Most Attractive Male Body Type, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Different male body types.

From Sina Weibo:

@进击的巨人官网: Amongst male body types, which type do you believe is the most attractive?

Different male body types.

Comments from Sina Weibo:




1 and 3


@陈小iu Pick one and I’ll train to look like it~


Currently 1 but soon I’ll be 5. [太开心]


My dad is 6. I think 5 and 6 aren’t bad…


Broad shoulders and narrow butt [hips].


How come no one is choosing 4? [泪]


Don’t like those with muscles… am I abnormal? I especially like bear-like manly men and fragile, delicate little girly men.


Male gods are obviously 4, but in reality I like 5 more…


#2 is definitely a bottom.


5!!! The rest are all too disgusting!


Can’t tell the difference between the last three. [晕][晕]


What about fatties?


What do I choose if I like fatties?


Don’t want too muscular, but should be sturdy/substantive [not skinny/thin].


@lr42 Can’t find the one you are.


Does no one want 2 and 3s?


Definitely 4.


Really, I like 6.


[偷乐] Is the next one going to be for choosing women [body types]? [笑哈哈]


Any except 2 and 4.




This requires looking at the face.


2, I don’t like guys with breasts/bosoms, they’ll become a contrast/juxtaposition [to myself].


As long as what’s below is both thick and long, he can have any physique and attract me.


Mainly depends on face.


No one likes 4. Fuck! Chinese girls all have no taste.

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Written by Fauna

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  • Free Man

    Sofa. I don’t like males, females can have a seat here.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    As you are older, stronger and more sexually experienced… your nipples get darker.

    • David

      LMAO what are you talking about. It may just be melanoma, you might want to get that looked at.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Son, look at the pic, the nipples get darker and darker bro.

        • David

          OK, than maybe HE needs to get that looked at. : )

  • Miniluv101

    3, I’m not THAT gay.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      LOL, wanna bet?

  • ElectricTurtle

    Surprised there isn’t more love for #6… hard but not too hard. Though I wonder how many votes are from straight guys who are just self-validating. :-P (As a matter of disclosure, I’m pansexual.)

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You like to have sex with a pan? Explain to us how that works will ya?

      • ElectricTurtle

        Hur dur. The dictionary is over there, if you need it.

      • David

        Well, I believe it starts with a muffin tin and some non-stick spray. Sorry, but when you put a comment like ‘Pansexual’ on CS you have to expect to be trolled at least a little.

        • mr.wiener

          Fool, he means he only has sex with half goat greek gods.

    • Lord_Helmet

      Do people call you a Pomo?

  • Hello 5 ;)

  • Anon992

    This is ridiculous! How can you ask a mainland Chinese girl to judge a man’s attractiveness, without any reference to how much money he makes?!

    Chinese women have not yet been sexually liberated, so are completely out of touch with their own loins (at least it is not allowed to be outwardly expressed)… and if they are, well they’re damn well disgusting!

    • mr.wiener

      Unfortunately the best way to attract girls in China [outside of ostentatious displays of wealth, driving a Ferrari etc] still remains to be white, and have a pulse.
      I was just kidding, you don’t really need a pulse :(

      • SonofSpermcube

        I am secretly Dick Cheney, and I am suddenly interested in China.

  • Nicola Collina

    number 2 (till 22 years old), now i’ve gained 40 kg and sure i cannot fill any of that squares.

  • loki

    ummm I want to see the same poll but with topless women….

    • Claude

      This may be a little more tasteful.

      • mei mei

        #2 pear is sexy

      • Zappa Frank

        pear here is appealing because they are all models and is not a real “pear”…try to take one with a huge gynoid ass…is not that sexy

      • Nessquick Choco

        no. 2 , me gusta

      • No.

        All of them have nice bodies. Every body type can look amazing as long as the owner of it works out, eats healthy and takes care of it. But I must say that the Pear one looks more like an hourglass to me…

        • loki

          I have to just say this…. if “the owner of it works out, eats healthy and takes care of it” they wont be any body type. the will be lean and fit.

          • No.

            I get curvier when I work out…I’m naturally slim (skinny), but when I do work out, I get more in the right places and start looking more curvy. Not everyone’s the same.

  • biggj

    Is that what chinese woman see when they look at people? Are they all high from that drug from the movie” A scanner darkly”? So I look like this to a chinese woman?

