Monks Close Famen Temple To Protest Government Walls


Famen Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shaanxi province of China. It is very famous and influential. In 1981, the only Buddhist finger bone relic in China was found at Famen. Recently, the monks of Famen Temple have announced that they will close their gates to visitors and worshipers to protest the local government that was building walls around the temple so they can charge people high priced tickets to visit the Famen Temple scenic area. Previously, the monks had tried to stop and destroy the walls that were being built.

The notice from the Famen Temple:

Esteemed many tourists and worshipers:

The Famen Temple Cultural Scenic Area Construction Company, having the strong support of relevant government departments,  is forcefully building walls in front of the Famen Temple gates to create gates in which to sell extremely high priced tickets, even sealing the entrance and exit roads for the temple’s internal cars. This has seriously violated the State Council’s promulgated “Regulations on Religious Affairs”, infringing on Famen Temple and the entire world’s religious masses’ lawful rights and interests, and seriously harming all Buddhists’ religious feelings.

Famen Temple, in accordance with safeguarding the dignity of the country’s law, have decided that from 1:00pm today, Famen temple will close its gates and engage in lawful resistance/protest, and respectfully request that all worshipers and tourists give their understanding and support.

Pictures of Famen Temple and monks trying to destroy the walls from Tianya:










Pictures of Famen Temple from KDS:





Pictures of Famen Temple monks trying to destroy the walls from a Sina blog:






Comments from Sohu:


Too black! Finally resistance! Good!


I used to also believe it was the temple who wanted to collect [money], and only found out afterward it was the government Religious Authority and Tourism Authority that were collecting, shameless government.


I would never have thought that in this noisy world there is still true quiet, a commendation!


Dog biting dog only.
There is no such thing as friends forever, only benefits forever.


I support Famen Temple. As a valuable Buddhist treasure, all the world’s religious masses should be allowed to visit!


Shameless government.


The government has become crazy about wanting money, collecting money on the highways, collecting money when entering cities (Tianjin), collecting money from wage earned, collecting money when going to school…now even a temple cannot survive, and the promotion of Buddhism has become a tool for the government to make money? I do not understand!


Resolutely support!!! Government people are all human scum!!!


Famen Temple, well-done!
We must not let religion become a tool for making money, forcing all Buddhists and Daoists to pay tickets to meet Buddha!
No wonder so many people begin believing in Christianity and Islam, I have never heard of churches collecting tickets, hehe!
Temples are Buddhism’s churches!


Famen Temple has always been the place I yearn for,
except I have never had the chance.
Now it seems like my interest/affinity was not wrong.

Comments from KDS:

春夏之交 chemcross:

This is Famen Temple’s notice for tourists. As for this government’s actions, it is no longer surprising. If they were not like this, they would not be our government. There are many temples who have no choice but to collect tickets, and I have become accustomed to Shaolin Temple crazily ripping off people, but Famen Temple resisting extremely high priced tickets, it is unusual to me.

布沙尼神父 A_VIKING:

Monks like these are worth a commendation!

欧阳灏骅 oyhh:

Although I believe in a different religion, I still admire these monks!

唵嘛呢叭咪 nimendoushihuairen:

Famen Temple is so poor!! And they still want to use their reputation to cheat money!!! This is the monk’s door curtain, all worn and mended and still in being used…


魔羯 liword:

Hehe, actually Buddhism is okay.
At any rate, there are still some real/true people there.
Christianity is even more fake,
directly controlled by the Party.

飞扬的六翼 willtomo:

In the past I had the habit walking pass temples and not entering.
It seems I need to change for Famen Temple.
This year I will got to Famen Temple once.

不生不灭 kumara:

Finally one by one people will stand up. The ticket prices are too expensive throughout the country’s various large mountains [scenic areas]. In reality, they are all ways the local government and tourism authorities thought of to make money. Every year, the ticket prices get more and more expensive. These people should one by one in the next life be reincarnated as pigs and dogs. I support the Famen Temple.

joe joe_sh:

I think it was the Shaolin monks who once said on television that “oppresive government forces the people to rebel.”
Although Shaolin Temple was not conquered during the Qing Dynasty, they were still conquered by the current government.

郑良宇 ominaeyu2008:

Desecration of the Bhudda, something emperors long ago dared not to do do~~
…now desecrated by a bunch of materialists.

mahlio mahlio:

I truly am worried for these monks, who knows what treachery the cruel government will do them!

唧唧歪歪 dreamflying2000:

Sigh, this worl ddoes not have any honest/innocent places, I want to go back to Mars.



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