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Chinese celebrity look-alikes: Olympic champions Cai Yun (Left) and Fu Haifeng

Feng Zhe won a gold medal in Men's Parallel Bars

Last week’s Jokes & Humor post presented four jokes and quips made by Chinese Olympic gold medal male gymnast Feng Zhe on his Sina Weibo microblog, including one about making life difficult for his coach Wang Hongwei. Turns out his coach is a man with a sense of humor too, his Tencent Weibo microblog featuring several jokes and quips about his charge Feng Zhe.

Wang Hongwei’s January 18th Tecent Weibo post:

Jiji [Feng Zhe] said to me, “Coach Wang, be stricter with me. If I don’t complete the [training] tasks, just fine me and donate the money to a disaster area.” I said, “okay, after a few years, you may not end up being an outstanding gymnast, but you’ll definitely be a great philanthropist.”

[Note: Coach Wang Jinwei gave Feng Zhe (冯喆) the nickname “Jiji” (吉吉) which resembles Feng’s first name 喆. He explained: “From now on, I won’t call him “Fatty Baby” [Feng Zhe has a better-known “Little Fatty” (小胖) nickname] anymore, but will call him Jiji [meaning “auspicious” or literally “lucky lucky”]. The reason is because everything he does ends up in disaster, so calling him Jiji will bring him a bit more luck!”]

Left to right: Feng Zhe, Coach Wang Hongwei, and Chen Yibing.
Left to right: Feng Zhe, Coach Wang Hongwei, and Chen Yibing.

Wang Hongwei’s March 14th Tecent Weibo post:

In the past, Feng Fatty [Feng Zhe] always relied on long-distance running to lose weight. I gave him two suggestions: A. Don’t do the long-distance running anymore. (You are) consuming too much of your energy. B. Eating fewer snacks can [make you] lose weight too. As a result, he took my advice and completed suggestion A.

[Note: Coach Wang calls Feng Zhe “Feng Fatty”, “Little Fatty”, “Fatty Baby”, and “Jiji” interchangeably with affection in his Tecent Weibo posts. In China, talking about people’s weight is not a taboo as it is in some Western countries.]

Chinese gymnast Feng Zhe eating Haagen Daaz ice cream.

Wang Hongwei’s August 1st Tecent Weibo post:

Feng fatty has become too popular now! Everyone stop praising him, don’t you all know the story of Fan Jin Passing the Imperial Exam [a poor Ming Dynasty scholar who unsuccessfully took the imperial examinations for years before finally passing and went momentarily insane from joy before being slapped back to reality]? The night Feng Fatty became a world champion, he laughed himself awake, which scared me! Now that he’s an Olympic champion, if you keep praising him, I’m afraid he’ll go crazy. Please wait until after the men’s individual finals before continuing to praise him.

[Note: Feng Zhe helped the Chinese men’s gymnastics team win the gold on July 30, 2012 before winning the men’s parallel bars final on August 7th.]

Feng Zhe kisses his gold medal

CCTV sportscaster Zhang Jie’s March 17th Sina Weibo post:

Little Fatty [Feng Zhe]: “Do you know what hurts the moment you think about it?” “What?” “It’s not love, but the parallel bars.”

Chinese Men's parallel bars gymnast Feng Zhe

More jokes and humor about the 2012 London Olympics:

The on-screen captions of a rotten country, the gold medal is yours.

[Note: “Rotten” 腐 (fǔ) here is related to the Japanese term やおい, yaoi, or “boys’ love”, fiction involving homoerotic male relationships popular with certain females.]

T. Daley/P. Waterfield at London Olympics

Fear not the competitors who are as mighty as God, but fear the referees who are as stupid as pigs.

Chinese badminton player Lin Dan seemed to be cursing at the Olympic court

[Note: This statment is related to the refereeing controversies at the 2012 London Olympics.]

[Malaysian-Chinese pop singer] @Liang Jingru aka Fish Leong cried and felt sorry for [Malaysian badminton player] Lee Chong Wei’s winning only the silver medal [at the London Olympic Games] on her microblog…and encountered a group of netizens who criticized her asking if she was still Chinese… Turns out there really is no bottom limit when it comes to IQ… She has always been a Malaysian… These days, people will start spouting shit without knowing anything… Still, the most hilarious was one netizen who said…”Liang Jingru, are you still a Ningxia person or not”…

Fish Leong responds to Chinese netizen critics over her comments about Lee Chong Wei and Malaysia during the 2012 London Olympic Games Men's Badminton Finals results.

[Note: Above is a screenshot of Fish Leong’s graceful response to two Chinese netizens @许世鹏 “(Liang Jingru you are the shame of Ningxia people, boycott Liang Jingru!“) and @李铁根 (“Liang Jingru, are you even Chinese still?“) who commented on her earlier microblog post lamenting that she had just gotten home and missed an exciting [badminton] match, “crying” because Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei lost, but still proud that Malaysia won a silver. This incident resulted in nearly 50k forwards and 45k comments on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo, making it something of a minor controversy at the time.

Although Fish Leong’s family traces back to Guangdong, she was born in Malaysia. Having been very successful in China since 2000, some Chinese mistake her for being a Chinese citizen. The Chinese netizen calling Fish Leong a disgrace to Ningxia people likely did so because “Ningxia” is the name of one of her songs. While Ningxia is a province in China, this netizen clearly failed to listen to the song carefully and did not realize it simply means “tranquil summer”, mistakenly considering it Fish Leong’s birthplace. Hence, the remark about no bottom limit to intelligence.]

The good man is me and I am Lin Dan, as well as Zeng Xiaoxian!! This photo really has no trace of PS at all…

Lin Dan and Zeng Xiaoxian

[Note: This is a Chinese pop culture joke that requires being familiar with the popular Chinese TV and then online sitcom iPartment. “The good man is me and I am Zeng Xiaoxian” is a well-known line by Zeng Xiaoxian, one of the main characters on the show. Chinese netizens compared photos of London Olympics Men’s Badminton Singles gold medal champion Lin Dan and Zeng Xiaoxian and decided they are lookalikes. Therefore this joke is both praising Lin Dan’s Olympic success as well as remarking about a resemblance.]

Congratulations to “Zhang Xueyou/Jacky Cheung” and “Guo Fucheng/Aaron Kwok” on winning the gold medal in the Men’s Badminton Doubles.

Chinese celebrity look-alikes: Olympic champions Cai Yun (Left) and Fu Haifeng

Zhang Xueyou and Guo Fucheng

[Note: Another resemblance joke. Chinese Olympic badminton players Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng (top) are said to be celebrity lookalikes with Hong Kong celebrities Jacky Cheung and Aaron Kwok (bottom).]

When I heard the sportscaster say, “This is an old athlete [meaning veteran athlete] born in 1992”, I immediately felt this world is too fucking brutal.



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