More Gymnast Feng Zhe, More London Olympics

Chinese celebrity look-alikes: Olympic champions Cai Yun (Left) and Fu Haifeng

Feng Zhe won a gold medal in Men's Parallel Bars

Last week’s Jokes & Humor post presented four jokes and quips made by Chinese Olympic gold medal male gymnast Feng Zhe on his Sina Weibo microblog, including one about making life difficult for his coach Wang Hongwei. Turns out his coach is a man with a sense of humor too, his Tencent Weibo microblog featuring several jokes and quips about his charge Feng Zhe.

Wang Hongwei’s January 18th Tecent Weibo post:

Jiji [Feng Zhe] said to me, “Coach Wang, be stricter with me. If I don’t complete the [training] tasks, just fine me and donate the money to a disaster area.” I said, “okay, after a few years, you may not end up being an outstanding gymnast, but you’ll definitely be a great philanthropist.”

[Note: Coach Wang Jinwei gave Feng Zhe (冯喆) the nickname “Jiji” (吉吉) which resembles Feng’s first name 喆. He explained: “From now on, I won’t call him “Fatty Baby” [Feng Zhe has a better-known “Little Fatty” (小胖) nickname] anymore, but will call him Jiji [meaning “auspicious” or literally “lucky lucky”]. The reason is because everything he does ends up in disaster, so calling him Jiji will bring him a bit more luck!”]

Left to right: Feng Zhe, Coach Wang Hongwei, and Chen Yibing.
Left to right: Feng Zhe, Coach Wang Hongwei, and Chen Yibing.

Wang Hongwei’s March 14th Tecent Weibo post:

In the past, Feng Fatty [Feng Zhe] always relied on long-distance running to lose weight. I gave him two suggestions: A. Don’t do the long-distance running anymore. (You are) consuming too much of your energy. B. Eating fewer snacks can [make you] lose weight too. As a result, he took my advice and completed suggestion A.

[Note: Coach Wang calls Feng Zhe “Feng Fatty”, “Little Fatty”, “Fatty Baby”, and “Jiji” interchangeably with affection in his Tecent Weibo posts. In China, talking about people’s weight is not a taboo as it is in some Western countries.]

Chinese gymnast Feng Zhe eating Haagen Daaz ice cream.

Wang Hongwei’s August 1st Tecent Weibo post:

Feng fatty has become too popular now! Everyone stop praising him, don’t you all know the story of Fan Jin Passing the Imperial Exam [a poor Ming Dynasty scholar who unsuccessfully took the imperial examinations for years before finally passing and went momentarily insane from joy before being slapped back to reality]? The night Feng Fatty became a world champion, he laughed himself awake, which scared me! Now that he’s an Olympic champion, if you keep praising him, I’m afraid he’ll go crazy. Please wait until after the men’s individual finals before continuing to praise him.

[Note: Feng Zhe helped the Chinese men’s gymnastics team win the gold on July 30, 2012 before winning the men’s parallel bars final on August 7th.]

Feng Zhe kisses his gold medal

CCTV sportscaster Zhang Jie’s March 17th Sina Weibo post:

Little Fatty [Feng Zhe]: “Do you know what hurts the moment you think about it?” “What?” “It’s not love, but the parallel bars.”

Chinese Men's parallel bars gymnast Feng Zhe

More jokes and humor about the 2012 London Olympics:

The on-screen captions of a rotten country, the gold medal is yours.

[Note: “Rotten” 腐 (fǔ) here is related to the Japanese term やおい, yaoi, or “boys’ love”, fiction involving homoerotic male relationships popular with certain females.]

T. Daley/P. Waterfield at London Olympics

Fear not the competitors who are as mighty as God, but fear the referees who are as stupid as pigs.

Chinese badminton player Lin Dan seemed to be cursing at the Olympic court

[Note: This statment is related to the refereeing controversies at the 2012 London Olympics.]

