the side watching the show. It’s not because I’m apathetic, but when it comes to those people who destroy other people’s families, they’re not worth my sympathy.

What do you think?


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