More Foxconn Suicides: Reports of 14, 15, & 16th Jumpings

A large Foxconn builing.

From Baidu Tieba: (no longer available)

Foxconn’s 15th suicide jumper has jumped, 16th is currently on the roof

The Foxconn Longhua C4 Building double-suicide [jumping from building] is already spreading  on the internet: Foxconn #14 and #15 jump, new entry, Sina Weibo [Microblog, like Twitter], latest shocking news, around 12, Foxconn Longhua C4 Building, double-suicide, scene too horrible to look at, scene sealed off. Those are the details, still need confirmation.

Foxconn’s 15th consecutive jumping has already frightened the media at the scene, with some journalists/reporters already intending to no longer follow the story.  Just what exactly is the cause, being cursed or infected by pressure? Some reporters suspect Foxconn having given the families of suicide victims 400,000 [RMB] plus a 30,000 [RMB] yearly pension to the parents have led to these poverty-stricken workers to copy each other willing to use their deaths to exchange financial security for their families. This view is indeed cold-blooded, but if it is true then that is our entire society’s responsibility and tragedy. If their deaths are for the compensation, then it should be treated differently.

Foxconn latest news: 16th possible suicide jumper has climbed onto the C3 Building. [See picture]

Foxconn 16th possible suicide jumper.


From Sina:

Two and a half hours ago. At Foxconn’s Longhua C4 Building, occurred a “double suicide”, too horrible to look at it. Scene sealed off.
It is said that this is already Foxconn’s 14th and 15th jumping!

Comments from Sina:


I don’t have a good impression of Taiwanese people.


Don’t know if this is true or false, recommend not mistakenly spreading it.

乐居网友 [unregistered user]:

Even CCTV has reported it, so what mistaken spreading are you talking about? There is definitely something wrong with Foxconn.


Real or fake, this is too frightening.


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In the end, there will definitely be someone who will come out to take the blame [be the scapegoat], but I don’t think there will be any big impact on Guo [Taiming, Terry Guo] himself and Foxconn.


If the government censors the news, then the Foxconn double suicide must be true.


With a jumping every day, it feels like it has become a kind of habit.


Many times we can see that Chinese people have become westernized on the outside, but in essence are no different from the Chinese people Lu Xun saw in the last century.


News is already being censored, so it may be true/real? Foxconn’s Baidu Tieba has already been taken down, some people must be very scared!


120 [the ambulance/emergency rescue] is probably already stationed at Foxconn by now.


Actually, they are so stupid/foolish. They obviously are beating people to death so they should try dealing with it in a low-key manner. Them continuing to [make it look like] suicide jumps is only making it look more obvious/suspicious~


Suicidal tendencies can definitely be infectious.


I don’t think it is as simple as suicide. I still believe what that person [who claimed to be exposing the truth about the Foxconn suicides] said.


The assembly line workers’ education and upbringing is normally not high.


Is this real? Be careful of being river crabbed.


You guys are going to be river crabbed! @~@


No picture no truth…


Don’t spread lies, people’s lives are not a joke.

From PCBeta:

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14th and 15th double suicide jumping at Foxconn (Unconfirmed!)

This information comes from the internet, and has not been confirmed in any way!

For the above image from PCBeta, see “Numbers 14+15 At Foxconn?” from EastSouthWestNorth.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • sneakay

    I figured from the beginning publicizing this would not end in good things. Now people are using it to gain attention, or to gain money for their families.

    Keep the media out of it and none of this would happen. Of course, improve conditions at Foxconn would be ideal.

  • lan

    so what’s the problem inside foxconn?

    • GodsHammer

      I dunno… I suspect it is a small, slightly amplified representation of what is wrong inside PRC.

      • hypocrite

        hk and taiwanese people mistreating mainlanders to make junk for foreigners who then buy the products and then make fun of them for making “junk”

  • kylening

    what a pity! poor disadvantaged groups! news reportings appeal to more objectivity.

