Mom Learns to Use Smartphone Illustrated by Chinese Netizen

Chinese comic/cartoon strip: Mom learns how to use mobile phone.

Chinese comic/cartoon strip: Mom learns how to use mobile phone.

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From Sina Weibo:

@伟大的安妮: Please don’t selfishly keep your life all to yourself. (Feelings after recently teaching my mom how to use a mobile phone)

[Note: The following image has been edited to include English translations next to the original Chinese text. Click on the image to view the original image posted on Sina Weibo.]


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Comments from Sina Weibo:




My mom is like this too.


The men are silent and the women in tears.


This is why I’ve taken my mom off the blacklist [unblocked].


[泪] I’m in tears, but I still don’t dare let my parents see…


How come my dad very contemptuously said to me: Us two don’t need to follow each other.


I was teaching my mom just today. It’s just that the difficulty is a little high.


Yep, I recently got a new mobile phone for my dad and taught him how to use Weixin [aka WeChat] and Weibo. Seeing my dad and mom on one hand laughing at the other about how they’ve spent half the day learning but still haven’t learned, and on the other hand teaching and learning from each other, has really stirred up some things in my heart.


When blaming our parents for not understanding us, actually it’s also because we’re stingy with sharing our lives with them.


I think this is also not right. Some things on Weibo will cause our parents to worry, so filtering out some of the things that makes us sad and not telling them is also a sort of being responsible.


Alright then, I’ll take my mom off the blacklist [unblock].


My mom is also a person who asks me for photos everyday and then prints them out to make a photo album for me.


Move home to live with your parents, or bring your parents to you, so everyone can see each other in person everyday [instead].


Yeah, for example, just now, as someone who has never takes a photo with her, I asked her to come take a photo with me, and she even spent a long time in front of the mirror. I felt so sad, and after taking the photo, she even said to wait until my dad comes home so the three of us can take a picture together. I suddenly though, I don’t think I actually have a single photo of me with my parents, not a single one. [泪]


I’m always cussing, so I’m afraid my mom won’t be able to handle it. [拜拜]


although I wouldn’t want my mom to print out my photos to place them or hang them on the wall. [挖鼻屎] Family is always the most valuable wealth one can have, no matter how far you are. [心]


I’ve just been reminded of something. Last summer, I suddenly thought of seeing what my dad’s QQ [instant messaging service] screen name is, only to discover that it was simply called “dad”. I laughed for half the day, but also suddenly realize that for us, in our QQs, we have friends, coworkers, partners, family, but for my dad, his QQ only has one use and identity, which is “dad”!!!


My mom and I often video chat as well as play together and PK [compete] in 天天酷跑 [a QQ/Weixin mobile game]. When I take a selfie, I’ll send it to my mom to see. Everyday we call to gossip. My mom even uses Weixin whereas I still don’t even have it. ←_←


Fuck, suddenly I want to cry.


I love you, mom.


Fuck, I actually cried reading this.


Recently I too have been teaching my mom how to use Weixin. She asked me how to send/post stuff and two days after giving her instructions, she was frequently posting to her friends circle… Usually, this kind of people who “disturb” their friends circle with such high density/frequency postings, I will decisively blacklist [block], but this time I didn’t. Time flows between people of two generations, and as we have become adults, they have become children. Sometimes we cannot understand their interests, only because they have gotten old. Just like when they taught us how to play with toys when we were small, now it is our turn.


My 70-year-old mother also knows how to go online now.

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