    • Edward_Crowley

      Gimme some of that oil money you canadian you!!! I mean it, gimme the CASH STASH!!!!!!!!!!! Is that keanu reeves young fellow mi lad?

  • Zappa Frank

    as I said before, it’s useless to train in gym for girls…
    But I bet that if instead of this “squares” we were talking about people on the beach many more would choose 4. too bad most of Chinese don’t go to any beach, than it is useless.

  • Surfeit

    I’m in shape. Round is a shape.

    • Nessquick Choco

      same here ;)

  • Zappa Frank

    4 is not even that muscular… reading here seems we are talking about Ronnie Coleman..

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    What’s wrong with 4?
    (BTW, I didn’t down vote your comment – my body type is probably 2).

    • just don’t like it. Looks kinda….artificial or… gay ? idk

      • Irvin

        That’s brad pitt’s body type, and he’s no gay.

        • Brad pitt

          No, no I’m not.

      • nickhz

        how does a body type ” look gay “? were you dropped on your head as a child?

  • Irvin

    I’m a 2 and never failed to attract girls. Face, clothes and postures are important too.

    • Zappa Frank

      I completely agree on this point. Muscles don’t help that much to attract girls unless you are on a beach..

      • Claude

        Bet helps in bed. A persons mind is sexy but there has to be something physical, also. Once the clothes are off something primordial takes place. Dated this girl once and I found out how flat chested she really was if you know what I mean. I’m not exaggerating when I say she had a body like a 12 year old girl and I lost all interest. I couldn’t go through with it, I sincerely don’t believe I’m not a shallow person but there has to be something physical between two people and skinny doesn’t work for me.

        • Kai

          LoL, at least we know you’re not a pedophile.

        • Irvin

          I’m the complete opposite to you, I like thin girls even flat breasts ones but just couldn’t go through with it with a fat girl.

        • No.

          There is such a thing as skinny with decent boobs, you know?

      • Brad pitt

        I never failed to attract girls when I was skinny either, but I’m a 5 on that scale now (4 in the future!) and The ease of picking up girls now is ridiculous. It’s a natural primitive thing for women to be attracted to stronger men (obviously there is a limit though.., not many like the juice head look). And Are you seriously saying from your own group of friends their isn’t a trend in that the ones that are more fit are getting hotter girls? From my own anecdotal evidence I can say pretty much all my friends who train regularly get laid like champs. Also as claude says below… your sexual performance goes up like mad!

        • Zappa Frank

          actually no, I can say that the ones with better and more girls are not the ones more fitted. Usually are the ones with better social skills. If you wear cloths all time the body shape difference in my opinion is not that important, obviously in summer it is more important and on a beach even more. I don’t mean that body shape is completely useless, but as said in my experience there are other things more important that a great body shape to get girls..
          About “in bed”, sincerely I think that even here is more important your skills to have sex than your biceps. You may have 50cm of biceps but if you stand just 2 minutes I don’t think it would be of much help..

          • Irvin

            It does help, especially if you’re middle age like me. Before I went for runs or the gym my performance was deteroriting year by year. After I ran I got back a portion of the teen enthusiasm I had.

          • loki

            spoken like a true fatass…

          • Zappa Frank

            To tell the truth I can bet 100kuai I’m more in shape than you. I think is useless for chasing girls, that’s doesn’t mean I don’t train, and even pretty hard, I’m close to the 4th.

        • Irvin

          Good to know, I’ve been trying to buff up myself but never got around to it, good to know it got results. But I’m doing it mostly for my own health than trying to attract girls.

          • Brad pitt

            Health reasons are much better than for picking up girls. You will feel so much more energetic and motivated in all areas of life. Not sure your age but the extra testosterone produced from working out can help guys over 30 feel much younger again. Zappa Frank is right when he says personality it most important for picking up girls though, but being fit shows dedication and builds confidence, which are great personality traits to have.

        • No.


      • iLcOrNaLiTo

        And…I’m never working up again. To the bufffet!

    • KamikaziPilot

      Yeah, basically as long as you’re not a bulging steroid freak or a skeleton or extremely tall or a midget, I don’t think your physique is as much a factor in attracting women as the other things you mentioned, also personality counts a lot too. Not sure about clothes though, I’m decent in attracting women and I dress like a bum, haha.