[Malaysian-Chinese pop singer] @Liang Jingru aka Fish Leong cried and felt sorry for [Malaysian badminton player] Lee Chong Wei’s winning only the silver medal [at the London Olympic Games] on her microblog…and encountered a group of netizens who criticized her asking if she was still Chinese… Turns out there really is no bottom limit when it comes to IQ… She has always been a Malaysian… These days, people will start spouting shit without knowing anything… Still, the most hilarious was one netizen who said…”Liang Jingru, are you still a Ningxia person or not”…

Fish Leong responds to Chinese netizen critics over her comments about Lee Chong Wei and Malaysia during the 2012 London Olympic Games Men's Badminton Finals results.

[Note: Above is a screenshot of Fish Leong’s graceful response to two Chinese netizens @许世鹏 “(Liang Jingru you are the shame of Ningxia people, boycott Liang Jingru!“) and @李铁根 (“Liang Jingru, are you even Chinese still?“) who commented on her earlier microblog post lamenting that she had just gotten home and missed an exciting [badminton] match, “crying” because Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei lost, but still proud that Malaysia won a silver. This incident resulted in nearly 50k forwards and 45k comments on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo, making it something of a minor controversy at the time.

Although Fish Leong’s family traces back to Guangdong, she was born in Malaysia. Having been very successful in China since 2000, some Chinese mistake her for being a Chinese citizen. The Chinese netizen calling Fish Leong a disgrace to Ningxia people likely did so because “Ningxia” is the name of one of her songs. While Ningxia is a province in China, this netizen clearly failed to listen to the song carefully and did not realize it simply means “tranquil summer”, mistakenly considering it Fish Leong’s birthplace. Hence, the remark about no bottom limit to intelligence.]

The good man is me and I am Lin Dan, as well as Zeng Xiaoxian!! This photo really has no trace of PS at all…

Lin Dan and Zeng Xiaoxian

[Note: This is a Chinese pop culture joke that requires being familiar with the popular Chinese TV and then online sitcom iPartment. “The good man is me and I am Zeng Xiaoxian” is a well-known line by Zeng Xiaoxian, one of the main characters on the show. Chinese netizens compared photos of London Olympics Men’s Badminton Singles gold medal champion Lin Dan and Zeng Xiaoxian and decided they are lookalikes. Therefore this joke is both praising Lin Dan’s Olympic success as well as remarking about a resemblance.]

Congratulations to “Zhang Xueyou/Jacky Cheung” and “Guo Fucheng/Aaron Kwok” on winning the gold medal in the Men’s Badminton Doubles.

Chinese celebrity look-alikes: Olympic champions Cai Yun (Left) and Fu Haifeng

Zhang Xueyou and Guo Fucheng

[Note: Another resemblance joke. Chinese Olympic badminton players Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng (top) are said to be celebrity lookalikes with Hong Kong celebrities Jacky Cheung and Aaron Kwok (bottom).]

When I heard the sportscaster say, “This is an old athlete [meaning veteran athlete] born in 1992”, I immediately felt this world is too fucking brutal.


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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

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    I kept thinking that Aaron Kwok was either a badminton player who did movies in his spare time. They really look alike.

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    ChinaSmack now has fewer and fewer relevant news and more random Chinese Weibo jokes and songs. It’s lacking substances and shifting away from its original specialty of originality.

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      I disagree. I’d say the recent jokes posts about the Chinese and the Olympics (when the Olympics is the biggest event in town) is far more relevant than the random jokes before. I’d say the “jokes” that reference recently trending stories (Olympic “controversies” like Ye Shiwen, doping, Korea’s penchant for appeals, Malyasian Fish Leung, etc.) are also exceptionally relevant for a site that offers a look into trending Chinese internet chatter, and again more so than the random jokes before. I have no problems with Rensi sharing random jokes because its still something about Chinese internet culture but I don’t think you can fault the recent posts for being irrelevant.