  • D-A

    This is horrifying! This is like a curse!!! The more media exposure these suicide jumps get, the more followers there will be…

  • mistyken

    this reminds me of the movie “The Happening”
    people are killing themselves at such an alarming pace, it’s just beyond all conceivable reasons. probably it’s all caused by a mutated pollen just like in the movie =__=

    • Good riddance. Too many damn stupid people in the world. I’d be all for an event like the “Happening”. Let’s start with all the people who actually the enjoyed the movie first.

    • Well, there goes the problem of overpopulation. At one person a day it will only take 3.5 million years to work through China.

  • eattot

    生亦何欢, 死亦何苦?
    anyway, hope it’s fake!
    but most people i know hope 2012 could be true, even virgin! we come to this world alone, die alone. who will stop steps for us besides family, sometimes even family do not care.
    just this second, new notice from my QQ said 3 jumpers died in 10 hours from last night to this morning in shanghai…youngest was only 17.
    i think most people do not know what to live for, so far me either. i do not know, i do not know.
    we do not have much social life. especially for people in cities and nonlocal, sigh!

    • Cool Matt

      Cry for help? there is no one reason to live. everybody’s different. but keep looking till u find it. and stop talking about 2012.

      • eattot

        thanks for your comment any way.

  • Steven

    So what’s next? If their work is pissing them off so much rather than go into primary schools and stab children, why not get a hold of some automatic weapons and storm government offices?

    • hypocrite

      what does govt offices have to do with hating your work?? must be another commie hater

  • GodsHammer

    Lemmings!!!! Due to over population and a strong herd instinct these 2 legged lemmings have decided to follow their coworkers off the top!!!!

  • @@

    i think people are just doing it for the lols, and to troll foxxcon, the most popular suicide spot in japan is some shore cliff, the most popular spot in china is this

  • ShittyKitty

    Good for them! If I were in China, I’d jump too!

    • GAC

      I’ve been to China and it didn’t make me want to jump.

      I have quite a few Chinese friends, and as far as I know none of them want to jump, and many of them are quite happy staying there.

      So why would you want to jump if you were in China? Have you been to China, or have you just heard negative things about it?

      • Rick in China

        You’re way too literal, dude. It was obviously dry humor, with a hint of “I’m just joking. But not really.” ish.

        Get over it, “I’ve been to China”.

        • GAC

          Alright, maybe that wasn’t necessary and I’m sorry for ruining the joke for you. It just irked me a bit when I saw it. Just because it’s a joke doesn’t mean I have to find it funny.

  • Joe Friday

    This is being covered in American media as well. I can post links if needed. The factories need to be closed for a few days and mental health experts must be brought in to counsel the employees. On a long term basis, there must be mental health services available to employees when they fee hopeless. So many things can be done – peer counseling, peer support groups, getting input from employees on physical and emotional conditions. Assuming Foxconn gives a shit. Suicides are cheaper than trying to control them.

  • “Foxconn’s 15th consecutive jumping has already frightened the media at the scene, with some journalists/reporters already intending to no longer follow the story.”

    Investigative journalism, fuck yeah!

    • GAC

      It’s pretty common even in an open media environment to downplay suicides in the news simply because reporting them can cause more suicides. If I were reporting on it, I would focus in on the conditions in the factory itself and reduce the actual suicides to a footnote.

      • Rick in China

        I would title the article, “Failures jump, earning family 400k+ RMB” and focus on the fact that jumping from your company’s roof can earn your family a lot of money.

        This would definitely solve China’s problem with overpopulation and lack of jobs – and likely weed out the majority of the idiots floating around.

        Side note: If this ever happens, make sure I GET PROPS when it pans out.

  • pk

    Not to seem callous…but the Foxconn main campus has 300,000 employees. Given China’s suicide rate, one could expect 69 suicides a year on the campus.

    I think every suicide is a catastrophe, and the company should work as hard as it can to address the emotional needs of its employees and work towards 0 suicides, but I think this is getting the press it is because it’s a hot topic, not because it’s beyond reason.