  • mr.wiener

    Believe it or not I’m trying for no. 5.

    I really want to do Darkness from the movie “Legend” at halloween this year.

    • Kai

      Wow, talk about dating yourself (and now myself).

    • Brad pitt

      Good luck, Gym everyday! Diet is most important though!

  • Philip

    ahem, I’m the lucky number 4 type and I can tell you women here love it, and the ones that say it’s too much muscle for them usually grunt the loudest

  • Zappa Frank

    In a judgement about body shape it’s all about appearance (not clear if for you is the same of “materialistic”). What should we judge? Personalities?You talk about superficial and than claim that who is like 4 is a man without brain because 24/h 7/7 in gym…. Well maybe you are…

  • Kai

    It’s a Goldilocks issue. 2 and 4 are the extremes in the image above. Women shying away from 4 are just saying they’re cool with muscles but not men who are “too” muscular.

    • Zappa Frank

      I would not take too much in consideration what women say, women are well known for not knowing what they want. They can say whatever and do the opposite with nonchalance.

      • Kai

        LoL, true.

  • mei mei

    5 can get it .yay

  • David

    In my younger days I was closer to 4 (but my abs were never THAT cut) and I must say while some women do not like muscles, many did like to give them a squeeze and a flat tough tummy helps (of course now I am 4 with a beach ball under my shirt lol). Generally speak, women are much better at justifying being with a a guy who is not considered classically attractive if they are turned on by the rest of him. Make a woman laugh and your halfway there.

  • David

    and yet, unless your a total olf it really does not matter too much what you look like in China if you want to pick up girls. Also, it matters very little how old you are. It is not what I spend my time doing but I have many friends that have met plenty of women who like western men of all shapes and ages.

  • KamikaziPilot

    I think the difference between #2 and 4 is about 10 pounds. I used to be a 2 in high school now I’m a 5, not sure if I can get to a 4 though.

  • carmouflagger

    Curves <3

  • JankyFosci

    You new here? This site is just basically stormfront in China haha.

  • SorayaVonDerAlm

    I like #4 the best, it’s just the most appealing to me.

  • Elaine Ten Yeung

    The options provided in that post are just a bit stereotypical. They are sort of the most common body shapes that people can see in Eastern and South-east Asia, as well as countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
    There’re also girls in Mainland China that think men with a bit of fat, or men with darker skin are attractive. I think a man with built-fat kind of body shape looks more healthy and easygoing, and I grew up in Mainland China.

  • Zappa Frank

    No shortage of people with inferiority complex either.

  • KaiXuan

    Racist? Probably. A few for sure. Sexist? Nah, but many definitely wanted to get away from Western Women and are probably very anti-feminist.

  • They think that 4 is too muscular? :-S What would they think if they saw an actual normal western man that plays sport and does even a modicum of weight lifting?

    • KaiXuan

      Most Chinese women are not crazy about the big muscle look, but the better question is that if you have them, will they turn you down? The short answer is no.

  • hehehehh

    and some people even say anything but 4.. chinese girls must be trolling on this one.. LOL

  • No.

    Number 2 is the only one I don’t like. All the other ones are nice in their own way.

  • No.

    I don’t get it why you guys keep perpetuating the myth that women prefer long and thick to other sizes. As a matter of fact, myself, and many other women I’ve ever had the opportunity to talk about penis size with, said they prefer an average one that doesn’t look like a monster ready to rip us apart. Stop getting your ”facts” from porn. Thanks.

    • iLcOrNaLiTo

      I’m so comfortable sized you won’t feel a thing…

  • No.

    Yeah, seriously, 4 was my first choice, too…

  • No.

    ”How do you expect to be carried over the threshold after marriage?” – some of us don’t weigh 200 lbs.

  • No.

    Frankly, the most mentally balanced and intelligent men I ever met were all gym rats. You jelly?

  • No.

    Thanks, but we know what those terms mean. Shall I describe them for you?

  • No.

    All. All can look amazing and all can look…well…not so amazing. Come on, don’t be so limited.

  • sampea

    2 for me

  • Kochigachi

    Funny how they’re using Japanese source and most Chinese and Japanese that I’ve seen are mostly No.2 body type.