Monks Visit ChinaJoy Expo, Chinese Netizens Critical

Monks at the 2010 ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai.

Monks at the 2010 ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai.

The ChinaJoy Expo, officially known as the China Digital Entertainment Expo, is an annual video game convention held in Shanghai that for the past ten years has been an important venue for Chinese online game companies to showcase their wares.  Besides promoting video games, the ChinaJoy Expo is also famous for hordes of pretty young Chinese girls paid to cosplay, or dress up as fictional characters from video games or anime,  to promote these games.

Recently at this event, pictures and video were taken of a group of Buddhist monks attending the expo.  The author of this post describes the monks as coming to the ChinaJoy Expo as a “field trip study” to supplement their “isolated study” in solitude without outside contact;  in fact, the author surmises that since we ordinary folk can attend the ChinaJoy Expo, why isn’t this courtesy extended to monks?  On the other hand, Chinese netizens react with derision and accuse the monks of attending solely for the sexily dressed girls, or of being fake, or most cynical of all, describe the sacred oaths and lifestyle of a monk as a “career”.

From Mop:

What Brother is strolling is loneliness! Monk sightseeing group appears at the ChinaJoy Expo

Even people of the cloth come visit the ChinaJoy Expo!

Monks tour the ChinaJoy Expo, and take pictures

Here, the elder monk is seen touring the ChinaJoy expo with a guide and a guard wielding a non-"Shaolin Monk sanctioned" inflatable novelty hammer

The line of monks take in their surroundings at ChinaJoy.

Here, the monks are seen moving from one exhibition hall to the next with their bags of ChinaJoy Expo swag

Here, the monks are seen moving from one exhibition hall to the next with their bags of ChinaJoy Expo swag

Excellent, excellent.

A monk uses a high-end digital camera while young, attractive girls wearing form-fitting dresses and hot pants fill the background

When the time comes for the ChinaJoy Expo, beautiful girls from everywhere congregate in Shanghai, dripping with erotic desire, with even more countless “otaku” who come here especially to see them. However, today here at the scene we suddenly encountered a situation where a team of game-playing monks dressed in kasayas appeared at the #1 expo hall to try out every type of game. The occasion was extremely cute!

Monks chatting with other patrons of ChinaJoy, possibly to find out when the next show of dancing girls is starting

Group members, the organization has arrived!

Harnessing the power of Buddha to slay orcs and mine for gold

Starting to test play.

Monks playing online video games, at one with the internet and the universe

A quandry exists: vorpal sword +1 or Fist of Bludgeoning?  What would Buddha do?

Though sticking with the Taoist “profession”, it looks like this young monk also has his own professional plans.

"This game rocks!" "Aren't you a monk?" "What I mean is, 'This game rocks in the name of Buddha!'"

In this mutual exchange, the two compare notes and experience.

With tongue sticking out, the monk meditates underneath his "Bodhi" tree

Sticking out a tongue is very cute, and when he goes home, he can still play [this game] on the internet!

At the ChinaJoy Expo there have suddenly appeared a group of special guests dressed in plain clothing, and in their hands they did not carry rifles or handguns nor any kind of games; instead, each one of them smiled simply and appeared to be focused upon the Buddhist prayer beads held in their hands.

"Hey fellas!  Do you feel enlightened?"

A reporter immediately took out a camera and aimed it at them; this handsome fellow immediately turned around, his face all shy and coy (the beautiful girls [models] at the expo halls who run the same shy and coy route exhibit appropriately high pressure/stress). This reporter continued forth asking for an interview, to which the little guy shook his head and laughingly said “no, no”, pointing towards an elder monk in their midst.

Every head monk should not be without his endorsement stickers emblazoned upon his chest

Hello, master. Why have you guys appeared at the ChinaJoy Expo this year?

The master reverently handed over a business card, [indicating that he was from the] Hebei province Buddhist internet television channel, Hutuxian people — ah (Oh, so [their group] were traveling together). The master continued in his heavily accented putonghua to explain that their goal for this trip is to learn, the general idea is that when one is studying alone and without friends, one must come out to keep up with the times.

The elder monk with a female hand touching him

So, what here at ChinaJoy this year has attracted your attention the most?

The master said that they were here at the invitation of Shanda Entertainment’s [a Chinese company specializing in computer games] “Candy”, and were preparing a video interview. As he was saying this, he pointed out the tag on his chest, and showed the book in his hands to this author.

This reporter originally wanted to press forward with more questions, but when confronted with the good-hearted, simple-minded smile of this man of the cloth this reporter felt ashamed… as well, the master commented that they will be all leaving shortly.

The answer this report was just expecting probably will never appear, what does incomparably shy and coy sexy babes after death have to do with them? Perversion is emptiness, emptiness is perversion, excellent, excellent.

(The reason I was ashamed last time was because a MM who wasn’t that good looking look at this reporter [referring to self] expectantly and this reporter felt he should give her some face and snap a photo, yet also felt that he himself was being hypocritical. In the end, [I] stared at the beautiful girl beside her and took pictures wildly, and thinking of this, this author feels even more ashamed.)

In the 13th year of Emperor Taizong’s rule [Tang Emperor Li Shimin], 639 A.D., an enlightened eminent elder monk set off from Datang in the east; in 2010A.D., a group of obscure monks with similar ambitions entered the ChinaJoy expo. Excellent, excellent.

One requires high end digital equipment to reach nirvana in high-def

Afterword: Actually, I believe, if even a master believes that solitary study without friends or contact requires one to keep abreast of current trends and fashion, then we attending the expo should adopt an even more normal attitude to this matter. If we can all attend the ChinaJoy Expo, then why can’t these masters do so as well? So long as we keep a proper point of view when treating this then it will be all okay.

Comments from Mop:


Him again, fuck!
Cangzhou [city in Hebei] Buddhist society often goes out prowling for little girls


Monks? What monks?


Being a monk is just a profession.


Was it because there was a Shaolin game???


How about a little leniency? They already can not marry a wife nor eat meat, so playing an online game isn’t so bad~!


Is this a sign that Buddhists have a lot of pressure?


Monks too want to sample what’s in season [referring to the show girls/models]?


Brother [referring to self] laughs but says nothing…


The “four great dignified manners” [fundamental tenets of Buddhist religion] can not be seen in the slightest…


These days, a monk is just a profession.


Came to look at the pretty girls.


Came down the mountain to look for tigers.


This too is practicing Buddhism?


Monks appreciate beauty too~
Are monks no longer men?
Do monks not enjoy looking at beautiful girls?
It is evident monks like them too~


It’s just cosplay, that’s all.


Actually, monks are human too.


Heavens, they were playing killing games, I’m speechless, is it deliverance/salvation or… heavens


Secular/bad monks. Yow!


This is the age [we live in]!


The secular/bad monks were at ChinaJoy to find pretty girls.


Actually, these masters [monks] are better at playing video games than most people.


These monks are not ordinary.




Amitābha [May Buddha preserve us], these monks are just learning from others…


Taking pictures to take back to the temple for better YY [fantasies/masturbating].


Fucking fake bald donkeys!


Each monk brought a nun.


You simply don’t realize that monks are exceedingly rich, making far more money than you at a foreign company after earning a higher degree. Whatever they do they even get subsidies for it. If they drive BMWs, they’re all X6s. So them taking DV [digital video cameras] to ChinaJoy to film long white legs is nothing surprising/new.


Buddhists playing online video games is a good thing! Can you give the government a bit of pressure to pass verification on these game quicker so that they can be released earlier?



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