“Most Awesome Chengguan Dance In History”

History's most niu chengguan dance

History's most niu chengguan dance

Chengguan, also known as “city managers”, is a government department responsible for enforcing various city regulations but are most notorious for often violently bullying the many Chinese street peddlers operating without licenses selling snacks or merchandise. For examples, see some of our many past reports about China’s chengguan, such as:

Their negative reputation is not going to improve anytime soon and they will remain the butt of jokes in many netizen comments, but of course not all members of the chengguan are bad people. In early December, a short video was uploaded onto major Chinese video sharing websites such as Ku6, Youku, Tudou, and 56, and has since accumulated millions of views…

From NetEase:

“Most Niu Chengguan Dance” Becomes Famous On Internet, Very Gei Li!

Recently, a “chengguan dance” video performed by 12 young men from Huaiyin District of Jinan City has become famous on the internet. Netizens who have seen it one after another expressed, “Never imagined chengguan could be this cute!”

[…] Along with these classic songs, the young men performed various classic and comical moves, and even though they were unable to stay synchronized, they still made netizens laugh. Many netizens expressed that the bunch of “post-80s generation” chengguan‘s performance completely changed their impression of chengguan, and is impressive.

Amongst the dozen of lads participating in the performance, the slightly fat young guy in the middle of the front row garnered the most praises, and has been hailed as “Middle Brother”. “The ‘big brother’ in the middle of the front has a future in dance!” joked a netizen. Compared to the others doing the same moves, this lad’s slightly plump body shape just makes it even more funny, and he was in the most prominent lead position.

“Young man, there’s no need to feel down…” Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

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