More Foxconn Suicides: Reports of 14, 15, & 16th Jumpings

A large Foxconn builing.

From Baidu Tieba: (no longer available)

Foxconn’s 15th suicide jumper has jumped, 16th is currently on the roof

The Foxconn Longhua C4 Building double-suicide [jumping from building] is already spreading  on the internet: Foxconn #14 and #15 jump, new entry, Sina Weibo [Microblog, like Twitter], latest shocking news, around 12, Foxconn Longhua C4 Building, double-suicide, scene too horrible to look at, scene sealed off. Those are the details, still need confirmation.

Foxconn’s 15th consecutive jumping has already frightened the media at the scene, with some journalists/reporters already intending to no longer follow the story.  Just what exactly is the cause, being cursed or infected by pressure? Some reporters suspect Foxconn having given the families of suicide victims 400,000 [RMB] plus a 30,000 [RMB] yearly pension to the parents have led to these poverty-stricken workers to copy each other willing to use their deaths to exchange financial security for their families. This view is indeed cold-blooded, but if it is true then that is our entire society’s responsibility and tragedy. If their deaths are for the compensation, then it should be treated differently.

Foxconn latest news: 16th possible suicide jumper has climbed onto the C3 Building. [See picture]

Foxconn 16th possible suicide jumper.


From Sina:

Two and a half hours ago. At Foxconn’s Longhua C4 Building, occurred a “double suicide”, too horrible to look at it. Scene sealed off.
It is said that this is already Foxconn’s 14th and 15th jumping!

Comments from Sina:


I don’t have a good impression of Taiwanese people.


Don’t know if this is true or false, recommend not mistakenly spreading it.

乐居网友 [unregistered user]:

Even CCTV has reported it, so what mistaken spreading are you talking about? There is definitely something wrong with Foxconn.


Real or fake, this is too frightening.


In the end, there will definitely be someone who will come out to take the blame [be the scapegoat], but I don’t think there will be any big impact on Guo [Taiming, Terry Guo] himself and Foxconn.


If the government censors the news, then the Foxconn double suicide must be true.


With a jumping every day, it feels like it has become a kind of habit.


Many times we can see that Chinese people have become westernized on the outside, but in essence are no different from the Chinese people Lu Xun saw in the last century.


News is already being censored, so it may be true/real? Foxconn’s Baidu Tieba has already been taken down, some people must be very scared!


120 [the ambulance/emergency rescue] is probably already stationed at Foxconn by now.


Actually, they are so stupid/foolish. They obviously are beating people to death so they should try dealing with it in a low-key manner. Them continuing to [make it look like] suicide jumps is only making it look more obvious/suspicious~


Suicidal tendencies can definitely be infectious.


I don’t think it is as simple as suicide. I still believe what that person [who claimed to be exposing the truth about the Foxconn suicides] said.


The assembly line workers’ education and upbringing is normally not high.


Is this real? Be careful of being river crabbed.


You guys are going to be river crabbed! @[email protected]


No picture no truth…


Don’t spread lies, people’s lives are not a joke.

From PCBeta:

14th and 15th double suicide jumping at Foxconn (Unconfirmed!)

This information comes from the internet, and has not been confirmed in any way!

For the above image from PCBeta, see “Numbers 14+15 At Foxconn?” from EastSouthWestNorth.


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