      Also, the only thing that made chinaSMACK “original” was because it used to be one of the few sites that actually cared to cover what was actually popular with ordinary Chinese people. Now there are a lot of sites that copy it or are copying its reporting of Chinese internet trends. It never had “original” content if the very content itself was widely popular on the Chinese internet. It was only “original” for exposing it to more mainstream English readers.

      What is this “substance” that you think is lacking? I can’t imagine what it is. Do you need the site to tell you what is important and what to think? Go read Tea Leaf Nation and China Digital Times, especially if you get hard for coverage of Chinese political intrigue and Chinese censorship. I look at the front page and I see stories about:

      1. Child abuse by teachers, educational administrators hiding under their desks when shit hits the fan, and outraged Chinese netizens.

      2. A city where merchants all decided it’s cheaper to pretend to be closed than risk getting fined for selling counterfeit products or being found in violation of some rule they’re not aware of, all caused either by rumors or some law enforcement who abused their powers, and the ensuing bureaucratic denial or buck-passing.

      3. Chinese people who actually investigate history and are allowed to challenge what they think is a widespread misunderstanding about a phrase that is seen as ridiculing Chinese people in a column on one of China’s largest and most popular internet portals. Despite the many negative backlash comments, we see in a poll that quite a lot of Chinese people found the article educational, once again proving that internet commenters don’t represent the overall population.

      4. A baby girl with her throat cut is found by one of those old ladies who rummage through garbage for recyclables and the woman, contrary to all our expectations of Chinese people being apathetic, calls the police and the hospital, contrary to our expectations of Chinese not rendering aid unless paid, rushes to save the little girl, a little girl that survives despite being born a premmie, has her fucking throat cut, and nearly suffocated in a plastic bag. And the Chinese netizens are outraged, just like we are, despite how often we swear Chinese people are sexist killers of baby girls, if not babies in general.

      5. A woman whose only crime was to file complaints against a police force she thought corrupt is without due process sent off to a labor camp is rescued by not just Chinese netizens but also a state mouthpiece renown for its pro-government propaganda, which was just as unexpected to Chinese netizens as it was for us.

      This was all in the past week. 5 posts of quite substantive content plus two posts collecting various comments on Sina Weibo about the Olympics touching upon related controversies or stories that weren’t covered by other chinaSMACK posts.

      I will now also bet that the next post is going to be even less “substantive” because you complained. Every time someone whines, they pop out a throwaway post just to spite us.

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      I disagree. I like that ChinaSmack is posting more light hearted and comical articles because it does get darned depressing only reading the heartbreaking ones. The jokes help remind me that it is only one of many sides of China and not everything there is doom and gloom. There is still laughter. There is still hope. Plus right now the Olympics are finishing up so it is relevant.

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    Marvelous Posting … we hear stories about poor Chinese gymnasts etc enduring years of rigorous training at the hands of the state and ruthless coaches …

    Then we have this bit of insight into the light-heartedness of the relationship between Feng Zhe and his coach Wang Hongwei.

    Excellent stuff. Please keep it up.

  • Regarding the quote: The on-screen captions of a rotten [homoerotic] country……the gold medal [Tom Daley’s genital region] is yours. Statistically about 9% of blokes worldwide are gay. I don’t think Britain has more or less gays than anywhere else. Others can prove me wrong if they wish… P.S. Tom Daley won Bronze I believe…

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            FUCK YEAH Richard North is hella gay.

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    Awesome post!

    Please get more jokes from these Chinese athletes. They truly show the humor of the Chinese people!

    Watch out Chris Rock and Louis CK, China is about to put these mass-produced athletes onto greener pastures and dominate the realm of comedy!

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    “Note: “Rotten” 腐(fǔ) here is related to the Japanese term やお い, yaoi, or “boys’ love”, fiction involving homoerotic male relationships popular with certain females.]”

    Rensi, how do you pick up on this stuff!?