    • GAC

      I’ve seen that argument elsewhere. One argument against it is that the total suicide rate in China wouldn’t necessarily accurately represent the demographic at Foxconn (factory migrant workers, not sure on age group), there could very well be another group in China that has extremely high suicide rates that bump up the average.

      But whether the statistics are significant or not, Foxconn is in the news. And apparently the attention to the suicides drew attention to some problems with the company. So yeah, it hit the press because it’s a hot topic, but hopefully some good will come out of it. You could liken it to plane crashes causing massive spates of safety regulations when driving a car is much more dangerous.

      • pk

        That’s true. I’ve actually been on the Foxconn campus a few times and it is not a representative sample of Chinese society. It’s primarily very young adults, skewed a bit to women (in my recollection). Also, I’ve only been in one of three sections of the campus, and apparently the “Show” section. The work life there is supposedly pretty high pressure.

        I don’t have any specific demographic information about the suicide rate for specific populations, but you’re right, that doesn’t specifically matter when the media has latched onto a story. The right response for Foxconn is to do everything in its power to provide a better environment, and better counceling for the employees.

  • wu lmao

    if everyone in China jumped at once, would the Earth be thrown off its axis?


  • Teacher in China

    This was reported on CCTV News this morning (the English channel), except they reported that there were now 12 suicides.

    Actually, their exact words on the headline were, and I’m not joking I swear it, “Foxconn Deaths Jump to 12”.

  • Li Wei

    “Some reporters suspect Foxconn having given the families of suicide victims 400,000 [RMB] plus a 30,000 [RMB] yearly pension to the parents have led to these poverty-stricken workers to copy each other willing to use their deaths to exchange financial security for their families. This view is indeed cold-blooded, but if it is true then that is our entire society’s responsibility and tragedy. If their deaths are for the compensation, then it should be treated differently.” ISN’T THIS CLEAR ENOUGH!!!!!

  • 练练英语

    boycott,strike,demonstrate.we can’t tolerate these ruthless blood-sweat factories any longer.foxconn,fuck ass con.

  • Those goofy Chinese I tell ya! HAHA

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  • try to see if my photo works

    • Well, don’t leave us guessing, did it work?

  • Silveryblade

    14th and 15th maybe fake news, now in Shenzhen, over 30 degree, but somebody in the picture wear so many clothes!

  • fck china

    I am Chinese,i really wish to leave .so lucky that you are in other hope here.

  • C4? Fuck. That’s like 1-2 minutes walk from my old office, I used to work right next to the little gate on the west side (I forget the number, but it’s down the road from the customs gate towards the crossroads).

    Foxconn, by the way, may not be a great place to work, but compared to other employers in Longhua (well, I can’t speak for Huawei, but the smaller ones) is not at all bad.

  • Daley Gogo

    The problem isn’t only based on the lack of financial reward. Throwing money at the workforce is not the answer. Developing good working conditions and after work entertainment and living conditions as well as other motivational benefits would be a more acceptable approach to resolving the companies social issues. Money will only bring temporary resolve. Cash may be what the bosses love and lust after but it won’t nescessarily solve the workforces deep rooted social and psycological problems. Look again.

  • shanghai girl

    I’ve been studying Chinese history, culture, and whatnot for some time now, and I must say, I still find things like this so difficult to comprehend. Sure, we have copycats in the West, but not to the degree it’s seen in China and much of the rest of Asia.
    Coming from a society that values individualism and associates suicide with hell and great shame for a family (in most of the West), these actions are quite perplexing…. Why someone could find it acceptable to do this, following the suit of so many others…
    Bah! Makes no sense to me… I feel for the families of the deceased though…

    • Of course it makes no sense…nobody who is suicidal is thinking logically.

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  • George

    Come on, whoever in China would wearing that jacket in ShenZhen right now?? They might die themselves by heat stroke already > <