    • Chunghwa

      China actually has the largest amount of weeaboo shit second only to Japan itself. Most of the pirated doujinshi you can download online come from Chinese websites, and the fastest anime fansubbers and manga scanlators always in Simplified Chinese. There are plenty of yaoi fangirls in China; whilst in Beijing I’ve seen fat fujoshi landwhales wearing “seme + uke” t-shirts. Nowadays it’s become quite common internet knowledge that there are fat Chinese landwhales out there who read and write BL fiction, it comes at no surprise.

      A correction for the article though: “Rotten” (腐) in this case derives from “fujoshi” (rotten woman), a Japanese term for a “female otaku” (geek, nerd, whatever) that is stereotypically associated with homoerotic yaoi fantasies. “Yaoi” itself is simply homoeroticism in ACG media (ACG is the Taiwanese term for weeaboo shit: “Anime, Comic, Game”).

      On a somewhat related note, Chinese weeaboo websites have been red hot these past days due to Comiket 82. Uploads for doujins everywhere.

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        Ugh…. weeaboos and Yaoi fangirls in China?

        Shouldnt the Central Committee put a stop to this?
        Sometimes internet censorship is OK!

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        Chunghwa, how do you pic up on this stuff!?

        • Chunghwa

          In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a filthy disgusting weeaboo. Though, that only applies to ACG, and my political beliefs are quite anti-Japan sometimes too, like most Chinese weeaboos.

          Right now I’m downloading GBs of Touhou doujin music like fist of the north star. As always every year, /jp/’s been a great help for Comiket 82, although the shitposting there really needs to stop.

    • Rensi

      I got the definition from Wikipedia. I didn’t use the term “fujoshi” as Chunghwa suggested because not only girls/women are interested in novels/fantasies about “boys’ love”.

      I learned about this term like eight years ago–when I was at high school, my classmates (actually one of them was my deskmate, and the others sat around me, including a guy) wrote yaoi novels (同人小说) for fun–I would say the Chinese people my age are quite familiar with this term 腐! ;)

      • Chunghwa


        “同人” (Doujin) is pretty much a blanket term for anything fan-made/an unofficial derivative work. In Japan, fat otaku fantasize about their favourite TV anime, write lewd porno scripts, and then draw lewd comics about them, with the hopes of selling them. It’s quite a big thing. Though, not all Doujins are pornographic: many doujin comics are SFW, and there is also doujin music (think “indie music”) and doujin soft (i.e. games).

        The more you know!

        • Rensi

          Yes, I did know more. Thanks!!

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            “How common is genital herpes?
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          • I know one or two people who have caught herpes, and I will state that it appeared to be from unprotected, rushed and drunken sex in Western nightclub toilets. Considerable washing of genitalia and patience can do a world of good.

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            how sweet. Is it the cat in your gravatar? He is a good looking cat.
            I thought tattoos are just a permanent accesories. Like instead of wearing a bracelet you have a tattoo. It looks nice. Some place on the arm. Not too many though.

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            Tattoos are addicting. I can’t wait to get another. I want to gain weight just so I have more real estate to get inked.

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            All men olympians should have tattoos.

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            (Also, I have a special place in my heart for waistcoats.)

            (Also also: Tats are whatever. I have no particular feeling about ’em. They exist.)


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      Care to explain precisely how one can “lose the Olympics?” China did pretty damned well, I thought.

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      • I read this article where this Chinese official said that they did “analytics” and found that nations who host the Olympics always suffer less medals on the next Olympiad. So, I guess he found his justification.

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          Basically no home field advantage means no win?

          i dont understand what you think these “analytics” mean. by this logic china should do well in rio because its not the “next” Olympiad, but no shot vegas offers anything under +150 for china to come up with most gold medals.

          • I don’t think those “analytics” mean anything? I was obviously mocking the official.

          • simon

            please, USA only won because half the swim team and the track and field team do drugs which are currently unable to be caught by available technology ;)

            uhuh, that’s right. I said it.

          • mr. wiener

            I personally don’t care greatly who won the medal count, but your post tastes a little of sour grapes. You think the Chinese don’t have access to the same drugs?
            My congrats to all the athletes from every country who won or competed honestly.

          • DKD

            China came second because we had the least athletes of the top 3.
            USA- 540 athletes
            UK- 570 athletes
            China- 390

          • DKD, no. China came in second because they got the second most medals.

          • jin

            whiskerthecat, no. China came in second because they got 150 less athletes compared to USA. less athletes = less chance on winning.

        • Chunghwa

          >that image

          Since you are familiar with the art of removing kebabs from certain premises, I assume you’re from Krautchan?

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    Hmm, I go on vacation for a month and what do I come back to? People complaining about the joke-posts, blaming human nature on China, casual cuss-outs all over misunderstandings, and Moar Eattot. It’s like coming home: no matter what happens, you know the ChinaSMACK comments are always going to be there. Oh, ChinaSMACK, never change.

    (thniff) (happysigh)

    Anyway, digging the Little Fatty Feng jokes over here. Also, he and Lin Dan are pretty damn 帅, NGL. Lolling forever also at 1992, because oh god, I remember 1992, and no one born in 1992 is ever going to be “old”.

  • moop
    • moop

      actually this is a better link


        Hi Moop,

        Thanks for the link – You are right.
        The sadness and futility come across loud and clear in Mark Kitto’s story.

        I used to kid my love, “The Chinese love misery” because every time I read one of her books, it was always a sad and depressing story.

        Are you Chinese?


      • mr. wiener

        Great link Moop, thanks for that. Phew!, that would have to be the most insightful and brutally honest article I’ve read on China in a while.
        PS Ganpat is a douche.

      • anon

        It honestly reads like most criticisms of China written by someone with decent writing skills who is also reasonably well-versed on modern China issues and news. The thing that gives it weight is the idea that he’s lived in China for 16 years continuously and once ran a known publishing label. The letdown for me is that there are people who have been in China much shorter who can and have written the same exact things (all of which are very legit concerns and criticisms of the state of China though for the Chinese nationalists, yes, many of them could be applied to other countries too or those countries have similar issues just in slightly different form).

        • Great article. Been posting links to it the past few days.

      • Beijinger

        Great article. Unfortunately, very true. I came here about three years ago with perhaps too much expectation, and while there have also been a lot of good times, I have unfortunately too often felt disappointed.

      • Is this where we deposit links for unrelated stories about China? Here’s one about Chinese Rambo being manhunted because he blasting people:

    • Moop… I had never heard of Mark Kitto before your above cue… Excellent stuff – thanks!

    • linette

      China is exactly the way he described it. So bad and so corrupted. We will have to wait for another 100 yrs and still no change. What can we do to reform the gov’t system? Maybe Taiwan and HK should go to UN and request military assistant so we get use military power to take over Beijing. Remove all the men in power. Set laws that’s similar to Taiwan and HK but will be doable for China. Take over gov’t funds and start using them on improving rural areas.

      This is only wishful thinking.

      • Linette, one thing I do know. The VAST majority of East and SE Asian people (e.g. you) who decide to leave Asia and settle in the EU or the Americas, are generally fair, reasonable and organised people who integrate with Westerners very well. Asian female diaspora have now started to make it into the US and EU governments, and this in my opinion is a good thing. Asian male diaspora are a common sighting in the US judiciary. Once again, great stuff.

  • Gerro

    Hi I bumped into this blog when I was searching some pics and I saw your article.Hope this comment from a stranger won’t bother you
    The part about Fish Leong is actually a joke.In fact a lot of Chinese netizens make jokes about ‘Being Chinese’.’Are you still a Chinese’ used to be very popular for an online joke but is now regarded as a cliché.Young people hardly use it because it’s not cool at all.However Chinese netizens still have a good laugh from time to time with it if well placed.We all know that Fish is from Malaysia and that was why that guy called Li Tiegen posted this comment.He was just ranting.
    I guess Fish and her friends didn’t know about this joke so there were some misunderstanding.